Ultimately the point is this: when encountering any trial, the solution is to endure and overcome by trusting in the power of God within me and for me, because there are things going on that I cannot see, and have no control over. In this world I will have trouble, but God has overcome the world.
Therefore, I create this Card as a reminder for myself:
Dear Precious Child,
I love you. You need to remember that there are things going on that you can't see, so you're just going to have to trust me here. Everything's gonna be OKAY. I promise. I LOVE YOU.

God Almighty
*--Make some food--
*--Call Downing--
*--Call Mom--
*--text sam lawson--
*--eat food--
*leave for Ashley's party
**bring drinks
*play with productivity system and tiddlywiki
**Main programs:

what are the official positions of your church regarding these things?
if the church does not have an official position in this, 

in what sense is the bible inspired?

belief about God
Belief about Jesus
Belief about miracles
Belief about Hell
belief about salvation

describe your beliefs about doctinres as you understand them in comparison to the following 

Going through all my old stuff, I'm finding a consistent pattern, where my desire for a wife/partner and my awareness of my apparently hopeless desolation is made quite glaring, 

In a list of people i must pray for, I scribbled out one entry: -my future wife-

In a cru document where we were soul searching and answering questions of various kinds, The only thing I have written down was on the page about "The Blessed Alliance" between men and women, answering a question about romantic relationships. (nope, never had one)

Life Lessons from Dancing
Frame is important. Frame is the social contract through which dancing occurs.
Once the very basics of frame are observed in dancing, where you go with your dancing is really up to you. Find out what you enjoy doing and find fulfilling while dancing. Then do it.
A limiting mindset in dancing is incessantly worrying about "what will make my partner happy? How are they responding to this? And to this?", and in so doing not focusing on what you really enjoy.
The only obligation you have in any dance is to have good frame.
If a person you happen to dance with doesn't like your style, then they can choose not to dance with you again (or you can choose not to dance with them). If your partner loves your style, then great! You've found a solid connection.
Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, calls this a win-win.
In an ongoing dance partnership, or repeated dances, win-win or no deal are the only feasible long-term experiences: "I'm fulfilled, you're fulfilled", or nothing. Me enjoying the dance and my partner not is not sustainable; my partner enjoying the dance and me not is not sustainable.
When you find that you want to dance with a certain level of dancer, and you satisfy the first condition of enjoying yourself in a dance but find that they (as a group) don't enjoy dancing with you, use that feedback to motivate your growth.
Find out what will make it a win for them, and as long as that change is still a win for you (makes you a better dancer), make the change and experience more win-win dances with higher level dancers.
Life Lesson?
Frame = respect
Dancing = interactions/relationships
 I'm not Democrat, I'm a Green who usually votes Democrat as lesser of two evils. You're not a Republican, you're a Libertarian who often votes republican as the lesser of two evils. 

But it is here at least that we are together in total unity against the cabal of crony-capitalist Democrat/Republican war mongers.

Assyria war, rebels, al qaida, 

|>| ! Title |
| ''Tag'' | ''Value'' |
|Content summary |   |
|Vocation| |
|Types|  |
|Categories | |
|Project(s)| |
|Interest| |
|Topic | Assyria war, rebels, al qaida,  |
|Action required? | no |
|Do date | |
|Age/Created on| |
|Frequency | |
|Priority | |
|Completion status| |
|Obstacles| |
|Motivator | |
|Associated Person/Relationship | Daniel Deming |
|Location | facebook, https://www.facebook.com/danieldeming/posts/552024911880?comment_id=553704&notif_t=like|
|Tools Required | |
|Deffered status? | Waiting on/Delayed until...? |
|Estimated time/energy | |
|To Learn/Review | |
|Valuable? | |
|Various|  |

! Step 1: Backup Existing TiddlyWiki
It is ''highly'' recommended that you back up your current TiddlyWiki before you import contacts into your Address Book.  By default the import code will attempt to remove existing contacts before importing new ones.  It is possible but not likely that it could remove the wrong Tiddlers.  For additional safety you could reconfigure [[twab]] to keep existing contacts during an import as described in [[About:twab:Tweaks]].  Even still, you should backup your data before performing any imports.

! Step 2: Configure
By default [[twab]] will import any CSV data in the Tiddler [[TwabImport]].  You can easily change the Tiddler used for import by tweaking TwabPlugin as described in [[About:twab:Tweaks]].

Also, you should check on the value of the "config.macros.twab.preClean" variable as described in [[About:twab:Tweaks]].  If this value is "true" any existing contacts will be removed before new contacts are imported.

If you are fine with these 2 settings you don't need to do anything for this step.

! Step 3: Export
[[TwabPlugin]] was designed to import your existing Address Book as a comma-separated value (CSV) list of contacts.  Any strings that should be treated as one field with a comma in them should be surrounded by double quotes (e.g. a contact's job title is "Director, New Media").  All other commas will be interpreted as the separator between fields.  There should be no extraneous spaces between field values and commas (e.g. "Don, Mattingly , NYY").  

Most applications and online services will provide a means to export your contacts as a CSV file.  Once you've exported as CSV from your existing Address Book application you should place them into the [[TwabImport]] tiddler as plain text.

! Step 4: Inform twab of the Import Format
New to [[twab]] version 2.0, all imports and exports rely on mapping tiddlers.  There are a number of predefined choices as well as support for a customized mapping.  In addition to the [[default mapping|TwabDefaultFieldMap]], [[twab]] has built-in support for CSV data exported from the following locations:

* Yahoo! - [[TwabYahooFieldMap]]
* MSN - [[TwabMSNFieldMap]]
* Google - [[TwabGoogleFieldMap]] (see note after next paragraph)
* Outlook - [[TwabOutlookFieldMap]]

Once you place the CSV data into the [[TwabImport]] tiddler, simply add a tag to that tiddler to let [[twab]] know what format the data is in.  For example, if you've exported your data from Yahoo!, you would add a tag to [[TwabImport]] called "format:yahoo" and save the tiddler.  Twab will recognize the tag and know how to map the Yahoo! fields to its internal fields.  The full list of allowable tags for import is:

* Google - format:google
* Yahoo! - format:yahoo
* MSN - format:msn
* Outlook - format:outlook

''Note for Google users:'' Google's Gmail supports 3 export formats.  The first is one that it says is appropriate for importing into another Google account, the second is Microsoft Outlook's format, and the third is vCard format.  ''If you want to import your contacts from Gmail, you must export your contacts in Outlook format''.  Even still, in this case you ''must'' put the tag "format:google" on [[TwabImport]] because Google's Outlook format is not standard.  As for Google's internal format - it's very flexible but very difficult to work with.  I opted to pass on the challenge of parsing this format to keep the [[twab]] code as lean as possible.  One last thing - Google appears to have a habit of placing newlines (carriage returns) into the document it exports.  This is also non-standard.  In this case the only fix is to remove the newlines by hand as there's no easy way for me to detect them and remove them programatically.  Blame Google :)

If none of these mappings fit the bill, you can do one of two things.  You can use the default mapping ([[TwabDefaultFieldMap]]) or create your own map.  To use the default map, either put the tag "format:default" on the tiddler or leave off the "format:..." tag all together.  Twab will expect that the columns in the CSV data contain only names found in the [[TwabDefaultFieldMap]] tiddler.

The other option is to create your own mapping in a new Tiddler.  The mapping should follow the "name=value" format of the other mapping tiddlers.  To inform [[twab]] that you are using a custom mapper, place the tag "format:<Tiddler>" on the [[TwabImport]] tiddler, where "<Tiddler>" is the name of the tiddler that you created with the mappings.  For example, if you create a mapping tiddler called ~PalmTiddler, you would tag [[TwabImport]] as "format:PalmTiddler".

As a further example of mapping, let's say your current Address Book exports data that looks like this:

Sam,Adams,"Distributor, Beer",http://www.beer.com,555-1212
George,Washington,Bridge from NYC to NJ,,555-1313

[[twab]] needs to know how to map each of those fields.  You do this by providing a single header for all contacts as in this:

Sam,Adams,"Distributor, Beer",http://www.beer.com,555-1212
George,Washington,Bridge from NYC to NJ,,555-1313

The above lines would be placed as shown into the TwabImport Tiddler.  Click this button to see how this should look: <<twab ImportTest>>
Note that you may need to scroll up to see the TwabImport Tiddler.

Some things to note:
* Every contact must have first name and last name fields or else [[twab]] will barf
* There shouldn't be any spaces between the commas and the field values (e.g. "first.name, last.name, ...")
* The order of the fields in the header is not important, but the order of fields in the header must match the order of the fields in each of the contacts below it.
* [[twab]] will not have any problem importing contacts where some of the fields are empty.  This is denoted by two commas in a row with no data between them as shown above.  The only required fields are the first name and last name fields.

! Step 5: Import
You can embed the twab import button in any Tiddler by adding the following code:
<<twab Import AddressBook>>
Which will result in: <<twab Import AddressBook>>

The first 2 parts of the macro should not be changed.  The last part, ''AddressBook'', declares the tags that should be assigned to each imported contact. Multiple tags are supported and should be separated by spaces as in this:

<<twab Import AddressBook importedContacts>>

These will be in addition to the tags specified in the configuration section of [[TwabPlugin]].    For that reason, the 3rd parameter is not required.  If it's not provided [[twab]] will use the default tag name.  See [[About:twab:Tweaks]] for more information.  This button is always accessible in the [[TwabPlugin]] Tiddler in case you don't want to create  a new Tiddler just for this reason.

Once the CSV data and the header are in the right place you can hit the above button to start the import.  You did backup your data right?  Large imports might take a long time, and it's not unusual for very large sets to cause a ~JavaScript popup asking permission to continue hogging resources.  An attentive and patient user will eventually get his or her contacts nestled safely inside the Tiddly.  Once the contacts are imported you can safely clear out the contents of TwabImport, although I do not recommend deleting it in case you want to import more contacts later.

! Step 6: Don't Panic
If something goes wrong on the import, keep in mind that all you have to do is to reload the Tiddly ''without'' saving your changes.  You can do this by pressing F5 in most browsers, or CTRL-R.  If prompted, say you want to discard changes and continue with the reload.  Any and all changes made since your last save will be lost (which is a good thing in this case).

!"Imported Items"
*Not Fully Set Up
**[[twab]] AddressBook
**[[CalendarPlugin]] (kinda)
**[[DatePlugin]] (kinda)
***<<tag twab>>
*Failed, omitted
*General Tasks
**Setup a topbar. See TopBarContent
<<simpletree nocollapse
li:hover > .st-bullet {
	color:#339 !important;
template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]]
bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]]
Currently, as an evernote extension:
# Quick tagging ability, 
## To see/find relevant tags quickly
## Tag multiple notes at once
## Assign multiple tags at once
## Without using mouse
## and the ability do do it with the mouse
# Expanded organizing ability and ability to see tags more easily
## Colors, Icons, Highlighting, Numbering.
## Tagnote will automatically add or remove tags from notes as specified.  

Edit: Idea has morphed into an Evernote and browser extension. 

As an evernote extension, it sort of sits on top of evernote, and allows you to create relationships between tags, do mass tagging/untagging (both applying mass tags to one note, or tags to mass notes.) You can view your evernote notes as arranged by tags, instead of by folder, and Browse much more robustly, in addition to searching. 

Also, it's a clipper, and has all the features described before for quick saving and tagging. Will automatically detect when the evernote clipper has clipped something, and pop up for you to tag it. 


When I select a certain value in certain fields, it automatically removes, adds, or suggests other specified or recommended tags. 

Make it work in an automated way with a todo system, including habits, goals, hobbies, reading list, etc. Figure out how to make deep layered and obscure items show up in work flow process automatically without needing remembering or manually pulling up.

easy importing and sorting of items from other systems.

"Zoom in" or "zoom out" to see as much or as little as you want/need, with views like mindmap and tiddly style, even that cyborganize brainstorm app, possibly. 

For Tiddly style, it's really about seeing lots of things at once while only seeing very little at once. All the documents are open, in chosen order, vertically. "Tiddly Style" would also allow for multiple columns. 

Ability to have "Most Recent" and "Most common" tags (with the option to specifically exclude selected tags from either list) auto-pop in the dropdown list next to the current categories selected to be in the dropdown list. 

PowerTagging is what we'll call it. You've got the "tags" field, where you can instantly start typing a tag (with the ability for this to search not just from the beginning of a tag title, but anywhere within the title, or possibly the tag itself)

A.Ability to tag very quickly, as my chrome bookmark extension
1. dropdown of tags/frequently used tags, no need for typing.
2. auto-tagging (designate certain tags that, when applied, automatically applies specified other tags.)
3. tag arrangement folder style to find the correct tags easily and quickly (like with the chrome bookmarks extension)
4. ability to sort, browse, and filter tags in a very robust way
5. Interoperability and flexibility
6. firefox/chrome integration

Different "Types" of tags

Visual representation 
      mindmap style.
                 with Freeplane/other mindmap softwares you have to make every change manually to all affected items, it's possible to forget, and ruin things.
      Icons for tags
Reviewhttps://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tagmarks/for additional.
web clipping
social features
http://todotxt.com/ and  http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-stay-organized-with-the-worlds-simplest-to-do-system-that-works-todo-txt/

tag the tags to sort and arrange them. 

when using heirarchicial tags (like folders), the ability to see how often a file is duplicated within sub"folders" (if you have Toptag, undertag1, undertag2, and undertag3 tagged to normal.txt this would be like having that same file in 3 subfolders, and could be browsed as such looking at [Toptag, untertag2] for example. normal.txt would also show when viewing just Toptag, so there should be an option to quickly see how many sub-tags it is tagged with too. Also, the easy ability to just see what's in Toptag, (even if Toptag is actually "under" other things) )

Buy tagnote.net ! :) 


due dates tags
urgency tags
auto-linking due dates and urgency?

"I'm using an Excel spreadsheet to track my daily pomodoros. I know what each was spent on, and when it ended. Then I know how many I've done for the year, and how many I'm projected to do for the year."

Product creation pitch: 
Unlike Evernote: always adding new features and aggressively tweaking and patching. 
Unlike Evernote: easily exportable
Unlike freeplane and others: generous tutorials on how to use different setups, features, and combine features.
unlike most: a number of standardized options setups, so users don't have to do all the tweaking themselves. 
Like Evernote: crossplatform, syncing
Like Evernote: web clipping, audio notes, image notes, pdf notes. 

TagNote. Every note has tags, every tag can has notes. Every note is a tag, every tag is a note?

"title" would be a tag. Attributes would be tags. "fields" (as in tiddly5) would be tags.

Tags are the smallish things with "linking" information, information about the note it is on. 

You can take a selection of notes and organize them in tables or charts based on tags. even mindmap. 

Editing modes: view only, minor edit (check boxes, and such), light, (text and basic tagging,) heavy (advanced tagging).

Easily switchable "settings profiles" for all sorts of viewing, behavior, and other settings. *easy mode*, *power mode*, *hard mode*

Make Quirky hilarious promotional and tutorial videos. 

For tags dropdowns, consider Amazon's special dropdown technique.

Tagnote mind maps will probably be a separate, highly integrated, program. Combine features of Docear, freeplane, Xmind, Mindmup, mindmeister, mindjet, coggle, MindNode, scapple?

Community feature request strategy: You make a donation for a feature, and if other people want that feature added too, they may vote for it or donate on it too (voting is worth significantly less, but still considered.) Once a feature has reached a threshold for its value, we assign someone to add it. Every donated feature request will be assessed by someone in-house, reviewed, and assigned a value, or if good enough or easy enough/ just added straight to the queue. Instead of donating, perhaps the ability to "buy stock" which will (or optionally?) be paid back (with its new accumulated value) once the feature has been added. 

Every new user automatically gets $5 toward feature requests after participating for 10 posts. 

!!Desired Features: 
When I select a certain value in certain fields, it automatically removes, adds, or suggests other specified or recommended tags. 

Figure out how to make deep layered and obscure items show up in work flow process automatically without needing remembering or manually pulling up.

"Zoom in" or "zoom out" to see as much or as little as you want/need, with views like mindmap and tiddly style, even that cyborganize brainstorm app, possibly. 

Ability to have "Most Recent" and "Most common" tags (with the option to specifically exclude selected tags from either list) auto-pop in the dropdown list next to the current categories selected to be in the dropdown list. 

PowerTagging is what we'll call it. You've got the "tags" field, where you can instantly start typing a tag (with the ability for this to search not just from the beginning of a tag title, but anywhere within the title, or possibly the tag itself)
[[for things to matter]]
[[meaning perception]]
[[GRK 302 End of Term.docx|GRK 302 End of Term.docx]]
[[Resume 12-16-09]]
|''Description:''|Displays tags hierachy as a tree of tagged tiddlers.<br>Can be used to create dynamic outline navigation.|
|''Date:''|Oct 14,2011|
|''Author:''|Pascal Collin - 2.0.0 Amendments - Simon Huggins|
|''License:''|[[BSD open source license|License]]|
|''Browser:''|Firefox 2.0; InternetExplorer 6.0|
On the plugin [[homepage|http://visualtw.ouvaton.org/VisualTW.html]] :
*Try to tag some <<newTiddler>> with a tag displayed in the menu and edit MainMenu.
*Look at some tags like [[Plugins]] or [[menu]].
#import the plugin,
#save and reload,
#optionally, edit TagsTreeStyleSheet.
! Usage
{{{<<tagsTree>>}}} macro accepts the following //optional// parameters.
|!#|!parameter|!description|!by default|
|1|{{{root}}}|Uses {{{root}}} tag as tree root|- In a //tiddler// content or template : uses the tiddler as root tag.<br>- In the //page// content or template (by ex MainMenu) : displays all untagged tags.|
|2|{{{excludeTag}}}|Excludes tiddlers with a specified tag (and their children) from the tree - changed 2.0.0|exclude|
|3|{{{level}}}|Expands nodes until level {{{level}}}.<br>Value {{{0}}} hides expand/collapse buttons.|Nodes are collapsed on first level|
|4|{{{depth}}}|Hierachy depth|6 levels depth (H1 to H6 header styles)|
|5|{{{sortField}}}|Alternate sort field. By example : "index".|Sorts tags and tiddlers alphabetically (on their title)|
|6|{{{labelField}}}|Alternate label field. By example : "label".|Displays tiddler's title|
|7|{{{expandedTag}}}|Tag to ensure tiddler is expanded by default - added 2.0.0|expanded|
|8|{{{collapsedTag}}}|Tag to ensure tiddler is collapsed by default - added 2.0.0|collapsed|

!Useful addons
*[[FieldsEditorPlugin]] : //create//, //edit//, //view// and //delete// commands in toolbar <<toolbar fields>>.
*[[TaggerPlugin]] : Provides a drop down listing current tiddler tags, and allowing toggling of tags.
!Advanced Users
You can change the global defaults for TagsTreePlugin, like default {{{level}}} value or level styles, by editing or overriding the first config.macros.tagsTree attributes below.
config.macros.tagsTree = {
expand : "+",
collapse : "�",
depth : 6,
level : 1,
sortField : "",
labelField : "",
styles : ["h1","h2","h3","h4","h5","h6"],
trees : {},
        expandedTag : "expanded",
        collapsedTag : "collapsed",
        excludedTag : "exclude"

config.macros.tagsTree.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)
var root = params[0] ? params[0] : (tiddler ? tiddler.title : null);
if(params[1]) config.macros.tagsTree.excludedTag = params[1];
var level = params[2] ? params[2] : config.macros.tagsTree.level;
var depth = params[3] ? params[3] : config.macros.tagsTree.depth;
var sortField = params[4] ? params[4] : config.macros.tagsTree.sortField;
var labelField = params[5] ? params[5] : config.macros.tagsTree.labelField;
if(params[6]) config.macros.tagsTree.expandedTag = params[6];
if(params[7]) config.macros.tagsTree.collapsedTag = params[7];
var collapsedField = params[5] ? params[5] : config.macros.tagsTree.labelField;
var showButtons = (level>0);
var id = config.macros.tagsTree.getId(place);
if (config.macros.tagsTree.trees[id]==undefined) config.macros.tagsTree.trees[id]={};
config.macros.tagsTree.createSubTree(place,id,root,[],level>0 ? level : 1,depth, sortField, labelField,showButtons);

config.macros.tagsTree.createSubTree = function(place, id, root, ancestors, level, depth, sortField, labelField,showButtons){
var childNodes = root ? this.getChildNodes(root, ancestors) : new Array();
var isOpen = (level>0) || (!showButtons);
if (root && this.trees[id][root]!=undefined) isOpen = this.trees[id][root];
if (root && ancestors.length) {
var t = store.getTiddler(root);
if (childNodes.length && depth>0) {
var wrapper = createTiddlyElement(place , this.styles[Math.min(Math.max(ancestors.length,1),6)-1],null,"branch");
if (showButtons) {
                                if (t.tags.contains(config.macros.tagsTree.collapsedTag)) isOpen = false;
                                if (t.tags.contains(config.macros.tagsTree.expandedTag)) isOpen = true;
b = createTiddlyButton(wrapper, isOpen ? config.macros.tagsTree.collapse : config.macros.tagsTree.expand, null, config.macros.tagsTree.onClick);
createTiddlyText(createTiddlyLink(wrapper, root),t&&labelField ? t.fields[labelField] ? t.fields[labelField] : root : root);
createTiddlyText(createTiddlyLink(place, root,false,"leaf"),t&&labelField ? t.fields[labelField] ? t.fields[labelField] : root : root);
if (childNodes.length && depth) {
var d = createTiddlyElement(place,"div",null,"subtree");
d.style.display= isOpen ? "block" : "none";
if (sortField)
childNodes.sort(function(a, b){
var fa=a.fields[sortField];
var fb=b.fields[sortField];
return (fa==undefined && fb==undefined) ? a.title < b.title ? -1 : a.title > b.title ? 1 : 0 : (fa==undefined && fb!=undefined) ? 1 :(fa!=undefined && fb==undefined) ? -1 : fa < fb ? -1 : fa > fb ? 1 : 0;
for (var cpt=0; cpt<childNodes.length; cpt++)
this.createSubTree(d, id, childNodes[cpt].title, ancestors.concat(root), level-1, depth-1, sortField, labelField, showButtons);

config.macros.tagsTree.onClick = function(e){
var id = this.getAttribute("treeId");
var tiddler = this.getAttribute("tiddler");
var n = this.parentNode.nextSibling;
var isOpen = n.style.display != "none";
if(config.options.chkAnimate && anim && typeof Slider == "function")
anim.startAnimating(new Slider(n,!isOpen,null,"none"));
n.style.display = isOpen ? "none" : "block";
this.firstChild.nodeValue = isOpen ? config.macros.tagsTree.expand : config.macros.tagsTree.collapse;
return false;

config.macros.tagsTree.getChildNodes = function(root, ancestors){
var childs = store.getTaggedTiddlers(root);
var result = new Array();
for (var cpt=0; cpt<childs.length; cpt++)
if (childs[cpt].title!=root && ancestors.indexOf(childs[cpt].title)==-1 &&
                     !childs[cpt].tags.contains(config.macros.tagsTree.excludedTag) ) result.push(childs[cpt]);
return result;

config.macros.tagsTree.getId = function(element){
while (!element.id && element.parentNode) element=element.parentNode;
return element.id ? element.id : "<html>";

config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet = "/*{{{*/\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +=".leaf, .subtree {display:block; margin-left : 0.5em}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +=".subtree {margin-bottom:0.5em}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +="#mainMenu {text-align:left}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +=".branch .button {border:1px solid #DDD; color:#AAA;font-size:9px;padding:0 2px;margin-right:0.3em;vertical-align:middle;text-align:center;}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +="/*}}}*/";

store.addNotification("TagsTreeStyleSheet", refreshStyles);


config.shadowTiddlers.PageTemplate = config.shadowTiddlers.PageTemplate.replace(/id='mainMenu' refresh='content' /,"id='mainMenu' refresh='content' force='true' ")

I do not consider myself to possess above-average intelligence. Studies show that about 80% of people consider themselves above average intelligence, and I figure that I should try to show a little respect to the statistics. I honestly prefer not to think about it. It's not very helpful, and thinking that you're smart (even if you are) may cause you to take mental shortcuts and not think as hard as you ought to. 

Terra got murdered by her husband Ryan about 8 months ago. I met them both a little over 10 years ago in high school. They weren't married then, of course, but nobody who knew them was surprised when it happened. Unfortunately, that's not a story I'm ready to tell yet. I hope I'll be able to tell that story once I've told this one. This story is about what happened afterward. In particular, I met Leah Stanley, Jack Morty, and Bernard Thompson. Unrelated at first, they changed my life.


In church we often sing songs that have the word, "Halellujua" in it, and truth be told, most people don't know what it means. It's one of those christianese words. Those are words that work in english grammar, but have no real meaning outside of the "Christian" contexts. The words become empty, and lose all real meaning  The Word Halleluja comes from ancient hebrew and is a combination of two Words, Halel, and Yah. the u sound between them is simply part of how words are sometimes combined in hebrew. The word Yah, as you may already know is the short form of the name of God in the old testament, Yahweh. the word Halal means, Praise, so the word simply means, Praise Yahweh, or Praise The LORD. halal (1984) doesn't mean praise like we say it. it means a kind of crazy celebration jump up and down, i'm gonna pee my pants i'm so excited kind of praise. 

There are a several other words used about praising as well. Yaddah, Tehila, Towdah, and they all carry their own connotations, like throwing your hands in the air, or to speak well of, or of confession, but they all are very much "praise"

This brings up another issue though. Praise seems quite often to be a christianese word. We sing it without ever thinking about what it means. What do we mean when we say praise God? Why do we do it? What value does it serve? Why does God want it? 

But isnt' it wierd? isnt' it kinda egocentric and insecure for the god of the universe to demand the tiny little creatures of earth to praise him?  the answer is no, for 2 reasons. 

first, because we, as humans praise what we love, and he wants our love. praise everything else we love so easily. to quote, CS Lewis, "I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation."  think of your favorite movie, or sports hero, or band, or food, or whatever you enjoy- people are always praising the things they love and enjoy. 

God wants us to praise him because he wants us to enjoy him, to appreciate his goodness. 

but second, is because he's earned it. He deserves it. That's what we mean when we sing, "worthy." he's worth every breath of praise we can offer to him. 

...all of the pain, all of the hate, wars, violence, suicide, hunger, oppression, corruption, unemployment, slavery, racism, rape, alcoholism, abuse, bullying, cancer, car accidents- God hates them as much as we do, and he intends to rescue us from these that torment us.
But more so, higher than that, He intends to rescue us from ourselves, from Sin and error, everything that is off course, painful, or harmful in ourselves, all the laziness, addiction, feelings of worthlessness, envy, self-abuse, desires for all the wrong things (also called sinful lusts), fears, sorrows, sexual sin, unmourned wounds, wrathfulness, shame, pride,
i can't bear this.
what am i? 
this person is intolerable.
i will be useless. 
i've admitted it.
this whole venture is nothing but ego. 
i am here so they (who?) will respect me;
so i can prove that i'm intelligent
which will prove i have worth. 

that's it. i'm here to prove to me 
(and whomever it is that says i'm not) 
that i have value. that i'm intelligent. 

i am not fit to preach. 
it is all i want to do.
What does it mean for me to follow him without that?

A man at peace. 
a man who will do what he wills
not what he whims. 

i am outraged. i am angry. 
here's what i'm going to do to get rid of the anger.
i'm going to give myself a chance to explain everything i think in opposition to the things against which i'm angry, and this will help.
sure lol.

i'm angry about evangelical theology that caricaturizes God, and misunderstands the Bible.
i'm angry about people who read the bible without sensitivity for context, or people who read it with context, but only after making sure that context can't do anything except reinforce their own system.
i'm angry about oppression. 
i'm angry about injustice.
i'm angry about ignorance. 
i'm angry about people who reason poorly and think that it's okay. 
i'm angry about naturalism that doesn't understand naturalism and it's implications. 
i'm angry about paganism that is almost laughably inconsistent.
i'm angry at myself for being worthless.
i'm angry at calvinism and blasphemy
i'm angry at the oppression of women.
i'm angry at the oppression of gays
i'm angry, and I'm too angry. I'm not at peace, and i supposedly serve a God who calls me to be a man of Peace. 
i'm angry at people who won't ever question their own opinions.
i'm angry at people who don't care, and my own instinct to not care.
i'm angry at people who simply don't understand what oppression is. 
i get angry at sudoku puzzles that are too hard
i get angry at websites when they don't load properly.


I'm going to push back hard, but only because I so desperately want to agree with you, and a position worth holding deserves to be subjected to rigorous testing. I'll be pushing back with wording as though I were not a Christian.

"Many Christians see doubt as the opposite of faith. This I find rather bizarre because I see doubt as the opposite of certainty."

That's a problem, because Ancient Greek. πίστις (pistis), is the word for faith. As you probably know, is a layered and nuanced word. Another perfectly valid translation of pistis, in many contexts is, "certainty."

Even when it is best translated as "belief" or "trust" or "trustworthiness" "faithfulness" certainty is *implied*. 

Now, there are two relevant words here for doubt. There's apistos (ἄπιστος) (and the related apistia), which means "unbelief" "distrust" or "faithlessness." And then there's the word for "doubt" in the New Testament, diakrino (διακρίνω).

Apistos is the word that the man in Mark 9:24 uses when he says, "I believe, help my unbelief" and occurs repeatedly as a negative thing elsewhere. 

Diakrino is normally the verb for judging or distinguishing, but when it is in the "middle" voice, it means "to doubt". It's the word behind every instance of "doubt" in the NT.  It is universally *negative*, especially in James. Another way to translate it, which gets still gets across the original connotation could be something like, "to be skeptical."

Jesus himself sets up faith and doubt as opposites in Matthew 21:21. 

Paul treats doubt as the opposite of faith, and calls it sin. "But he who doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith; and whatever is not from faith is sin." (Rom 14:23 NAS)

James is quite adamant about them being opposites and profoundly against doubt. 
But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.
 6 But let him ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.
 7 For let not that man expect that he will receive anything from the Lord,
 8 being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. (Jam 1:5-8 NAS)

So: How do you reconcile your positive view of doubt with the wholly negative view of doubt and skepticism present in scripture? How do you deal with the fact that in the Bible doubt is very nearly the opposite of faith?  
help me please...

i have a bit of a problem. i have a lot of ideas on a number of things, but i don't self-motivte or self-organize well. 

i've noticed the times that i do great work, and they are around other people. i tried doing my work with other people hanging out. because everyone ws just hanging out. this didn't work. i'i tried working at the library, but it was too ambient and there was no pressure. the two environments i think that would work best are the type i've encountered at the call center where everyone is working and there is a sort of background sense of working or being professional, on the job, or with some sort of partner, operating in much the same way that the ambient
My draft: 
*ends vs goals:*

In English, "humans have ends" could also very well mean that the humans have purposes, the way you might say that my chair or my desk has a purpose. 

>No. They always have goals. Otherwise their activities would be determined by absolute randomness. Even in just small limited timefrimes, this is impossible. 

I think that our activities ARE determined, in a small amount, by randomness. But I suppose if we count even the lowest order goals of an individual, I could agree that all individuals have, at every moment, some goal of some kind. 

>To be able to want to be happy, someone at least needs to be self-conscious,

I'm not certain about that, but I doubt it's part of your main argument, because such a complicated and inscrutable an idea as self-consciousness  doesn't seem appropriate for an axiom. In the interest of the discussion, I'll go with it though.

>we aren't telepaths for all I know

And even a telepath wouldn't count as "me" were he to make my body act in certain ways. Okay, I see what you mean. 

>That was stupidly rushed from my side.

If you say so. I know I make stupid mistakes all the time, and thus rarely acuse others of it, unless they think so first.

>The chief goal is to fulfill all single, identifiable goals someone may have. 

This doesn't sound quite right to me. Not all of a person's goals are individuated from one another, and frequently, some of a person's most deeply felt goals are either not recognized, or not identifiable. But This gets into what I suspect is a side topic, on the "chief end of man".

This portion gets into what drives humans to act.  I notice that you're laying out your terms in a very specific fashion which I find to be quite unsuitable to the human condition. At this stage of the discourse, I've forgotten all about economics or politics, (gladly enough), and am much more interested in the "philosophy" you're getting into here. 

Of course, when approaching the question of what drives humans, one must use philosophy, psychology, biology, and more, which makes it a fantastically complicated subject. I cannot possibly regard such a staggeringly complicated and deep topic as this as a suitable axiom. Unlike the previous one though, I cannot conceive of how you can either. 

What humans feel, and what those feelings mean to them, and the behaviors they contribute toward producing, are far more complicated than your depiction here. A few of my main thoughts:

1. There are many types of states/conditions that a human may experience, and many of them may not be able to be fully distinguished from actions associated with them. 

2. I find it interesting that you boil down the effect of these states to "content/discontent". Even regarding the idea of what drives a person, I think this is sorely deficient. For just one example, Interest/excitement cannot be categorized as merely some form of discontentment.  

3. I can agree with the idea that all actions require effort, but your phrasing introduces a problem. You describe that effort in purely negative terms; that is, the expenditure of energy *itself* is a negative experience. Chemically or biologically speaking, this is technically correct, but it is not necessarily the case experimentally or psychologically. 

>The human has to evaluate which goal would bring him the most happiness and how many of his effort is needed to fulfill this goal.
Dear Rob

    I think I want to stop being a Christian. Christianity asserts a resurrected lord, not just as a point in history but with Resurrection as a fundamental reality about the universe, accessible to all who would allow it to transform their dying life into resurrected life, here and into eternity.
    And thus, this is why i feel like giving up on Jesus- there is no resurrected life in me. None.
    I know the Onus lies squarely on me. i am a failure as a Christian. I am 25 years old and have been a Christian for as many of them as i can remember. I have been Nazarine, Lutheran, Baptist, Pentacostal, mainline non-denominational Evangelical, and more. i have read Josh Mcdowell, CS Lewis (thank God for him,), AW Tozer, Cloud and Townsend, Dallas Willard, Ben Witherington, NT Wright and many, Many more. They have all done me tremendous good and taght me a good many things about God and spirituality. I know lots of theology; i could explain the currrent state of the debate in dozens of fields and i know about "grace and faith, not works," i have a basic understanding of the phrase Kingdom of God, etc.
    None of these things, or my attempts to live in light of them change or help me. I am empty, and I am alone because I do not have God. The only thing resembling a relationship with God is my Longing for him, and an inescapable hope that he will put everything right, and make everything okay. i have no stories about the gospel transforming me, i have little joy and no peace. I do manage to get excited often enough. But that's the thing- i'm sick of just being enthusiastic. i Believe the Gospel story, and it MOVES me! but it doesn't transform me as the story claims it should. 
    No desire is stronger, no hunger is more consuming, no longing deeper than that i should know him. if i am his artwork, i want to look like him; if he is master and I slave, I long to carry out his every command; If he is shepherd and i sheep, i yearn to follow as close as i can, and eat from his hands. If he is Judge and I am Judged, then I hope to be weighed as valuable and I throw myself on the mercy of the court, for he is just.  if he is physician i need him to heal me because i am terminal. if he is beloved and i betrothed, i am deliriously in love with burning, for someone whom i have never met.
    i could go on, but the point is every metaphor i have for describing my relationship to him outlines my desperation for him at not having him (even though they carry the potential for more). I can no longer fool myself with a message that claims Jesus will make me whole or pull things together in a magical way, or really help at all. My efforts to leap in faith out of my own control and into his have resulted in the most calamitous of disasters with no sign of him anywhere. 
    The words coming from Mars Hill resonate with me the way nothing else ever has. The way you thing about and say thing sound like you're singning the song i've sought all my life and feel eminently called to sing. i'm writing because i need help. i need all kinds of help, from financial to emotional to spiritual, but the help i'm asking for is help singing that song. i know it's vague, but that metaphor is the best i've got. 
    i need to learn how to trust God. i need to learn how to pray. 
    I need to learn how to be who I really am. i feel lost in nearly every area but even if just slightly, but as i hear echos from your direction i can tell that you're almost exactly where I want to be; i am in the ravine, you are on the road going where i want to go. 
    i don't know if you can help me or if i can be helped but i need help. i want a chance to come and live with the mars hill community this summer, but don't know what it'll take. i'll do anything in my power to get there, but it seems like there is so little in my power these days. 
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Systematically pragmatic
Emotionally unstable
enthusiastically adventurous,
absurdly goofy and silly, yet occasionally sarcastic
inquisitive, reasonable, compassionate, overwhelming, intense, expressive, creative, determined, afflicted by distraction, introspective, intense (dangerous?) when angry, frequently afraid, sometimes energetic/lethargic. 
*point one
*point two
**sub point
*Third point
**Third Sub point
**Double thing
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Saved 2/24/08
hello God.
i give up. 
i cannot follow after you anymore.
the brambles have torn off my skin and flesh
i thought that i would be able to
through whatever pain. 
but i cannot. 
i cannot ask forgiveness.
i cannot say that i wanted this. 
i do not want this.

but i know what i am.
i dishonor you with every breath,
posing as an ambassador,
pretending to worship you. 
i know that i am fake
i know that nothing i can do will fix this
i know that.
nothing i can do will make me real.
when i prayed,
whenever i used to pray, i asked that you would make me no longer fake
that you would do whatever it is that an almighty God must do to remove it.
that you would cause me to grow up,
be mature,
be a real boy
grow up
be stable.
they told me that if i just gave it all to you, you would do it.
you would answer my prayer.
i tried to.
every time. 
i treid every day that i could.
you're there.
you heard my prayers. 
i was asking for grace knowing that i was... am an obstinate child.
i will die cold and alone if i am not dragged inside.
and i understand that you will not drag me.
i forgive you,
as if it was a forgivable offense.
something is wrong with me.
i refuse to follow you because there is something wrong with me that refuses to do so. 

this is too hard.
something is wrong with me.
i have no faith, 
and can produce none inside of me.
i am an obstinate and faithless little boy.
my only sin is blasphemy against your spirit.
and it grieves me to my core.
i keep wanting to say, "forgive me"
but i will not change- if it is in my power, then i don't know how to employ that ability.
they tell me that you want me.

i can't keep swimming through this.
if you want me, please come and get me.

the blasted thing is that you won't/can't change me unless i am actively working with you,
unless i'm follwoing every day in faith.
following steadfastly, and then you change me as i follow.

and that's the main thing that i need you to change, is to give me the ability to do that. 

i give up.
i can't keep spinning these wheels uselessly.
it hurts too much.

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*Finish taking pictures and moving stuff around
*Post online everything
**4-6 hours Vivint Training
**Call bank about fees.
**Call Vivint about the things
*Post for New Roommate

By 230pm Finish uploading pics, adding descriptions
By 4pm Craigslist and Reddit posts  
By 5pm Finish making business calls, finishing up that stuff.
by 5:30 
By 3pm Finish ad for roommate and making signs advertising the sale
By 3:30 start on the trainings, and do all of them. 
Murray: Thank you. I was more hoping that you could address the line of reasoning leading to that conclusion. 

"The nature authority is such that any errors undermine that authority. The more, and more significant the errors of a source of authority happen to be, the less valid that source of authority is."

It seems we need to be clearer on what authority means. 

There are two types of authority: authority which should be obeyed, and authority which should be believed. 

Authority which should be believed: A scholar in a particular field is an authority on that subject, should be believed until his authority is undermined in some way. NASA tells me that the sun is 92,960,000 miles from earth, and I believe them because they are the highest authority I know of on space stuff. If Google Maps tells me that the distance from Waco to Tempe is 1051 miles, I'll believe it because i regard google maps as authoritative. Now, if an equally authoritative source, like Bing, tells me that the distance is 1042 miles, I then need to either find a good reason why they contradict, or figure out which is wrong; the wrong one will henceforward have diminished authority compared to the correct one. 

Now, If you believe in a flat earth, NASA has no such authority to you. You believe their authority is illigitimate and that they have ulterior motives for what they claim about the cosmos, and so cannot be trusted. 

Whomever has more authority *to you* about something is the source which you are more likely to believe without challenge. 

Authority which is to be obeyed is similar, but different. ....

If two parties with a shared authority have a conflict, and if that authority is relevant to the conflict, then the authority has the power to resolve the conflict by correcting misunderstanding or misinformation, or by commanding the required course of action for one or both of them. If I say that the earth is 920,960,000 miles from earth, and you say it is 9,296,000, we can ask NASA to tell us the facts, and we will both stand corrected that we were both off by an order of magnitude. 

Similarly, If you think I have defrauded you, and/or I think you have defrauded me, we may ask the United States Court to adjudicate on our dispute, and we will comply with the court's decision (unless one of us appeals, in which case we take it to an even higher authority.) 

So then, what things illegitimize or weaken any given authority?  For the "believe" kind, either mistakes or deception of some kind (such as an ulterior motive or a lie). The more severe and/or frequent, the more the authority is weakened. For the "Obey" kind, it's a bit more complicated, but either hypocrisy or 
I am not a poet creating a poem.
God is The Poet, creating me and all things
I am but a wild boar creating a fart
Yet still He gives me a line on his poem amidst my stink
Insisting against all my senses, that I belong in it,
Writing carefully, with delight, (on a parchment soaked in tears)
My name, in bright red blood drawn from His own wrists,
Which were pierced by the pen in my own hand
From my attempt to carve my name into the world myself.
I drag this clumsy ugly pen everywhere
I write with it blackly scratching everywhere,
Drawing black ink from the death I make.
Drawing black ink from the sick heart sunken in my belly
I write lies and scramblingly lonely propaganda.
Drawing monsters that look like myself
I create this noxious gas,
As God impossibly adapts his poem to yet create a meter;
Beauty out of my incoherent mutterings, shouts, and farts,
Written in a better ink with a perfect pen.
And if He reads it to me aloud it is too loud for me to hear
And the letters are too beautiful and big for me to see:
My name, written by The Poet, amidst His masterpiece
As He insists that I can give up my "ink" and "pen"
And write with His, like He.
“What is that name of mine you write
and how can you smile while writing it?”
I half-rave, half-whisper.
He pauses his pen, drops a comma
And shines his light through the parchment from the light in his being
to cast letters on the stony ground as he passes by
Can you think of what you might call: 

A being which has a will, is immaterial, unkillable, controls others, acts with no conscience or tendency toward justice, and temporarily elevates some, so as to oppress and destroy even more?

I think I might call that a person. Specifically, a supernatural person. 

More specifically, a demon. 

In Daniel 10, Daniel is visited by an angel who was delayed in combat with the "Sar" of Persia and was only able to defeat him and get to Daniel after being helped by the "Sar" Michael (the archangel). If there is a spirit of the political force of persia, why wouldn't there be one (or more) for other political forces? 

I think that there is a very real spiritual reality underlying and woven through all of physical reality, ebbing and flowing, condensing and evaporating all the time. The diffuse, yet centralized will that a corporation has seems to me a perfect possibility of a spiritual being coming into existence, brought unconsciously into being by, composing itself of, and exerting itself through, the wills of those who control the corporation.

Mom 2.5k+
James 3k+

53.76 (APS


Joe: 53.76 (APS) + 301.77 (40% as agreed, of 754.43) + 15 Cox internet = 370.53

paid 60


(APS: 06/06/2013- 07/08/2013 $163.55/2 = 81.77) + (15 internet) = (81.77 + 15 - 60 + 370.53) = 407.3 total now due. 

301.77+ 81.77 + 15 + 10.80 = 
Protagonist= me
What he wants: 
To know God, to truly enjoy him
To enjoy (and have) the love of others
To enjoy

To enjoy the Love of God, my neighbor and myself
dr stuff
clean living room
clean kitchen
clean room
game night
prepare dnd
so you need 8 buttons for the letters (#2-9), 1 for space, 1 for symbol, 1 for backspace, 1 for toggle word., 1 for shift. 1 to switch away from "keyboard" mode, (like if you want to start using game controller or other etc)


To enjoy and always seek to bring joy to God, my Neighbor and Myself. 

To ever increase the joy of God my neighbor and myself with all my heart mind, soul and strength. 
**check all my bookmarks for this
***setup my search engines: Amazon, Ebay, Dictionary, Youtube, the Bible, the Koran, Lifehacker, Wikipedia, (perhaps even Craigslist?), etc. 
Magnesium helps with the comedown from Adderall, see the wikipedia article on it.






Caffiene and L-Theanine,


*Storytelling, Narrative
**Languages, context, interpretation, what it is
*Comparative religions
**point of
**best method
**things to educate on
Patrick Middleton
1 hr · Edited · 
I do not like the movie Frozen. Not because of the movie itself, but because what people seem to come away from the movie with, that damn song "Let it Go." Even more odd because in the movie the force driving that song does not turn out well. The whole "Let it Go" idea makes everything worse in the movie, just as it does in real life. Like the movie UP, Frozen is a movie about shame. And like UP, there are two sources of shame. One of the sources of shame is the same between the two movies, the child who has come to believe the problems in their life are all their fault. In UP, the little boy's father has abandoned him and his mother for a new girlfriend. So the little boy thinks he can fix the problem created by his father on his own, all he has to do is earn merit badges and his father will come back. Notice in the movie, poor kid is down to his last merit badge, helping the elderly, and the problem is not fixed. This boy has tried this strategy to the very end. That is why he has to put up with the old man, the balloons and all the fear and chaos of the story, this is his last chance to earn a merit badge and get his father back. Totally understandable. That is what children naturally do. But from an adult place, how obvious is it that a little boy cannot fix a problem created by his father. His father totally owns that. So the little boy is in a shame state, "I need merit badges to prove I am worthy, without them I am not good enough for my father to want to spend time with me." SHAME STATE. In Frozen, the little girl is in a shame state because her sister has abandoned her. Again, the little girl thinks this is her fault and that she has done something wrong. SHAME STATE. The old man in UP is in a shame state because he believes he has failed his wife and broken his promise to live out a big adventure together. In Frozen, the older girl is in shame state because she is different. There is something not right about her, at least that is what her parents taught her. All systems have a shame level, it is up to the adults (or those in charge) to decide whether the shame level in the system is healthy or unhealthy. Healthy shame on the part of those in charge keeps the children, or dependents, from developing unhealthy shame. For example, dad is a work-a-holic and neglects his duties as a father. Dad ought to feel some healthy shame about that, but let's say he does not and makes no changes, except to work more hours. Kids grow up wondering what is wrong with them, they cannot help but conclude that they are not as good as whatever happens at work, because dad would rather be at work than with them. Kids grow up in an unhealthy shame state, "We aren't good enough." Compare that to, dad's job starts to demand too many hours. Dad cannot be at school events or help coach sports teams or home for family meals. Dad feels so bad about failing his children this way that dad changes jobs. That dad communicates to his children by words and deeds, you matter, you are important. That dad says to his kids, "Spending time with you is better to me than anything else in my life." No unhealthy shame in the kids, quite to the contrary, lots of healthy self-worth in those kids because they conclude, "I matter. I am loved." One aspect of Frozen is a lesson in unhealthy shame. Parents are embarrassed by what their daughter can do. Parents confuse what their daughter can do which is a little distressing and different with who their daughter is. They react by shaming their oldest daughter, telling her to hide and pretend. Then they create a shame state in their youngest daughter because she gets abandoned by her older sister, concluding that she must have done something wrong. No one can tell her what it is, but she must have done something wrong. Which, by the way, is the difference between shame and guilt. When I do something wrong, I am in a guilt state, even if I do not feel the guilt. When I think I have done something wrong, but cannot for the life of me figure out what it is, I just feel yucky, it must be ME (shame comes with identity kinds of statements not behavior focused statements that come with guilt). That yucky feeling that comes with thinking there is something wrong with me is shame. That yucky feeling that comes with, "I have done something wrong," is guilt. All this to say, the "Let It Go" song only makes matters worse. That the older sister explodes in rage fueled by her shame, loneliness and hurt is to be expected. The only thing that breaks the shame state and brings new life in Frozen is not letting anything go, it is a self-sacrificing act of love that works, not "Letting it Go." Maybe something like, I don't know, what about a cross?

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These 'style tweaks' can be easily included in other stylesheet tiddler so they can share a baseline look-and-feel that can then be customized to create a wide variety of 'flavors'.

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.BGPrimaryDark	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];	}
.BGSecondaryPale  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; 	}
.BGSecondaryLight { background-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]];	}
.BGSecondaryMid	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];	}
.BGSecondaryDark  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]]; 	}
.BGTertiaryPale	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]];	}
.BGTertiaryLight  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]]; 	}
.BGTertiaryMid	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];	}
.BGTertiaryDark	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];	}
.BGError	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::Error]];	 	}
What is coersion? What is freedom? What is Consent?

When are they good? When are they necessary? 

First, they are all fuzzy things. 

we're talking about sexual consent, 
|Play| Solo|Group  |
|Physical exertion |hiking, runing, jumping, "extreme" sports, |Games, Hiking, Drama/improv|
|non-physical|video games, puzzles, bubbles, music | board games, video games, conversation, "arguing"|

*Chess and other games and puzzles
**TableTop Gaming
**Board Games
**Video Games
*learning weird stuff.
*You will be charged a total of $35 for each dollar below the required RMR for an account except for on a package account which you will be paid $0 unless you charge the $53.99 base.

You must collect a $198 activation UPFRONT in order to be paid on an account with less than a 625 credit score as well as have the customer on auto payment.

For each negative point given in a sale, $15 will be deducted up front on your weekly commission check, and $20 on your back end check for a total of $35 per point.

The weekly rent for living in Vivint housing is $100 for single reps and $250 for married reps. The weekly utilities charge is $16 for single reps and $25 for married reps.

A rep cannot lower the base RMR on a package with home automation below $53.99.

If you collect $198 activation fee upfront you will be allowed to put an additional 6 points in a home.

You cannot direct invoice sub 625 accounts and still be paid on them.

If there is a hold on an account when backend reports are frozen you will not be paid on the account.

Each point of equipment is worth $35.

If a rep sells more equipment than the package cost and the customer does not pay the rep, the rep is charged 50% upfront and 50% on the backend

A rep cannot waive the activation on an energy management package

A rep can put 4 points in a home if they waive activation and the customer is on EFT.

The standard contract length for a customer is 60 months

You will receive $200 upfront at full RMR less deductions during the summer. @@font-size:14pt;color:red;What does this mean?@@

You will be charged a total of $35 for each dollar below the required RMR for an account except for on a package account which you will be paid $0 unless you charge the $53.99 base

If a rep sells a full home automation package and gives more than $400 worth of package equipment, the rep is charged the additional equipment value unless the customer pays for it

The base RMR for a Sky Control Panel account with Energy Management as an add-on is $59.99

If you waive the activation fee you will lose 2 points that you can put in the home

If you switch out of Vivint housing anytime during the summer you still have to pay the rent charges.

PSA is customer agreement

SES is the schedule equipment install

Talk about Alia, talk about my romance history
*clean room
*scholarship apps


*submit my OT abstracts
*OT abstracts
*OT abstracts
*ART Essay


**taxes info 
**taxes 1 hour
**fafsa finish 1 hour
**apply Apple 1 hour
**collect rent from arden ''10 min''
***electricity 104.28
***cable 59.98
*New WIB Work

**kitchen ''1hour''
**livingroom ''1 hour''
**OT abstract ''1.5 hour''
**OT abstract ''1.5 hour''
**OT online ''1 hour''
**OT abstract ''1.5 hour''
*fill out leadership retreat application
*Phone stuff
Leave for leadership retreat

Sat, sun: relax
I have about 10 cyclobenzaprine 10mg, a muscle relaxer, 
a few random things from James, for sleeping
*Call Bank
*Try to fix phone
**--Call Customer Service, Fix phone--
**Check out website, maybe buy some data, 
**Try CS again
*Call Vivint for paperwork stuff
*Make Sermon
**--James and kids--
*--Set up Tiddlywiki topbar--
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<<reminder day:18 month:4 year:2014 title:"Enter a reminder title here">>
I get much of my thinking from CS Lewis in his EXCELLENT book, The Four Loves. In it, he discusses 4 different types of love, affection, friendship, Eros, and Charity. Pages 97-107 are particularly helpful, and I shall summarize some of what he said.

It seems as though you want us to only perform the sexual act in ways exactly prescribed by the bible, even though the Bible says practically nothing in regards to HOW sex should be done. It doesn't intend to, as you seem to want it to. Your position almost necessitates the mandating of only being allowed to have sex in certain positions- "You can't do it in a position that does not allow eye contact because obviously that doesn't foster the absolute intimacy that is to be seen between Christ and his bride." 

if however, they would do the act simply to enjoy one another and one another's bodies, for their own sake, this would be more glorifying to God, because it is their very act of sexuality that is what is pleasing to God, and what is representative of how he will be with us (in a mystical sense of course). we know that the sexual pleasure is a valid end in and of itself, because wanting God for the unique pleasure that he brings is a valid end in and of itself.  

Marriage being a sign of the union between Christ and the church shows us NOT ONLY the Unity that comes from one flesh, but the ecstasy as well. 

if one is constantly preoccupied (while in the act) with  being aware of the manifest presence of God, and how their two bodies are now as one, and how they are enacting, and taking part in, and exemplifying something much higher than their own physical bodies, as well as making sure to be as solemn as possible, (as you seem to be suggesting should occur) then two horrible things are going to happen: 1, they will not be enraptured with one another as God would intend (they can't- they're too busy thinking about how spiritual and sacramental their actions are), and 2, the very enjoyment of the act will be lessened because they are taking so many pains to be serious. for #1, this is especially bad, because now that they are no longer enraptured, SINGULARLY with one another, they are in fact, in a way, WARPING the image that God intended them to be reflecting in the sexual act, because it is the mutual enrapturing of one another that is reflective of Christ's union with the Church! for #2, this seriousness will simply keep getting worse and worse, because God clearly did not design it for that; bodies are far too clumsy and awkward for it to be. it almost seems as though sex were a kind of practical Joke that God has played on us at our expense, (but also, obviously, for our enormous benefit)

it is a general rule that to be conscious of one thing you are thereby less conscious of another thing. to attempt to make oneself concussions of the manifest presence of God while at once attempting to accept pleasure from one's spouse while at the same time attempting to give pleasure to one's spouse, while at the same time concentrating on not laughing, and being serious at the funny face your spouse accidentally just made because everything is serious... well, you see my point- a couple can barely concentrate singularly on giving or receiving (let alone simultaneously, but it can be done), so it is ludicrousness to insist upon an attempt to make oneself conscious of the manifest presence of God. I will grant, however 


It seems as though you want us to only perform the sexual act in ways exactly prescribed by the bible, even though the Bible says practically nothing in regards to HOW sex should be done. It doesn't intend to, as you seem to want it to. Your position almost necessitates the mandating of only being allowed to have sex in certain positions- "You can't do it in a position that does not allow eye contact because obviously that doesn't foster the absolute intimacy that is to be seen between Christ and his bride." 

point one: It is a couple's enrapturement of one another, their extreme physical proximity (closeness), and the ecstasy enjoyed with one another, that compose the image that they are reflecting. These things are the things analogous to the greater mystery of the marriage of Christ and his Church. We will be enraptured and totally captivated by and enamored of Him (and Him with us); we shall be close to Him, so close as to become one with Him (and Him with us), and He will dwell in us (and us in Him); and he shall give us bliss (and we, Him).

the third point (about bliss) there is easily the most prominent of similarities shown to us by the Bible, esspecially in song of songs! They seek the pleasure of the marriage bed from one another! This shows us that conjugal pleasure is a valid end, in and of itself. The desire to feel those certain tingles and thrills that occur during the conjugal act is no more sinful than being hungry for a particularly tasty meal! Even on the spiritual level, we see that desiring the pleasures and joys of God cannot be condemned, for David himself begged for the joy of his salvation to be returned in psalm 51. 

Paul was not insisting that a couple become aware of their mystery while actually performing their act, simply that they know about it in general, and that it is nothing to be flippant or cynical about. Your new doctrine would have been completely foriegn to the beloved and the Shulamite (for Song of Songs IS literal as well). The charge to do whatever it is that you're insisting upon is nowhere in the Bible, and the Bible encourages spouses to simply enjoy one another, but to also be aware (in the back of their minds) that what they're doing is also a mystery. 

point two: Eros love is a giddy delightful thing, full of both laughter and intensity. It is a patent absurdity to say that at the very climax of this enjoyable delight, lovers be obligated to suddenly come full stop and become long faced until the deed is done. To do so introduces a stress and tension of exactly the kind that God designed sex to relieve! 

Then you move on to your loaded questions

"Why do spouses assume that when they engage in their sexual union, becoming one flesh, that if they ever opt to leave God out of their union - to leave the Spirit out, the Lord and giver of life, the very source of Love, from which their union was created and designed! - they could somehow have a more fulfilling sexual relationship?"

"And why do spouses think that it is okay to compromise allowing their union to be divorced from allowing God, and the sacramental nature of their union, to be left out from time to time - or even once? How else do they expect to experience the "fullness to be had" in sex, when the Source of that fullness is not welcomed?"

---In answer to your first question there, I wonder, how do you propose that a couple actually include God into their sexual act? I'm still trying to figure out what specifically it is that a couple should be doing to make sex more spiritual? {br}You seem to be talking about extremely esoteric things here, which casts serious, SERIOUS doubts onto your position. Is it that all sex should be solemn and reverent, the whole time thinking of God? Your accusation of leaving God out is similar to accusing a gardener of leaving God out simply because he's so focused on his work, when in reality, it is his diligence in his work that glorifies and reflects God best! Same with sexuality!

--Your second question was worded very very badly, but i'll see if i can answer it: 

For the same reason that it is allowable to eat bread and wine at times and not be taking part in the eucharist, or to be gardening and not be CONSTANTLY overwhelmed by the incredibleness of God's creation, or to be painting and not be consciously aware that one is creating art just as God has made us his artful masterpiece. Or even for the same reason that one mustn't always be somber during worship- sometimes one must, and should, dance and laugh in celebration and joy over God himself, as David himself did! 

As CS Lewis said, "[Sex] is serious. Yes; quadruply so. first... Because this is the body's share in marriage which, by God's choice, is the mystical image of the union between God and Man. Secondly [it is the] human participation and expoistion of, the natural forces of life and fertility. Thirdly, on the moral level, in view of the obligations involved... of being a barent and ancestory. Finally it has... a great emotinoal seriousness in the minds of the participants."
"But," He rejoinders, "Eating is also serious. Theologically, as the vehicle of the Blessed Sacrament; ethically in view of our duty to feed the hungry; socially, because the table is from time immemorial the place for talk; medically as all dyspeptics know." 
His point is that just because a thing is serious, doesn't mean that it must be always taken solemnly. Same with sex. As Lewis said later, "Indeed, we can't be totally serious [about sex] without doing violence to our humanity... Banish play and laughter from the bed of love, and you may let in a false goddess."


I’m physically attractive, emotionally sensitive, deep, confident, intelligent, educated, funny, outgoing, passionate, spiritual, honest, quirky, energetic, and make money easily, yet I can’t even get a prolonged first look, let alone a second glance, from Christian girls. I officially give up. If they can’t see what’s in front of them, it’s their loss; I’m no longer looking for a girl among Christians because it’s a lost cause. They’re all blind. I’d consider Non-Christian girls, but spirituality and God are my biggest interests and favorite conversation topics, and I plan on becoming a pastor, so that probably wouldn’t work. There are only 3 or 4 girls among Christians that even provoke my interest, but one of them lives across the country, another is dating someone who’s at best nominally Christian.
[[Doty and Ali]] 
The Gospel is the good news of God coming to rescue those with no hope, mankind. Jesus coming to earth was God's rescue mission to a people who were enslaved to their sins, and the culmination of the mission was his death and resurrection. It is the story of God looking upon the creatures created in his image, having mercy, and grace on them to save them. our state was this guilty of punishable offenses, enslaved to sinfulness, defiled by sin, destined for death, beautiful works of art- marred and stained, disconnected from one another, separated from God. The gospel is the news telling us that God is in love with us, and will go to all means to aright these wrongs- Jesus Christ came into this world to save sinners, of whom I am chief. Jesus Christ died for, died because of, died for the sake of all of these sins and sinfulness. 

The Bible paints us many pictures of what happened in the heavenly world when Christ died, and when he rose. One picture is that because we were guilty, intractably so, of punishable rebellion and offense, Christ's death took that punishment so that we wouldn't have to, acting as the propitiation, if we would only trust in him. Another picture is that his death is a ransom, a payment to free us from our self imposed captors - death and sin- a picture where God buys our lives at the cost of his own. another picture painted is the story of the prince of life coming into our world of death to bring it upon himself, and then defeat it, bringing death's defeat to all who would trust in him- changing our destiny from death to eternal life, beginning in the moment our trust is placed upon him. It is painted as the story of Christ coming to share in death with US so that we could share in resurrection with HIM. It is painted as the story of Christ's blood being the only thing that can wash away the sin that stains us. Christ is painted as the quintessential representative of humanity, who, without sin, lived as a the obedient one that we could claim as our representative. The story is painted as a war between the forces death and sin and hell, and with Christ's resurrection being the final "killing" blow to the death that has captured so many of his beloved. 

These paintings tell us of the good news- We are sinners, fit for death, estranged from eternal life and happiness, but that God Loves us, and has come to us to take on death, and bring us Life.

When this is completed in us, it is called redemption- we have been returned to where we belong. When we repent and turn back to God, he redeems us and gives us his spirit to mold us more truly into his image. This redemption covers everything, and goes everywhere. The saving act of god is more than just a new status concerning heaven and hell, but a here and now miracle that changes our souls to be fit for heaven, and no longer hell. It is repentance from the wrong, and toward the right. The redemption will touch our minds- remind us to be as mindful and thoughtful towards all things, especially God and the things that concern him. Encourage us to worship the creator who deserves it. Begin to repair the broken emotions in our souls. Align us with a body meant to carry out his will and purposes- the restoration of man to joy and peace forever and ever.

This redemption is God's love for us. without these things we cannot have that life, joy or peace. He is the sole source, and he seeks to bring it to us at any cost.

Without repentance, that is, without turning back to him away from sin, there is no redemption- but the good news, the Gospel is that if we turn towards him, he already has his arms open wide, ready to save us totally by his grace, despite all that we are, and have done.

Weak naked, wretched poor blind. Toil, he gives us rest. He is our shelter, strong tower, etc.
||Left-aligned cell|
| Right-aligned cell|
|bgcolor(#a0ffa0):colored| Centered cell |
|Caption|Table caption
*Resume' Tweaking.
* Submit 10 applications from the list yesterday.
**Public Storage
*Creative something, or reading or something. relax and enjoy or something.  
*Buy frozen pizza
**add gas to car.
*Wash Clothes
*send Alec the Noam Chomsky Videos
*Write fitness app proposal to Alec
**Henry can help
*Craft a daily schedule
*Communicate with people.
*Catch a lizard with Amaris.
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*Food and meds.
*sort clothes out of box
*figure how to have them organized
*sort clothes into laundry loads
*set clothes aside for washing later.
[[Church Community Theory]]
[[Meaning and Mattering]]
[[mission 3-2-09]]
|>| ! Notebooks |
| ''Tag'' | ''Value'' |
|Content summary | 13 BLErP, 14 Aaaarg, 15 WhoRp (small),  |
|Vocation| |
|Types|  |
|Categories | |
|Project(s)| |
|Interest| |
|Topic | |
|Action required? | yes, further organize and tagging |
|Do date | |
|Age/Created on| |
|Frequency | |
|Priority | |
|Completion status| |
|Obstacles| |
|Motivator | |
|Associated Person/Relationship | |
|Location | |
|Tools Required | |
|Deffered status? | Waiting on/Delayed until...? |
|Estimated time/energy | |
|To Learn/Review | |
|Valuable? | |
|Various|  |
Powerful flavors to override or mask bitterness.
*Hot sauce or other very hot peppers.
*Vinegar, or apple cider vinegar
*Citric Acid (sour), (like lemon or lime juice)
*Vanilla Extract,
*Chocolate and Coffee both have natural bitter flavors which can help mask other bitter flavors
*Consider a super powerful sweetener like aspartame.
*MSG (which, btw, is totally safe.)
*Wikipedia has a flavor list with stuff that might work. 
**Social Improvement
***Sales skills
***Win Friends Influence People
**New Testament
**Old Testament
*General Education
*Religion General
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>
! Basic Tweaks
The easiest tweaks to [[twab]] are the configuration settings declared near the top of the TwabPlugin. ''Note that if you change any of these settings you will have to save the Tiddly and reload in order for them to take effect.''

config.macros.twab.newButtonText    = "new contact";
config.macros.twab.importButtonText = "import contacts";
config.macros.twab.exportButtonText = "export contacts";
config.macros.twab.preClean         = true;
config.macros.twab.importTiddler    = "TwabImport";
config.macros.twab.exportTiddler    = "TwabExport";
config.macros.twab.importTags       = "AddressBook";
config.macros.twab.exportTags       = "AddressBook";
config.macros.twab.fnameField       = "first.name";
config.macros.twab.lnameField       = "last.name";
config.macros.twab.mapTagPrefix     = "format:";
config.macros.twab.skipFlag         = "<skip>";
config.macros.twab.unmappedFlag     = "unmapped";

The significance of each is described in the below table.

| config.macros.twab.newButtonText|The text label for the button generated by the &lt;&lt;twab&gt;&gt; macro when used to add a new contact|
| config.macros.twab.importButtonText|The text label for the button generated by the &lt;&lt;twab&gt;&gt; macro when used to import contacts|
| config.macros.twab.exportButtonText|The text label for the button generated by the &lt;&lt;twab&gt;&gt; macro when used to export contacts|
| config.macros.twab.preClean|Whether twab should remove current contacts when importing.  Setting this to "true" means that current contacts will be deleted before new ones are imported.  See [[About:twab:Import]] for more details|
| config.macros.twab.importTiddler|The name of the Tiddler containing the CSV data to import. See [[About:twab:Import]] for more details|
| config.macros.twab.exportTiddler|The name of the Tiddler to export your contact data to. See [[About:twab:Export]] for more details|
| config.macros.twab.importTags|The tag(s) that should be assigned to each new contact.  Multiple tags should be separated with a space|
| config.macros.twab.exportTags|The tag that will be extracted for export.  Only the first tag is utilized, others are ignored.|
| config.macros.twab.fnameField|Refers to the "first name" field, one of two required fields in order to create a new [[twab]] entry.  Also used by EmailsOnly to pull out the field containing the contact's first name|
| config.macros.twab.lnameField|Refers to the "last name" field, one of two required fields in order to create a new [[twab]] entry.  Also used by EmailsOnly to pull out the field containing the contact's last name|
| config.macros.twab.mapTagPrefix|Prefix used in tag name on the [[TwabImport]] or [[TwabExport]] tiddlers to tell [[twab]] what the format of the CSV data is|
| config.macros.twab.skipFlag|Internal use only|
| config.macros.twab.unmappedFlag|Used in field mapping tiddlers (e.g. [[TwabYahooFieldMap]]) to denote fields that are not mapped to any [[twab]] fields|

! Tweaking the Contact Layout
The next most-likely tweak you will want to perform is to modify the layout of the contacts.  [[TwabTabParts]] contains the HTML for each of the tabs.  You can modify the source code in this tiddler at will, moving fields from one tab to another, removing them, resizing them, etc.  The important point to keep in mind is that all fields must be HTML input text fields, which is what the [[FormTiddlerPlugin]] expects.

! Tweaking the Contact Appearance
The CSS stylesheet for the each [[twab]] contact can be found in the [[ContactsFormTemplate]] tiddler.  This tiddler also contains the code for the number and names of the tabs.  If you follow the example shown by this tiddler, taking note of how it interacts with [[TwabTabParts]], you should be able to modify the appearance rather painlessly.

! Adding New Contact Fields
You can easily add new contact fields (e.g. "Spouse's Name") by simply creating new HTML input fields in the [[TwabTabParts]] tiddler.  The field will immediately show up in all your [[twab]] contacts.  You should keep in mind that this field will not be populated by [[import|About:twab:Import]] or [[export|About:twab:Export]] unless you change the appropriate mapping tiddlers (described below).  This isn't difficult, but might take some trial and error to get right.

! Changing the Default or Built-in Mappings
Lastly, you can tweak the import/export mappings by changing any of the field mapping tiddlers (e.g. [[TwabYahooFieldMap]]).  You might want to do this to ensure that [[twab]] imports a field you've added to [[TwabTabParts]] the next time you import your addresses.  The format of the mapping tiddlers are simple "name=value" pairs.  Keep in mind that if you add a mapping for a field that was previously unmapped you may need to remove it from the "unmapped" name/value pair found at the bottom of the mapping tiddler.
*Get haircut, from April?
*Call Downy
**Arrange air travel
*Hold Going away party
*Hold 2nd going away party
*Find one final bit of help to pay for my monthly phone plan
*Troubleshoot phone crap.
*Go through books
**keep and store
**take with to Tn
*[[Selling all my things]]
*Tweak my Tiddlywiki for optimization on Laptop
**Sort things a bit more better
**Brainstorm about Tagnote
*Tweak PC setup
*Tweak phone setup
*Clear out storage space
*spend time with people
**Arden, Henry, Neil, Eli, Rhiannon, Noelle, Dan, James, Justin, Kevin/Chris, Sam Lawson
*Do planning
*Sort, review apps, bookmarks, extensions, tools, etc.
*Moving out paperwork, with new guy Alec.
*Creative Ideas about apps to build
*Do 8 hours Training specifics, practicing

<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

    It was hard, and it took great resolve to do it, but I did it. 
    "I don't love you," I lied. 
    I could see it in your radiant eyes. You knew I was lying. There was never a lie that was falser. I love you like my lungs love air, or the desert craves the sunlight. Without, empty, dark and cold. But Oh God! And I knew you knew! My heart tasted like ash in my chest. Today the whole world tastes like the ash from the fire that we had. 
    I don't want to remember the look in your eyes. It was anger. It was violently passionate, filled with furnace life. You had fallen in love with me for my own intensity- but it was intensity that you gave me. I stood there with steely determination to finish it. You are the one person who could ever love me right, and did (and do), and i can't  handle that. 
    I always do this, but I assumed I would keep the one who finally was worth keeping; i guess not. You are a dancer who heard what music the universe played, and you wanted to dance with me in it. And we did. But I was scared. You loved me for what you thought was courage. I can't see it, love. It seems the courage that you saw in me was just fear turned on its head. But do you think I want this cowardice lurking in me, ready to hurt the most beautiful thing this sweet broken world has ever had the privilege to host? I am a man possessed of fear that is stronger than want, stronger than your want for me, and mine for you- and i don't know of anything else stronger. 
    This trigger is stiff. I only put one bullet in. 
    It would only take one squeeze to push you away far enough that you could find someone else and forget about me... Wait. Who am I trying to kid here? I know you don't want someone else; you want me. I want to come back and live and take the adventure by storm with you, and no one else. You saw the adventure in me was like a balloon ready to pop, and you would be the needle. It would be sweetness. When I saw how much you loved me, that you wanted me, it made the whole world explode into brilliance and possibility. When we're together we share the depths, you made the bad parts in me burn away. When we share a room, the world is jealous...
    And it scares the hell out of me. I'm not used to it. I'm prone to pushing away... if i was a different kind of weak, I would run to the arms of another, someone i don't want but enough to alienate the only one I really want. It would kinda be the same as this, except I would still be around to feel the beating of my mangled heart. I don't know if I could do that. Besides, I keep remembering you tell me how you don't ever want anyone else to replace me, and the only safety I would have there is if you did.  
    There is fear in love because there is always risk in love. this is the riskiest thing i've felt in this life. I know I am safe with you because there is nobody else who fits me like you fit, the way you know how I want, the way you undeniably want me. When I'm with you, the rush is exhilerating, but it's terrifying, and the terror is crippling.
    If that rush doesn't, what does it take to defeat the cowardice?  
    I'm alone in this cold damn room, alone, here facing whether I to tell you the truth or to pull the trigger. And I'm so scared. I have the choice. You don't know why or how hard this choice is. I can pull the trigger, end it all and run, or I can put the gun down and come find you so we can be a beautiful thing together. 
Cleave has meanings which are antonym to its synonyms (cut apart, stick to)
Career too (look it up)

curiosity not furiosity!
Here's how it should come to me.

It should look like the basic tiddlywiki, simple. Text instead of icons, because icons take up waaaay too much vertical space and make everything ugly.

Top Bar, Left Bar, and Right Bar, Center area. 

Center area looks like tbGTD, with the TiddlerBar, and the ability to ''see all open tiddlers always, and close any given one, like with TiddlersBar.''

**Has Dropdown to create new items. 
***Create New Tiddler,
***New Tiddler from Template, 
***New Template
***Action (next action, future action, sooner action, later action, ), 
***Calendar Item, 
***Book/Reading Item, 
***Contact Group, 
**Save Button
**Home Button 
**Control Options	
*Left Bar 
**Has collapsible entries
**Look at 
****Next, Waiting, Etc
****By Priority (and Star)
****On Hold
***Realms, Areas
**Noncollapsed entries
***Open random tiddler, creation, etc.
*Right Side Bar

Food stamps
Uncle Allan
Email Rainbow Guy
Craigslist, Diatomaceous earth.
maybe learn balloon animals?
Sell my craigslist items
Apply at Killa's work https://careers-mobilemini.icims.com/jobs/search?ss=1&searchLocation&searchCategory&hashed=0
Apply at Dish
Apply at APS
Apply at Cox
Sell Henry's bike. 
Craigslist pickup free stuff and re-sell
amazon.com link project for taller shirts
i would feel imensely sorry for whatever woman you marry, preciesly because of your views on sexuality, for a number of reasons, (1)(play), and (2) the fact that you would, for reasons of morality, refrain from offering her all of the tingles and thrills that her body is capable of, and the doing of which should be your joy and desire, as her lover. furthermore beyond your restraint from exploring her body, you would (and this is the main motivator, and equally sad) you would squelch desire for her to explore your own body with "kissings of the mouth" roundabout thereof. instead of freedom with your lover, you would be constrained to distract yourself with "planting the seed in the garden," even if the aim was not to avoid conception, but simply to enjoy one another's body as God intended. Capacity for sexual pleasure apart from direct intercourse is a startling differentiator between humanity and animals. There are places on nearly every woman's body, specific to each woman, where you can kiss, or even gently touch, and it would be nearly the same effect as direct sexual contact. sexual arousal is acheived and stimulated by more things in humans than animals by 100 fold, and i believe that this heightened capacity for sexual enjoyment was one of the gifts that god gave humanity as distinct from animals. to deny lovers this, and to demand that all of their sexual activity, at best, end with ejaculation through intercourse, (or at worst, as expressed consistently by the catholic church until the last century, that husband and wife should ONLY ever come together sexually for the express purpose of creating life, and that that was at worst viewed as a neccessary evil; an acomodation to physical lust.)is to bastardize our God-given sexuality. Furthermore, sexuality is significantly more than for reproduction and pleasure. in marriage, sexual intimacy serves and strengthens the marital bond, provides a time of intimate togetherness that physically lowers stress levels, as well as fostering phisiological emotional closeness and a sense of well-being. i also woulnd't be surprised if your position demanded, not only that sexual intercourse end with ejaculation in the vagina in order to aim for producing a child, but that, because it is so essentially a symbol of something higher, the position that the "seed is planted in the garden" must be one in which eyes are meeting, so a myriad of sexual positions would be forbidden as well. This is utterly absurd (and i'm not sure if you hold it, but i know of some that do). 
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|view any tiddler by entering it's title - displays list of possible matches|
''View a tiddler by typing its title and pressing //enter//.''  As you type, a list of possible matches is displayed.  You can scroll-and-click (or use arrows+enter) to select/view a tiddler, or press escape to close the listbox to resume typing.  When the listbox is not displayed, pressing //escape// clears the current input.
>see [[GotoPluginInfo]]
*Match titles only after {{twochar{<<option txtIncrementalSearchMin>>}}} or more characters are entered.<br>Use down-arrow to start matching with shorter input.  //Note: This option value is also set/used by [[SearchOptionsPlugin]]//.
*To set the maximum height of the listbox, you can create a tiddler tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>, containing:
config.macros.gotoTiddler.listMaxSize=10;  // change this number
2009.05.22 [1.9.2] use reverseLookup() for IncludePlugin
|please see [[GotoPluginInfo]] for additional revision details|
2006.05.05 [0.0.0] started
version.extensions.GotoPlugin= {major: 1, minor: 9, revision: 2, date: new Date(2009,5,22)};

// automatically tweak shadow SideBarOptions to add <<gotoTiddler>> macro above <<search>>

if (config.options.txtIncrementalSearchMin===undefined) config.options.txtIncrementalSearchMin=3;

config.macros.gotoTiddler= { 
	listMaxSize: 10,
	listHeading: 'Found %0 matching title%1...',
	searchItem: "Search for '%0'...",
	function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
		var quiet	=params.contains("quiet");
		var showlist	=params.contains("showlist");
		var search	=params.contains("search");
		params = paramString.parseParams("anon",null,true,false,false);
		var instyle	=getParam(params,"inputstyle","");
		var liststyle	=getParam(params,"liststyle","");
		var filter	=getParam(params,"filter","");
		var html=this.html;
		var keyevent=window.event?"onkeydown":"onkeypress"; // IE event fixup for ESC handling
		if (config.browser.isIE) html=this.IEtableFixup.format([html]);
		var span=createTiddlyElement(place,'span');
		span.innerHTML=html; var form=span.getElementsByTagName("form")[0];
		if (showlist) this.fillList(form.list,'',filter,search,0);
	'<form onsubmit="return false" style="display:inline;margin:0;padding:0">\
		<input name=gotoTiddler type=text autocomplete="off" accesskey="G" style="%instyle%"\
			title="Enter title text... ENTER=goto, SHIFT-ENTER=search for text, DOWN=select from list"\
			onfocus="this.select(); this.setAttribute(\'accesskey\',\'G\');"\
			%keyevent%="return config.macros.gotoTiddler.inputEscKeyHandler(event,this,this.form.list,%search%,%showlist%);"\
			onkeyup="return config.macros.gotoTiddler.inputKeyHandler(event,this,%quiet%,%search%,%showlist%);">\
		<select name=list style="display:%display%;position:%position%;%liststyle%"\
			onchange="if (!this.selectedIndex) this.selectedIndex=1;"\
			%keyevent%="return config.macros.gotoTiddler.selectKeyHandler(event,this,this.form.gotoTiddler,%showlist%);"\
			onclick="return config.macros.gotoTiddler.processItem(this.value,this.form.gotoTiddler,this,%showlist%);">\
		</select><input name="filter" type="hidden" value="%filter%">\
	"<table style='width:100%;display:inline;padding:0;margin:0;border:0;'>\
		<tr style='padding:0;margin:0;border:0;'><td style='padding:0;margin:0;border:0;'>\
	function(list,val,filter) {
		if (!list.cache || !list.cache.length || val.length<=config.options.txtIncrementalSearchMin) {
			// starting new search, fetch and cache list of tiddlers/shadows/tags
			list.cache=new Array();
			if (filter.length) {
				var fn=store.getMatchingTiddlers||store.getTaggedTiddlers;
				var tiddlers=store.sortTiddlers(fn.apply(store,[filter]),'title');
			} else 
				var tiddlers=store.reverseLookup('tags','excludeLists');
			for(var t=0; t<tiddlers.length; t++) list.cache.push(tiddlers[t].title);
			if (!filter.length) {
				for (var t in config.shadowTiddlers) list.cache.pushUnique(t);
				var tags=store.getTags();
				for(var t=0; t<tags.length; t++) list.cache.pushUnique(tags[t][0]);
		var found = [];
		var match=val.toLowerCase();
		for(var i=0; i<list.cache.length; i++)
			if (list.cache[i].toLowerCase().indexOf(match)!=-1) found.push(list.cache[i]);
		return found;
	function(t) {
		if (store.tiddlerExists(t)) return "";  // tiddler
		if (store.isShadowTiddler(t)) return " (shadow)"; // shadow
		return " (tag)"; // tag 
	function(list,val,filter,search,key) {
		if (list.style.display=="none") return; // not visible... do nothing!
		var indent='\xa0\xa0\xa0';
		var found = this.getItems(list,val,filter); // find matching items...
		found.sort(); // alpha by title
		while (list.length > 0) list.options[0]=null; // clear list
		var hdr=this.listHeading.format([found.length,found.length==1?"":"s"]);
		list.options[0]=new Option(hdr,"",false,false);
		for (var t=0; t<found.length; t++) list.options[list.length]=
			new Option(indent+found[t]+this.getItemSuffix(found[t]),found[t],false,false);
		if (search)
			list.options[list.length]=new Option(this.searchItem.format([val]),"*",false,false);
		list.size=(list.length<this.listMaxSize?list.length:this.listMaxSize); // resize list...
	function(ev) { // utility function
		ev.cancelBubble=true; // IE4+
		try{event.keyCode=0;}catch(e){}; // IE5
		if (window.event) ev.returnValue=false; // IE6
		if (ev.preventDefault) ev.preventDefault(); // moz/opera/konqueror
		if (ev.stopPropagation) ev.stopPropagation(); // all
		return false;
	function(event,here,list,search,showlist) {
		if (event.keyCode==27) {
			if (showlist) { // clear input, reset list
			else if (list.style.display=="none") // clear input
			else list.style.display="none"; // hide list
			return this.keyProcessed(event);
		return true; // key bubbles up
	function(event,here,quiet,search,showlist) {
		var key=event.keyCode;
		var list=here.form.list;
		var filter=here.form.filter;
		// non-printing chars bubble up, except for a few:
		if (key<48) switch(key) {
			// backspace=8, enter=13, space=32, up=38, down=40, delete=46
			case 8: case 13: case 32: case 38: case 40: case 46: break; default: return true;
		// blank input... if down/enter... fall through (list all)... else, and hide or reset list
		if (!here.value.length && !(key==40 || key==13)) {
			if (showlist) this.fillList(here.form.list,'',here.form.filter.value,search,0);
			else list.style.display="none";
			return this.keyProcessed(event);
		// hide list if quiet, or below input minimum (and not showlist)
		// non-blank input... enter=show/create tiddler, SHIFT-enter=search for text
		if (key==13 && here.value.length) return this.processItem(event.shiftKey?'*':here.value,here,list,showlist);
		// up or down key, or enter with blank input... shows and moves to list...
		if (key==38 || key==40 || key==13) { list.style.display="block"; list.focus(); }
		return true; // key bubbles up
	function(event,list,editfield,showlist) {
		if (event.keyCode==27) // escape... hide list, move to edit field
			{ editfield.focus(); list.style.display=showlist?'block':'none'; return this.keyProcessed(event); }
		if (event.keyCode==13 && list.value.length) // enter... view selected item
			{ this.processItem(list.value,editfield,list,showlist); return this.keyProcessed(event); }
		return true; // key bubbles up
	function(title,here,list,showlist) {
		if (!title.length) return;
		if (title=="*")	{ story.search(here.value); return false; } // do full-text search
		if (!showlist) here.value=title;
		story.displayTiddler(null,title); // show selected tiddler
		return false;
Ancient Greek religion wouldn't resemble the modern conception of religion much. Three of the central aspects of religion as conceived of today, 1) Afterlife, 2) Ethics, and 3) "Belief" or "faith," all played virtually no role. the things which did define ancient greek religion were deities, myths, and rituals, but in significantly different ways than they apply to modern, especially American conceptions. Religious officiants also related profoundly differently, and it would have been nearly impossible to conceive of civic order not being achieved THROUGH religion, let alone the idea of the "separation of church and state." The ancient Greek word in the Bible used for Church was in fact a civic term for the assembly of citizens coming together to do civic duty. Your religious duty was part of your civic duty, and vice-versa. 
*Cooking, shopping


**martial arts
**workout routine

Love (agape), generosity, prayer, music (worship, praise), silent contemplation, spiritual discipline practices (fasting/feasting, solitute [''expand'']), praying with people, praying for people, breathing, vigor, passion (especially in "fighting" for the oppressed)
<<tagsTree [[Begin]]>>

well, let's see if it does it while we're like this. I don't know if it will screw up the auto-save, but now I screwed it up and have to wait another minute. Laaame. Oh well. This is what I get for sucking so much.

remember to put these things into effect: 

Tags tree sidebar.
Import backed up stuff for leostaley.com
reg Boyd
Virtuous Ambiguity
In Christ Our Permanent Residence
God Look-Alikes
The True Image

The Fact of the Matter
God With/In
Stick and String

The Bridezilla of Christ
Filling the Hysterema
The Squishing God
Everybody’s Got A Hungry Heart
I Owe It All To The Devil
Rooted in the Nows
God’s Will in God’s Word
The Chairman’s Plan
Reverse The Curse
!Basic To Do

!Job Hunting and To Do.
*Fill out Public Storage app
**Contact the reddit person
**Fill out app
*Make several versions of the current resume. 
**Attempt at playful.
**Sales oriented.
**Version with references
**Add contact info on Resume, not just cover letter.
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

*Job Fairs
**June 12, 2014 10:00 am- 2pm Hiring Event Scottsdale Career Center: Advantage Sales & Marketing
***Scottsdale Pavilions Career Center  8959 E Indian Bend Rd , Scottsdale, AZ, 85250, United States
****Retail Project Merchandisers, Retail Reset Merchandisers, Retail Sales Merchandisers. 
****Openings at various valley retail stores.Position requires valid driver’s license, access to internet, computer, and/or smart-phone. Please dress professionally and bring copies of your resumé. Apply in advance at http://jobs.asmnet.com/
**Thursday June 12, 3-7pm http://www.freedomfinancialnetwork.com/jobs/141/career-event-job-fair ''//Debt collection etc//''
***4940 S. Wendler Drive, Suite 210 Tempe, AZ 85282
****"We are continuing to expand our sales teams and debt settlement roles in Tempe." 
****"Want to work for an organization that prides itself on being recognized as ‘Best Places to Work’ year after year?!" 
**Thursday, June 12 1:30 PM http://phoenix.jobing.com/Job_Details2.asp?JobID=4629336 [[Ice|http://www.iceenterprise.com/careers/]]
***International Cruise & Excursions, Inc (ICE),  an Award Winning & Respected Global Travel Industry Leader is holding  HIRING EVENTS for SALES PROFESSIONALS!!!
**Tuesday June 17, 2014 10:00 am - 2:00pm http://www.goodwillaz.org/event/hiring-event-university-of-phoenix-at-mcclintock-career-center/
***Hiring Event: University of Phoenix at McClintock Career Center
***1546 E. Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85282, United States	Goodwill McClintock Career Center 
***Outbound Contact Center Rep- Pay: $28,000-$49,000 DOE
**Thursday June 19, 2014 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM http://choicecareerfairs.com/career-fairs/event/phoenix-career-fair-06-19-2014/
***Phoenix Airport Marriott 1101 North 44th Street Phoenix, AZ 85008 
***44th st and mcdowell
***Register at the web page
*Specific Jobs, found in zipalerts email
*Craigslist Posts
**Call Center Representatives (Tempe) http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/csr/4515909763.html
***Collections $30k- 33k annually plus commission
***Customer Service $11.00 hr:
**Customer Engagement Representative (Scottsdale,AZ) http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/csr/4515921553.html
***Calling prospective customers and selling multiple products/services
***Deliver on daily and monthly goals
***Assisting customers with product knowledge and enrollment processes
***Our products and services are leaders in their Internet-based, technology markets and our focus is on solving real problems for small and medium size businesses. 
**Sales Assistant Job (Tempe AZ) http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/csr/4516183260.html
***communications and technology broker
***...looks goodish.
** Call Center - $12/hr plus daily commission! (Chandler, AZ) http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/csr/4515844284.html 
*** dietary supplement manufacturer
**$8.00 TO $16.00 PER HOUR - START NOW! (mesa) http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/csr/4515819525.html
***You will be handling both inbound and outbound calls and also customer service!
**Customer Service/Sales 4 Positions Available (Phoenix ) http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/csr/4515447788.html
***Entry level sales 30k-50k / Management 50k-85k
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

*Edit job alerts on zipalerts coast to coast jobs
*Open craigslist job category tabs
*Open interesting tabs from the Coast to Coast Career Fair email.
*Make list of and notes on Job fairs
*Make list of job apps from the zipalerts email.
*Make list of jobs from Craigslist Customer Service
*Make list of jobs from Craigslist Tech Support
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I want to actively __Enjoy__ the __Love__ of (toward AND from) __God__, my __Neighbor__, and __myself__, with all my __heart__, with all my __soul__ , with all my __mind__, and with all my __strength__. 

This is the purpose of my whole life, and every obstacle to it __''CAN BE OVERCOME''__, somehow. 
*clean house
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***papers etc
***clean it all up
***Put away
**Phone stuff.
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*manifesto plan

NAP isn't as absolute as they say it is. 

Aggression is subjective. Violence and threat of physical violence are subjective. "Fraud" is subjective. And they are all INCREDIBLY subjective. This should be so completely obvious as to not even require examples or further explanation. Individuals, not to mention communities, have vastly different perceptions of what counts as violence or threat of violence, let alone what counts as aggression. 

See, first, there are forms of aggression which are non-violent. Relational, or Covert Aggression. Passive Aggression. 

There are forms of aggression which are nonviolent. What counts as aggression is wildly subjective between any given individual, community or institutions. Furthermore, what counts as physical violence is a wildly subjective thing, but even more significantly, there are powerfully destructive, non-physical forms of both aggression and violence which humans can do to one another. Examples can be multiplied, and include relational aggression, passive aggression, mental battering, defamation, boycotting, incivility, neglect, harassment, psychological abuse, bribery, character assasination, passive-aggression, yelling/shouting/screaming, and so on. I might even argue that not even all violence, (physical or non) is aggression, but that's not as significant. 

Next, "Threat of violence." Really?  A threat of violence is the same as violence itself? Let's pretend for a second that the only real, coercive, aggressive violence is actually just physical violence. Even with that level of specificity, a "threat" is a profoundly vague thing. Does the threatener have to consciously know that his communication (whatever form it takes) is a threat, for it to count as a threat? Does there even need to BE a threatener? What about a conditional "threat," like my cousin letting me know that if i surprise him when I wake him up,, he may injure me, because of his military training? "If you do X, negative thing z will happen to you." "If M happens, I will have to do B." How explicit does the threat need to be? Because, of course, there are varying levels of explicitness and implicitness in any communication. 

But one of the biggest problems with the NAP, is that aggression/coercive force is justified in response if it has been done to you. See, NAP treats it as binary, placing no limits on the aggression returned for any level of aggression performed (or believed to be performed). Firstly, this ignores the obvious reality that aggression/violence/coercive force are NOT binary, and all such actions fall on a spectrum of severity. But more so than that, individuals, communities, and institutions have wildly varied senses for where given things fall on that spectrum of severity! You can't treat such an utterly, overwhelmingly vague "principle" as an absolute guiding moral, economic, or civic axiom.  

I haven't even begun about freedom, coercion and consent. A couple of things that I'll explain further later, but which you should at least be able to see are as possibly reasonable. 

1. Freedom isn't binary. 2. Freedom isn't the ultimate good for ANYONE. 3. Coercion isn't binary; there are levels of coercion. 4. A person may resist coercion (no matter what counts as coercion!). 5. Coercion isn't necessarily a moral wrong. 6. Consent is not binary; there is gradation for both unwillingness to do a thing and for eagerness to do a thing.

The A few remaining reasons involve: 

The total failure of Ancap/libertarianism to recognize the actual destructiveness of capitalism, instead, naively attributing every example of it to government interference somehow. 

The total lack of awareness by Ancap/libertarians of linguistic, cultural, and social power dynamics. You never find a linguist or a sociologist embracing ancap/libertarianism, because their study requires them to have such nuanced and multi-perspectival positions that it's hard for them to even take the un-self-critical system of ancap/libertarianism seriously. Ancap/libertarians don't ever tend to recognize power differences between individuals, communities, and institutions as real or meaningful, which is downright bonkers.  

Property rights. It's such a vague, subjective, and relative concept, on which there is so much vast, wide ranging disagreement, it strikes me as utter madness that a person can think that NAP is a valid absolute principle while it so naively pretends that the idea of property rights is such a simple, straightforward, obvious, and objective thing. Even the areas where Ancap/libertarianism attempts to actually nail down parts of their property rights principles, they hold positions which are controversial. For examples, individual ownership is the only type of valid ownership, at the total exclusion of the very idea of communal ownership. 

Those are my basic positions. Ask about specifics, and I'll explain them further. This is the beginning of why I not only can't be a libertarian/anarcho-capitalist, but I can't even take it seriously. I'm not even sure what I am socio-econo-politically. I just know that I couldn't possibly be ancap/libertarian. 
Leo Staley
1215 E Vista Del Cerro, apt 1015, 
Tempe Az, 85281
Employment in a Customer Service, or other any other position in which I may utilize my outgoing personality, as well as adjust to my school schedule as best as possible.

Ability and Qualification Highlights 
-Personable and persuasive in communicating with thousands of customers. 
-Exceptional ability to sell and upsell products and services, while providing excellent customer service. 
-Highly capable and dedicated to ensuring customer and client satisfaction through respectful and friendly dialogue. 
-Highly energetic and able to get along well with almost anybody. 
-Extremely fluid and can adapt to new situations and learn new information with ease. 
-Nearly seven years experience in serving customers to the highest satisfaction. 

05/08-01/09 -- GoDaddy.com, Inc. 
14455 N Hayden Rd #226 
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 

Customer Service/Sales/Technical Support Representative
-Consistently and efficiently provided customers of all types with a wide variety of information about our products.
-Regularly invented novel solutions to various technical issues and customer support issues. 
-Learned to analyze customer accounts and situations very quickly in order to provide the most timely solutions for the customers.
-Provided Technical support for a variety of products, including email, hosting, domain name service, and web site building.
-performed in the top 10% of our call center for top sales on average in a low pressure selling environment.
-Learned over a dozen system and customer systems and how to explain them to customers

07/06-05/08--Verizon Wireless 
6955 W Morelos Pl, 
Chandler Az, 85226 

Customer Service Representative 
-Had regular customer compliments sent to my supervisor for the excellence of service i provide to my customers. 
-During the month of March '08, I sold 81 phone upgrades through upselling, the most, by over 20, in my entire call center, and 4th out of aprox. 5000 west area reps- without doing overtime. In February, I achieved a similar mark, placing 20th, even having missed 4 days from being sick. 
-A notable detail here is that all of the representatives who sold more upgrades than me worked significant overtime in order to achieve their results. i was easily the best selling representative in the whole area, on a per hour basis. 
-Ensured an very high rate of customer satisfaction by being engaged and friendly with the customer- every month of 2008, have been rated at above target for performance. 
-Developed remarkable troubleshooting skills through study of the equipment and services 
-Explained bills to customers and resolved complex billing issues efficiently. 
-Performed rapid account analysis on every call to ensure proper pricing and eligibility. 
-Constantly came up with creative solutions to difficult issues and problems 

12/05-03/06 --eTelecare Global Solutions Inc. 
4611 E Baseline Road 
Phoenix AZ 85042 

Phone Support Technician 
- Remotely guided hundreds of customers through usage, technical repair, and reprogramming of common mobile electronics made by leading companies such as Sanyo, Motorola, and Samsung. 
-Assisted and handled irate customers regularly, effectively diffusing the situation on a routine basis. 
-Engaged in and excelled in live troubleshooting and original problem solving situations of various types on a daily basis. 
-Operated and managed several Windows and DOS based notation systems, as well as tracking, informational, and billing systems simultaneously, while assisting customers. 
-Answered dozens of inbound calls every day 

06/03 - 05/05 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 
1955 S Stapley Rd, 
Mesa, AZ, 85204 

Customer Associate 
- Engaged in direct sales by explaining and instructing customers on product value and operation. 
-Trained myself on basic selling techniques. 
-Communicated with other departments for inventory tracking purposes 
-Collected and maintained accountability for legal tender 
-Trained and coached new employees on company policies and procedures 
-Received multiple recommendations for promotion based on frequent customer compliments. 
-Engaged in and conquered many logistic problem solving situations 

Ancient History, education, reading, essay writing, chess, children, mathematics, ancient languages, religion, philosophy, the Internet, board games, video games, going new places, meeting new people, biking, road trips, camping? Just about anything.
Charles Keeme
Daniel Machlowski
Rich Astone That is why I have reasonable doubt. That reasonable doubt, which the jury shared, effectively settles the matter in my mind: the jury was correct in its decision to vote not guilty, NOT BECAUSE he WASN"T guilty, or that he DESERVED to go free, BUT BECAUSE there was reasonable doubt about his guilt, and all innocent people everywhere depend on that principle for their own justice. Katie, surely you admit there is some small measure reasonable doubt about whether George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood? 

Should we abandon the principle that it is better for a guilty person to escape than for an innocent person to be punished? Was Zimmerman a dangerous, violent jerkoff? maybe, but that's not punishable by law. 

My personal opinion on this specific, relatively insignificant event is this: I didn't care much about it when it happened, since it was a single murder of was that he might even have gotten a not-guilty even without the Stand Your Ground law, because our justice system presumes innocence until PROVEN guilty; not until mostly nearly all of the evidence weighs against a person, but when all uncertainty is removed. I also don't think that Trayvon deserved to die- but none of this is my decision. my opinion doesn't matter, even slightly on this, nor can I either benefit or suffer from the implications of this event, so on such things, i usually prefer not to even spend my brain cycles developing an opinion.  I try to pay attention to what I can do, and what I ought to do.  

Going off topic, but will return to it. People feel a sense of outrage when the guilty go free. I know I feel outraged that the banksters and their ilk who caused the 2008 financial collapse all retain their power and opulence. But in the end, a government can never administer true justice, because it is not God. It can't know all of the relevant facts and issue rulings for everything based on perfect consideration of all deserts, factors, and contexts. That's where the dividing lines of law come in. We have laws because we know we can't do that, and so put down the best dividing lines that we can. The laws are impartial- they care about no other factor or context than the line being crossed. We always tweak them and add more lines in order to make up for their  failings, but no set of laws could ever, even if perfectly enforced, even in principal establish true justice. Nobody knows what anybody TRULY deserves except for God himself. And often, only God would, in theory, even be able to provide it. What can we even do to people? Imprison? Fine? Force community service? Give Lashings? Exile? Death? Beyond retributive penalties like those, there are dozens of other fumbling methods to blindly feel our way towards positive justice, but we all know that it can't ever be completely done right. 

This acknowledgement can be, and often is, used as an excuse for apathy toward injustice in general. I do not. I use it as encouragement to know that the evils and injustices which I cannot control or influence will be put right in the end. But I say all this on this occasion because inherently flawed laws are all that we have here or will ever have here on earth until God comes and completes our work toward that end, and we must acknowledge that: Laws are inherently flawed and always will be, but laws are what we've got. I will acknowledge that the greatest flaw with "better a guilty man go free than an innocent man be punished" is that it makes decisions about people's guilt or innocence binary. A person could be tremendously guilty of many crimes, sins and shameful things, but if he is tried for a specific thing and found innocent of it, the law calls him innocent. 

In real justice, innumerable exceptions, factors, and context modify what is deserved. 

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Should we enact stricter laws on murder to protect ourselves a bit more? 

This decision was for a jury to decide. Not us. That is by design. 

on another note, this principle that it's better for a guilty person to go free than to punish an innocent person is a contributing factor to why I (and others) do not believe that Jesus was punished instead of us

Tagging systems

That is why I have reasonable doubt. That reasonable doubt, which the jury shared, effectively settles the matter in my mind: the jury was correct in its decision to vote not guilty, NOT BECAUSE he WASN"T guilty, or that he DESERVED to go free, BUT BECAUSE there was reasonable doubt about his guilt, and all innocent people everywhere depend on that principle for their own justice. Katie, surely you admit there is some small measure reasonable doubt about whether George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood? 

Should we abandon the principle that it is better for a guilty person to escape than for an innocent person to be punished? Was Zimmerman a dangerous, violent jerkoff? maybe, but that's not punishable by law. 

My personal opinion on this specific, relatively insignificant event is this: I didn't care much about it when it happened, since it was a single murder among tens of thousands annually. Not News. When the media picked up on it more, I paid less attention because it kept calling a Latino white. I acknowledged (and still do) that the Stand Your Ground law was written by paranoid, xenophobic gun lovers who fantasize about killing "bad guys" who threaten them, but c'mon people: this is Florida. Of course they wrote a law that's going to capitalize on their fantasies. it's not NEWS. is it an issue? Yes, but not news. Further, because apparently this was all because of a FLORIDA state law, which i can neither affect nor be affected by, I paid even less attention. I acknowledged that Zimmerman probably was let go at first because of the institutionalized racism in Florida, but c'mon people, this is Florida. Again, It's not news- it's not unique. An issue that the people there need to continue combating, sure. But I doubt this event was even the most blatant example of it. 

Regarding Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman's individual guilt or innocence, After looking around a bit for curiosity's sake, I quickly discovered that developing a balanced position would be totally impossible, especially considering I had no stake whatsoever in it. Both the liberal and the conservative sides were telling and interpretting the story in two utterly exclusive ways. I could not see a balanced way to carefully consider the arguments without devoting FAR more time in it than it was worth to me. If you tell me that it should be worth more because it is reflective of racism on a larger scale, Look, I don't need to study this case to understand institutional racism, and there are more useful examples and items to study for that. What little I did look by observing debates between the two sides led me firmly, at every moment, to the certainty that, if nothing more, there was probably enough reasonable doubt for a jury to find him innocent, regardless of his actual guilt. I'm not concerned with his actual guilt because it is impossible for me to discover, because it doesn't affect me, anyone I know, cannot ever conceivably do so, and is generally none of my fucking business. 

 of was that he might even have gotten a not-guilty even without the Stand Your Ground law, because our justice system presumes innocence until PROVEN guilty; not until mostly nearly all of the evidence weighs against a person, but when all uncertainty is removed. I also don't think that Trayvon deserved to die- but none of this is my decision. my opinion doesn't matter, even slightly on this, nor can I either benefit or suffer from the implications of this event, so on such things, i usually prefer not to even spend my brain cycles developing an opinion.  I try to pay attention to what I can do, and what I ought to do.  

Going off topic, but will return to it. People feel a sense of outrage when the guilty go free. I know I feel outraged that the banksters and their ilk who caused the 2008 financial collapse all retain their power and opulence. But in the end, a government can never administer true justice, because it is not God. It can't know all of the relevant facts and issue rulings for everything based on perfect consideration of all deserts, factors, and contexts. That's where the dividing lines of law come in. We have laws because we know we can't do that, and so put down the best dividing lines that we can. The laws are impartial- they care about no other factor or context than the line being crossed. We always tweak them and add more lines in order to make up for their  failings, but no set of laws could ever, even if perfectly enforced, even in principal establish true justice. Nobody knows what anybody TRULY deserves except for God himself. And often, only God would, in theory, even be able to provide it. What can we even do to people? Imprison? Fine? Force community service? Give Lashings? Exile? Death? Beyond retributive penalties like those, there are dozens of other fumbling methods to blindly feel our way towards positive justice, but we all know that it can't ever be completely done right. 

This acknowledgement can be, and often is, used as an excuse for apathy toward injustice in general. I do not. I use it as encouragement to know that the evils and injustices which I cannot control or influence will be put right in the end. But I say all this on this occasion because inherently flawed laws are all that we have here or will ever have here on earth until God comes and completes our work toward that end, and we must acknowledge that: Laws are inherently flawed and always will be, but laws are what we've got. I will acknowledge that the greatest flaw with "better a guilty man go free than an innocent man be punished" is that it makes decisions about people's guilt or innocence binary. A person could be tremendously guilty of many crimes, sins and shameful things, but if he is tried for a specific thing and found innocent of it, the law calls him innocent. 

In real justice, innumerable exceptions, factors, and context modify what is deserved. 

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Should we enact stricter laws on murder to protect ourselves a bit more? 

This decision was for a jury to decide. Not us. That is by design. 

on another note, this principle that it's better for a guilty person to go free than to punish an innocent person is a contributing factor to why I (and others) do not believe that Jesus, in his innocence, was punished instead of us so that we, in our guilt could go free. The idea violates every correctly functioning sense of justice in a sane human being. 

Okay: I'm going to start off with this: My original post with the "get over it" was hasty, calloused and insensitive. 

Now to my position (which even still, as always, I am open to correction on): 

I didn't care much about it when it happened, since it was a single murder among tens of thousands annually. Not News. When the media picked up on it more, I paid less attention because it kept calling a Latino white. I acknowledged (and still do) that the Stand Your Ground law was written by paranoid, xenophobic gun lovers who fantasize about killing "bad guys" who threaten them, but c'mon people: this is Florida. Of course they wrote a law that's going to capitalize on their fantasies. it's not NEWS. is it an issue? Yes, but not news. Further, because apparently this was all because of a FLORIDA state law, which i can neither affect nor be affected by, I paid even less attention. I acknowledged that Zimmerman probably was let go at first because of the institutionalized racism in Florida, but c'mon people, this is Florida. Again, It's not news- it's not unique. An issue that the people there need to continue combating, sure. But I doubt this event was even the most blatant example of it. 

Regarding Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman's individual guilt or innocence, After looking around a bit for curiosity's sake, I quickly discovered that developing a balanced position would be totally impossible, especially considering I had no stake whatsoever in it. Both the liberal and the conservative sides were telling and interpreting the story in two utterly exclusive ways. I could not see a balanced way to carefully consider the arguments without devoting FAR more time in it than it was worth to me. If you tell me that it should be worth more because it is reflective of racism on a larger scale, Look, I don't need to study this case to understand institutional racism, and there are more useful examples and items to study for that. What little I did look by observing debates between the two sides led me firmly, at every moment, to the certainty that, if nothing more, there was probably enough reasonable doubt for a jury to find him innocent, regardless of his actual guilt. I'm not concerned with his actual guilt because it is impossible for me to discover, because it doesn't affect me, anyone I know, cannot ever conceivably do so, and is generally none of my fucking business. 

Finally, I have no interest in looking further into it. The Jury, the people who were called upon to look into the evidence as seriously as possible to determine Zimmerman’s guilt, discovered that they had a reasonable doubt about his guilt, and so could not declare him guilty. Was he, in reality, guilty of cold-blooded murder? Nobody in the world has access to that truth, so we go with the judgement of a jury who had reasonable doubt. would you rather we retry him over and over until some jury decides that they don’t have any reasonable doubt? And I don’t know if they would have done so without the Stand Your Ground Law or not, and it doesn’t matter now: In America, we don’t prosecute people twice for the same crime. Show’s over. 

If you want to talk about something of actual substance and relevance which is so frequently tied to this case, like race relations in America, or institutionalized racism, or examples or solutions thereof, I’m game, but especially since the verdict was given, this specific case is not worth any more of my attention. It is worth the time of the people whom it directly affects, certainly. It was a tragedy. But I cannot mourn every tragedy in the world, nor will I mourn a tragedy just because the media tells me that this small tragedy here or there is unique. There is enough mourning in life already. I want to rather focus on the mourning that I must do and the mourning that I can comfort. 

Even if you disagree, can you see the reasonableness here? 
Mark Dubran
Gary Howell
Mike Moore
Brandon Payton
Andrew Doty
Henry Dotson
Cacy Legnion
--Anne Robey-Graham-- :'(
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Jay Muratore
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Carson T Clark
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Cap StoneREL 405 (86481) We            4:30PM - 7:15PM
Human Sexuality FAS 332 (75016) MoWe       1:30PM - 2:45PM?
Nonverbal COM 317 (71128) MoWeFr 12:00PM - 12:50PM
Fiction ENG 288 (76740) TTh         10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

''COM 310	 Relational Communication''
MWF 10:30 AM -11:20 AM  
M 6:00 PM 8:45 PM  
TTh 1:30 PM 2:45 PM
MWF 12:00 PM 12:50 PM
''COM 320 - Communication and Consumerism''
MW 4:30 PM 5:45 PM
''COM 312	 Comm, Conflict & Negotiation''
TTh 	 9:00 AM-10:15 AM
T Th 	 3:00 PM-4:15 PM 
T Th 	 1:30 PM-2:45 PM
TTh  10:30 AM-11:45 AM
''COM 316	 Gender and Communication '' //''this qualifies as C''//
M W 	 3:00 PM 	 4:15 PM
T Th 	 7:30 AM 	 8:45 AM
T Th 	 3:00 PM 	 4:15 PM
W 	 6:00 PM 	 8:45 PM 
T Th 	 10:30 AM 	 11:45 AM
M 	 6:00 PM 	 8:45 PM
T Th 	 10:30 AM 	 1:15 PM ??
T Th 	 10:30 AM 	 1:15 PM ??
''COM 325	 Advanced Public Speaking''
T Th 	 3:00 PM 	 4:15 PM
''PGS 222 - Human Sexual Behavior''  //dif between this and human sexuality?//
T Th	 1:30 PM	 2:45 PM
T Th 	 12:00 PM 	 1:15 PM 
''FMP 261 - Introduction to Screenwriting''
''KIN 352 - Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Activity''
*Email and ask about Nonverbal Com, Intro to Screenwriting, switching Conflict Com. 

Does that do it? 
i come from a disjointed family. My siblings and I fought all the time. I always imagined that we would grow out of it. we had to. i knew that if we stayed with the violence and tension here, as children, still in adulthood, we couldn't be like my aunts and uncles are to each other.  I figured that it was something that happened naturally, we would somehow magically get close enough to love taking road trips to visit each other. But there was so much yelling, action, indifference, hitting, and absent television watching, I couldn’t imagine how we could possibly be at peace with each other. To this day, i wish we were. We aren’t warring anymore, but we’re not what you would call “at peace.” It’s not quite a “cease-fire” either, because there’s no more anger or violence.... but it’s as though the nations of the Staley continent have become islands, with no bridges leading to Leo. We still never talk to each other. I am a broken mess inside because of it. I don’t remember most of it. I can’t. I don’t know where the memories are, but they are pushed down in a place I can’t find.  We had no way of adapting after my father died. In some ways we all pretended it didn’t happen. Perhaps that was just me? 
My mother sent me to counselling because i wasn’t handling it well. She went to counseling too, but none of my other siblings did. They adapted just find apparently. As far as i remember, we went to the same counselor, but not together. We eventually stopped going after the counsellor made a comment to my mother about how “of course she needed to believe” that my father was in heaven, implying that it was just a belief. I never understood why i was going. I was a pretty smart kid. i read a lot, and I knew what counseling and therapy was. This lady had me draw pictures and put puzzles together. When i had first been told i would go to a counselor, i was actually secretly excited, because i had all this hurt inside that i wanted to not hurt anymore, and i had this idea in my head that a counselor was a person you would go to to talk about those hurts, and they would analyze them and help you re-arrange them and tell you where they come from, because they had all sorts of training to be able to recognize why something hurt. kinda like a doctor being able to tell you that you have jaundice because you’re turning yellow. but she was using child therapy techniques, and i knew it, and i was frustrated that she wasn’t diagnosing this immense hurt inside of me. it was a hurt that was there even before my father died. it was an insistence coming from something very deep down that i was bad. it was the sensation that i was not just worthless, because worthless is the negation of something positive (worth-less), but i was actually a negative like shameful, disgusting, disdain-worthy, ignorable.  
We just stopped going. My mom never told me that we were stopping, we just stopped going, just as i was learning to like this lady. I found out about a 4 months later when she was telling someone about why she quit going. 
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!!Office Essentials
Back Pillow
Boss brings her kids to work? A couple of toys, coloring book, Smarties, Slinky, Word Find book
Candy Dish (only if you REALLY want everyone stopping by your desk all day)
Canvas Tote
Change of Clothes
Cozy Socks
Cute Mouse Pad
Deodorizing Spray
Flats – Black Ballet
Small Heater
List of your internet website passwords
2 pc mini screwdriver set
Paper Towels
Wrap or Sweater
Thumb Drive
Vodka (check your office handbook first!)
Your Favorite Coffee Mug
!!Desk Essentials
Assortment of greeting cards and envelopes (Birthday, Thank-You, Get-Well, Congratulations)
Cash and Coins
Cell Phone Charger
Small Flower Vase (Yes, buy a couple of flowers at the grocers each week)
Framed Family Photos
Small Heater
Mending Kit
Pepper Spray
Personal Contact Phone Number List (in case your cell phone dies)
Potted Plant with cute watering can
Spare House Keys
Spiral Notebook (Keep daily running journal entries instead of 40 scraps of paper)
Under Desk Foot Rest
printer paper
light bulbs
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-Large screen- 11 inches?
-Bluetooth keyboard capability
-Hebrew and Greek Fonts
-Bible Software
-water resistant, drop resistant
-touch screen for annotating and highlighting (integration with TagNote?)
-MeetEarl seems interesting, but screen size is small, battery life low with all features activated.
[[response to Brian's view on sexuality 04-02-08]]
[[Romantic "excerpt"]]
[[Brian sexuality discussion]]
Hummus with Whole Grain Pita or Baby Carrots
Leftovers from last nights dinner
Low-fat cottage cheese with fruit
Low-fat yogurt with fruit
Reduced-fat cheese
Breakfast Cereal (high fiber and low sugar)
Dry-Roasted Edamame with Cranberries
Granola Bar
Instant Oatmeal
Pairing Knife
Peanut Butter
Plastic Utensils
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Canned Soup
Spiced Walnuts
Sunflower Seeds
Trail Mix
Tuna Salad Kit
EDC Things go here.
Euangelion. This is Greek for “Good news” it is one of the frequently used terms by Jesus, and by paul, to describe Jesus' mission. Jesus himself claims that preaching the good news. When you think about it there are several very strange things about this.
First is the inconsistency. Good news? What good news? This world is bad news, pure and simple. From birth to death, using Winston Churchill's words, is nothing but, “Blood, sweat, toil and tears.” From life's first cry to the last wheezing breath that escapes our dying chests, we find nothing but meaninglessness and vanity in the end. Our family dies, our friends die, and then finally we die, and then everyone we ever knew dies, and their lives reach no higher. And in between we have moments of happiness, pain, great moral courage, and great evil in all of our lives, and then it ends with the same fate for everyone. Sum total is the same no matter what- zero. As the great philosopher bugs bunny put it, “life is a death trap, nobody get's out alive”
so what possible good news could there be to that? Simply this: bad news doesn't get the last word- good news does. Meaninglessness doesn't have the last word- good news says there is meaning to all we do. Deception doesn't win, truth does. The good news to all of the bad news of the world is that good news wins- justice and mercy win over the injustice and [brutishness] that prevails in the world. As the bumper sticker says, “it's all gonna be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.”
So the second odd thing is why it's so important that we believe it? It is stated that our belief in certain truths is reckoned as virtue, as righteousness, as goodness in us, by God. How does that make sense?
It makes sense partly because of the nature of good news versus bad news. Believing bad news breeds despair and all manner of hopelessness; but believing that good will win out, no matter what, that things will end up the way the should has a purifying effect on us. When we believe at any level that when everything is said and done, anything will end up unfair or unjust, then part of us justifies ourselves when we
The good news, or Gospel isn't like news that you see on CNN. The Good News, the Gospel is more than news- it is a force that we are called to be a part of by believing and embodying. We don't have to be good enough for God, because, being a part of this messed up world, we can't be. But he's the one who wants to reconcile, and wants us with him. And God went to great lengths to do so. Jesus said his mission was to preach the gospel, but that meant more than preaching- it meant BEING good news itself. It meant embodying what God was all about when it comes to this world- Jesus preached good news, and brought healing wherever he went, but then bad news came along and nailed him naked to a tree until his heart gave out inside of his chest, and bad news looked like it won. And the way the world is, that bad news lingered. AND BECAUSE OF THE WAY GOD IS, Jesus defeated death and showed all the world the GOOD NEWS WINS, and we need to believe in it and live in it, and be a part of it.
First, what could possibly be virtuous or good about simply believing something? The key is that it is good news. Second, its beause it's not just good news, but it's the best possible news. It says that everything matters
for those who want it and ask for it, forgiveness wins in the end.
For those who were given none of it, forgiveness wins in the end.
For those who showed no mercy, justice shall be given.
For those who were at the wrong end of injustice, justice shall be given.
If it shouldn't be that way, it's not gonna stay that way.
The movie's not over, yet, the story's not finished. Your mother or dying of cancer, my father dying of the car accident, your parents abandoning you, your wife cheating on you, all the sorrow, loneliness in the world, all of these things- they LOSE! Those terrible gut wrenching truths do not get the last word. Yes, they get the upper hand for now, but the nature of the universe that Jesus preached says that it will all be put to rights. The Good news is that when you hear all of that bad news, when it's declared to you over and over until your heart is going to break, THAT is not the end of the story.
You may ask me, “how in the world can you say they lose?? look at this world! Look! They're winning! They won, my loved ones have died, and I have been wounded to the bottom of my heart! Leo, Look! You say that good news wins, but my mother is still dead.”
I have bad news- I don't have an answer. I don't know what it takes or what can be done to make it right. But I have good news that beats that bad news- God does. He is almighty God and he knows how to put it right. God knows how to make that kind little action you did that nobody ever knew about matter. God knows how to make that cruel little action that nobody ever knew you did, matter.
And that's the Good news. That Good news and goodness wins in the end, over bad news and badness. And because of that, we are called to live and be messengers of that good news, to be the force that brings that good news to life, here and now, where ever we find bad news to be defeated.
The bad news is that bad news lingers for a time. The good news is that bad news only lingers for a time.
That's something about the universe, and the way the world works- for some reason beyond anything we can understand, bad news lingers. It hangs in the air like a fog that seems will never lift. It seems that for some reason, bad news MUST win for a while before goodness shows it's might, and then bad news starts winning again. The good news is that it's not winning, it's just lingering.
As rob bell pointed out in velvet elvis, the good news is good news for everybody, because being a part of the good news means that I love my neighbor, and he benefits from that.


good news. journey. path

there is a term that's used repeatedly in the Bible called repentance. this word doesn't mean what people usually understand it to mean these days. you check the dictionary and it means to feel bad or feel guilty for something. That's not what it meant in the languages of the Bible. in hebrew, there were two terms, Shuv and ???, and they both mean essentially to turn back, to return.  In Greek, the word is ????, and means a type of change or exchange of mind or intent. Overwhelmingly in the Old Testament there is this image of repenting, that is, turning back from sinful ways and returning to God, using the type of language you would use for traveling a journey that had gone all wrong and you had to go back. (this idea of going away and coming back is incredibly prevalant, and we'll get to that later.) 

but you have this image in the minds of the jews and early christians, like Paul and the other apostles, of every one being on a journey and needing to follow the way of God instead of their own way, because their own way will lead to destruction. 

we have this path that he showed us. it's not about agreeing to a certain set of creeds, it's about walking a path, and becoming the type of person he wants us to be. it is about walking this path like him, submitting ourselves to all of Jesus, both his death and his resurrection- to submit ourselves to die, and begin the type of eternal life he himself began, even if smaller than his. we walk his way, and we walk by faith, not sight. we walk by what we know, not by what is directly in front of us minute by minute. that is how his path is walked, and it is the only way. we cannot walk our own path- that is the wide path. he offers a narrow path that leads to life. this is the gospel of jesus and his death and his resurrection- that our path of destruction isn't the only path, we can turn around and go back! he calls us, to allow him to turn our steps, here and now, into the type of creatures he made humanity to be. It is a hard path, but it is better, because it doesn't have all of the sickness and hurt and panic with which the path we have forged is paved. 

it is a matter of believing of having faith that God has done this, has died and risen again, as one of us. our faith is about trusting that all of this path about dying to self and living in new life is based upon the  solid reality of God's real life movement toward us in the person and work of Jesus Christ. it means trusting that there was meaning behind the torture and shame filled execution of the most brightly shining member of our race. it means beliving that if Jesus died for me, then my death to myself can have value, here, now, and forever- i can gain my life my losing it because he lost his life too, and regained it. This path of jesus is about putting yourself in his shoes, and day by day taking up his cross and walking out of that tomb with him. what does this look like? it looks like what people often say by repentence of course! and then living the positive life of Christ, sharing in eternal life right now. a life of intentionality and peace, where the happiness and restoration of the world is your greatest concern. it is a world and a path where we know where the journey ends, and we don't have to worry, we can be free of anxiety and have peace- we can have grounded hope in a firm reality. 

now, there's this extremely crucial bit about this picture that common theology tends to ignore. the word Shuv. it means to turn back, it means to return. as in, going back to someplace that we belong because we have left where we belong. to return to someplace means to have been there before at least in some snese. theology will often tell you that we start off bad. but the image that the ancients have in their mind is that we are returning when we "repent." but i think the greek captures the other half of it perfectly, that is an exchange of intent. that's why this path, this returning on this journey isn't physical- it takes place first in what you are trusting, what your intentions are. The greeks thought about the mind far differently than we do these days. 
This brings up a related sociological question that I'm going to threadjack your post with. [edit]: Facebook, why you gotta post before I'm ready? now I gotta edit this

There is something meaningful about the idea of belonging to a group, belonging to a family, or having a family belong to you. 

Humans are not isolated creatures, and we all belong to one another in some sense, one sense or another, (even if just belonging to the human race) sometimes much deeper, and sometimes just barely and un-noticable, and, interestingly, not always equally.

A parent belongs to a child, and that child belongs to that parent, but each side of the belonging relationship confers different rights, privileges, and responsibilities. A child has the right to be taken care of and loved; A parent has the responsibility to take care of,  love, and raise the child. And it goes the other way around too. These rights, priviledges and responsibilities arise because that is "MY" Child, or "MY" mother/father. 

Broaden it. When you do, the dynamics change. and often in unpredictable ways. My Husband and My wife. My Family. My Church (or My parishoners). My Squadmates. My teacher. My student. My classmates. My employer (or My employee). My Village. My friend. 

When you belong to a group, and someone else belongs to it, you belong to each other in the ways defined by that group (even though it's practically always unspoken, and usually vague). But Jonathan is right. My people are people it is my duty, nay, my joy to protect. But notice that it also comes with implicit rights and privileges. I can randomly tackle my brother. Only my family has the right to call me by my family nickname. My roommates have the right to tell me of certain flaws which others really don't. 

These principles of owning one another resemble the principles of owning property in some ways, and differ in other  ways. In fact, I think the ideas of owning property comes from owning one another interpersonally, and not the other way around. Notice, you have rights privileges, and responsibilites concerning your own property. Also notice how you so often behave and think about them as if they have responsibilities toward you? 

This is part of why i think the idea of property is very much a flexible social concept, and not an "innate right" as libertarians imagine. 

But what ARE the rights and responsibilities of ownership between parent and child? What are the demands that can legitimately be made by one side or the other or both? What actions may one perform toward the other which they would have no right to perform on anyone else?

I think this is complicated. I think it's more complicated than simply, "You don't own them" 

But, You, in your brilliance, have resolved a huge chunk of that for me. 

"Well my definition is when you think you can own another person so completely, that nothing you do to them is another person's business. It IS my business, because I'm a human being. And if you can't raise the kid like a decent person, then you have no right to him. No, not even if he's "yours.""

Fuck. Yeah. It gives me tingles. OOOH Yeah, it just makes me shiver. 

Some love is about appreciation.
There is also need-love (receptive) and gift-love. The first is the type of love a child has for its mother, and the second is the type that the mother has for its child.
Of course they are not mutually exclusive; children adore giving gifts to their parents and parents sometimes crave the affection of their children.
From these, you'll also find transformative love. This seeks to change the beloved into something even more beautiful, so one can love it even more (with either gift love, need love, or appreciative love)
Those are the different dimensions of love. Then there are the different types of love: affection, comradery, romantic, and charitable.

The Four Loves
Grace Charis
see, i'm funny, intelligent, moral, and i have a large
collection of books. i'm pretty much awesome. ^_^ that, and i can do some pretty funny/bad accents, which is nice.

but you mentioned something that i'd like to say somethign about:

You didn't go because it would piss of your wife. Jesus, the middle eastern dude from 2000 years ago who got executed by the roman state for sedition, and whom Christians regard to be God incarnate, would have nodded knowingly at you and said something like, "you almost get it."

In Matthew 5:28, Jesus says, "whoever looks at a Woman with lust in his heart for her has already committed adultery."

Christians have been explaining this appallingly badly for generations. 
during Jesus day, the jews had a terrific time trying to explain passages in the bible, what things meant, etc. One of the things that they debated was the 7th commandment, adultery- what constituted adultery? as a fratboy once said to me, "hey, it's not cheating if you wear a condom!"

but it's a practical question, meant to be able to say to your wife, "hey, i didn't actually cheat on you, you can't feel hurt," and the jews of jesus day debated it pretty intensely. was holding hands with another man's wife cheating? kissing? a handjob or a bj? or did you have to actually do the deed for it to count as adultery? 

Jesus bypassed that whole argument, by recognizing that adultery, was not about sex, but about betrayal. The term lust there in that passage actually has ZERO sexual connotation. 
Jesus was talking about how being faithful is more than just your actions- it's about considering what THEY want. 

and THAT was what the commandment was about to begin with. 

there are other reasons why i wouldn't watch a strip show, including that it's degrading and dehumanizing, it takes my mind to places i don't want it to go, and 

Trying so hard to find a moment to hold on to - Moments can't be held except by memory. Try something else. 
Princess,Leia,"Leader, Rebels",http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Leia_Organa,,leia@alderaan.com
Darth,Vader,"Sith Lord",http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Vader,,darth@deathstar.com
Luke,Skywalker,"Jedi Master",http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Luke_Skywalker,,luke@tatooine.com
Luke,Skywalker,"Moisture Farmer",http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Luke_Skywalker,,luke@tatooine.com
,,,http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/501st,,501st@deathstar.com,501st Legion
Father thank you for lending me the breath in my lungs. 
I am not worthy of the air I breathe
The air of my own breath is poison
I need your breath
or I die.
''OR I DIE''
your breath is your spirit;
exchange mine for yours.
When my savior hung on the cross, he breathed my breath and so he died.
But he did it for this exchange I now ask for
It was Divine CPR that cost the life of the paramedic
Abba, look, i have so often chosen my //''OWN BREATH!!''//
My hands they tremble, for I have chosen
My own breath instead of thine
But YOU! You made the same choice!
You chose for yourself my breath, bringing death, 
instead of yours which brings life!!
So I ask that you do it,
That you would open my windpipe so that, 
not only can I smell you, but Breathe you!
With every ounce of oxygen in my chest, I beg thee
for my breath to be taken, and made into yours
gospel paper: 

The gospel is the message that this world and our lives have meaning. All of our life is meaningful and everything we are and do matters. This is true because the being who created this world is intimately concerned with all of its inhabitants, and especially those special little creatures carrying His image on them. Us. This being, whom we call God, is so concerned with us that he put himself into our condition as one of us to demonstrate how much we matter to him. The gospel is the assurance we have through the death and resurrection of Jesus that God cares, and we are not alone in a meaningless world, but God cares, and is on our side and will give us meaning if we let him. 

Born to an inexperienced poor young girl in an obscure town in a backwoods region, placed in a feeding trough because they didn’t have a crib, Jesus was with us. One of us. He came into a world full of sick, blind, broken, weeping, lost people to find them, dry their tears, bind their wounds, give them light, cure their blindness, and cure them. Us. A people full of cruelty, oppression, strife, selfishness, anxiety, bent cravings and fears, he came to reliee those burdens from us by taking on himself the consequence of all of them, and dying the way we all do. But because he was LIFE ITSELF come to be one of us, no amount of death could hold him down. He won. Life wins in the end. and that’s why everything matters. there is no amount of death, cruelty, injustice, fear or oppression that will go unnoticed and irrelevant because Jesus took notice of every last bit of sin and destruction as it destroyed him, and he promises to take notice of it again, and restore to all their due. that’s why everything matters- because Jesus died to ensure it. 
Whether we are good or bad matters because God cares. it matters on the cross Jesus said, “I love you this much,” and no amount of despair and destructiveness in this world or even in yourselves can overcome that if you simply trust me to remove all of that despair and destruction. It matters whether we reject that movement of god toward us or not. it matters for every one of us whether we enter into this understanding of the world ro choose something askance. the world and all of us have meaning to God and we can take that meaning for ourselves made out of straw in a world loved by flame. 

It is a message to us telling us to repent because it matters how we live, and tells us of a God who is willing to accept repentance from anyone, no matter how grievous the sin was, and God will also hold accountable those who do not repent, no matter how innocent the sin seemed. Nothing is irrelevant, and no matter how far we’ve fallen, or how good we’ve been, trusting in God is always the better, more important, most meaningful thing to do. 
So the jews control law making, having an over-representation in law school and as lawyers and congressmen/senators. They control the health care industry, being over-represented as doctors, and own the big pharma companies. They control the banks and money creation and ciruclation. They control the media. I bet they're the heads of lockheed-martin and boeing, and probably lots of weapons manufacturers. They're almost certainly gonna have huge presence in the Industrial Military Complex. 
To All: Thank you. I am thoroughly enjoying this conversation, and would very much like to continue it throughout today as a reward to myself for accomplishing tasks and overcoming procrastination, if y'all would like to. :) This isn't about debate for me. This is discussion/conversation. I'm not trying to win here, but rather I'm trying to thoroughly understand your point of view, and offer how my point of view then interprets it. It's kinda complicated, because it seems there are 3 voices in the conversation: My view, my understanding of PSA (which seems to actually be held by most PSA advocates I know), and the (apparently shared) view of Yuce and Derek. Please forgive any percieved sarcasm or sharpness- I either don't intend it, or I intend it very lightly, and it can often come across more sharply than I intend. And one final thing: keep watch on my responses to everybody, because it will flesh out my view more completely. I know I have a terrible habit of only reading the responses directed at me, but that's not gonna be helpful for anyone in this discussion. :) Now, I'm just going to post this, and I'll post my response to Yuce because I have so much more to say to Derek, I'll post it in a little while.

To @[630788776:Yuce Kabakci]: 
"you can't reconcile psa because it's not there to begin with."

No. That's not how it works. If you can't reconcile something with another thing, then they are ultimately in conflict, no matter what reason for the inability to reconcile them. That's basic. 

What is atonement theology except an explanation about how reconciliation occurs between humanity and God? (Specifically, an explanation of how Jesus' death and resurrection accomplish reconciliation between man and God) The thing is, THAT IS PRECISELY what Jesus was illustrating in Luke 15. (Which is what I point toward in a homiletical fashion in the link I posted, and which I intend to flesh out in a more debate-worthy fashion soon, thanks to this discussion.) 

You didn't respond to my post above. Please, do. This is actually pretty important to me. 

@[6019919:Derek Rishmawy]: Excellent response. Your response actually makes me REALLY eager for you to respond to my blog link I posted. For now, before I have a chance to fully respond, please take the time to read it. Very quickly, because I have chores, errands and sundry tasks before me today, in that mini-sermon, I argue that the substitution doesn't need to be interpreted as penal, but can be interpreted as, Exilic; Exilic Substitutionary Atonement, if you will. Now, I won't be able to respond for another few hours, so see ya then.  
Every Day I will
	* Pray, thanking God and relying on Him
	*Commit myself to actively pursue __Joy__
	*Commit myself to overcoming obstacles to that Joy
# ''Aesthetic'' drive for Form, Harmony, Beauty, Balance
# ''Economic'' drive for Money, Practical results, Return, Profit
# ''Individualistic'' drive for Independence, Uniqueness
# ''Political'' Control Power Influence
# ''Altrusitic'' Altruism, Service, Helping Others
# ''Regulatory'' Structure, Order, Routine
# ''Theoretical'' Knowledge, Understanding
#//New// ''Physical'' Adrenaline, sex, food, pain. 

format me in tiddly
As for Easter, bunnies laying chocolate eggs makes more sense than the internally-hypocritical torture porn of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. If Jesus is the Son and thus part of the Trinity, then God sacrificed Himself to save us from the sin He gave us. Oh, except He didn't actually sacrifice anything, because Jesus resurrected; he just had a three day respawn timer.

So, the important part of the story must be the torture. The death was irrelevant; God just brought Him back to life. I guess this is where the idea of self-flagellation started, since that's all the Crucifixion amounts to.

Frankly, I'd rather think about chocolate bunnies than an omnipotent entity that can't think of any better way to do things than to go emo and start cutting himself because he can't stop hurting other people.     
The brutish cruelty, suffering and selfishness in this world do not get the last word. The One who gets the last word is He who says in one word with one breath, "Justice, Mercy, Love." That word is the last word over all the injustice and bitterness in the world.

sin is anything that hinders communication your ability to connect/relationship with him or others. 
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@@color(red):''I am Selfish with "my" Time''@@

It is not mine. D not be selfish with it - Give it generously and spend it wisely so you can give it generously. 
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*Talk to james about food stamps, food sharing
*Craft, edit Resume
*Submit some resumes
*pick up charger for laptop.
*figure sleeping arrangements. 
*do justice to wrong-doers.
**combat racism
**eat a cheese roll up. 
*shower, perhaps in james/kayla's bathroom, for cool water
*call alec. talk about excercise app idea.

<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

<<reminder day:10 month:6 year:2014 title:"Enter a reminder title here">>
*1 Pomodoro Laundry, cleaning
*Make Sermon
*Bachelor Party at 5pm 

<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

<<reminder day:18 month:4 year:2014 title:"Enter a reminder title here">>
Is abortion (starting at the moment sperm enters egg) murder, *actual full-blown murder*, deserving the death penalty or life imprisonment for anyone who has either had one or performed one?

If you answer yes to this, it seems to me **pathetically cowardly** for you to not be actively attempting to use every means available to you, **up to and including violence,** to stop individual abortions from happening anywhere close to you. The Holocaust is *frequently* cited by abortion opponents as a parallel situation. So, if you were transported to 1943 Germany, would you actively do (or hope that you would actively do) everything in your power, like maybe killing a Nazi, to save the lives of individual Jews around you, risking death, or would you attempt to change the laws of Germany, hoping that you could eventually outlaw the mass murder of Jews (because, of course, using violence like that could make pro-Jewish people look bad)? 

If you believe that Abortion, from sperm to egg, is actual murder, why are you so *half-assed* in your attempts to save them? Is it because you don't think you should kill other people, even if to save the life of another innocent person? Well, using some kind of explosive to destroy an abortion clinic at 3AM will very likely cause no physical violence to anybody, only property damage. But it would probably help prevent quite a few ~~abortions~~ murders. So why not do that?

Is it because doing those sort of things is against the law? Well, disobeying the Nazi party was against the law. If the law said you could not pray in public, or own a Bible, assemble with other Christians, would you obey them? If the government's law forbids you from doing what is right, must you still obey it? 

Is it because it would make the general public less favorable to the pro-life movement? So what? That sounds particularly like the coward's answer. "I won't do what's right, because people will judge me for it." Do the right thing; public opinion be damned.

But maybe that's important to you because you think only changing the laws is going to be an effective long term solution? Setting aside the simple fact that Roe v Wade simply will *not* be overturned, doing that doesn't help the millions of individual innocents murdered every year, some of them probably right around the corner from your own home. Your Jewish neighbor has Nazis banging on his door right now to drag him and his family to the death camps. Golly, better send another 15ℛℳ donation the RightToJewishLife Foundation for German Policy Change. **No.** You fight back, laws be damned, and history shall vindicate you, or if not, then God shall. 

But perhaps you STILL feel that it's better to send that donation, or maybe do some picketing, and maybe you'll finally succeed in outlawing abortion, so that anyone who causes one will be charged with and convicted of murder. 

Well hold on. A fertilized human egg, a single cell zygote, before it even attaches to the uterine wall and kicks off the body's pregnancy processes, that's a fully fledged person, completely innocent, deserving of life and protection of the law, right? 

Well, women are never aware of the presence of one of these people during the first couple weeks. Millions of women are engaged in behavior that can easily end the life of one of these very young people, like playing sports, riding roller coasters, drinking alcohol, working a stressful job, and *millions of lives are certainly lost on a regular basis because of this sort of behavior*. 

If you actually care about saving the lives of all these innocent people, through prohibitive laws, you would try to put in place laws which forbid women who might be carrying an innocent human inside of them from engaging in any activity which is known to be likely to kill one of these people; overtly stressful activities or strenuous exertion, unhealthy body weight, prescription drugs which may cause harm to the fetus, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, etc. 

If you answered yes to the first question, but all of this sounds either ridiculous or horrifying to you, you probably should change your position on some of the following things in order to be consistent. 

* Perhaps change your definition of when a developing embryo actually counts as a person, and/or add some nuance to the idea surrounding what rights the unborn might have? 
* Perhaps there is some distinction between what the morally best or worst action is vs what the legally required or forbidden action is? 

And now, Some historical guidance. 

You claim to passionately want to reduce the occurrence abortion, because abortion, from the mom

(note: the reason I don't say, "moment of conception" is because Doctors tend to define conception, the beginning of pregnancy, as the moment that the fertilized egg has implanted to the uterine wall, which frequently doesn't occur until several days after fertilization. In other words, fertilization≠conception.)
i feel like going to sleep and givng up. 

this is sin?
i think so, but i'm not going to be able to get anywhere without being able to spot out sin where it lies. 

i don't want to believe that it is sin.

it is weakness. yes.

is that sin?

for me, now? yes.
and my arms want to drop limp and say, "yeah, it is. and i'm to weak to resist it." not this time. 

what does it take?

it takes knowing people. what are the cardinal things? to love god, and pray and follow hard after him.


...to have quiet time and prayer and time alone with God. 

to be not pretending. 

and thaaaats it. good night kids. 
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	{ display:block;text-align:justify; }
	{ display:block;margin:0;padding:0;border:0;margin-left:2em; }
	{ float:left; }
	{ float:right; }
.valignTop, .valignTop table, .valignTop tbody, .valignTop th, .valignTop tr, .valignTop td
	{ vertical-align:top; }
.valignBottom, .valignBottom table, .valignBottom tbody, .valignBottom th, .valignBottom tr, .valignBottom td
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.threecolumns { display:block;
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	-webkit-column-count:3; -webkit-column-gap:1em; -webkit-column-width:33%; /* Safari */
	column-count:3; column-gap:1em; column-width:33%; /* Opera */
.fourcolumns { display:block;
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.widetable, .widetable table
	{ width:100%; }

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.stretch img { width:95%; }

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.menubox .button, .menubox .tiddlyLinkExisting, .menubox .tiddlyLinkNonExisting
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.groupbox a, .groupbox .button, .groupbox .tiddlyLinkExisting, .groupbox .tiddlyLinkNonExisting
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.groupbox code
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	{ margin:0;padding:0;border:0;margin-right:1em; border-right:1px dotted; padding-right:.5em; }
	{ margin:0;padding:1px 0;border:0;border-bottom:1px dotted; margin-bottom:1px; padding-bottom:1px; }
	{ margin:0;padding:0;border:0;border-top:1px dotted; margin-top:1px; padding-top:1px; }

/* scrolled content */
.scrollbars { overflow:auto; }
.height10em { height:10em; }
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.height30em { height:30em; }
.height35em { height:35em; }
.height40em { height:40em; }

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.PrimaryDark	{ color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];	 }
.SecondaryPale	{ color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; }
.SecondaryLight	{ color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]];}
.SecondaryMid	{ color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];	 }
.SecondaryDark	{ color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]]; }
.TertiaryPale	{ color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]];	 }
.TertiaryLight	{ color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]]; }
.TertiaryMid	{ color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];	 }
.TertiaryDark	{ color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];	 }
.Error		{ color:[[ColorPalette::Error]];	 }

/* [[ColorPalette]] background colors */
.BGBackground	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];	}
.BGForeground	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];	}
.BGPrimaryPale	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];	}
.BGPrimaryLight	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryLight]];	}
.BGPrimaryMid	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];	}
.BGPrimaryDark	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];	}
.BGSecondaryPale  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; 	}
.BGSecondaryLight { background-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]];	}
.BGSecondaryMid	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];	}
.BGSecondaryDark  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]]; 	}
.BGTertiaryPale	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]];	}
.BGTertiaryLight  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]]; 	}
.BGTertiaryMid	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];	}
.BGTertiaryDark	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];	}
.BGError	  { background-color:[[ColorPalette::Error]];	 	}
Clean Bathroom
Do Dishes
Do Laundry
Feed Pets
Clean Counters, Table
Take out Trash
Tidy Room
Walk Dog
Water Plants
Feed Fish

!!Personal Items
Anti-Static Spray
Backup dose of medications in case you forget to take yours at home
Bobby Pins
Clear elastic hair ties
Cold Tablets
Cologne – go easy here
Deodorant – Travel Size
Eye Drops
Hand Mirror
Hand Sanitizer
Ice Drops liquid breath freshener
Lint Roller
Lip Balm
Mint wax dental floss
Moist Towelettes
Pain Reliever
Safety Pins
Set of earring backs (useful for when ladies lose one. :))
Stain Pen
Toothbrush – Colgate Foldable
!!personal care
cotton balls
face wash
feminine products
lip balm
shaving cream
toilet paper

· Antiperspirant / Deodorant
· Bath soap / Hand soap
· Condoms / Other b.c.
· Cosmetics
· Cotton swabs / Balls
· Facial cleanser
· Facial tissue
· Feminine products
· Floss
· Hair gel / Spray
· Lip balm
· Moisturizing lotion
· Mouthwash
· Razors / Shaving cream
· Shampoo / Conditioner
· Sunblock
· Toilet paper
· Toothpaste
· Vitamins / Supplements

For Morality to be real the universe must have meaning and value. meaning and value are closley related terms

the primary criteria for meaning are: 


morality is simply this: certain actions are evaluating as having either a "good" value or a "bad" value. 

When we speak about morality we're speaking about how actions should be valued. additionally, the value is based on how meaningful and impactful 


i intend to show that the idea of right and wrong without a God (or Ultimate being) and eternity being real to be essentially incoherent. 

let's give a few stories to illustrate the points before showing the points. 

let's assume the we know what "right and wrong" are.


i'd like to start off by getting a couple of images in your head. Be forewarned; they can be a bit depressing if dwelt on without correct perspective. 
The first image i would like to impress upon you is that of an employee on the titanic whose job it is to polish brass. This poor fellow follows his orders to polish brass on the titanic as it sinks. no one will know that he did his job except him. such an image seems pretty ____{futile?}. the whole ship sinks as this unimportant brass is polished

"Gentlemen, this ship is sinking. It will be sunk within 3 hours. The water is cold. No one will survive. No one will ever look for us."
The crew looks on to the captain with stares of shock and fear, some mouths agape, some with hands clutching their hair in panic. 
"i know what you're thinking. 'What can we do?' the answer is this: we've got some materials for a remodelling of the ship that we had planned to do when we came to port, but we can do it now. we'll be painting the sides of the ship as she sinks. i also have some pants for some of you to repair. Smith, i need you to 
!A short essay challenging my anarcho-capitalist friends, Titled: A tied up man, A crumbling dam, and a Monty Python Sketch -Or- Freedom Is A Function Of Power

I was inspired by a TIL post about organ-selling, and came up with this.I felt like it would be an interesting discussion here.
It was partly in response to [this comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/4864tn/til_that_iran_is_the_only_country_in_the_world/d0hvi9l): 

If money were no object, trade-offs wouldn't exist, and nobody would have to do anything they don't want. That's not the case, so people need to make sacrifices to assure their well-being. Your statement doesn't really contribute to the discussion of organ sales as such.

Anyway, here goes: 

Freedom is always relative to and dependent on power. Compare the freedom of a powerful man with the freedom of an outcast invalid. Or compare the freedom of a bird with the freedom of a fish. Compare the freedom of a one-eyed man with a world of blind. 

Bind a man's hands and feet, blindfold him, and leave him alone in forest outside of town, and tell him, "Okay, you're free." Yeah, sure, technically, but he has no power to exercise the "freedom," so it's meaningless. 

If you are poor, desperate, and relatively powerless, when some calamity befalls you, you may be forced to choose something you would never even consider, except out of utter desperation, (like humiliating yourself, distancing yourself from loved ones, allowing some smaller harm to come to yourself, etc.) over something even worse. You can hardly call such choices "free." Like a a mugger coming up and saying, "Give me your wallet or you die!" You choose to give your wallet, because you value your life over your wallet and its contents. Free market at work. 

You may reply, **"That's, threat of violence, it's Coercion!**" *Well wait a second.* Consider the following scenario.

You find out that there is a dam about to break, just upriver of your home. I offer to transport you and your family to safety in exchange for literally everything you own, plus debt that you could never pay off, and an agreement to be paraded, buck naked, through the town I shall relocate you to. I'm the only person who has the resources to save you before the dam breaks and you know it. You have a choice to accept the indignity and extortion, and save the life of you and your family, or tell me to fuck off, and accept your fate. 

Here, I have all the power, you have no power, except to accept my offer or refuse it. I mean, you could argue that your choice here is a completely free market choice; you value the survival of your family more than everything else, and freely choose to enter an exchange with me, one for the other; I have made an exchange to my benefit, you have made an exchange to your benefit: the free market always works and prevails! 

Then you find out that I own the damn, and have been neglecting it. Sounds like threat of violence, and thus, coercion on my end now, doesn't it? Not so fast! It belongs to me. I can do whatever I want with it, including nothing. It's your responsibility to know all possible dangers around you and protect yourself from them. 

But what if I deliberately stopped maintenance on it, so that I could extort the people below the dam for everything they owned? What if I had knowingly hired as maintenance workers people that I knew were eager to see you dead? What if I originally built the dam with shoddy materials, knowing that it would break relatively soon? 

The truth is, **none of those conditions which might make me more truly culpable for the situation have no bearing whatsoever on your freedom to reject or accept my offer**. Relative to the nature of your choice, it is immaterial whether I myself have caused the circumstances, or the circumstances arose naturally; You are constrained to choose between two highly negative options, powerless to choose anything else, and thus forced, compelled, coerced.   

I find a man in the forest with his hands and feet bound, and a blindfold over his eyes, and tell him, "Hey, I'll untie you and show you the way to town if you agree to amputate your left arm and sell it to me." I don't tell him that the doctor is not very experienced, and he may die, but the market doesn't require me to so, meh.  

Calling a laissez-faire economy a "free market" is a deceptive misnomer if there are exorbitant power disparities between the participants. A truly free market would be one in which power between all participants was somehow equalized, to some degree. It wouldn't need to be complete equalization, of course, not merely because it would be impossible, but because market exchanges themselves *are* exchanges in power, at least in part. Exchanges in power aren't bad in themselves, but there comes a point when the impotence of one party (especially against the power of the other) renders their "freedom" meaningless. 

I'm free to [jump the English Channel](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJXzN6dBz5I), whenever I want. It is, of course, a silly thing to say though; I'm also utterly incapable of jumping across the English channel. I'm free to fly like a bird, free to go back home to my family this Christmas, free to convince everyone in the world to think like me, free to break any law I'd like, [free to enter a plea of either guilty or non-guilty to the crime of witchcraft, or no plea at all \(in order that my family keep the estate\)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giles_Corey#Execution_by_pressing), Free to [cut off my own arm in order to survive](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aron_Ralston#Accident)

It is nonsense to claim that I am free to do something that is not within my power. 

Power differentials, power disparity, power discrepancy,  
Your very existence is God's charis. For you to exist is gods' charis to you, And not only that, but your existence is God's charis to the world. This is why God wants you to treat others in a certain way. 

My first analogy was actually lightbulbs. Why do people reject it or fail to enjoy this gift placed in your hands? Imagine giving someone who's never heard of electricty a light bulb. Not only would they have no idea of what it is, they wouldn't know how to use it even if they did. And then they would need an actual socket to plug it into in order for them to begin using and enjoying it.

I've got to write about this. It has bothered me for far too long. 

The Bible treats laughter as a negative thing, universally. A human who is healthy laughs. Laughter is GOOD. 

Let me address a few preliminary apologetics on this from the outset.
*Chrome Extensions
In a corporation democracy, it is structured in the in-alterable by-laws that leadership is elected by the workers, and voted on on a quarterly basis. Votes are weighted by employee level and seniority. (how I add seniority to this, i'm not quite clear. )

||Vote weight|yearly bonus and stock ownership|
|Top 3|10%|same|
|Next 30|10%|same|
|Next level|15%|same|
|next level|15%|same|
|next level|15%|same|
|next level|15%|same|
|next level|7.5%|same|

the yearly bonus that "would" go to the customers is discretionary- could go in a lottery that random individuals get, or any number of things

things to work out: sales positions and how that works and pays
outside investors, and their influence. 
The exact numbers for what comprises each level. set numbers? percentages? a synthesis of both? a dynamic model which changes based on number of employees or industry? dunno. 

This model is the best model for a business because it is the first to unite workers and management. workers choose management, and the performance of the company is based on those choices. if they choose badly, they themselves get less reward. workers would hire and chose better managers based not only on how they treat workers, but on how well they get the company to perform. 

vote system too: http://www.mathgoespop.com/2012/03/and-the-award-for-best-voting-system-goes-to.html
|''Version:''|0.2.0 (Dec 29, 2006)|
|''Author:''|Ido Magal (idoXatXidomagalXdotXcom)|
|''Licence:''|[[BSD open source license]]|

This plugin enables the addition and deletion of tags from sets of tiddlers.

!Installation instructions
*Create a new tiddler in your wiki and copy the contents of this tiddler into it.  Name it the same and tag it with "systemConfig".
*Save and reload your wiki.
*Use it here [[MultiTagEditor]].

!Revision history
* v0.2.0 (Dec 29, 2006)
** Added Selection column that allows excluding tiddlers.
* v0.1.0 (Dec 27, 2006)
** First draft.

!To Do
* Clean up text strings.
* Figure out how to store selection so it isn't reset after every action.
* Prettify layout.



config.macros.MTE =
	AddToListLabel : "Add to List",
	AddToListPrompt : "Add Tiddlers to the List",
	listViewTemplate :
		columns: [
			{name: 'Selected', field: 'Selected', rowName: 'title', type: 'Selector'},
			{name: 'Title', field: 'title', tiddlerLink: 'title', title: "Title", type: 'TiddlerLink'},
			{name: 'Snippet', field: 'text', title: "Snippet", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Tags', field: 'tags', title: "Tags", type: 'Tags'}
		rowClasses: [
		actions: [
			//{caption: "More actions...", name: ''},
			//{caption: "Remove selected tiddlers from list", name: 'delete'}
	tiddlers : [],
	HomeSection : [],
	ListViewSection : [],
	AddToListSection : [],
	handler : function( place, macroName, params, wikifier, paramString, tiddler )
		this.HomeSection = place;
		var newsection = createTiddlyElement( null, "div", null, "MTE_AddTag" );
		createTiddlyText(newsection, "Tiddler Tags to edit: ");
		var input = createTiddlyElement( null, "input", null, "txtOptionInput" );
		input.type = "text";
		input.size = 50;
		newsection.appendChild( input );
		newsection.inputBox = input;
		createTiddlyButton( newsection, this.AddToListLabel, this.AddToListPrompt, this.onAddToList, null, null, null );
		createTiddlyButton( newsection, "Clear List", this.addtoListPrompt, this.onClear, null, null, null );
		createTiddlyElement( newsection, "br" );
		createTiddlyElement( newsection, "br" );
		this.AddToListSection = newsection;
	        this.HomeSection.appendChild( newsection );

		newsection = createTiddlyElement( null, "div", null, "MTE_addtag" );
		createTiddlyButton( newsection, "Add Tag", "Add tag to all listed tiddlers", this.onAddTag, null, null, null );
		var input = createTiddlyElement( null, "input", null, "txtOptionInput" );
		input.type = "text";
		input.size = 50;
		newsection.appendChild( input );
		newsection.inputBox = input;
		createTiddlyElement( newsection, "br" );
		this.AddTagSection = newsection;
	        this.HomeSection.appendChild( newsection );

		newsection = createTiddlyElement( null, "div", null, "MTE_removetag" );
		createTiddlyButton( newsection, "Remove Tag", "Remove tag from all listed tiddlers", this.onRemoveTag, null, null, null );
		var input = createTiddlyElement( null, "input", null, "txtOptionInput" );
		input.type = "text";
		input.size = 50;
		newsection.appendChild( input );
		newsection.inputBox = input;
		createTiddlyElement( newsection, "br" );
		this.RemoveTagSection = newsection;
	        this.HomeSection.appendChild( newsection );

		this.ListViewSection = createTiddlyElement( null, "div", null, "MTE_listview" );
		this.HomeSection.appendChild( this.ListViewSection );
		ListView.create( this.ListViewSection, this.tiddlers, this.listViewTemplate, null );


	ResetListView : function()
		ListView.forEachSelector( config.macros.MTE.ListViewSection, function( e, rowName )
			if( e.checked )
				var title = e.getAttribute( "rowName" );
				var tiddler = config.macros.MTE.tiddlers.findByField( "title", title );
				tiddler.Selected = 1;
		config.macros.MTE.HomeSection.removeChild( config.macros.MTE.ListViewSection );
		config.macros.MTE.ListViewSection = createTiddlyElement( null, "div", null, "MTE_listview" );
		config.macros.MTE.HomeSection.appendChild( config.macros.MTE.ListViewSection );
		ListView.create( config.macros.MTE.ListViewSection, config.macros.MTE.tiddlers, config.macros.MTE.listViewTemplate, config.macros.MTE.onSelectCommand);

	onAddToList : function()
		store.forEachTiddler( function ( title, tiddler )
			var tags = config.macros.MTE.AddToListSection.inputBox.value.readBracketedList();
			if (( tiddler.tags.containsAll( tags ))  && ( config.macros.MTE.tiddlers.findByField( "title", title ) == null ))
				var t = store.getTiddlerSlices( title, ["Name", "Description", "Version", "CoreVersion", "Date", "Source", "Author", "License", "Browsers"] );
				t.title = title;
				t.tiddler = tiddler;
				t.text = tiddler.text.substr(0,50);
				t.tags = tiddler.tags;

	onClear : function()
		config.macros.MTE.tiddlers = [];

	onAddTag : function( e )
		var selectedRows = [];
		ListView.forEachSelector(config.macros.MTE.ListViewSection, function( e, rowName )
			if( e.checked )
				selectedRows.push( e.getAttribute( "rowName" ));
		var tag = config.macros.MTE.AddTagSection.inputBox.value;
		for(t=0; t < config.macros.MTE.tiddlers.length; t++)
			if ( selectedRows.indexOf( config.macros.MTE.tiddlers[t].title ) != -1 )
				store.setTiddlerTag( config.macros.MTE.tiddlers[t].title, true, tag);

	onRemoveTag : function( e )
		var selectedRows = [];
		ListView.forEachSelector(config.macros.MTE.ListViewSection, function( e, rowName )
			if( e.checked )
				selectedRows.push( e.getAttribute( "rowName" ));
		var tag = config.macros.MTE.RemoveTagSection.inputBox.value;
		for(t=0; t < config.macros.MTE.tiddlers.length; t++)
			if ( selectedRows.indexOf( config.macros.MTE.tiddlers[t].title ) != -1 )
				store.setTiddlerTag( config.macros.MTE.tiddlers[t].title, false, tag);

**go through, prune, arrange 
**go through, prune, arrange
*--Play with Tiddlywiki-- 
**tried to make preview side by side again. failed. whatevs.
*--Organize some bookmarks--
*--two games of chess--
*--Read email from David's friend--
*--Facebook Kevin--
*--message mom--
*--General computer setup work--
*--play a bit more with tiddlywiki--
*Help Nick (do I have time?)
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

<<reminder day:14 month:4 year:2014 title:"Just a test sample reminder">>
The first problem that is mentioned in the bible occurred before the fall. The problem was, "it is not good that man should be alone." 

Now, normally, we think that this was solved when Eve was introduced, but take a look. the problem of isolation and loneliness persisted afterward, and was simply made worse after the fall. then, that thread of "it is not good that man should be alone" seems to be simply forgotten. 

Until Jesus. Jesus was God's ultimate solution to the problem of mankind being alone. People have long wondered if we are alone in this universe, and Jesus was God joining us, with us, as one of us, in the worst of all our experiences, to say to us, "You are not alone. I'm here with you. To the end. no matter what."

The Bible encourages us to be like God. This is one of the ways that we can see clearly how to actually do that. We join people where they are. If we think of the good news as being, "we are not alone, God is with us, and we can be with him," we are called to "recapitulate" that by finding the people who are alone (even if they don't know it, or don't look it), and being with them in the ways they are alone. we believe that we are not alone, so the good news to them is to convince them that they are not alone. 

How do you do that? Listen to people on their own terms. Understand them in their own language. speak to them in their own language, for their own sake, not for your own agenda, not for anything else except to enjoy their presence. be willing to sacrifice in order to enjoy their presence, and let them know, (eventually if necessary) that God feels the same way. God was willing to sacrifice quite a bit in order to enjoy your presence. 
*first bullet point
**lower //bullet// ''point'' 

!! smaller heading
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|extend core search function with additional user-configurable options|
Adds extra options to core search function including selecting which data items to search, enabling/disabling incremental key-by-key searches, and generating a ''list of matching tiddlers'' instead of immediately displaying all matches.  This plugin also adds syntax for rendering 'search links' within tiddler content to embed one-click searches using pre-defined 'hard-coded' search terms.
>see [[SearchOptionsPluginInfo]]
<<tiddler SearchOptions>>
<<option chkSearchResultsOptions>> Include {{{options...}}} slider in "search again" form
2011.04.08 3.0.10 fixed typo in CSS in formatSearchResults_buttons().  Restore missing options in Configuration section.
|please see [[SearchOptionsPluginInfo]] for additional revision details|
2005.10.18 1.0.0 Initial Release
version.extensions.SearchOptionsPlugin= {major: 3, minor: 0, revision: 10, date: new Date(2011,3,18)};
var defaults={
	chkSearchTitles:	true,
	chkSearchText:		true,
	chkSearchTags:		true,
	chkSearchFields:	true,
	chkSearchTitlesFirst:	true,
	chkSearchList:		true,
	chkSearchHighlight:	true,
	chkSearchListTiddler:	false,
	chkSearchByDate:	false,
	chkIncrementalSearch:	true,
	chkSearchShadows:	true,
	chkSearchOpenTiddlers:	false,
	chkSearchExcludeTags:	true,
	txtSearchExcludeTags:	'excludeSearch',
	txtIncrementalSearchDelay:	500,
	txtIncrementalSearchMin:	3
}; for (var id in defaults) if (config.options[id]===undefined)
if (config.macros.search.reportTitle==undefined)
	config.macros.search.reportTitle="SearchResults"; // note: not a cookie!
config.macros.search.label+="\xa0"; // a little bit of space just because it looks better
// // searchLink: {{{[search[text to find]] OR [search[text to display|text to find]]}}}
config.formatters.push( {
	name: "searchLink",
	match: "\\[search\\[",
	lookaheadRegExp: /\[search\[(.*?)(?:\|(.*?))?\]\]/mg,
	prompt: "search for: '%0'",
	handler: function(w)
		this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
		var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
		if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart) {
			var label=lookaheadMatch[1];
			var text=lookaheadMatch[2]||label;
			var prompt=this.prompt.format([text]);
			var btn=createTiddlyButton(w.output,label,prompt,
			w.nextMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex;
// // incremental search uses option settings instead of hard-coded delay and minimum input values
var fn=config.macros.search.onKeyPress;
fn=fn.toString().replace(/500/g, "config.options.txtIncrementalSearchDelay||500");
fn=fn.toString().replace(/> 2/g, ">=(config.options.txtIncrementalSearchMin||3)");
// // REPLACE story.search() for option to "show search results in a list"
Story.prototype.search = function(text,useCaseSensitive,useRegExp)
	var co=config.options; // abbrev
	var re=new RegExp(useRegExp ? text : text.escapeRegExp(),useCaseSensitive ? "mg" : "img");
	if (config.options.chkSearchHighlight) highlightHack=re;
	var matches = store.search(re,co.chkSearchByDate?"modified":"title","");
	if (co.chkSearchByDate) matches=matches.reverse(); // most recent first
	var q = useRegExp ? "/" : "'";
	if (!matches.length) {
		if (co.chkSearchListTiddler) discardSearchResults();
	} else {
		if (co.chkSearchList||co.chkSearchListTiddler) 
		else {
			var titles = []; for(var t=0; t<matches.length; t++) titles.push(matches[t].title);
			this.closeAllTiddlers(); story.displayTiddlers(null,titles);
			displayMessage(config.macros.search.successMsg.format([matches.length, q+text+q]));
	highlightHack = null;
// // REPLACE store.search() for enhanced searching/sorting options
TiddlyWiki.prototype.search = function(searchRegExp,sortField,excludeTag,match)
	var co=config.options; // abbrev
	var tids = this.reverseLookup("tags",excludeTag,!!match,sortField);
	var opened=[]; story.forEachTiddler(function(tid,elem){opened.push(tid);});

	// eliminate tiddlers tagged with excluded tags
	if (co.chkSearchExcludeTags&&co.txtSearchExcludeTags.length) {
		var ex=co.txtSearchExcludeTags.readBracketedList();
		var temp=[]; for(var t=tids.length-1; t>=0; t--)
			if (!tids[t].tags.containsAny(ex)) temp.push(tids[t]);

	// scan for matching titles first...
	var results = [];
	if (co.chkSearchTitles) {
		for(var t=0; t<tids.length; t++) {
			if (co.chkSearchOpenTiddlers && !opened.contains(tids[t].title)) continue; 
			if(tids[t].title.search(searchRegExp)!=-1) results.push(tids[t]);
		if (co.chkSearchShadows)
			for (var t in config.shadowTiddlers) {
				if (co.chkSearchOpenTiddlers && !opened.contains(t)) continue; 
				if ((t.search(searchRegExp)!=-1) && !store.tiddlerExists(t))
					results.push((new Tiddler()).assign(t,config.shadowTiddlers[t]));
	// then scan for matching text, tags, or field data
	for(var t=0; t<tids.length; t++) {
		if (co.chkSearchOpenTiddlers && !opened.contains(tids[t].title)) continue; 
		if (co.chkSearchText && tids[t].text.search(searchRegExp)!=-1)
		if (co.chkSearchTags && tids[t].tags.join(" ").search(searchRegExp)!=-1)
		if (co.chkSearchFields && store.forEachField!=undefined)
				function(tid,field,val) {
					if (val.search(searchRegExp)!=-1) results.pushUnique(tids[t]);
				true); // extended fields only
	// then check for matching text in shadows
	if (co.chkSearchShadows)
		for (var t in config.shadowTiddlers) {
			if (co.chkSearchOpenTiddlers && !opened.contains(t)) continue; 
			if ((config.shadowTiddlers[t].search(searchRegExp)!=-1) && !store.tiddlerExists(t))
				results.pushUnique((new Tiddler()).assign(t,config.shadowTiddlers[t]));

	// if not 'titles first', or sorting by modification date,
	// re-sort results to so titles, text, tag and field matches are mixed together
	if(!sortField) sortField = "title";
	var bySortField=function(a,b){
		if(a[sortField]==b[sortField])return(0);else return(a[sortField]<b[sortField])?-1:+1;
	if (!co.chkSearchTitlesFirst || co.chkSearchByDate) results.sort(bySortField);

	return results;
// // HIJACK core {{{<<search>>}}} macro to add "report" and "simple inline" output
config.macros.search.handler = function(place,macroName,params)
	// if "report", use SearchOptionsPlugin report generator for inline output
	if (params[1]&&params[1].substr(0,6)=="report") {
		var keyword=params[0];
		var options=params[1].split("=")[1]; // split "report=option+option+..."
		var heading=params[2]?params[2].unescapeLineBreaks():"";
		var matches=store.search(new RegExp(keyword.escapeRegExp(),"img"),"title","excludeSearch");
		if (matches.length) wikify(heading+window.formatSearchResults(keyword,matches,options),place);
	} else if (params[1]) {
		var keyword=params[0];
		var heading=params[1]?params[1].unescapeLineBreaks():"";
		var seperator=params[2]?params[2].unescapeLineBreaks():", ";
		var matches=store.search(new RegExp(keyword.escapeRegExp(),"img"),"title","excludeSearch");
		if (matches.length) {
			var out=[];
			for (var m=0; m<matches.length; m++) out.push("[["+matches[m].title+"]]");
	} else
// // SearchResults panel handling
setStylesheet(".searchResults { padding:1em 1em 0 1em; }","searchResults"); // matches std tiddler padding

config.macros.search.createPanel=function(text,matches,body) {

	function getByClass(e,c) { var d=e.getElementsByTagName("div");
		for (var i=0;i<d.length;i++) if (hasClass(d[i],c)) return d[i]; }
	var panel=createTiddlyElement(null,"div","searchPanel","searchPanel");
	var oldpanel=document.getElementById("searchPanel");
	if (!oldpanel) { // insert new panel just above tiddlers
		var da=document.getElementById("displayArea");
	} else { // if panel exists
		var oldwrap=getByClass(oldpanel,"searchResults");
		var newwrap=getByClass(panel,"searchResults");
		// if no prior content, just insert new content
		if (!oldwrap) oldpanel.insertBefore(newwrap,null);
		else {	// swap search results content but leave containing panel intact
			oldwrap.style.display='block'; // unfold wrapper if needed
			var i=oldwrap.getElementsByTagName("input")[0]; // get input field
			if (i) { var pos=this.getCursorPos(i); i.onblur=null; } // get cursor pos, ignore blur
			panel=oldpanel; // use existing panel
	return panel;

config.macros.search.renderPanel=function(panel,text,matches,body) {

	var wrap=createTiddlyElement(panel,"div",null,"searchResults");
	wrap.onmouseover = function(e){ addClass(this,"selected"); }
	wrap.onmouseout = function(e){ removeClass(this,"selected"); }
	// create toolbar: "open all", "fold/unfold", "close"
	var tb=createTiddlyElement(wrap,"div",null,"toolbar");
	var b=createTiddlyButton(tb, "open all", "open all matching tiddlers", function() {
		story.displayTiddlers(null,this.getAttribute("list").readBracketedList()); return false; },"button");
	var list=""; for(var t=0;t<matches.length;t++) list+='[['+matches[t].title+']] ';
	var b=createTiddlyButton(tb, "fold", "toggle display of search results", function() {
		config.macros.search.foldPanel(this); return false; },"button");
	var b=createTiddlyButton(tb, "close", "dismiss search results",	function() {
		config.macros.search.showPanel(false); return false; },"button");
	createTiddlyText(createTiddlyElement(wrap,"div",null,"title"),"Search for: "+text); // title
	wikify(body,createTiddlyElement(wrap,"div",null,"viewer")); // report
	return panel;

config.macros.search.showPanel=function(show,pos) {
	var panel=document.getElementById("searchPanel");
	var i=panel.getElementsByTagName("input")[0];
	if (show && panel.style.display=="block") { // if shown, grab focus, restore cursor
		if (i&&this.stayFocused()) { i.focus(); this.setCursorPos(i,pos); }
	if(!config.options.chkAnimate) {
		if (!show) { removeChildren(panel); config.macros.search.stayFocused(false); }
	} else {
		var s=new Slider(panel,show,false,show?"none":"children");
	return panel;

config.macros.search.foldPanel=function(button) {
	var d=document.getElementById("searchPanel").getElementsByTagName("div");
	for (var i=0;i<d.length;i++) if (hasClass(d[i],"viewer")) var v=d[i]; if (!v) return;
	var show=v.style.display=="none";
	else {
		var s=new Slider(v,show,false,"none");
	return false;

config.macros.search.stayFocused=function(keep) { // TRUE/FALSE=set value, no args=get value
	if (keep===undefined) return this.keepReportInFocus;
	return keep

config.macros.search.getCursorPos=function(i) {
	var s=0; var e=0; if (!i) return { start:s, end:e };
	try {
		if (i.setSelectionRange) // FF
			{ s=i.selectionStart; e=i.selectionEnd; }
		if (document.selection && document.selection.createRange) { // IE
			var r=document.selection.createRange().duplicate();
			var len=r.text.length; s=0-r.moveStart('character',-100000); e=s+len;
	return { start:s, end:e };
config.macros.search.setCursorPos=function(i,pos) {
	if (!i||!pos) return; var s=pos.start; var e=pos.end;
	if (i.setSelectionRange) //FF
	if (i.createTextRange) // IE
		{ var r=i.createTextRange(); r.collapse(true); r.moveStart("character",s); r.select(); }
// // SearchResults report generation
// note: these functions are defined globally, so they can be more easily redefined to customize report formats//
if (!window.reportSearchResults) window.reportSearchResults=function(text,matches)
	var cms=config.macros.search; // abbrev
	var body=window.formatSearchResults(text,matches);
	if (!config.options.chkSearchListTiddler) // show #searchResults panel
	else { // write [[SearchResults]] tiddler
		var title=cms.reportTitle;
		var who=config.options.txtUserName;
		var when=new Date();
		var tags="excludeLists excludeSearch temporary";
		var tid=store.getTiddler(title); if (!tid) tid=new Tiddler();

if (!window.formatSearchResults) window.formatSearchResults=function(text,matches,opt)
	var body='';
	var title=config.macros.search.reportTitle
	var q = config.options.chkRegExpSearch ? "/" : "'";
	if (!opt) var opt="all";
	var parts=opt.split("+");
	for (var i=0; i<parts.length; i++) { var p=parts[i].toLowerCase();
		if (p=="again"||p=="all")   body+=window.formatSearchResults_again(text,matches);
		if (p=="summary"||p=="all") body+=window.formatSearchResults_summary(text,matches);
		if (p=="list"||p=="all")    body+=window.formatSearchResults_list(text,matches);
		if (p=="buttons"||p=="all") body+=window.formatSearchResults_buttons(text,matches);
	return body;

if (!window.formatSearchResults_again) window.formatSearchResults_again=function(text,matches)
	var title=config.macros.search.reportTitle
	var body='';
	// search again
	body+='{{span{<<search "'+text.replace(/"/g,'&#x22;')+'">> /%\n';
	body+='%/<html><input type="button" value="search again"';
	body+=' onclick="var t=this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName(\'input\')[0];';
	body+=' config.macros.search.doSearch(t); return false;">';
	if (!config.options.chkSearchResultsOptions) // omit "options..."
	else {
		body+=' <a href="javascript:;" onclick="';
		body+=' var e=this.parentNode.nextSibling;';
		body+=' var show=e.style.display!=\'block\';';
		body+=' if(!config.options.chkAnimate) e.style.display=show?\'block\':\'none\';';
		body+=' else anim.startAnimating(new Slider(e,show,false,\'none\'));';
		body+=' return false;">options...</a>';
		body+='</html>@@display:none;border-left:1px dotted;margin-left:1em;padding:0;padding-left:.5em;font-size:90%;/%\n';
		body+='	%/<<tiddler SearchOptions>>@@';
	return body;

if (!window.formatSearchResults_summary) window.formatSearchResults_summary=function(text,matches)
	// summary: nn tiddlers found matching '...', options used
	var body='';
	var co=config.options; // abbrev
	var title=config.macros.search.reportTitle
	var q = co.chkRegExpSearch ? "/" : "'";
	var opts=[];
	if (co.chkSearchTitles) opts.push("titles");
	if (co.chkSearchText) opts.push("text");
	if (co.chkSearchTags) opts.push("tags");
	if (co.chkSearchFields) opts.push("fields");
	if (co.chkSearchShadows) opts.push("shadows");
	if (co.chkSearchOpenTiddlers) body+="^^//search limited to displayed tiddlers only//^^\n";
	body+="~~&nbsp; searched in "+opts.join(" + ")+"~~\n";
	body+=(co.chkCaseSensitiveSearch||co.chkRegExpSearch?"^^&nbsp; using ":"")
		+(co.chkCaseSensitiveSearch?"case-sensitive ":"")
		+(co.chkRegExpSearch?"pattern ":"")
	return body;

if (!window.formatSearchResults_list) window.formatSearchResults_list=function(text,matches)
	// bullet list of links to matching tiddlers
	var body='';
	var co=config.options; // abbrev
	var pattern=co.chkRegExpSearch?text:text.escapeRegExp();
	var sensitive=co.chkCaseSensitiveSearch?"mg":"img";
	var link='{{tiddlyLinkExisting{<html><nowiki><a href="javascript:;" onclick="'
		+'	highlightHack=new RegExp(\x27'+pattern+'\x27.escapeRegExp(),\x27'+sensitive+'\x27);'
		+'highlightHack = null; return false;'
		+'" title="%2">%1</a></html>}}}';
	for(var t=0;t<matches.length;t++) {
		body+="* ";
		if (co.chkSearchByDate)
			body+=matches[t].modified.formatString('YYYY.0MM.0DD 0hh:0mm')+" ";
		var title=matches[t].title;
		var fixup=title.replace(/'/g,"\\x27").replace(/"/g,"\\x22");
		var tid=store.getTiddler(title);
		var tip=tid?tid.getSubtitle():''; tip=tip.replace(/"/g,"&quot;");
	return body;

if (!window.formatSearchResults_buttons) window.formatSearchResults_buttons=function(text,matches)
	// embed buttons only if writing SearchResults to tiddler
	if (!config.options.chkSearchListTiddler) return "";
	// "open all" button
	var title=config.macros.search.reportTitle;
	var body="";
	body+="@@display:block;<html><input type=\"button\" href=\"javascript:;\" "
	for(var t=0;t<matches.length;t++)
		body+="'"+matches[t].title.replace(/\'/mg,"\\'")+"'"+((t<matches.length-1)?", ":"");
	body+="],1);\" accesskey=\"O\" value=\"open all matching tiddlers\"></html> ";
	// "discard SearchResults" button
	body+="<html><input type=\"button\" href=\"javascript:;\" "
		+"onclick=\"discardSearchResults()\" value=\"discard "+title+"\"></html>";
	return body;

if (!window.discardSearchResults) window.discardSearchResults=function()
	// remove the tiddler
// // DELIVER [[SearchOptions]] shadow payload
config.shadowTiddlers.SearchOptions = store.getTiddlerText('SearchOptionsPlugin##panel','');
config.annotations.SearchOptions    = 'created by SearchOptionsPlugin';
search in:
  {{nowrap{<<option chkSearchTitles>>titles <<option chkSearchText>>text <<option chkSearchTags>>tags}}} /%
%/{{nowrap{<<option chkSearchFields>>fields <<option chkSearchShadows>>shadows}}}
  {{nowrap{<<option chkCaseSensitiveSearch>>case-sensitive}}} /%
%/{{nowrap{<<option chkRegExpSearch>>match text patterns}}}
  {{nowrap{<<option chkIncrementalSearch>>key-by-key search:}}} /%
	%/{{threechar smallform nowrap{<<option txtIncrementalSearchMin>> or more characters}}} /%
	%/{{threechar smallform nowrap{<<option txtIncrementalSearchDelay>> msec delay}}}<hr>
  {{nowrap{<<option chkSearchList>>show results in a list &nbsp; &nbsp;}}} /%
%/{{nowrap{<<option chkSearchListTiddler>>save list in ''[[SearchResults]]''}}}
  {{nowrap{<<option chkSearchTitlesFirst>>show title matches first}}} /%
%/{{nowrap{<<option chkSearchByDate>>sort results by date}}} /%
%/{{nowrap{<<option chkSearchHighlight>>highlight matching text}}}
{{nowrap{<<option chkSearchOpenTiddlers>>search open tiddlers only}}}
{{nowrap{<<option chkSearchExcludeTags>>exclude tiddlers tagged with:}}}
{{editor{<<option txtSearchExcludeTags>>}}}
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|documentation for ShowReferencesPlugin|
<<showReferences "format" [[TiddlerName]] "message">>
*''format'' (optional, default={{{"[[%0]]\n"}}})<br>lists references as links, one per line, using %0 as a 'substitution marker' to insert the reference tiddler's title.
*''TiddlerName'' (optional, default=current tiddler)<br>specifies the tiddler whose references are to be displayed.
*''message'' (optional, default={{{"no references"}}})<br>specifies a message to display when there are no references.
You can also use the [[ShowReferences]] //shadow tiddler// to transclude the macro output or embed it within a slider or tabset:
<<tiddler ShowReferences with: "format" [[TiddlerName]] "message">>
<<slider ... [[ShowReferences]] label tooltip >>
<<tabs ... label tooltip [[ShowReferences]] ...>>
Note: {{{<<slider>>}}} and {{{<<tabs>>}}} macros do //not// support use of extra parameters to specify a custom format, ~TiddlerName, or message.  The default format, current tiddler, and message will be used.
You can edit [[ShowReferences]] to specify //non-default// custom parameters values for use with transclusion, slider or tabs macros, or add additional content to display before/after the macro output.  You can also customize the //default// message text (i.e., "no references") by adding the following line to a tiddler tagged with 'systemConfig':
config.macros.fallbackMsg="your text here";
config.macros.fallbackMsg=""; // omits fallback message
one per line: {{{<<showReferences "[[%0]]\n" [[GettingStarted]]>>}}}
{{indent{<<showReferences "[[%0]]\n" [[GettingStarted]]>>}}}
comma-separated: {{{<<showReferences "[[%0]], " [[GettingStarted]]>>}}}
{{indent{<<showReferences "[[%0]] " [[GettingStarted]]>>}}}
bullet items: {{{<<showReferences "* [[%0]]\n" [[GettingStarted]]>>}}}
<<showReferences "* [[%0]]\n" [[GettingStarted]]>>
numbered items: {{{<<showReferences "# [[%0]]\n" [[GettingStarted]]>>}}}
<<showReferences "# [[%0]]\n" [[GettingStarted]]>>
2011.03.01 2.0.0 converted to plugin and added optional TiddlerName and message params
2006.09.13 1.1.0 added format param
2006.09.04 1.0.0 original release (transclusion)
*Organizational/productivity tools
***3x5 cards
*Organizational/productivity habits/skills

Areas of Focus:
*To Do
**Sell stuff
**Find out shipping cost for the laptop
**1 pomodoro kitchen cleaning
**clean up/ sort room
**List extra D&D stuff for sale
**Sort remaining books
**Move couch out to livingroom, take picture, and list it
**Check Carson's Email
**Sort shirts.
**Room and packing organizing
**Room and packing organizing 2
**Talk to James Later
**Trip one to bookmans
**Select all books that are going to bookmans
**Sold DVDs and Scooter
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] nocollapse >>

!See Mindmap
When Justin finally gets the balls to tell me to stop hanging out with Kathryn:

"What are you scared of? Look, there's not even a theoretical possibility that she could ever be attracted to me anyway even if you weren't in the picture, and even if she could be, she can't be because you're so much more favorable to her, and even that wasn't true, I wouldn't act on it because I value my friendship with you too much to even //try// do something like that to hurt you that much, and even if I didn't, I don't plan on ever hurting any woman by pairing up with them (which paring with me would in fact be to any woman hapless enough to go with me), let alone a person like Kathryn whom I care about so much, and whose friendship I enjoy so much. 

Sure I've liked her like that in the past, but none of that could ever possibly approach being relevant, because i know what I am. She's yours. End of story.
in the end, we will all have regrets. I want to choose my regrets carefully.

Will i look back and regret the things i have done or the things i have not done? 

this has always been an implicit part of my consciousness, but i have only followed it to at best varying degrees. This perspective, though, is one reason I've never had a girlfriend. I have not wanted to risk meeting an amazing, incredible girl who was equally enthralled with me... while I was in a relationship with someone else. 
laughing, hugs, sex, hearing a satisfying story, tasty food, massages, winning and argument, pooping, seeing(a sunset, a beautiful woman, etc)/hearing (music, the music of the universe!)/smelling(a woman, food, flowers, etc) experiencing something beautiful, sleeping/resting when tired, reading, writing, cool water when it's hot, warmth when it's cold, riding roller coasters, skydiving, scuba diving, shopping, rock climbing, enjoying a hobby, kissing, following the crowd, rebelling from the crowd, dependence, independence, creative expression- writing drawing, music, jokes, cracking knuckles and joints, stretching, jumping, swimming, climbing trees, finishing something, the outdoors in general, talking about people (either praise[positive] or slander[negative]), talking about things (appreciation [positive], comiseration [negative], small talk [neutral]), competing, winning, dancing, listening to music, physical activity- running/playing, discovery and learning, empathy with someone else experiencing happiness or healing, satisfaction with a job well-done, scratching an itch, drugs (caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, LSD, weed, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy), pride, giving/receiving attention/affection, showing/receiving love (the 5 languages), 
[[Kane and Jay debate stuff]]
[[Comments from 09 Kane Jay discussion]]
economic effort (career, etc), economic generosity, creativity (music etc), faith, generosity/frugality - good stewardship, not being wasteful, excellence in all endeavors
When I am on the phones as a sales person/problem solver, I have terrific talent and skill, both. That may be because there are three distancing factors: first the impersonal-ness of a transactional, business relationship, and second, the further removed distance of being on the phone. Third, the relationship is very temporary, so they have no time to see anything but the best of me. It is just the right amount of distance, apparently, for maximum effectiveness for me.And since it's so short I have no time to show them anything but the best of me (for that sort of relationship. There is of course more "best of me" which they won't ever have the opportunity to see). They are safe from any badness in me by distance, relationship type, and duration. 
When we get to "real" relationships, things get a bit more complicated. In a business sort of relationship there really isn't a downside to knowing or interacting with me. We all have our problems, and I have mine, so in the long run, there are downsides to being acquainted with/knowing/befriending me in addition to whatever plus-sides there may be. There is no
Being a sales/tech rep was something that I was competent at, extremely so, and made me feel very good and worthwhile, inter-personally and otherwise. I'm good at that sort of relationship. When I imagine asking a girl out, and imagine doing it competently, I envision myself doing it in a way that resembles that part of my life. Selling myself, so to speak. And then i remember that this is the real world, and there ARE downsides to me out here... so I feel as guilty as i would (well, more) selling a customer a product without telling them the downsides to it.
You see, (and this is one of the most important things about me) what I want most is for someone to be willing to "buy" me, having full awareness of the downsides, because​ they also have full awareness of and believe in the upsides to me. Not just a cognitive, "yeah, I know this about Leo" but a real knowledge and awareness of how low my downsides can be. And not just a ​ cognitive, conceptual awareness of my upsides, but a real sense of my worthwhile qualities and potential. And just as much as I want someone like that for myself, I want to "buy" them in the same way. And by "buy" I mean "I'm not going to leave you unless something kills me or drags me away. I intend to be near you and work with you and have you near me and work with me as much and as long as possible because of the joy to be had together."
I imagine that such a deep interpersonal connection and commitment wouldn't necessarily require any romantic/erotic love, but I also have a powerful desire to feel sexually attractive, and have a strong need to be touched (hugging, whatever), and therefore a woman who was able to provide for ALL of this would be fantastic, and is in fact what I'm most searching for. I'm deseprately looking forthis everywhere i go. But frankly, I would be satisfied to find such a total commitment arrangement even with another male, on a totally non-sexual level. I want to "be bought" and "to buy." i want someone to resonate with and continue resonating with. 
It would be even more amazing to find this on a community level. An entire community saying to one another, "I'm not going to leave you unless something kills me or drags me away. I intend to be near you and work with you and have you near me and work with me as much and as long as possible because of the joy to be had together." Inherent to this, is of course a shared purpose to be striven toward. just looking at each other is of little interest to me, except for short periods. i want us to have actionable, actioned goals. 

I'm trying to come up with a comprehensive understanding of myself which I can grasp all at once, and then go to work on, because every time I try working on myself in part, something else gets in my way. I have several obstacles, and if I try to work on one obstacle alone, another obstacle hinders me, almost like a team effort. It's like if I try to work on my lust issue, my social thirst issue and my lack of discipline issue get in the way; if I try to work on those, my pride suddenly tackles me from behind, and if I try working on that, my emotional instability (likely a chemical thing) blindsides me. And so on. So, I’m pooling together my "team" to come up with an over all strategy and then specific tactics to beat this team and achieve my goals. To do this I need to do 5 equally important things: 
1. Assess what I have "in my equipment locker"; assess who I am now
2. Assess what game I’m playing and what my goals are; figure out what I want and why. 
3. Assess and understand my opponents and their tactics to anticipate and counter them; assess my obstacles 
4. Come up with a game plan taking into account all that I've assessed.
5. Stick to the game plan.  
This has really been my goal with this manifesto project all along, and I've finally managed to distill it down to something I grasp and can articulate quickly and clearly. This is why it is so big, and why it seems like I’m trying to take such a huge bite all at once. This assessment of things also shows why it’s been hard to simply do one thing at a time, and why I concluded I had to do a lot in one big effort. Much of the work I've already done actually mixes many of these together. 
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|License|see http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditPlugin|
|Description|quickedit - sort lines of text|

Usage: see  http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditToolbar

%/<html><hide linebreaks><a href="javascript:;" class="tiddlyLink" tabindex="-1" 
title="sort lines of text"
onclick="var p=Popup.create(this); if (!p) return false; p.className+=' sticky smallform';
	var s=createTiddlyElement(p,'select'); s.button=this;
	s.options[0]=new Option('select sort order...','');
	s.options[s.length]=new Option('ascending','A');
	s.options[s.length]=new Option('descending','D');
	s.onclick=function(){ if (!this.value.length) return;
		var e=config.quickEdit.getField(this.button); if (!e) return false;
		var lines=config.quickEdit.getSelection(e).split('\n').sort();
		if (this.value=='D') lines=lines.reverse();
		Popup.remove(); return false;
	return config.quickEdit.processed(event);"
email=E-mail Address
other.email=E-mail 2 Address
business.email=E-mail 3 Address
webpage=Web Page
phone=Home Phone
mobile=Mobile Phone
address=Home Street
city=Home City
state=Home State
postal=Home Postal Code
country=Home Country
job.title=Job Title
business.phone=Business Phone
business.mobile=Business Phone 2
business.fax=Businss Fax
business.address=Business Street
business.city=Business City
business.state=Business State
business.postal=Business Postal Code
business.country=Business Country
unmapped=Title,Middle Name,Suffix,Department,Business Street 2,Business Street 3,Home Street 2,Home Street 3,Other Street,Other Street 2,Other Street 3,Other City,Other State,Other Postal Code,Other Country,Assistant's Phone,Callback,Car Phone,Company Main Phone,Home Fax,Home Phone 2,ISDN,Other Fax,Other Phone,Pager,Primary Phone,Radio Phone,TTY/TDD Phone,Telex,Account,Assistant's Name,Billing Information,Categories,E-mail Display Name,E-mail 2 Display Name,E-mail 3 Display Name,Gender,Government ID Number,Hobby,Initials,Keywords,Language,Location,Mileage,Office Location,Organizational ID Number,PO Box,Private,Profession,Referred By,Spouse,User 1,User 2,User 3,User 4
*A program for productivity (TagNote?)
* Bigger EReader that I can type on and do Bible work on.
**WalletThings.com: Where I lhave, link to, and make all sorts of wallet tools
*Electronic paper chess board
*Bluetooth numeric pad accessory
''twab'' stands for ''t''(iddly) ''w''(iki) ''a''(ddress) ''b''(ook)

I have placed this tag on all Tiddlers required to keep your Address Book in your TiddlyWiki.  A brief description of each component is given below.  See [[About:twab:Components]] for more information on the important pieces of the system.
* [[About:twab:Components]] - description of each of the components that comprises twab
* [[About:twab:Export]] - instructions on how to export contacts from your Tiddly using twab
* [[About:twab:Import]] - instructions on how to import contacts into your Tiddly using twab
* [[About:twab:Overview]] - overview of what twab is and what it does
* [[About:twab:Tweaks]] - discusses some configuration settings that can be tweaked
* ContactsFormTemplate - template used by FormTiddlerPlugin to render the contact inside a Tiddler
* DataTiddlerPlugin - handler for saved data controlled by FormTiddlerPlugin
* ForEachTiddlerPlugin - used by EmailsOnly to loop over all contacts and pull some data from each
* FormTiddlerPlugin - Retrieves, stores, and renders the contact information for each Tiddler
* InlineJavascriptPlugin - dynamically fills in links next to emails, websites, or addresses
* PartTiddlerPlugin - allows tabs on the ContactsFormTemplate to be contained in a single Tiddler instead of over multiple Tiddlers
* TheBSDLicense - license under which twab is available
* TwabDefaultFieldMap - default mappings, used if no mapping is specified
* TwabExport - default Tiddler that will be written to when exporting contacts (see [[About:twab:Export]] for more info)
* TwabGoogleFieldMap - Google mapping tiddler
* TwabImport - default Tiddler that should be used when importing contacts (see [[About:twab:Import]] for more info)
* TwabMSNFieldMap - MSN mapping tiddler
* TwabOutlookFieldMap - Outlook mapping tiddler
* TwabPlugin - main plugin that joins together all the components and does imports
* TwabTabParts - uses the PartTiddlerPlugin to encapsulate each of the tabs required by the ContactsFormTemplate
* TwabYahooFieldMap - Yahoo mapping tiddler
* [[twab-ok-to-delete]] - Tiddlers that ok to delete if you want to compact the installation as much as possible
* [[twab-upgrade-1.1-to-2.0]] - Tiddlers required to upgrade from version 1.1 to 2.0
[[camping list]]
[[mom's disability]] (link)
[[Old Jared facebook heathcare debate 3-19-10]]
[[Alec Conversations]]
[[Arden Discussion]]
[[Doty Discussion]]
[[Brandon Riemersma]]
*Various things to add, but before I forget:

*the sermon delivered at Nanny's funeral. 
*The sermons I delivered at Journey
*Playing with Tropes Dice
**Cards for others?
*Android writing app mimicking rory story cubes and writer's blocks
**do you need idea for character? plot? setting? 
**TVTropes functionality,
*** receive 1-5 random tropes at a time with varying degrees of randomness- full random, all the way down to really specific lists. 
**upgrade versions- more icons, more customizability
*Writer's Blocks dice
i want to talk to you today about something that is weighing upon my heart. 

the whole meaning of being a christian is bound up in paradoxes. the second 2 paradox is this: To have found God, yet to continually yearn for more of him. the 3third is this: to know his kingdom is here and alive right now, but to know that it is not yet, and we are also waiting for it. 4to know that we are the body of christ, and need one another desperately, the same way that blood needs oxygen, and to know that God is all that any of us needs. the first 1  is this: to know that, from our sin and shamefulness, we deserve no compassion from God, and yet to know that God finds us more loveable and worthwhile than anything else we know of- valuable enough to him that he should submit to death in order to finally have us. 5 That God is posssesor of all things, and yet, in order for him to possses us, he had to give up glory, take on shame, and DIE. 6 to know that God is master, soveriegn over all the universe, who determines what shall come to pass, and yet leaves freedom in our hands so much that we may defy his will. 7to be happily forgiven, and yet perpetually wounded with contrition. 8 to know that imperfection will always be a part of you, yet to experience God removing sin and shame from you always, beyond what you believed was ever possible, and then further still.  

to know that the church is the home of those who call on the name of the lord, and yet infiltrated by hypocrites and liars. To know that the church is God's true and official ambassador for God in this world, and yet to be ashamed to show her to the world for how pathetic she is in her following after God. 

to know that god has put honor in our hands: that is, we may bring honor upon him, and this is to our glory, and we may disgrace him, and it brings us more shame.  yet if we honor oursleves, we dishonor him, and if we do not seek our glory, we honor him. 

to be alive only through death. 

that a death of shame and disgrace may be the most noble and honorable thing the world has ever known. 

here is a paradox we want to avoid. to no longer be a sinner, and yet to live like one. to be a miniature self portrait of God, yet to be smudged almost beyond recognition with darkness and tar. 
.tgs {padding:7px !important;-moz-border-radius:5px; -webkit-border-radius:5px;border-radius:5px;}
.tgs li a, .tgs .quickopentag .tiddlyLink {display:inline;padding:2px;clear:none;}
.tgs li a.toggleButton {display:inline;margin-left:5px;}
.tgs .title {margin:3px 0 0 5px;font-weight:bold;font-size:150%;color:#999;padding:0;}
.tgs form{display:block;float:left;clear:both;padding-left:5px !important;}
.tgs .addto .quickopentag{display:block;clear:both;padding:5px;font-size:120%;}
.tgs .notags, .tsopt{display:block;clear:both;margin:5px;}
.tgs .highlight{background:#333;}
.tgs ol{margin:0;padding:0 0 5px 0;}
.tgs li{display:block;float:left;padding-bottom:10px !important;}
.tgs li span{line-height:1em;}
.tgs li ol li{clear:both;min-width:120px;display:inline;border:1px solid transparent;}
.tgs li ol li:hover{border:1px solid #999;}
.tgs li ol li ol li{padding:0 !important;}
.tgs li ol li ol li:hover{border:1px solid transparent;}
.tgside li ol li {min-width:150px;}.tgs .quickopentag {display:inline;}
.tgs .quickopentag .tiddlyLink:hover {text-decoration:underline;}
.tgs .quickopentag .button {border:0;padding:2px;font-size:1.5em;}
*Keychain Current: Keys, Tweezers, PS Style (pliers, scisors/nail clippers, screwdriver, bottle opener),"Phone tool", Tactical Whistle, Tape Measure.
**Wanted: Tactical Carbon Fiber Comb, Fenix E05 Flashlight
*Wallet Current: ID (school, State), Insurance Card, Credit Card, Laundry cards, loyalty cards, Zipcar, memory card holder
**missing:  credit card tool (bottle opener, blade, can opener,) tiny toothbrush 
*EDC bag:
***Current, Backpack Version: Pencils + lead, Highlighters, Pens, Sharpie, Stapler, clips, scissors, tape, super glue, 3X5 cards.  
*** thumbtacks, ziplock bags, 
**Health and Safety
***Backpack version: Currently have: Napkins, Qtips, breath freshener, floss, deodorant, disinfectant wipes,  a few bandaids.  razor, Ibuprofen, caffeine, supplements packs. Pepto tabs, chap stick, cough drops, 
****''Need'': Imodium, comb, Sun Screen/lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, travel shampoo, xylitol mints/gum
***expanded version : Handkerchief (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handkerchief_code), bandages, ear plugs, clippers, Adventure Medical QuikClot Sport, thermometer, lidocaine, hydrocortisone, bug repellent, Salt packets
***Phone, Headphones, Bluetooth Dongle, Audio Splitter, Extra Batteries,
Current: Loose Change. 
***Needed: Water Bottle, rubber bands, Duct Tape, safety pin, lighter, e-blanket, spoon, towel, 
***Missing: magnets, (book, kindle, bible, what?) prayer book, business cards, ICE, Conversation cards/starters (cards against humanity, scruples (new tiddler etc)), puzzle, poppers, candy, ball, dice, Pocket info books
***Current: Water, Snacks, Gum 
***Missing: mints 
Do the reddit keychain question.

***sun glasses, Noteboard Foldable Pocket Whiteboard, iodine tablets, seatbelt cutter, laser, thermometer, firestarter/matches/lighter, carabiner, compass, twine/rope, mirror, Towel (Terrible hitch-hiker without one.), elastic hair tie, bobbie pin, poncho, wd40 pen, emergency blanket, bike tools(leatherman Mako Ti?), gloves, needle/thread, spoon, http://sogknives.com/store/tools.html, http://www.reddit.com/r/EDC/comments/136jd4/i_need_a_keyring_multitool/ (condom for survival use: look it up.)

amusement: rubicks cube, Fun exploding poppers! metal puzzles, Candy, mints, dice, superball, conversation cards (cards against humanity, scruples, etc.) vibrating something , hackey sack, magnets, sugar packets. 

Misc: bible, prayer beads, donor card, business cards, ICE (dog tags with my info?), IDs, Money/debit card, Coupons, Insurance Card, loose change. Book/bookmark.

Trainings; First Aid. Wilderness Stuff. Self Defense Stuff. Knots. electronics. chemistry, biology, survival book, magic tricks with cards, parkour, dancing, snowboarding, SCUBA, Cooking, Bike repair, Using Android, exercising, shopping, haggling, 

pills: immodium ad, zantac, asprin, ibuprofen, tyelonol pm, 
Theory A : This verse is a commandment by Jesus to his followers for all time, and it implies that followers of Jesus are not only allowed, but required to self-defend using weapons of violence. 

Theory B: This Verse a commandment to his specific inner twelve disciples on a specific occasion for the purposes of teaching them about something, and is neither about self-defense, nor applicable to Christians in the future.

Hypothesis A: If Theory A is true, then when we look at the context, we should discover that it is surrounded by similar sayings and commandments, or as the conclusion to a parable. We should not expect Jesus to scold his followers for using the swords in self-defense or defense of the innocent right after issuing this command.

Hypothesis B: If theory B is true, then when we look at the context we should discover that Jesus gave this command in distinction with other things he had commanded, or as a part of a change in the narrative of the book, or to make a point about something unexpected. We should expect him to make an object lesson out of them afterwards.
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|License|see http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditPlugin|
|Description|quickedit - select font family|

Usage: see  http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditToolbar

%/<html><hide linebreaks><a href="javascript:;" class="tiddlyLink" tabindex="-1" 
title="set font-family CSS attribute - @@font-family:facename;...@@"
onclick="var p=Popup.create(this); if (!p) return false; p.className+=' sticky smallform';
	var s=createTiddlyElement(p,'select'); s.button=this;
	s.options[0]=new Option('select a font family...','');
	var fonts=store.getTiddlerText('QuickEdit_fontList','').split('\n');
	for (var i=0; i<fonts.length; i++) {
		if (!fonts[i].length) continue;
		s.options[s.length]=new Option(fonts[i],fonts[i]);
	s.options[s.length]=new Option('[Edit font list...]','_edit');
	s.options[s.length-1].title='enter fonts, one per line...';
		if (this.value=='_edit')
		Popup.remove(); return false;
	return config.quickEdit.processed(event);"
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|License|see http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditPlugin|
|Description|quickedit - text/background color|

Usage: see  http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditToolbar

%/<html><hide linebreaks><a href="javascript:;" class="tiddlyLink" tabindex="-1" 
title="text/background color - @@color:#RGB;background-color:#RGB;...@@"
onclick="var p=Popup.create(this,null,'popup sticky smallform'); if (!p) return false;
	function hex(d) { return '0123456789ABCDEF'.substr(d,1); }
	var fg=createTiddlyElement(p,'select'); fg.button=this;
	fg.options[0]=new Option('text color...','');
	fg.options[1]=new Option('\xa0 or enter a value','_ask');
	fg.options[2]=new Option('\xa0 or use default color','');
	for (var r=0;r<16;r+=3) for (var g=0;g<16;g+=3) for (var b=0;b<16;b+=3) {
		var label=hex(r)+hex(g)+hex(b);
		fg.options[fg.length]=new Option(label,'#'+label);
	fg.onchange=function(){ var val=this.value;
		if (val=='_ask') { val=prompt('Enter a CSS color value');
		if (!val||!val.length) return false; }
		this.options[0].value=val; this.options[0].text=val.length?'text: '+val:'text color...';
		var bg=this.nextSibling;
		for (var i=3;i<bg.options.length;i++) bg.options[i].style.color=val;
		var preview=this.nextSibling.nextSibling.nextSibling;
		var t=config.quickEdit.getSelection(config.quickEdit.getField(this.button));
		if (!t.length) t='~AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJj 1234567890';
		var fg=this.value; if (fg.length) fg='color:'+fg+';';
		var bg=this.nextSibling.value; if (bg.length) bg='background-color:'+bg+';';
		if (fg.length||bg.length) t='@@'+fg+bg+t+'@@';
		removeChildren(preview); wikify(t,preview);
		this.selectedIndex=0; return false;
	var bg=createTiddlyElement(p,'select'); bg.button=this;
	bg.options[0]=new Option('background color...','');
	bg.options[1]=new Option('\xa0 or enter a value','_ask');
	bg.options[2]=new Option('\xa0 or use default color','');
	for (var r=0;r<16;r+=3) for (var g=0;g<16;g+=3) for (var b=0;b<16;b+=3) {
		var label=hex(15-r)+hex(15-g)+hex(15-b);
		bg.options[bg.length]=new Option(label,'#'+label);
	bg.onchange=function(){ var val=this.value;
		if (val=='_ask') { val=prompt('Enter a CSS color value');
		if (!val||!val.length) return false; }
		this.options[0].text=val.length?'background: '+val:'background color...';
		var fg=this.previousSibling;
		for (var i=3;i<fg.options.length;i++) fg.options[i].style.backgroundColor=val;
		var preview=this.nextSibling.nextSibling;
		var t=config.quickEdit.getSelection(config.quickEdit.getField(this.button));
		if (!t.length) t='~AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJj 1234567890';
		var fg=this.previousSibling.value; if (fg.length) fg='color:'+fg+';';
		var bg=this.value; if (bg.length) bg='background-color:'+bg+';';
		if (fg.length||bg.length) t='@@'+fg+bg+t+'@@';
		removeChildren(preview); wikify(t,preview);
		this.selectedIndex=0; return false;
	var b=createTiddlyElement(p,'input',null,null,null,{type:'button'}); b.button=this;
	b.value='ok'; b.style.width='4em';
	b.onclick=function() {
		var fg=this.previousSibling.previousSibling.value; if (fg.length) fg='color:'+fg+';';
		var bg=this.previousSibling.value; if (bg.length) bg='background-color:'+bg+';';
		var t=config.quickEdit.getSelection(config.quickEdit.getField(this.button));
		if (fg.length||bg.length) config.quickEdit.setSelection(this.button,'@@'+fg+bg+t+'@@');
		Popup.remove(); return false;
	var preview=createTiddlyElement(p,'div',null,'viewer'); var s=preview.style;
	s.border='1px solid'; s.margin='2px'; s.width='24em'; s.padding='3px'; s.MozBorderRadius='3px';
	s.overflow='hidden'; s.textAlign='center'; s.whiteSpace='normal';
	var t=config.quickEdit.getSelection(config.quickEdit.getField(this));
	wikify(t.length?t:'~AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJj 1234567890',preview);
	event.cancelBubble=true;if(event.stopPropagation)event.stopPropagation();return false;"
!What's left
|Lounge chairs each|$25|
|Lounge chairs together|$55|
|Movies|$.50 per movie|
|Movies|$3per dvd series|
|exercise tower|$44|
|loft bed|$26|
|computer chair 1|$16|
|computer chair 2|$16|
|computer chair 3|8|
|Arden Couch|$20|
|Bookshelf 2|23|
|bookshelf 3|10|
|bookshelf 4|5|
|Miscelaneous books|??|
|old laptop|20|
|air filter, rainmate|$20|
|rice cooker|$6|
|george forman grill|$8|
|Ironing Board etc|$14|
|some plates|$3|
|bin of misc tools&cords|$5|
|Water guns etc|$21|
|Filing Cabinet|$10|
|Plastic Storage drawers|$3|
|Bathroom trashcan|$7|
|chess set|$5|
|Pente Set|$5|
|D&D things|Various|
|nice shirts|$3|
|all other shirts|$1|
|snow bib and shoes|$30?|
|Sheets/towels|$2 or $3|
|keyboard, mouse|$10 for both|
|Droid 4|$91|
|Incredible 2|$41|
|bluetooth headphones|$8|
|Christmas lights|Free|
|Whiteboards|$5 each|
|3 lamps|$15, $13, $9, or $30 for all|
|desk lamp|$10|
|extension cords|$2|
Jesus died because he was a good man. He rose again because he was God with us.
Recapitulation atonement note: 
"The point was that, in marriage, there is a two-way, counterintuitive kind of "ownership" and indeed shared "self-ness" between each other which doesn't occur in any other kind of relationship, except for between God and his people, which is why marriage is such an important theological metaphor for paul"
Dear Precious Child,
	I love you. You need to remember that there are things going on that you can't see, so you're just going to have to trust me here. Everything's gonna be OKAY. I __promise__. ''I LOVE YOU''.

God Almighty
''I MUST LEARN TO ENJOY THE PEOPLE HERE AND NOW, BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG I’LL HAVE THEM. I must learn to enjoy people, and bring them joy here and now, because I don’t know how long I’ll have them, or they’ll have me.''  I can’t be putting things off. I must squeeze the marrow out of every moment of life, because I don’t get any of it back. I need to stop saying, “as soon as,” but do now. Spend as much time as I can with the people I can.
first.name=First Name
last.name=Last Name
email=E-mail Address
other.email=E-mail 2 Address
business.email=E-mail 3 Address
webpage=Web Page
phone=Home Phone
mobile=Mobile Phone
address=Home Street
city=Home City
state=Home State
postal=Home Postal Code
country=Home Country
job.title=Job Title
business.phone=Business Phone
business.mobile=Business Phone 2
business.fax=Businss Fax
business.address=Business Street
business.city=Business City
business.state=Business State
business.postal=Business Postal Code
business.country=Business Country
unmapped=Title,Middle Name,Suffix,Department,Callback,Car Phone,Company Main Phone,Home Fax,Home Phone 2,ISDN,Other Fax,Other Phone,Pager,Primary Phone,Radio Phone,TTY/TDD Phone,Telex,Account,Assistant's Name,Billing Information,Business Address PO Box,Categories,Company Yomi,Directory Server,E-mail Type,E-mail Display Name,E-mail 2 Type,E-mail 2 Display Name,E-mail 3 Type,E-mail 3 Display Name,Gender,Given Yomi,Government ID Number,Hobby,Home Address PO Box,Initials,Internet Free Busy,Keywords,Language,Location,Manager's Name,Mileage,Office Location,Organizational ID Number,Other Address PO Box,Priority,Private,Profession,Referred By,Sensitivity,Spouse,Surname Yomi,User 1,User 2
This package provides a toolbar of interactive 'power tools' that you can use while editing a tiddler to quickly insert TiddlyWiki tiddler links, images, macros, etc. or common formatting sequences directly into tiddler content, as well as perform other functions (such as find/replace, sort, split, convert, etc.) that can be used to modify the current tiddler's source content in a variety of ways.

<<tiddler QuickEditToolbar with: show>>
Individual ~QuickEdit buttons are defined in separate tiddlers (e.g., [[QuickEdit_replace]]) that have also been //transcluded// into a single toolbar definition named [[QuickEditToolbar]].  You can edit this definition to add, remove, or rearrange the toolbar buttons to best suit your needs, and then embed the [[QuickEditToolbar]] tiddler into your document's [[EditTemplate]], like this:
<div macro='tiddler QuickEditToolbar'></div>
Next, in order to support some of the formatting 'shortcuts' provided by the toolbar, add a reference to the shortcuts CSS class definitions in your [[StyleSheet]]:
By default, the QuickEdit toolbar is hidden until you enable it by using the ''toggleQuickEdit'' command, which you can add to the ~EditToolbar definition in [[ToolbarCommands]]:
|EditToolbar|... toggleQuickEdit ...|
You can also toggle the ~QuickEdit toolbar display via a single checkbox option that can be added to [[SideBarOptions]] (or any other desired location):
<<option chkShowQuickEdit>> show QuickEdit toolbar
Note: You can 'hard-code' the ''chkShowQuickEdit'' setting, so that the toolbar will be //initially// displayed, by creating a tiddler (e.g., ConfigTweaks), tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>, containing:
Alternatively, if you want the toolbar to //always// be displayed, regardless of the option setting, you can add a special keyword, ''show'', to the [[EditTemplate]] syntax, like this:
<div macro='tiddler QuickEditToolbar with: show'></div>
New to version 2.0, [[twab]] provides support to export your contact information into any of the built-in formats.  Additionally, you can customize your export by creating your own mapping file.

Below are the instructions for exporting your contacts.

! Step 1: Select a Format
If you are simply backing up your data, you may be fine with using the built-in export format, which you can see in [[TwabDefaultFieldMap]].  If you are exporting your contacts for other reasons, though, you may want them to be exported into a built-in or custom format.  For instance, you may want to do this if you are exporting your contacts for import into Yahoo! or Google.

If you want to export to the default format, you don't need to do anything to configure [[twab]].

If you want to export into Yahoo, Google, MSN, or Outlook formats, you should create a Tiddler called [[TwabExport]] and give it a tag corresponding to the format in which you want the contacts to be in.  The list below summarizes the options:

* If you want Yahoo! CSV format, tag [[TwabExport]] with "format:yahoo"
* If you want MSN CSV format, tag [[TwabExport]] with "format:msn" (see note below)
* If you want Google CSV format, tag [[TwabExport]] with "format:google" (see note below)
* If you want Outlook CSV format, tag [[TwabExport]] with "format:outlook"

If you want a custom export format, you should place a tag called "format:<Tiddler>" on the [[TwabExport]] tiddler, where "<Tiddler>" is the name of the tiddler that you created with the mappings.  For example, if you create a mapping tiddler called ~PalmTiddler, you would tag [[TwabImport]] as "format:PalmTiddler".  See [[About:twab:Import]] for more information on custom mappings.

''Note to Hotmail Users:'' As you might expect, MSN doesn't make things easy.  In my testing, I was having problems importing a file into Hotmail.  I decided to export my contacts from Hotmail and then reimport them as-is just to see if it would work.  What I found was that the CSV file that Hotmail generated on export was incomplete.  Even after I fixed the file myself, MSN would not import its own file properly.  Strangely, Google and Yahoo had no problem importing the same (corrected) file that MSN generated.  So word of warning - importing any data into MSN might not work properly.  Blame Microsoft :)

''Note to Google Users:'' Google suggests using Outlook, Outlook Express, or Yahoo CSV formats when importing your contacts into your Google account.  With that in mind, [[twab]] will automatically use the Outlook mapping for Google export when you place the "format:google" tag on [[TwabExport]].  You most likely won't need to know that's the case, but I document it here just in case.

! Step 2: Create an Export Button
You can embed the twab export button in any Tiddler by adding the following code:
<<twab Export AddressBook>>
Which will result in: <<twab Export AddressBook>>.

This exports all contacts into a Tiddler whose name is given in the the [[TwabPlugin]] code.  See [[About:twab:Tweaks]] for information on how to customize what Tiddler the export is written to.  This button is always accessible in the [[TwabPlugin]] Tiddler in case you don't want to create  a new Tiddler just for this reason.

Unlike import, multiple tags are supported but only the first tag will be used.  So if you have
<<twab Export AddressBook myContacts>>

[[twab]] will currently only export tiddlers tagged with "AddressBook".  Also, it's important to note that the 3rd parameter is not required.  If it's not provided [[twab]] will use the default tag name - see [[About:twab:Tweaks]] for more information.

! Step 3: Hit the Button
Go ahead, try it above.  The Tiddler will be created if it doesn't exist or overwritten if it does exist.  The format of the data will match the tag that you gave the Tiddler.

! Step 4: Save the Data or Import
You can now take that data and either save it for backups or import it into your target system.  Since export is read-only, you don't have to worry about any data corruption when exporting your contacts.
These are some of my ideas for games
balloon party.
water guns
Things i want to be educated about
Credit and debt. 
voting http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/z4og6/al_gore_calls_for_end_of_electoral_college/
Global warming
resource consumption
birth control/abortion
economics/welfare/unemployment/reagan/taxes, social darwinism (joseph redistributed at God’s command)
corporate, government corruption /lobbyists
civil liberties/ 
founding fathers
conservative/liberal differences
health care/ contraception
homosexual/gay rights/marriage
sex education
justice/ private prisons/sex offenders/
food stuff, gmo issues, monsanto
wikileaks, free speech
world justice/ water/food
human rights, torture
government overspending
Government intrusion into lives
free market, minimum wage
public transportation (trains), urban sprawl

Why big government/small government is a stupid distinction. 

republicans are defined by 3 things: social values, economic values, and “national security” values. a fourth if we add israel, but it is often lumped with national secuirty

the social values issues are: “tough on crime” no drugs, no gay marriage, and no abortion. also is “personal responsibility”

the economic values are: low taxes for the rich, reduced/no safety net for the poor/elderly/disadvantaged (related to social value of “personal responsibility”), reduced/no regulations of any kind on corporations “
from 1990 to now, the population increased by 26% government spending increased by 300% government spending always bloats out of control”

national security values: war is good. police are good and ought not be questioned. the government should not be questioned in the way it fights war. the government has the right to violate people’s rights (privacy, habeus corpus, quick trial, free speech, etc.) for the sake of fighting wars.  censorship is fine to protect this.
Israel: Israel is always right. it’s enemies are always wrong. 

Narrative theology
Dispensationalism/rapture/end times
Tongues, spiritual gifts
hebrew conttexts
greek contexts
roman contexts


What is religion?
Free speech
Islam/modern Islam (Fazlur Rahman, Islam (London 1966)) (Nazir Ali, Islam A Christian Perspective.)
Daoism (buy the dao of pooh, and the divinity of the dao)

Western Civ.
Enlightenment (rationalism vs empiricism, etc)

Yahweh is the land owner and land owners are really just renters. God sends the orphans, widows and poor to collect the rent. 

- Nature of scripture
- Apologetics topics
- Emotional Maturity
- Political positions
	health care
- Metaphor and communication
- Productivity (tiddly wiki, android)
- Meaning, Morality
- Familiarity with Scripture
and contexts


!Book list
!!Modern Books

I'm interested in how cultures interacted with each other. Grecco-Roman and Near East, Middle East, Far East, New World, African, Northern Europe

***it is unclean to talk to someone in the bathroom
$[[enter a date|{{new Date().formatString('DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY hh12:0mm:0ssam')}}]]
@@display:block;height:10em;overflow:auto;$[[enter scrolling content|$1]]@@@@display:block;text-align:right;^^scroll for more...^^@@
nested slider
+++[$1]<<tiddler $1>>===
big red
Standard SimpleTree
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>
Hi. I'm selling several things this week. 

-(1) queen size mattress, lightly used, great condition. no box spring. Selling for $ 75 OBO.  
-(1) plain black desk, 140 cm wide X 75 cm deep X 75 cm tall. (~55 inches) X (~29.5 inches) X(~29.5 inches) 
--It's a very boring desk, and just a large flat surface. it has several nicks and dings on the surface, so it's not worth the 200 i paid for it anymore by a long shot, but it's extremely sturdy and comfortable to use. $40. 2 minute assembly required.
-(1) Kirby Heritage II vacuum, $100 OBO
-- It works great still, I'm just moving somewhere without carpet soon. Twelve spare bags, and several attachments: crevice tool, dusting brush, hose, tube extender, and a mount to hold them in. 
-(1) Kenmore "Grab n Go Pro" upright canister 12 amp vacuum, with crevice tool and upholstry tool attachment. (Was left here by old roommate who couldn't bring it with him) $20 OBO
-(1) ZTE Peel 3200. This is a cool little attachment that you hook your iPod Touch (2nd or 3rd gen only) into, and it basically turns it into an iPhone. was $80 when it was released a few years ago, goes for $25 on eBay these days, I'll give it to you for like $10 OBO i guess. Works for Sprint network only. 
--I also have another Chinese knock-off looking device that is supposed to do the same thing (I'm pretty sure it works), but I'll throw it in with the Peel free. Another old roommate used these for a while, and then he got a real iPhone for Christmas. just left them here with me. 
- (2) electronic cigarettes with 18 refills. I got them for free, tried them, and decided nicotine wasn't for me. you get all of them for like $10
- (2) Turning Technologies ResponseCard NXT. I got one for one science class at ASU, forgot I had it, got the second one for another, and now have no need for either ever again. Selling them at a loss, and a discount: $65 for either of them, $120 for both, OBO. 
- (1) "Honeywell Compact Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter, HHT-011" Sells for $50 on Amazon http://amzn.com/B000N9CPQK, I'll let you have it for $25. It's great, works awesome, I just don't need it anymore.
- (1) Condor Edc Bag, Black http://amzn.com/B007IWJC5M. Simply one of the best EDC bags around, barely used. Better than the more expensive Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack. Normally $50 on Amazon, you get it for $30. 
- (1) Awesome reading chair You've got to see the pic to understand what it is, but it's insanely comfortable because it's the same type of chair that you sit in while donating blood. I have 3 of them, but I'm only selling 1. They "retail" (you can't actually go anywhere online to buy them direct, normally, unless you're a medical facility or donation bank) for $1,100 per chair, but these are are old and the vinyl upholstery is kinda cracking and failing (it kinda needs re-upholstering).  I'm letting it go for $300. The frame is incredibly sturdy, and you could easily mount some custom arm-rests or a swivel dinner tray or something. 

@@color(red):''__I DO NOT IGNORE MY CONSCIENCE__''@@

''I am not that sort of person anymore''
(this is partly about competence!)
Big one:
Today I resolve to be intentional. I commit myself resolutely to both joy and health, to the highest degree and in the best ways, for myself and the people I influence, for all of today, and I will be unhesitant about any of it. I will strive to find beauty and enjoyment in every person and situation I come across. I will laugh with those who laugh and mourn with those who mourn.
      	This day I commit myself to repent of sin in me, and forgive it against me. I commit myself to the health and wholeness of both myself and those I influence, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and I will be unflinchingly, but compassionately honest. Thus I commit myself to a community which does the same.
      	Today I endeavor to learn all I can about God, my neighbor, the bible and the world (and then teach it.) I resolve to do justly, to love mercy, and walk humbly with my God. I am small and weak, and I trust that god will take care of me, on the strong word of Jesus, through the power of his spirit, because without him I am helpless. “Everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s just not the end.” I believe this resolutely because, and only because I trust God thusly. Though my suffering may be great today, and all of this may hurt, a lot, I will follow him relentlessly until my legs give out.
This all is the kingdom of God, to me and in me. It is my aim and goal at whatever cost, because it is simply better. All of this I say in the strong and faithful name of Jesus, who died and rose again so that I might have eternal life, and relying on the breath of the Holy Spirit, I say 
hobbies, healthy liing space, healthy food, enjoyable living space and food, aesthetic pleasures, physical pleasures.
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|License|see http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditPlugin|
|Description|quickedit - convert between comma/tab-separated and TW table format|

Usage: see  http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditToolbar

%/<html><hide linebreaks><a href="javascript:;" class="tiddlyLink" tabindex="-1" 
title="convert between comma/tab-separated and TW table format"
onclick="var e=config.quickEdit.getField(this);
	if (e) e.focus(); var txt=config.quickEdit.getSelection(e);
	if (txt.indexOf(',')+txt.indexOf('\t')+txt.indexOf('|')==-3) {
		alert('Please select text containing tabs, commas, or TiddlyWiki table syntax.');
		return false;
	var p=Popup.create(this); if (!p) return false; p.className+=' sticky smallform';
	var s=createTiddlyElement(p,'select'); s.button=this;
	s.options[0]=new Option('select a converter...','');
	if (txt.indexOf(',')!=-1) {
		s.options[s.length]=new Option('commas -> table','commasToTable');
		s.options[s.length]=new Option('commas -> tabs','commasToTabs');
	if (txt.indexOf('\t')!=-1) {
		s.options[s.length]=new Option('tabs -> table','tabsToTable');
		s.options[s.length]=new Option('tabs -> commas','tabsToCommas');
	if (txt.indexOf('|')!=-1) {
		s.options[s.length]=new Option('table -> tabs','tableToTabs');
		s.options[s.length]=new Option('table -> commas','tableToCommas');
	s.onclick=function(){ if (!this.value.length) return;
	        var e=config.quickEdit.getField(this.button); if (!e) return false;
		e.focus(); var txt=config.quickEdit.getSelection(e);
		switch(this.value) {
			case 'tabsToTable':
			case 'tableToTabs':
				txt=txt.replace(/\t/g,' ').replace(/\|/g,'\t');
			case 'commasToTable':
			case 'tableToCommas':
				txt=txt.replace(/,/g,' ').replace(/\|/g,',');
			case 'tabsToCommas':
			case 'commasToTabs':
		Popup.remove(); return false;
	return config.quickEdit.processed(event);"
*7min workout
*google authenticator
*business calendar
*clean master

|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|formats, background colors and other optional settings for DatePlugin|
// // Default popup content display options (can be overridden by cookies)
if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideCreated==undefined)
if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideChanged==undefined)
if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideTagged==undefined)
if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideReminders==undefined)

// // show Julian date number below regular date
if (config.options.chkShowJulianDate===undefined)

// // fixed-date annual holidays
	"01/01", // NewYearsDay, 
	"07/04", // US Independence Day
	"07/24"  // Eric's Birthday (hooray!)

// // weekend map (1=weekend, 0=weekday)
config.macros.date.weekend=[ 1,0,0,0,0,0,1 ]; // day index values: sun=0, mon=1, tue=2, wed=3, thu=4, fri=5, sat=6

// // date display/link formats
config.macros.date.format="YYYY.0MM.0DD"; // default date display format
config.macros.date.linkformat="YYYY.0MM.0DD"; // 'dated tiddler' link format
config.macros.date.tipformat="YYYY.0MM.0DD"; // 'dated tiddler' tooltip format

// // reminder lead time
config.macros.date.leadtime=31; // find reminders up to 31 days from now

// // When displaying a calendar (see [[CalendarPlugin]]), you can customize the colors/styles that are applied to the calendar dates by modifying the values and/or functions below:
// default calendar colors

// apply calendar styles
function setDateStyle(place,link,weekend) {
	// alias variable names for code readability
	var date=link.date;
	var fmt=link.linkformat;
	var linkto=date.formatString(fmt);
	var cmd=config.macros.date;

	if ((weekend!==undefined?weekend:isWeekend(date))&&(cmd.weekendbg!=""))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.weekendbg; }
	if (hasModifieds(date)||hasCreateds(date)||hasTagged(date,fmt))
		{ link.style.fontStyle="normal"; link.style.fontWeight="bold"; }
	if (hasReminders(date))
		{ link.style.textDecoration="underline"; }
	if (isToday(date))
		{ link.style.border="1px solid black"; }
	if (isHoliday(date)&&(cmd.holidaybg!=""))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.holidaybg; }
	if (hasCreateds(date)&&(cmd.createdbg!=""))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.createdbg; }
	if (hasModifieds(date)&&(cmd.modifiedsbg!=""))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.modifiedsbg; }
	if ((hasTagged(date,fmt)||store.tiddlerExists(linkto))&&(cmd.linkedbg!=""))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.linkedbg; }
	if (hasReminders(date)&&(cmd.remindersbg!=""))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.remindersbg; }
	if (isToday(date)&&(cmd.todaybg!=""))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.todaybg; }
	if (config.options.chkShowJulianDate) {
		var m=[0,31,59,90,120,151,181,212,243,273,304,334];
		var d=date.getDate()+m[date.getMonth()];
		var y=date.getFullYear();
		if (date.getMonth()>1 && (y%4==0 && y%100!=0) || y%400==0) d++; // after February in a leap year
	var t=store.getTiddlerText(linkto,'')
	if (config.options.chkInlineCalendarJournals && t.length) wikify('<br>'+t,place);
*[[Clean House]]
* [[Make phone calls may 2012]]

*Carson Clark
NSA and spying
Wall Street
Mens rights
banking, bitcoin
"Men's rights"
censorship for the kids
tough on crime
sex offenders, childporn (teens sexting are equal to child molesters, lolwut)
Net Neutrality
*specific habits and goals
* general purpose and goals
*expansions on what I mean
* pleasures
|!heading column 1|!heading column 2|h
|left aligned | right aligned|
| centered ||
Love hurts. Anyone who has ever loved knows this. God knows this. To love is to risk.  
This world hurts. We love things and they hurt us, and our hurt is all the more because we love them.  
“To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket — safe, dark, motionless, airless — it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation. The only place outside of Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is Hell.”  

Bob Marley tells us, “Truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to figure out who’s worth suffering for.” 

We live in this world where we abuse, run from, twist, fear, and misunderstand love. People hurt us, and we abandon love in favor of hurting either them, with revenge, or ourselves by demanding to not risk being loved or loving at all. 

the ways that we do this as human beings are as various as we are, but we all know people who have simply inexplicably pushed people away. when asked why, they respond, “i didn’t deserve it” or “it was going to hurt” or something. and in so doing we run from love 

the gospel is the good news that says that even against the pain and risk of pain that love always brings with it, LOVE itself wins out in the end, because love is always better. Being a Christian is about learning to love the way God does, not just “sacrificially”, but vulnerabally, truly. it means becoming the type of person who understands what love is, and choses it over all of the unealthy and destructive tendencies that we have. it meas trusting God that he will pull love through despite the pain. it means choosing to live in world where love is triumphant over all of the ways that we can be hurt by love. 

we convince ourselves that sometimes, perhaps often, that it’s okay, that it’s worth it to choose something instead of love, to make a tradeoff.

all of the forces that scare us and control us don’t have to- God gives us the ability to push back the darkness with his light and let love rule us instead.
I am a Herald and Possessor of the Goodness of God in Jesus Christ, -- who Created me to Love. -- I will Trust him No Matter What, -- so today, I will Relentlessly Strive to Manifest Ever-Increasing Healing, Pleasure and Joy, --  Socially, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually, -- the pleasures of Play, Creative Expression, Discovery, Empathy and the Natural Loves, Grace, Hope, and Rest. -- I will Intentionally be Aware of and Overcome Trials and my Destructive Tendencies -- with all Courage, Temperence, Prudence, and Justice, -- because this is the Best Way to Live. 

Let me explain each term.

Herald. This is the first reminder I hear in the morning, and reminds me that I am not insignifcant, and that I have something important to do with my day, connected to the very mission of God and his goodness, and my highest joy. 

Possessor. Reminds me that not only is my purpose in this life to bring this joy and goodness to others, but that to enjoy it myself. I must remind myself that I have God's goodness available to me and in me even when I don't remember it or feel it.  

The Goodness of God. God is Good. God is good for ME. God is good for YOU. God's goodness is not a philosophical abstraction about his metaphysical moral qualities. It is an actual reality that is relevant to us here, now. If God is good, it means so very many things. But for the purposes of this, it is about, first, his attitude of generosity and empathy and justice toward me and the world, and second, his actions of generosity, empathy and justice toward me and the world, specifically... 

In Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the central person of history, the the very Word of God with human flesh, the Son of God. God came to save the world through him, Announcing the Kingdom of God, dying as one of us to save us from our sins, and rising again to new life, conquering the power of sin and death. The Incarnation, Inauguration of Kingdom, and Atonement are the three inextricably-linked acts of God's love toward us by Jesus. This phrase "in Jesus Christ" is deliberately grammatically ambiguous, since it appears so frequently in the Bible just as ambiguously. (Note, I do NOT mean "vague," but ambiguous. Vague would mean that it was of unclear meaning. Ambiguous means that it is of multiple meaning.) It refers to the WAY I am a possessor of the goodness of God (herald/possessor... in Jesus Christ). It refers to the source of that Goodness (the goodness ... in Jesus Christ). It refers to the Divinity of Christ (God in Jesus Christ). 

God created all humankind, myself included, to love. He created humankind to love, that is, in order for Him to love us (That is take pleasure/joy in us, and increase the Joy/pleasure in us). He created Humankind to love, that is, so that WE ourselves would love, both one another, and him. This is what creation is about; this is why we were created. I am loved. We are loved. We are here to love.

Trusting God in Jesus Christ is the primary act which followers of Christ are called to. Trust, a more suitable translation for the word usually rendered, "faith," is about more than belief. If it is about belief, it is belief which makes one act. Further, It is relational- it is not about the things believed, but the person trusted. It is not blind, but rather reasonable. Doubt is not a sin, but rather a trial. 

No Matter What. Never give up. In other words, 

Relentlessly Strive. I sometimes fail. This mission statement is bold, but it could have been bolder, had I said, "...so today I will manifest ever-increasing..." I didn't because sometimes it is harder than simply doing. But I can try. But "trying" is too small. Striving says it better. But the real reminder is that I be relentless. When I fail, get back up. Push toward these joys as HARD as I can. Give everything I have, because this is all i have. 

"Manifest Ever-Increasing Healing, Pleasure, and Joy" is the centerpiece of this mission statement. I will expand on it backwards.

Joy and Pleasure: The whole point. The whole point of everything. My highest, primary Goal in my existence is to attain for myself the highest, best kind of happiness/pleasure/joy possible, or at least it ought to be. Ayn Rand was right, that the first moral principle is to seek one's own good, but she just didn't realize that God exists, and THAT changes things, in several ways. First as CS Lewis said, "God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing." God is the highest goodness to be had. Second, Because God exists and desires the happiness and well-being of everyone else as well, my best happiness resides in enjoying and increasing the joy of both God and my neighbor. 

The facts bear this out. The many ways to enjoy other people constitute most of all the happiness, and most of the best happiness, in all of life. Bringing joy to someone increases your own joy. Enjoying another person themself increases their joy. This is what Love is, and is all about. The more I love someone, the more my pleasure and happiness is connected to theirs, on SOME level.        

Finally, The existence of God is the only way any of my pursuit of the highest Joy (or failure thereof) can matter in the end. God implores us to do good because it is good for us, and not to do wicked because it is bad for us. Because we have gone wrong, we often take pleasure in (or simply inexplicably do) things which are in conflict with our (or another's) best good. God ensures that there in fact exists a "best good" which he wants to give us, and that deviation from that (by hurting one's self, or hurting others, or neglecting God, etc.) is a real, meaningful, regrettable deviation. Otherwise, there is no difference in the end between pursuing my pleasure by oppression, manipulation, violence, and injustice, versus failing to pursue pleasure at all, versus living the most noble, virtuous life possible. 

Kant was wrong. The BEST reason to do good to someone is because the joy of the other gives you joy. The best people are the people who take the most joy in others. 

Healing. We live sick and wounded among sick and wounded. Healing must very often first take place in many areas before the highest joys, pleasures, happiness can be even known about, let alone acquired. Healing, and maintaining health, are the necessities of this world because of this, and are usually either monstrously painful at worst, or tedious at best, although it is possible to get to the point where one maintaining most of one's healthy tendencies is natural. 

Manifest Ever-Increasing. I carefully chose this phrasing because it was ambiguous enough to indicate either manifesting in myself, or in others (or God, for that matter), and it conveyed the dynamic nature of this pursuit, and the fact that there is always more joy to manifest. 

" Socially, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually" is the primary support phrase of this mission statement, emphasizing that the pursuit of God and his pleasure is best done holistically, neglecting no facet of one's life. Each of these spheres of life is distinct, but they almost always overlap. It is crucial to recognize that none of these is more important than any of the others, but the social requires special additional attention. 

Socially. This refers to the fact that the pursuit of pleasure is not solitary. Socially  **.......................................................**

Spiritually. This is the divine equivalent of socially. 

Manifesting the pleasure of discovery, mentally, socially is taking pleasure in bringing the joy/pleasure of learning to someone else, often by teaching. 

This is an entire life repentance, and all of the different words in there relate to each other and are lived out in a myriad of ways. But first,
Bookmark sorting
document creation
*The timeline macro stops working for "modified" when i turn the table sorting plugin on. WTF?
*Search feature not working completely. For example, Lion doesn't turn up all the results that it should. A ton of other things only show up partially. 
* TextAreaPlugin doesn't work.

!Feature Requests
For SimpleTreePlugin, it would be awesome if there were an option to have it show how many items there were subordinate to a list item, while they are collapsed. Perhaps, a number in parenthesis after or before the icon, or directly after the list item itself? Indeed, a way to tell not only how many items are underneath, but how many of those items themselves have sub items, or are the end of their tree route.

!Evernote Comments

When Viewing notes, via list, snippets, etc, you should have checkboxes in order to perform mass actions, like deleting, tagging, moving, etc. 
I've got a few competing explanations for what happened. 
1) I was broken and I had given up defending against sex. The pain was unbearable, and I told God I was going to give into the temptation when it showed itself if he didn't help me out from under the terrible weight of all the pain. And just days before relief would have been available, had I only known, I gave up the last defense.

2) I was drunk, and wasn't controlling myself.

3) I had gone so long not being attractive to girls, I just gave up putting any energy into defending against a girl wanting sex with me. Then, when a girl did, i was caught flatfooted and just went for it. 

[[abortion argument]]
"fetuses are in fact babies" see, that's where we differ. This is coming from someone raised in a deeply pro-life conservative christian community, who is still passionately religious, aiming to become a pastor. 

There's a few important points here: zygote=/=blastocyst=/=embryo =/= fetus=/= baby

a fertilized egg is not a baby. the clump of few hundred cells, called a blastocyst, invisible to the naked eye, is not a baby. an embryo, either barely visible or not visible at all to the naked eye, and at early stages, not resembling a baby at all, is not a baby. 

The Bible condemns working on the sabbath, but doesn't detail what exactly counts as working on the sabbath. The pharisees came up with aboluste, suffocating, impossible, clear cut lines which counted as breaking sabbath, which Jesus vociferously condemned. The Bible condemns murder, but doesn't tell us when a fertilized egg becomes a member of society capable of being murdered. It is the modern pharisees who have come up with their absolute, suffocating, impossible clear cut lines for what counts as a person for murder. i think that it is just as silly and irrational to claim that a clump of invisible cells is a person whose death is equal to murder, as it is to say that combing one's hair or pushing an elevator button is divinely prohibited work on the sabbath. 

Better to be safe than sorry? That's what the Pharisees said. Better to be sane than draw paranoid lines. 
To my fellow dancers.
I was talking to a friend about the path of development as a dancer. I noticed that the different parts of dancing seemed to pass somewhat sequentially - that after becoming proficient at one stage, the next stage seemed like the new, exciting thing to learn about. Here they are.
Stage 1: Frame, Footwork, Leading (or Following). Getting solid in how to hold yourself as a dancer, how to effectively move around the floor, and how to initiate or respond in a dance setting.
Stage 2: Moves, moves, moves. Getting familiar with a wide varieties of moves and movements.
Stage 3: Developing your signature style - your preferred move set and patterns (styling). Developing your unique dancing identity.
Stage 4: Connection. Interest in the unique dynamic created by you and a partner in a song.
Stage 5: Self-expression. Dance as a medium for channeling emotion.
Stage 6: Musicality. Tapping into what the music is leading.
Stage 7: Purpose and Art of Dancing. Experientially understanding the relationship between dancing and life. Knowing the deep "Why" behind your dancing.
I found myself roughly progressing through each of these stages every year (I'm almost through my 8th year).
Some I was more keenly interested in - Musicality, Self-expression, Connection. Others, not as much - Moves in particular. I think these proclivities show up in my dancing.
I think we are all naturally drawn to specific stages, as we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I think that a truly balanced dancer will give equal weight to all parts of the process.
Just thought I'd share.
Hippos, otter, bat, BEARS! Lions, penguins, racoons, possums, capybaras, monkeys, koalas, kangaroos, ocotopus, dolphin, seals, kiwi, pig, goat,
I want to be valued for being Kind, Trusting, Creative, Honest, Compassionate, Clever, Reasonable, Wise, Generous, Passionate, Fun, Joyful, A source of Joy and Healing, thirsty for life and in possession of it, someone to learn from. 

It's okay to want to be valued... just valued for what, and by whom, and why?
The fuck? I believe in "Everything is going to be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end" ahead of anything else. I confess "I don't know," NOT because I don't like the debate or don't understand it, but because I know it so well. I could defend a Catholic view of hell, an Orthodox view of Hell, A Universalist view of salvation, an Atheist argument, and a dozen variants. I could also give the arguments against those presentations, and the responses back to THOSE arguments. There are good arguments and reasons for all of them. I gave up obsessing about it when i realized that no matter how good my reasoning was, there was always a chance that i could be wrong, and I'd have to admit it.

So I found something about which I refuse ever to admit being wrong about, "Everything is going to be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." Yes. It's vague. But it's also very specific. Ultimately, Justice, actual, real justice will be done. In the end, there's safety. God cares. Hope wins. Love Wins. If a view ultimately cannot be reconciled with that, then I'll reject it. Until then, I hold things with an open patience. If I ever become completely unable to reconcile a view of the afterlife with "Hope wins, Love wins," then I toss it off the table of things i think could be true.  

On the specific issue you raised earlier, I'll actually tackle the interpretive business of Matt 7:13-14, just for a moment. Since I can read Ancient Greek, I'll be offering my own translation, so it might be unfamiliar. "Go in through the narrow doorway, because the doorway is wide, and the path quite spacious, leading to becoming lost, and many go through it, but the doorway is narrow, and the way hard to bear, leading into life, and few go through it." 
There are many ways to live a destructive life, a life of lost wandering, and many do, because it's easier. But living a REAL life- that's hard, and not many manage to pull it off- but Jesus urges us to do it instead. This happens to be in line with very ancient Christian interpretation of this verse. 

I have no intention of proving you wrong, or proving God to you. I would much rather convince you that everything is going to be okay in the end, and that life matters more than you currently realize. That happens to be the core of my Christianity. The rest is mostly negotiable. 

Why are you trying to pick a fight with me?
[[Andrews encouragement 8-10-11]]
Female Archetypes 

Mother/ "Wicked Stepmother/Mother-in-Law"
Wife/ Nag/rebellious woman/frigid bitch?
grandmother/ old crone

is the opposite really necessarily bad? 
[[Arden 4 views discussion]]
preaching skill, metaphor, narrative
effectiveness, planning, organization
what i want; general/specific
women in ministry
friends, lovers, community
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|Documentation for SearchOptionsPlugin|
Extend core search function with additional user-configurable options including selecting which data items to search, enabling/disabling incremental key-by-key searches, and generating a ''list of matching tiddler'' instead of immediately displaying all matches.  This plugin also adds syntax for rendering 'search links' within tiddler content to embed one-click searches using pre-defined 'hard-coded' search terms.
!!!!!Search link Syntax
To insert a 'search link' into tiddler content, you can write:
[search[text to find]]
[search[text to display|text to find]]
Clicking on the resulting search link will trigger the search functionality, just as if the specified 'text to find' had been entered into the standard search input field usually displayed in the document sidebar.
!!!!!Inline output: search macro syntax
Alternatively, to embed search results lists directly into your tiddler content, you can use:
<<search "text" report>> (report is a literal keyword)
<<search "text" "heading" "separator">> (simple inline generator)
!!!!!Inline output examples:
*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood"&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood">>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" "/%%/"&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" "/%%/">>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" "See also: "&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" "See also: ">>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" "See also:\n*" "\n*"&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" "See also:\n*" "\n*">>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" report=list "See also:"&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" report=list "See Also:" >>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" report&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" report>>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" report=&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" report=>>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" report=all&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" report=all>>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" report=summary+buttons+again+list&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" report=summary+buttons+again+list>>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" report=summary+again&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" report=summary+again>>

*+++*[&lt;&lt;search "wood" report=summary&gt;&gt;]>...
<<search "wood" report=summary>>

<<tiddler SearchOptions>><<option chkSearchResultsOptions>> Include {{{options...}}} slider in "search again" form
>//Note: You can customize the search options display by editing the [[SearchOptions]] shadow tiddler.  You can also embed these options in your content by using any of the following standard TiddlyWiki macros://
<<tiddler SearchOptions>>
<<slider chkSearchOptions [[SearchOptions]] options "show search options">>
<<tabs chkSomeCookieName ... "options" "show search options" [[SearchOptions]] ... >>
2011.04.08 3.0.10 fixed typo in CSS in formatSearchResults_buttons().  Restore missing options in Configuration section.
2011.03.18 3.0.9 moved configuration controls to [[SearchOptions]] shadow tiddler
2010.05.03 3.0.8 added chkSearchResultsOptions to allow/omit the "options..." slider from the "search again" form
2010.02.25 3.0.7 in formatSearchResults_list, added declaration of local 'co' variable
2009.09.22 3.0.6 in TiddlyWiki.prototype.search, added 'match' param for core compatibility
2009.01.16 3.0.5 added chkSearchOpenTiddlers option to limit searches to displayed tiddlers only
2009.01.15 3.0.4 in formatSearchResults_list(), corrected link generation to properly handle single-quotes and double-quotes in tiddler titles
2009.01.09 3.0.3 added chkSearchHighlight to optionally disable highlighting of matched text
2009.01.05 3.0.2 in formatSearchResults_list(), set/clear 'highlightHack' via HTML links so that search term will be highlighted when displaying tiddlers.
2008.10.14 3.0.1 changed panel class from "tiddler" to "searchPanel" and added style definition for "searchPanel".  Fixes ticket #771 (in IE, links from search results were reporting errors due to "fake" tiddler class wrapper)
2008.10.02 3.0.0 added optional list of tags to use for excluding tiddler from searches (default="excludeLists").
2008.09.24 2.9.9 performance improvment to reportSearchResults(): when rendering a real SearchResults tiddler, store.notify() isn't needed since the results tiddler is always explicitly closed and redrawn each time.
2008.09.20 2.9.8 corrected createPanel() and renderPanel() so toolbar will be correctly shown/hidden on mouseover/mouseout.
2008.09.19 2.9.7 fixes to panel handling for IE, Safari, and others.  Changed panel id to #searchPanel and added .searchResults CSS class wrapper around panel content.  Fixed fold/unfold handling.
2008.09.18 2.9.6 refactored panel handling code, added 'fold/unfold' panel toolbar command, added dynamic 'title' (shows search term), added txtIncrementalSearchMin option
2008.09.17 2.9.5 added focus and cursor handling for 'search again' field in #searchResults DIV report so that an incremental key-by-key search doesn't interfere with continuous typing into the field.
2008.09.17 2.9.4 fix 'flicker' when updating #searchResults DIV by wikify()ing to an 'offscreen' DIV and then using replaceChild() instead of using removeChildren() followed by wikify()
2008.09.16 2.9.3 changed report layout, added "search again" and collapsible 'options' section with incremental search checkbox and "txtIncrementalSearchDelay" timer tweak to onKeyPress()
2008.08.25 2.9.2 added animation to search results DIV.  Also, the #searchResults DOM element is only auto-created if it does not exist ... and when closed, the DIV is simply hidden rather than removed.  This allows custom placement of search results report in the PageTemplate definition.
2008.08.23 2.9.1 story column search results uses {{{<<moveablePanel>>}}}
2008.08.22 2.9.0 default is now to show search results at top of story column, similar to FND's SimpleSearchPlugin display, with an option to generate SearchResults tiddler as before.  Also changed 'chkSearchIncremental' to 'chkIncrementalSearch' to match core option variable
2008.08.12 2.8.2 change default for chkSearchByDate back to FALSE, and adjusted "list" and "again" output formats (minor tweaks requested by PhilWhitehouse for use on TiddlyWiki.com)
2008.08.11 2.8.1 changed defaults for chkSearchTitlesFirst, chkSearchList and chkSearchShadows to TRUE to enable enhanced search results output as soon as plugin is installed.
2008.06.21 2.8.0 added extended syntax for {{{<<search "text" report heading>> and <<search "text" "heading" "seperator">>}}}
2008.05.03 2.7.1 in searchLink formatter handler(), use separate setAttribute() call instead of passing attribs to createTiddlyButton().  Avoids conflict with errant code in TiddlerNotesPlugin (v2.1 26/10/07)
2008.04.29 2.7.0 added searchLink formatter (syntax: {{{[search[text]]}}} or {{{[search[display|text]]}}})
2008.04.08 2.6.2 don't automatically add options to AdvancedOptions shadow tiddler
2007.02.17 2.6.1 added redefinition of config.macros.search.onKeyPress() to restore check to bypass key-by-key searching (i.e., when chkSearchIncremental==false), which had been unintentionally removed with v2.6.0
2007.02.13 2.6.0 remove redefinition of config.macros.search.handler since core now includes handling for ENTER key.
2007.02.08 2.5.1 include 'temporary' tag when creating SearchResults (for use with TemporaryTiddlersPlugin)
2007.01.29 2.5.0 added support for "sort results by date".  Default is to sort alphabetically (standard).  When sorted by dates, most recent changes are shown first
2006.10.10 2.4.0 added support for "search in tiddler data" (tiddler.fields)  Default is to search extended data.
2006.04.06 2.3.0 added support for "search in shadow tiddlers".  Default is *not* to search in the shadows (i.e. standard TW behavior).  Note: if a shadow tiddler has a 'real' counterpart, only the real tiddler is searched, since the shadow is inaccessible for viewing/editing.
2006.02.03 2.2.1 rewrite timeout clearing code and blank search text handling to match 2.0.4 core release changes.  note that core no longer permits "blank=all" searches, so neither does this plugin.  To search for all, use "." with text patterns enabled.
2006.02.02 2.2.0 in search.handler(), KeyHandler() function clears 'left over' timeout when search input is < 3 chars.  Prevents searching on shorter text when shortened by rapid backspaces (<500msec)
2006.02.01 2.1.9 in Story.prototype.search(), correct inverted logic for using/not using regular expressions when searching
also, blank search text now presents "No search text.  Continue anyway?" confirm() message box, so search on blank can still be processed if desired by user.
2006.02.01 2.1.8 in doSearch(), added alert/return if search text is blank
2006.01.20 2.1.7 fixed setting of config.macros.search.reportTitle so that Tweaks can override it.
2006.01.19 2.1.6 improved SearchResults formatting, added a "search again" form to the report (based on a suggestion from MorrisGray)
define results report title using config.macros.search.reportTitle instead of hard-coding the tiddler title
2006.01.18 2.1.5 Created separate functions for reportSearchResults(text,matches) and discardSearchResults(), so that other developers can create alternative report generators.
2006.01.17 2.1.4 Use regExp.search() instead of regExp.test() to scan for matches.  Correctd the problem where only half the matching tiddlers (the odd-numbered ones) were being reported.
2006.01.15 2.1.3 Added information (date/time, username, search options used) to SearchResults output
2006.01.10 2.1.2 use displayTiddlers() to render matched tiddlers.  This lets you display multiple matching tiddlers, even if SinglePageModePlugin is enabled.
2006.01.08 2.1.1 corrected invalid variable reference, "txt.value" to "text" in story.search()
2006.01.08 2.1.0 re-write to match new store.search(), store.search.handler() and story.search() functions.
2005.12.30 2.0.0 Upgraded to TW2.0.  When rendering SearchResults tiddler, closeTiddler() first to ensure display is refreshed.
2005.12.26 1.4.0 added option to search for matching text in tiddler tags
2005.12.21 1.3.7 use \\ to 'escape' single quotes in tiddler titles when generating "Open all matching tiddlers" link.  Also, added access key: "O", to trigger "open all" link.  Based on a suggestion by UdoBorkowski.
2005.12.18 1.3.6 call displayMessage() AFTER showing matching tiddlers so message is not cleared too soon
2005.12.17 1.3.5 if no matches found, just display message and delete any existing SearchResults tiddler.
2005.12.17 1.3.4 use {/%%/{/%%/{  and }/%%/}/%%/} to 'escape' display text in SearchResults tiddler to ensure that formatting contained in search string is not rendered.  Based on a suggestion by UdoBorkowski.
2005.12.14 1.3.3 tag SearchResults tiddler with 'excludeSearch' so it won't list itself in subsequent searches. Based on a suggestion by UdoBorkowski.
2005.12.14 1.3.2 added "open all matching tiddlers..." link to search results output. Based on a suggestion by UdoBorkowski.
2005.12.10 1.3.1 added "discard search results" link to end of search list tiddler output for quick self-removal of 'SearchResults' tiddler.
2005.12.01 1.3.0 added chkSearchIncremental to enable/disable 'incremental' searching (i.e., search after each keystroke) (default is ENABLED).
added handling for Enter key so it can be used to start a search. Based on a suggestion by LyallPearce
2005.11.25 1.2.1 renamed from SearchTitleOrTextPlugin to SearchOptionsPlugin
2005.11.25 1.2.0 added chkSearchList option.  Based on a suggestion by RodneyGomes
2005.10.19 1.1.0 added chkSearchTitlesFirst option.  Based on a suggestion by ChristianHauck
2005.10.18 1.0.0 Initial Release.  Based on a suggestion by LyallPearce.
*1 pomodoro cleaning/house stuff
**Grocery and shopping list thingy?
*Mom's place and Laundry
*Write Tidlywiki essay
**Pull a bunch of bookmarks, point them out in the doc
**Figure out if i can get excludetimeline to work here on giewiki
**--Import from leotiddlywiki--
*Call Alec
*Do trainings
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>
|>| ! Note Cards and Loose Paper, All present |
| ''Tag'' | ''Value'' |
|Content summary |  |
|Vocation| |
|Types| 4 Narrative Game, 5 Organization project, 6 Grace Sermon and Various Sermon, 7 letter to teacher, 8 Personal Development and Daily Focus Cards, 9 Obstacles cards, 10 Random personal development and thoughts, 11 University Abbey  |
|Categories | |
|Project(s)| |
|Interest| |
|Topic | |
|Action required? |Sort, re-arrange by actionable/needs action, and priority, |
|Do date | |
|Age/Created on| |
|Frequency | |
|Priority | |
|Completion status| |
|Obstacles| |
|Motivator | |
|Associated Person/Relationship | |
|Location | |
|Tools Required | |
|Deffered status? | Waiting on/Delayed until...? |
|Estimated time/energy | |
|To Learn/Review | |
|Valuable? | |
|Various|  |
|fill out all the red cards|2 hours|
|make blue cards|2 hours|
|prayer cards|2 hours|
|*arrange prayers that I have|Do Later|
|Written Daily manifesto|4 hours|
|Detailed Manifesto| 6 hours |
|*desires |
|*obstacles |
|*reasons |
|*attitudes |
|*strategies |
|*aims |
|*goals |
|move pictures|1 hour|
|plan for eating|3 hours|
|plan for workout|3 hours|
|*strength |
|*flexibility |
|*endurance |

--Ebay fake phone--
--ebay nokia e73--
--ebay nokia c5--
Mike Tueller
screenwriting class
Ali, my documents.

phone calls:
call dr about dermatologist referal.
So apparently part of me that i didn't expect and couldn't control is actually bitter at you. Not my fault. Not your fault. Even though Ali was basically the only girl I remotely had a shot with in years, I wasn't attracted to her physically (not that much), and didn't want someone I'd have to take care of emotionally (easily offended and doesn't pick up sarcasm). But you've had loads of girls liking you and you had your pick, but you chose a close friend of mine and the only person ''I'' had a chance with. 

I'm also weirded out by talking about kissing her because she's such a close friend of mine, and because I've never been able to think of her in sexual terms; she has always been so childlike to me. The mental image is something which makes me rethink my attraction to her, which is no bueno. 
config.macros.tagsearch.cfg.toolbar="source:'TagSearchConfig##Tags' exclude:'' label:'tags ' tooltip:'Set tags' more:'TagSearchConfig##More' toolbar";
config.taggly.config.listOpts.listMode =  ["sitemap","normal","group","commas"];
config.taggly.config.listOpts.sortBy =  ["modified","title","created"];
config.taggly.config.listOpts.numCols =  ["5","6","1","2","3","4"];
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|License|http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#LegalStatements <br>and [[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/]]|
|Description|Support functions for [[QuickEditPackage]]: utility functions, toolbar commands, stylesheets|
>see [[QuickEditPackage]] for details
2011.02.14 2.4.4 fix OSX error: use picker.file.path
2009.06.11 2.4.3 added keyup() function to abbreviate listbox handling for CR and ESC
2009.05.07 2.4.2 added processed() function to abbreviate event handler code
2008.09.07 2.4.1 added removeCookie() function for compatibility with [[CookieManagerPlugin]]
2008.05.17 2.4.0 copied code from StickyPopupPlugin to remove dependency
2008.05.12 2.3.0 added "toggleQuickEdit" command handler (replaces inline script command)
2008.01.11 2.2.0 converted from inline script
2007.03.29 1.0.0 initial release (as inline script)
version.extensions.QuickEditPlugin= {major: 2, minor: 4, revision: 4, date: new Date(2011,2,14)};

.quickEdit a { border:2px outset ButtonFace; padding:0px 3px !important; \
	-moz-border-radius:.5em; -webkit-border-radius:.5em; \
	-moz-appearance:button !important; -webkit-appearance:push-button !important; \
	background-color:ButtonFace; color:ButtonText !important;  \
	line-height:200%; font-weight:normal; } \
.quickEdit a:hover { border: 2px inset ButtonFace; background-color:ButtonFace; }\
", "quickEditStyles");

if (window.removeCookie===undefined) {
	window.removeCookie=function(name) {
		document.cookie = name+'=; expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 UTC; path=/;'; 

config.quickEdit = {
	processed: function(ev) { ev=ev||window.event;
		if(ev.stopPropagation) ev.stopPropagation();
		return false;
	keyup: function(ev){ var k=(ev||window.event).keyCode;
		if (k==13) this.onclick();
		if (k==27) Popup.remove();
	getField: function(where) {
		var here=story.findContainingTiddler(where); if (!here) return null;
		var e=story.getTiddlerField(here.getAttribute("tiddler"),"text");
		if (e&&e.getAttribute("edit")=="text") return e;
		return null;
	setSelection: function(where,newtext) {
		var e=this.getField(where); if (!e) return false;
		e.focus(); replaceSelection(e,newtext);
		return false;
	wrapSelection: function(where,before,after) {
		var e=this.getField(where); if (!e) return false;
		e.focus(); replaceSelection(e,before+config.quickEdit.getSelection(e)+after);
		return false;
	getSelection: function(e) {
		var seltext="";
		if (e&&e.setSelectionRange)
		else if (document.selection) {
			var range = document.selection.createRange();
			if (range.parentElement()==e) seltext=range.text
		return seltext;
	promptForFilename: function(msg,path,file) {
		if(window.Components) { // moz
			try {
				var nsIFilePicker = window.Components.interfaces.nsIFilePicker;
				var picker = Components.classes['@mozilla.org/filepicker;1'].createInstance(nsIFilePicker);
				picker.init(window, msg, nsIFilePicker.modeOpen);
				var thispath = Components.classes['@mozilla.org/file/local;1'].createInstance(Components.interfaces.nsILocalFile);
				if (picker.show()!=nsIFilePicker.returnCancel)
					var result="file:///"+picker.file.path.replace(/\\/g,'/');
			catch(e) { alert('error during local file access: '+e.toString()) }
		else { // IE
			try { // XP only
				var s = new ActiveXObject('UserAccounts.CommonDialog');
				s.Filter='All files|*.*|JPG files|*.jpg|GIF files|*.gif|PNG files|*.png|';
				s.FilterIndex=1; // default to JPG
				if (s.showOpen()) var result=s.FileName;
			catch(e) { var result=prompt(msg,path+file); } // fallback for non-XP IE
		return result;

if (config.options.chkShowQuickEdit===undefined) config.options.chkShowQuickEdit=false;
config.commands.toggleQuickEdit = {
	hideReadOnly: true,
	getText: function() { return config.options.chkShowQuickEdit?'\u221Aquickedit':'quickedit'; },

	tooltip: 'show QuickEdit toolbar buttons',
	handler: function(event,src,title) {
		var opt='chkShowQuickEdit';
		config.macros.option.propagateOption(opt,"checked", config.options[opt],"input");
		if (config.options[opt]) saveOptionCookie(opt);	else removeCookie(opt);
		story.forEachTiddler(function(t,e){if (story.isDirty(t)) refreshElements(e);});
		return false;

if (config.options.chkStickyPopups==undefined) config.options.chkStickyPopups=false;
Popup.stickyPopup_onDocumentClick = function(ev)
	// if click is in a sticky popup, ignore it so popup will remain visible
	var e = ev ? ev : window.event; var target = resolveTarget(e);
	var p=target; while (p) {
		if (hasClass(p,"popup") && (hasClass(p,"sticky")||config.options.chkStickyPopups)) break;
		else p=p.parentNode;
	if (!p) // not in sticky popup (or sticky popups disabled)... use normal click handling
	return true;
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|License|see http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditPlugin|
|Description|quickedit - find/replace selected text with replacement text|

Usage: see  http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditToolbar
2010.12.26 2.4.5 fix use getField(this) to support hijacks by editSectionPlugin
%/<html><hide linebreaks><a href="javascript:;" class="tiddlyLink" tabindex="-1" 
title="find/replace selected text with replacement text"
onclick="var p=Popup.create(this,null,'popup sticky smallform'); if (!p) return false;
	var e=config.quickEdit.getField(this);
	var s=config.quickEdit.getSelection(e); 
	var t=createTiddlyElement(p,'input'); t.onfocus=function(){this.select()};
	t.value=s.length?s:'enter target text';
	var r=createTiddlyElement(p,'input'); r.onfocus=function(){this.select()};
	r.value='enter replacement text';
	var b=createTiddlyElement(p,'button',null,null,'?');
	b.title='FIND/FIND NEXT target text';
	b.onclick=function(ev) { /* FIND */
		var e=config.quickEdit.getField(this.root);
		var t=this.previousSibling.previousSibling;
		var tv=t.value.replace(/\\t/mg,'\t').unescapeLineBreaks();
		if (e.setSelectionRange) { /* MOZ */
			var newstart=e.value.indexOf(tv,e.selectionStart+1);
			if (newstart==-1) newstart=e.value.indexOf(tv); /* wrap around */
			if (newstart==-1) { alert('\u0022'+t.value+'\u0022 not found'); t.focus(); return; }
			var linecount=e.value.split('\n').length;
			var thisline=e.value.substr(0,e.selectionStart).split('\n').length;
		} else if (document.selection) { /* IE */
			var range=document.selection.createRange();
			if(range.parentElement()==e) {
				var found=false; try{found=range.findText(v,e.value.length,4)}catch(e){}
				if (found) range.select();
				else { alert('\u0022'+t.value+'\u0022 not found'); t.focus(); }
	b.title='REPLACE selected text';
	b.onclick=function(ev) { /* REPLACE */
		var e=config.quickEdit.getField(this.root);
		var t=this.previousSibling.previousSibling.previousSibling;
		var r=this.previousSibling.previousSibling;
		var rv=r.value.replace(/\\t/mg,'\t').unescapeLineBreaks();
		if (   (e.selectionStart!==undefined && e.selectionEnd==e.selectionStart)
		    || (document.selection && document.selection.createRange().text==''))
			this.previousSibling.click(); /* no selection... do FIND first */
		if (   (e.selectionStart!==undefined && e.selectionEnd==e.selectionStart)
		    || (document.selection && document.selection.createRange().text==''))
			{ t.focus(); return; } /* still no selection... goto target input */
		e.focus(); replaceSelection(e,rv);
	b.title='REPLACE selected text AND FIND NEXT target text';
	b.onclick=function(ev) { /* REPLACE and FIND NEXT */
	b.title='REPLACE ALL occurrences of target text';
	b.onclick=function(ev) { /* REPLACE ALL */
		var e=config.quickEdit.getField(this.root);
		var t=this.previousSibling.previousSibling.previousSibling.previousSibling.previousSibling;
		var r=this.previousSibling.previousSibling.previousSibling.previousSibling;
		var tv=t.value.replace(/\\t/mg,'\t').unescapeLineBreaks();
		var rv=r.value.replace(/\\t/mg,'\t').unescapeLineBreaks();
		if (!tv.length) { alert('Please enter the target text'); t.focus(); return; }
		var m='This will replace all occurrences of:\n\n'+tv+'\n\nwith:\n\n'+rv+'\n\nAre you sure?';
		if (!confirm(m)) { r.focus(); r.select(); return; }
		e.value=e.value.replace(new RegExp(tv.escapeRegExp(),'gm'),rv);
		e.focus(); e.select(); Popup.remove();
	if (!s.length) {t.focus();t.select()} else {r.focus();r.select()}
	event.cancelBubble=true;if(event.stopPropagation)event.stopPropagation();return false;"
[[Preaching 3-3-08]]
[[gospel preaching 2-28-09]]
[[Gospel paper]]?
[[gospel metaphor work 3-19-09]]
[[Hallelujah 5-3-09]]
[[Meaning 5-31-09]]
[[good news revision]]
[[good news revision 2]]
[[Religion and Relationship]]
[[gospel paper 8-21-10]]
Know that when I say that I am the most foul disgusting, morally warped, horrible excuse for a man, I am being neither poetic, nor sarcastic, nor hyperbolic. It is truth as far as I can understand it. I have warped longings; I have sick complexes; I have a black, worthless heart.
|Created by|SaqImtiaz|
|Version|0.5 beta|
A replacement for the core timeline macro that offers more features:
*list tiddlers with only specfic tag
*exclude tiddlers with a particular tag
*limit entries to any number of days, for example one week
*specify a start date for the timeline, only tiddlers after that date will be listed.

Copy the contents of this tiddler to your TW, tag with systemConfig, save and reload your TW.
Edit the ViewTemplate to add the fullscreen command to the toolbar.

{{{<<timeline better:true>>}}}
''the param better:true enables the advanced features, without it you will get the old timeline behaviour.''

additonal params:
(use only the ones you want)
{{{<<timeline better:true  onlyTag:Tag1 excludeTag:Tag2 sortBy:modified/created firstDay:YYYYMMDD maxDays:7 maxEntries:30>>}}}

''explanation of syntax:''
onlyTag: only tiddlers with this tag will be listed. Default is to list all tiddlers.
excludeTag: tiddlers with this tag will not be listed.
sortBy: sort tiddlers by date modified or date created. Possible values are modified or created.
firstDay: useful for starting timeline from a specific date. Example: 20060701 for 1st of July, 2006
maxDays: limits timeline to include only tiddlers from the specified number of days. If you use a value of 7 for example, only tiddlers from the last 7 days will be listed.
maxEntries: limit the total number of entries in the timeline.

*28-07-06: ver 0.5 beta, first release

// Return the tiddlers as a sorted array
TiddlyWiki.prototype.getTiddlers = function(field,excludeTag,includeTag)
          var results = [];
          if(excludeTag == undefined || tiddler.tags.find(excludeTag) == null)
                        if(includeTag == undefined || tiddler.tags.find(includeTag)!=null)
                   results.sort(function (a,b) {if(a[field] == b[field]) return(0); else return (a[field] < b[field]) ? -1 : +1; });
          return results;

//this function by Udo
function getParam(params, name, defaultValue)
          if (!params)
          return defaultValue;
          var p = params[0][name];
          return p ? p[0] : defaultValue;

window.old_timeline_handler= config.macros.timeline.handler;
config.macros.timeline.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)
          var args = paramString.parseParams("list",null,true);
          var betterMode = getParam(args, "better", "false");
          if (betterMode == 'true')
          var sortBy = getParam(args,"sortBy","modified");
          var excludeTag = getParam(args,"excludeTag",undefined);
          var includeTag = getParam(args,"onlyTag",undefined);
          var tiddlers = store.getTiddlers(sortBy,excludeTag,includeTag);
          var firstDayParam = getParam(args,"firstDay",undefined);
          var firstDay = (firstDayParam!=undefined)? firstDayParam: "00010101";
          var lastDay = "";
          var field= sortBy;
          var maxDaysParam = getParam(args,"maxDays",undefined);
          var maxDays = (maxDaysParam!=undefined)? maxDaysParam*24*60*60*1000: (new Date()).getTime() ;
          var maxEntries = getParam(args,"maxEntries",undefined);
          var last = (maxEntries!=undefined) ? tiddlers.length-Math.min(tiddlers.length,parseInt(maxEntries)) : 0;
          for(var t=tiddlers.length-1; t>=last; t--)
                  var tiddler = tiddlers[t];
                  var theDay = tiddler[field].convertToLocalYYYYMMDDHHMM().substr(0,8);
                  if ((theDay>=firstDay)&& (tiddler[field].getTime()> (new Date()).getTime() - maxDays))
                     if(theDay != lastDay)
                               var theDateList = document.createElement("ul");
                               lastDay = theDay;
                  var theDateListItem = createTiddlyElement(theDateList,"li",null,"listLink",null);

Feeling Healthy
Daily Exercise

Andrew Doty was my hero. i met with him an hour before cru started. i told him what happened. he encouraged me, and he told me all the things that i needed to hear, many of which i was trying to tell myself (but which weren't working  because it was myself telling me). I'm almost totally at peace about it now. I'm now more worried about the money than the emotional violation, which was about as bad as anyone had ever violated me, so andrew did very well in helping me get back to where i need to be. 

we went through, and wrote down the important realizations he helped me come to and internalize:
1. that what i was feeling was okay, because i was condeming myself for feeling the way i was. 
2. He reminded me that those things and people which have the greatest potential for good also have the greatest potential for evil, and i could take this moment which was beginning to have an evil effect on me, and let it take me in the good direction
3. He reminded me that even if it was hard, the true things that this Liar said to me friday night which inspired me are still true, because that's what liars do. they use the most powerful truths to make the most manipulative lies.
4. that i'm not a fool. he was a master manipulator who zero'd in on my darkest point of weakness- my fear that i don't trust in God after all, and that i'm just a fake. Further, he caught me at a specific time in my life that enhanced the amount of a violation i would feel.  this was his sin against me, not a demonstration that i'm an idiot or fool
5. that  i need to let go of the need to prove to myself, God, or anyone else, that i trust God. If i don't trust him as much as I should, Admit it. don't try proving it when it's not true. don't try proving it, just try doing it. If i try proving it, fearing whether i do or not, i'll fall into the trap that was set for me on Saturday. 

We wrote them down because he reminded me that doubts often return even when they're defeated, so i have this sheet to go to to remind me in the future if i'm ever assaulted by them. I slept well last night, whereas the night before, i barely went 15 minutes without feeling a wave of shame/fear. 
|''Version:''|1.0.6 (2007-06-24)|
|''Author:''|UdoBorkowski (ub [at] abego-software [dot] de)|
|''Licence:''|[[BSD open source license]]|
|''Macros:''|formTiddler, checkForDataTiddlerPlugin, newTiddlerWithForm|
|''TiddlyWiki:''|1.2.38+, 2.0|
|''Browser:''|Firefox 1.0.4+; InternetExplorer 6.0|
Use form-based tiddlers to enter your tiddler data using text fields, listboxes, checkboxes etc. (All standard HTML Form input elements supported).

|>|{{{<<}}}''formTiddler'' //tiddlerName//{{{>>}}}|
|//tiddlerName//|The name of the FormTemplate tiddler to be used to edit the data of the tiddler containing the macro.|

|>|{{{<<}}}''newTiddlerWithForm'' //formTemplateName// //buttonLabel// [//titleExpression// [''askUser'']] {{{>>}}}|
|//formTemplateName//|The name of the tiddler that defines the form the new tiddler should use.|
|//buttonLabel//|The label of the button|
|//titleExpression//|A (quoted) JavaScript String expression that defines the title (/name) of the new tiddler.|
|''askUser''|Typically the user is not asked for the title when a title is specified (and not yet used). When ''askUser'' is given the user will be asked in any case. This may be used when the calculated title is just a suggestion that must be confirmed by the user|
|>|~~Syntax formatting: Keywords in ''bold'', optional parts in [...]. 'or' means that exactly one of the two alternatives must exist.~~|

For details and how to use the macros see the [[introduction|FormTiddler Introduction]] and the [[examples|FormTiddler Examples]].

!Revision history
* v1.0.6 (2007-06-24)
** Fixed problem when using SELECT component in Internet Explorer (thanks to MaikBoenig for reporting)
* v1.0.5 (2006-02-24)
** Removed "debugger;" instruction
* v1.0.4 (2006-02-07)
** Bug: On IE no data is written to data section when field values changed (thanks to KenGirard for reporting)
* v1.0.3 (2006-02-05)
** Bug: {{{"No form template specified in <<formTiddler>>"}}} when using formTiddler macro on InternetExplorer (thanks to KenGirard for reporting)
* v1.0.2 (2006-01-06)
** Support TiddlyWiki 2.0
* v1.0.1 (2005-12-22)
** Features: 
*** Support InternetExplorer
*** Added newTiddlerWithForm Macro
* v1.0.0 (2005-12-14)
** initial version


//						FormTiddlerPlugin

if (!window.abego) window.abego = {};

abego.getOptionsValue = function(element,i) {
	var v = element.options[i].value;
	if (!v && element.options[i].text)
		v = element.options[i].text;
	return v;

version.extensions.FormTiddlerPlugin = {
	major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 5,
	date: new Date(2006, 2, 24), 
	type: 'plugin',
	source: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de/#FormTiddlerPlugin"

// For backward compatibility with v1.2.x
if (!window.story) window.story=window; 
if (!TiddlyWiki.prototype.getTiddler) TiddlyWiki.prototype.getTiddler = function(title) { return t = this.tiddlers[title]; return (t != undefined && t instanceof Tiddler) ? t : null; } 

// formTiddler Macro

// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Configurations and constants 
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

config.macros.formTiddler = {
	// Standard Properties
	label: "formTiddler",
	version: {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 4, date: new Date(2006, 2, 7)},
	prompt: "Edit tiddler data using forms",

	// Define the "setters" that set the values of INPUT elements of a given type
	// (must match the corresponding "getter")
	setter: {  
		button:				function(e, value) {/*contains no data */ },
		checkbox:			function(e, value) {e.checked = value;},
		file:				function(e, value) {try {e.value = value;} catch(e) {/* ignore, possibly security error*/}},
		hidden:				function(e, value) {e.value = value;},
		password:			function(e, value) {e.value = value;},
		radio:				function(e, value) {e.checked = (e.value == value);},
		reset:				function(e, value) {/*contains no data */ },
		"select-one":		function(e, value) {config.macros.formTiddler.setSelectOneValue(e,value);},
		"select-multiple":	function(e, value) {config.macros.formTiddler.setSelectMultipleValue(e,value);},
		submit:				function(e, value) {/*contains no data */},
		text:				function(e, value) {e.value = value;},
		textarea:			function(e, value) {e.value = value;}

	// Define the "getters" that return the value of INPUT elements of a given type
	// Return undefined to not store any data.
	getter: {  
		button:				function(e, value) {return undefined;},
		checkbox:			function(e, value) {return e.checked;},
		file:				function(e, value) {return e.value;},
		hidden:				function(e, value) {return e.value;},
		password:			function(e, value) {return e.value;},
		radio:				function(e, value) {return e.checked ? e.value : undefined;},
		reset:				function(e, value) {return undefined;},
		"select-one":		function(e, value) {return config.macros.formTiddler.getSelectOneValue(e);},
		"select-multiple":	function(e, value) {return config.macros.formTiddler.getSelectMultipleValue(e);},
		submit:				function(e, value) {return undefined;},
		text:				function(e, value) {return e.value;},
		textarea:			function(e, value) {return e.value;}

// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// The formTiddler Macro Handler 
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

config.macros.formTiddler.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
	if (!config.macros.formTiddler.checkForExtensions(place, macroName)) {
	// --- Parsing ------------------------------------------

	var i = 0; // index running over the params

	// get the name of the form template tiddler
	var formTemplateName = undefined;
	if (i < params.length) {
		formTemplateName = params[i];

	if (!formTemplateName) {
		config.macros.formTiddler.createErrorElement(place, "No form template specified in <<" + macroName + ">>.");

	// --- Processing ------------------------------------------

	// Get the form template text. 
	// (This contains the INPUT elements for the form.)
	var formTemplateTiddler = store.getTiddler(formTemplateName);
	if (!formTemplateTiddler) {
		config.macros.formTiddler.createErrorElement(place, "Form template '" + formTemplateName + "' not found.");
	var templateText = formTemplateTiddler.text;
	if(!templateText) {
		// Shortcut: when template text is empty we do nothing.

	// Get the name of the tiddler containing this "formTiddler" macro
	// (i.e. the tiddler, that will be edited and that contains the data)
	var tiddlerName = config.macros.formTiddler.getContainingTiddlerName(place);

	// Append a "form" element. 
	var formName = "form"+formTemplateName+"__"+tiddlerName;
	var e = document.createElement("form");
	e.setAttribute("name", formName);

	// "Embed" the elements defined by the templateText (i.e. the INPUT elements) 
	// into the "form" element we just created
	wikify(templateText, e);

	// Initialize the INPUT elements.
	config.macros.formTiddler.initValuesAndHandlersInFormElements(formName, DataTiddler.getDataObject(tiddlerName));

// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Form Data Access 
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Internal.
// Initialize the INPUT elements of the form with the values of their "matching"
// data fields in the tiddler. Also setup the onChange handler to ensure that
// changes in the INPUT elements are stored in the tiddler's data.
config.macros.formTiddler.initValuesAndHandlersInFormElements = function(formName, data) {
	// config.macros.formTiddler.trace("initValuesAndHandlersInFormElements(formName="+formName+", data="+data+")");

	// find the form
	var form = config.macros.formTiddler.findForm(formName);
	if (!form) {

	try {
		var elems = form.elements;
		for (var i = 0; i < elems.length; i++) {
			var c = elems[i];
			var setter = config.macros.formTiddler.setter[c.type];
			if (setter) {
				var value = data[c.name];
				if (value != null) {
					setter(c, value);
				c.onchange = onFormTiddlerChange;
			} else {
				config.macros.formTiddler.displayFormTiddlerError("No setter defined for INPUT element of type '"+c.type+"'. (Element '"+c.name+"' in form '"+formName+"')");
	} catch(e) {
		config.macros.formTiddler.displayFormTiddlerError("Error when updating elements with new formData. "+e);

// Internal.
// @return [may be null]
config.macros.formTiddler.findForm = function(formName) {
	// We must manually iterate through the document's forms, since
	// IE does not support the "document[formName]" approach

	var forms = window.document.forms;
	for (var i = 0; i < forms.length; i++) {
		var form = forms[i];
		if (form.name == formName) {
			return form;

	return null;

// Internal.
config.macros.formTiddler.setSelectOneValue = function(element,value) {
	var n = element.options.length;
	for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {
		element.options[i].selected = abego.getOptionsValue(element,i) == value;

// Internal.
config.macros.formTiddler.setSelectMultipleValue = function(element,value) {
	var values = {};
	for (var i = 0; i < value.length; i++) {
		values[value[i]] = true;
	var n = element.length;
	for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {
		element.options[i].selected = !(!values[abego.getOptionsValue(element,i)]);

// Internal.
config.macros.formTiddler.getSelectOneValue = function(element) {
	var i = element.selectedIndex;
	return (i >= 0) ? abego.getOptionsValue(element,i) : null;

// Internal.
config.macros.formTiddler.getSelectMultipleValue = function(element) {
	var values = [];
	var n = element.length;
	for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {
		if (element.options[i].selected) {
	return values;

// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Helpers 
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Internal.
config.macros.formTiddler.checkForExtensions = function(place,macroName) {
	if (!version.extensions.DataTiddlerPlugin) {
		config.macros.formTiddler.createErrorElement(place, "<<" + macroName + ">> requires the DataTiddlerPlugin. (You can get it from http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de/#DataTiddlerPlugin)");
		return false;
	return true;

// Internal.
// Displays a trace message in the "TiddlyWiki" message pane.
// (used for debugging)
config.macros.formTiddler.trace = function(s) {
	displayMessage("Trace: "+s);

// Internal.
// Display some error message in the "TiddlyWiki" message pane.
config.macros.formTiddler.displayFormTiddlerError = function(s) {
	alert("FormTiddlerPlugin Error: "+s);

// Internal.
// Creates an element that holds an error message
config.macros.formTiddler.createErrorElement = function(place, message) {
	return createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,"formTiddlerError",message);

// Internal.
// Returns the name of the tiddler containing the given element.
config.macros.formTiddler.getContainingTiddlerName = function(element) {
	return story.findContainingTiddler(element).id.substr(7);

// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Event Handlers 
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// This function must be called by the INPUT elements whenever their
// data changes. Typically this is done through an "onChange" handler.
function onFormTiddlerChange (e) {
	// config.macros.formTiddler.trace("onFormTiddlerChange "+e);

	if (!e) var e = window.event;

	var target = resolveTarget(e);
	var tiddlerName = config.macros.formTiddler.getContainingTiddlerName(target);
	var getter = config.macros.formTiddler.getter[target.type];
	if (getter) {
		var value = getter(target);
		DataTiddler.setData(tiddlerName, target.name, value);
	} else {
		config.macros.formTiddler.displayFormTiddlerError("No getter defined for INPUT element of type '"+target.type+"'. (Element '"+target.name+"' used in tiddler '"+tiddlerName+"')");

// ensure that the function can be used in HTML event handler
window.onFormTiddlerChange = onFormTiddlerChange;

// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Stylesheet Extensions (may be overridden by local StyleSheet)
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

	".formTiddlerError{color: #ffffff;background-color: #880000;}",

// checkForDataTiddlerPlugin Macro

config.macros.checkForDataTiddlerPlugin = {
	// Standard Properties
	label: "checkForDataTiddlerPlugin",
	version: {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2005, 12, 14)},
	prompt: "Check if the DataTiddlerPlugin exists"

config.macros.checkForDataTiddlerPlugin.handler = function(place,macroName,params) {
	config.macros.formTiddler.checkForExtensions(place, config.macros.formTiddler.label);

// newTiddlerWithForm Macro

config.macros.newTiddlerWithForm = {
	// Standard Properties
	label: "newTiddlerWithForm",
	version: {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 1, date: new Date(2006, 1, 6)},
	prompt: "Creates a new Tiddler with a <<formTiddler ...>> macro"

config.macros.newTiddlerWithForm.handler = function(place,macroName,params) {
	// --- Parsing ------------------------------------------

	var i = 0; // index running over the params

	// get the name of the form template tiddler
	var formTemplateName = undefined;
	if (i < params.length) {
		formTemplateName = params[i];

	if (!formTemplateName) {
		config.macros.formTiddler.createErrorElement(place, "No form template specified in <<" + macroName + ">>.");

	// get the button label
	var buttonLabel = undefined;
	if (i < params.length) {
		buttonLabel = params[i];

	if (!buttonLabel) {
		config.macros.formTiddler.createErrorElement(place, "No button label specified in <<" + macroName + ">>.");

	// get the (optional) tiddlerName script and "askUser"
	var tiddlerNameScript = undefined;
	var askUser = false;
	if (i < params.length) {
		tiddlerNameScript = params[i];

		if (i < params.length && params[i] == "askUser") {
			askUser = true;

	// --- Processing ------------------------------------------

	if(!readOnly) {
		var onClick = function() {
			var tiddlerName;
			if (tiddlerNameScript) {
				try {
					tiddlerName = eval(tiddlerNameScript);
				} catch (ex) {
			if (!tiddlerName || askUser) {
				tiddlerName = prompt("Please specify a tiddler name.", askUser ? tiddlerName : "");
			while (tiddlerName && store.getTiddler(tiddlerName)) {
				tiddlerName = prompt("A tiddler named '"+tiddlerName+"' already exists.\n\n"+"Please specify a tiddler name.", tiddlerName);

			// tiddlerName is either null (user canceled) or a name that is not yet in the store.
			if (tiddlerName) {
				var body = "<<formTiddler [["+formTemplateName+"]]>>";
				var tags = [];
				store.saveTiddler(tiddlerName,tiddlerName,body,config.options.txtUserName,new Date(),tags);



!Licence and Copyright
Copyright (c) abego Software ~GmbH, 2005 ([[www.abego-software.de|http://www.abego-software.de]])

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification,
are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this
list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this
list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other
materials provided with the distribution.

Neither the name of abego Software nor the names of its contributors may be
used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific
prior written permission.

The TiddlyWiki Address Book ([[twab]]) is a system for keeping your Address Book within your TiddlyWiki.  It supports the addition of contacts via a simple macro that can be placed in any Tiddler.  It also supports the import and export of your contacts as described in [[About:twab:Import]] and [[About:twab:Export]], respectively.  If you are importing the Tiddlers manually, you should grab all tiddlers tagged [[twab]].  I have also marked non-essential Tiddlers (e.g. documentation) with the tag [[twab-ok-to-delete]] if you want to keep the installation as slim as possible.  Any tiddlers tagged as [[twab]] but not tagged [[twab-ok-to-delete]] are required for the system to work, so please don't delete any of these and expect it to still work.

[[See an example of how it looks|VincentDiBartolo]]

! Step 1: Download
The first step is to download this TiddlyWiki as described in the GettingStarted section.  If you have a TiddlyWiki that you would like to integrate [[twab]] into, simply copy and paste all Tiddlers tagged [[twab]] into your document and you should be good to to.  Note that a bug in older versions of Tiddly can keep the system from working as described here: [[Bug #218 on TiddlyWiki.org | http://trac.tiddlywiki.org/tiddlywiki/ticket/218]]

! Step 2: Embed Button
Once you have installed, you can add a new contact to the system by adding the following code to any Tiddler:
which will end up looking like this: <<twab>>
You can also customize the button's name by adding parameters to the above code:
<<twab click here>>
creates this button: <<twab click here>>

! Step 3: Click Button and Edit Contact
Feel free to click that and add a new contact.  Changes made to fields in each contact do not need to be saved individually, but obviously the entire Tiddly should be saved when you have made changes that you wish to keep.  All contacts will be tagged with AddressBook by default.

! For More Information
See [[About:twab:Tweaks]] for a description of how to tweak a couple parameters.  Also, see [[About:twab:Components]] for details on the various components and how they interact.

Thanks for your interest in [[twab]].  Please feel free to contact me at [[vadibart@gmail.com|mailto:vadibart@gmail.com]] with any questions, comments, bug reports, or feature requests.  And please see [[About:twab:Credits]] for a special thanks to those who made [[twab]] possible.

-''Vincent ~DiBartolo''
[[No Droids Allowed | http://www.nodroidsallowed.com ]]
// // override cookie settings for CalendarPlugin:

// // override internal default settings for CalendarPlugin:
config.macros.calendar.journalDateFmt="DDD MMM 0DD YYYY";
**Tags that work as tags
**Tags that work as folders
**Tags that work as hybrid folder/tags
*The Tiddler is the thing?
**Sections and slices
***No, Wikitext and tagging are the things. 
****Tiddler creation, editing and tagging are the things. 
***The tiddler isn't even the thing in Tiddly5. "Tiddler-LISTS-from-tags-and-Tiddlers-transcluded-from-lists-of-tagged-tiddlers" is the thing.
***Shouldn't force us into size based on a particular philosophy. TWC was so versatile.
*That Sidebar!
*Plugins and functionality
**Nested Tags plugin
**Tiddler's Bar
**TiddlySnip, Bookmarks
**Autosave while editing
**Revision History
**KanBan/moveable stuff
**Tags Tree
**[[Yakov Litvin's plugins| http://customize.tiddlyspace.com/#%5B%5BYakov%20Litvin%5D%5D]]
**Robust Tagging of multiple items at once, and robust tagging of several tags at once
***There should be a massive integration of Filtr, ListFiltr, TagFiltr, Search-options, GotoPlugin, Tagsearch, x-plore, x-tab, Auto-tagger, MultitagEditor, and intellitags
**Annotations, popups, sliders
**Ways Tiddlywiki is already better
****Linking between items easily, quickly (though this could be made even better)
**Ways that tiddlywiki can be made better
**Features that Evernote has that look pretty far off for tiddlywiki to me
***android, ios
***Audio, PDF, Handwritten notes, image, video, Cloud, skitch
***Clipper vs tiddlysnip
*Pre-made applications
**Tidldywiki is like a programing language, and in order for people to really use it well, they need to be given applications that run on it. 
***That's how I realized how much i liked it. By seeing the fully linked together examples of tbGTD and dGSD, I became kinda obsessed with getting it to work for me. It's the only thing I've found that's as close as it is. Evernote comes in a distant second.
**There should be a Bare-Bones Tiddlywiki version, With nothing but the core, @@font-size:15pt; //''But also''//@@ a couple of Official "Standard" Tiddlywikis available for download from tiddlywiki.com, which would not only include important and widely used plugins, but also a tutorial and some samples. I recommend Downloading Scrivener and taking the 40 minutes to go through their tutorial, to see what I mean. 
**Just because a feature is //there// doesn't mean that it is //usefully // there. 
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

*Figure out why I can't get {{{<div id='sidebarTabs' refresh='content' force='true' tiddler='SideBarTabs'></div>}}} to work
*Figure out if i can get excludetimeline to work here on giewiki
*Also, I need to get in touch with the gifmex dude. Talk about applications of things.
*Next Go back and review bookmarks of UsefulTiddlywiki stuff. remove bookmarks, keep everything here. 
*Create a couple of "Base Cores"
*Gather my notes from elsewhere. 
*Put excludelists tag on all the tiddlywiki stuff now that it's good to go.  
+++[Other stuff to keep an eye on]
*[[tree diagram and more at the google groups|https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!searchin/tiddlywiki/%22new$20plugin%22%7Csort:date/tiddlywiki/MrueYHk2j7U/zjP2S3WiQ4QJ]]


!If we re-wrote tiddlywiki: (gonna call it TagNote)

There are "System" or "shadow" Tiddlers. These tiddlers are tagged to show they are automatically generated by the system, which will return if deleted or accessed in safe mode. A subclass of these would be shadow tiddlers automatically generated by plugins, which would return if deleted, but not if accessed by safe mode, and would be removed if the plugin is uninstalled. 

The system is stored in an Html file and a SQL (or CSV?) database. This prevents the file from getting bloated and slow. 

There are a few types of tags. 
*Simple and Fields tags. 
*CoreSystem, PluginSystem, NormalTag. 

In the Tutorial, We will say, "There are two types of Tagging in TagNote. You can tag a note, or you can tag text while editing, by using special syntax." 

!!Example programs:
*Gmail, displaying emails, with selection boxes, and tabs. 
*Stackedit for editing
*Trello for moving items
**See also the other two kanban implmentations of Tiddlywiki

!!Page Layout "Note"

What Used to be the "pagetemplate" tiddler will be the "Layout" system Note. 

There are rows where you can use a checkbox to select which html elements show up in the main page template. You can slightly style them here too. Top bar? Y/N. Stays fixed at the top of the screen? y/n. Breadcrumbs, tabs bar or no? 

Below that are (or are links to) additional conditional page templates, and the view and edit templates. 

!Things I want:

*Live Preview, side by side
*More robust TagSearchPlugin: For example, If I tag something as "project" I want a list of all the projects to come up so I can tag which project it is, not just whether it is active/someday/etc.
**A "Recently used tags" list.
**A way to view a list of all available tags
**Nested, collapsible lists. 
**Open on hover
*various keyboard shortcuts, like selecting tags, entering and exiting edit mode, navigating between tiddlers.
*Browser clipping plugin, with tagsearch tagging
*I want to be able to see large lists of items and have there be checkboxes (or other buttons too) so I can select a bunch of them at once and apply tags en mass (and be able to select those tags via the TagSearch (which is a horrible name, btw. The prime function of it is not searching at all, but rather, to help remove the //need// to search) ). 
**I have a huge list of bookmarks in chrome. Some of them are sort of well organized, others are not. It's hard to keep track of what I've read, which ones are important vs which ones I just saved in case I ever want to find it again. TiddlyWiki potentially has the power to ''more than'' resolve this problem, because of tagging. I could arrange them by topic, and then while browsing through my bookmarks folders in Tiddlywiki (which are of course actually just carefully structured tags), I could press a button and have it filter out everything except high priority, or filter out everything except bookmarks which require action, or which have reminders attached, Or Filter out anything that I have tagged "read", and so forth. (I Imagine that I could, that is. The tool for this merely needs to be built.) 
**Notice my needs here are, more often than not, for filtering ''//out//'', not searching for specific things.  
*Online and Offline editing of the same Tiddlywiki, with autosaving while writing, and revision history while online in the cloud. 
*I've never seen a system for tagging and organizing as powerful as Tiddlywiki's, but it has unbearable weaknesses.
*Paintr capabilities. 
*My current giewiki can't use:
**Filtr, TagFiltr, ListFiltr,
**Various configurations of the DatePlugin and CalendarPlugin
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

My goal is to manifest ever-increasing pleasure and joy in God, my neighbor, and myself, 

with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, 

whether restorative, maintenance (?), or excellence, 

in the the mental, emotional, physical and social realms, 

by pursuit of play, duty, grace, trust, empathy, justice, repentance, creative expression, rest, and learning, hope. 

honesty/truth, beauty, love?
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|Documentation for TextAreaPlugin|
When installed, this plugin automatically adds Find/Again keyboard search and autosize ('fit to content') handling to the tiddler editor's text area input.  It also provides macros that can add 'stretch bars' that allow you to interactively resize to the text area as well as other rendered elements, including: tiddlers, iframes, listboxes, sliders, tabs, and general 'CSS wrapper' containing elements.

When in the tiddler editor's text area you can use ''Control-F'' and ''control-G'' to ''"Find text"'' and ''"find text aGain"'', respectively.  This permits you to to use a combination of keyboard controls to "search-and-replace" (e.g., ctrl-F to find/select the desired text, ctrl-C to paste in the replacement, and then ctrl-G to find/select the next matching text).

The ''autosize'' toolbar command is automatically added to the default shadow EditTemplate, and toggles the tiddler editor textarea height between default fixed-height and "fit the current contents".  When autosized, the text area height will change automatically to match the current number of lines contained in the tiddler source definition.

If desired, you can manually ''add the 'autosizeEditor' toolbar command to the editor toolbar:''
// add command keyword to end of {{{EditToolbar}}} slice definition in [[ToolbarCommands]]:
|EditToolbar| ... autosizeEditor|
Alternatively, you can ''enable autosize by default:'' by invoking the 'autosizeEditor' macro, directly from the EditTemplate:
// add to the end of the EditTemplate:
<span macro='autosizeEditor'></span>

To ''add a stretch bar below the editor text area:'', invoke the 'resizeEditor' macro, directly from the EditTemplate:
// add to the end of the EditTemplate 
<span macro='resizeEditor'></span>

To ''add a stretch bar to another element type'', embed the appropriate {{{<<resize...>>}}} macro in your tiddler content, immediately following the desired element (or at the end of the tiddler):
<<resizeTiddler>> - add a stretch bar to the containing tiddler
<<resizeFrame>> - add a stretch bar to all IFRAMEs in the current tiddler
<<resizeListbox>> - add a stretch bar to all listboxes in the current tiddler
<<resizeHere>> - add a stretch bar to the current containing element (i.e., a slider or tab panel)
>{{smaller{Note: you can also invoke these macros directly from the ViewTemplate or EditTemplate:
<span macro='resizeTiddler'></span> or
<span macro='resizeFrame'></span> or
<span macro='resizeListbox'></span> or
<<option chkTextAreaExtensions>> add control-f (find), control-g (find again) to editor text areas
<<option chkDisableAutoSelect>> place cursor at start of textarea instead of pre-selecting content
<<option chkResizeEditor>> auto-modify shadow EditTemplate to add resizeable text area (and autosize command)
2011.10.28 2.3.0 added resizeHere macro to add stretch bar to current container (e.g., sidebar panels)
2009.04.08 2.2.1 added autosizeEditor macro to enable automatic autosizing without using toolbar command
2009.04.06 2.2.0 added resizeListbox macro definition and adjusted dragbar width calculation.
2008.01.08 2.1.9 fixed default setting of uninitialized option values so that "false" is not treated as "undefined"
2008.01.07 2.1.8 added 'initialized' flag so keyDownHandlers() will only be added once to each control (prevents recursion errors)
2007.12.21 2.1.7 in dragMove(), subtract 4-pixel 'fudge factor' when adjusting drag bar width to match textarea width.  Apparently textarea 'offsetWidth' includes the 2-pixel surrounding edge, but CSS 100% calculation does NOT, resulting is an increase in the textarea width when displayed in a variable-width moveable panel.
2007.11.19 2.1.6 fix fatal IE errors by NOT setting 'onkeypress' handler (which IE reports as "not implemented").  Also, only add autosize grab bar to textareas that are actually used to edit tiddler fields (i.e., they have an "edit=fieldname" attribute).  This prevents undesirable autosizing of textareas used for HTML/DOM display by [[PreviewPlugin]].
2007.11.18 2.1.5 in config.commands.autosizeEditor, changed alt command text to use character-based "psuedo-checkbox" instead of embedded html fragment
2007.09.04 2.1.4 in window.TextAreaResizer.prototype.create(), set initial grab handle width to auto instead of matching textarea.offsetWidth (which can be initially==0)
2007.04.29 2.1.3 in addKeyDownHandlers(), used 'findText' instead of 'find', hopefully to avoid strict ECMAScript1.5 error on certain browsers.
2007.03.01 2.1.2 use apply() to invoke hijacked core function
2006.11.16 2.1.0 restored chkDisableAutoSelect (place cursor at start of textarea instead of pre-selecting content)
2006.11.16 2.0.0 removed chkDisableEscapeKey (obsolete... use custom EditTemplate to change toolbar definition).  Rewrote focusTiddler as a HIJACK instead of just overwriting core function (permits other plugins to also hijack function).  Removed TAB character processing (now built-in as of TW2.1).  Merged code from ResizeEditorPlugin:
> 2006.11.16 [1.3.x] merged with TextAreaPlugin
> 2006.11.02 1.3.1 in DragMove() and DragStop(), check for undefined properties so IE doesn't report "Not Implemented" error when property is referenced without having been previously initialized.
> 2006.11.01 1.3.0 added 'resizeEditor' MACRO for 'grab handle' stretch resizing (based on code from Jon Scully and Jason Johnston (jj@lojjic.net).  
> 2006.11.01 1.2.6 removed increaseEditor, decreaseEditor, and resizeEditor toolbar COMMAND definitions (resize by setting 'rows' property of textarea field conflicts with resize via style.height CSS attribute as set by autosize/drag).
> 2006.11.01 1.2.5 fixed 'savedkeypress' handling (was writing to savedkeyup by mistake)
> 2006.10.28 1.2.4 added '+' to 'saveTiddler' toolbar command (enables ctrl-enter keyhandling)
> 2006.10.18 1.2.3 added decreaseEditor and increaseEditor commands
> 2006.10.18 1.2.2 onkeypress handling to redirect PGUP/PGDN to window.scrollByPages() (works in FF, but not yet in IE)
> 2006.10.18 1.2.1 fixed references to default string constants (oops!)
> 2006.10.18 1.2.0 renamed 'resizeEditor' to 'autosizeEditor' and added new 'resizeEditor' toolbar command to prompt for # of rows to display
> 2006.10.02 1.1.1 show checkbox in button label (when automatic resizing is enabled)
> 2006.10.01 1.1.0 added 'onkeyup' automatic fit-to-contents handling
> 2006.09.30 1.0.0 initial release
2006.08.01 1.1.2 improved processed() utility function to handle IE5 and IE6, as well as calling preventDefault() for moz browsers.  Thanks to Bradley Meck for research and code examples.
2006.07.09 1.1.1 removed chkDisableAutoSelect
2006.02.14 1.1.0 added option for chkDisableEscapeKey (default is standard action)
2006.01.22 1.0.1 only add extra key processing for TEXTAREA elements (not other edit fields).
added option to enable/disable textarea keydown extensions (default is "standard keys" only)
2006.01.22 1.0.0 Moved from temporary "System Tweaks" tiddler into 'real' TextAreaPlugin tiddler.
my mission:

if i have been sent, i have been sent to Fellow Christians. 

in my mind there are several weaknesses in the church:


the human heart is neglected. the christian culture encourages emotionally unhealthy things, including not recognizing unhealthy shame, not allowing negative feelings to be felt, and covering up feelings and problems with a simple bible verse, and expecting things to be fixed. other things include not recognizing the value of people's differences, and the fact that different people have different emotional needs. as well as fostering negative behaviors, it also fails to encourage proper behaviors like boundaries, real counseling.

the mind of the church is excersiced very weakly, and with fear. people are afraid of ideas, and therefore afraid of new interperetations of Scripture. (1) they can't allow for any variation, so they don't allow new information in, except to refute it. there is an unknown intellectual dishonesty among christianity. the 5 main failures are intellectual honesty, intellectual laziness, 3, 4, 5.

soul. there is no zeal, no passion for the things of the soul, and now awareness of spiritual realities, like the presence of God or the presence of the enemy. nor is there a recognition that the soul is deeply intertwined with everything we do in the world. 

physical needs and life are neglected by christianity often times, in favor of "more spiritual" things. this is a tragedy. 

there are three axis on which these things are important:

I am aware of my tendency to neglect Joy. I turn, Right now, from this.

I choose to seek to enjoy the creative expression of God, My neighbor and myself

I choose to Play, explore,
This is the logical conclusion to the idea that the fetus is a person and murdering it constitutes muder. the weakest axiom in this chain is “a fertilized egg is an unborn child”

Axiom: the taking of innocent life is wrong, whether through intent or neglect

Statement: an unborn child is an innocent life

Proposition: A fertilized egg is an unborn child

Statement: We punish intentional harm or neglect of a born child with legal consequences including imprisonment and the loss of parental rights.

Any act which, by intent or neglect, causes the death of a fertilized egg is wrong, and should be subject to legal sanction

Axiom: At least 50% of fertilized eggs die due to non-implantation or other biological problems which prevent growth.

Axiom: An undefined, but nonzero, percentage of those deaths are caused by acts or omissions on the part of the mother, such as poor nutrition, drug use, or risky physical behaviors

Conclusion 1: Thus, to prevent the taking of innocent life, all pregnant women must be prevented from engaging in acts or omissions which may lead to the death of the fertilized egg.

Axiom: An undefined, but nonzero, percentage of women of childbearing age are pregnant for a period of time prior to their knowledge of this fact

Conclusion: ALL women of childbearing age must be subject to Conclusion 1 above

Corollary: As the legal system provides protection to born children, laws should be passed enforcing Conclusion 1 above.

Corollary: As medical science cannot, at present, remove a fertilized egg from a woman and grow it in a laboratory, the laws from the above corollary can not rely on present standards which would strip parental rights from a neglectful mother (we can't take the baby out of her by force). Thus, the legal force must revolve around imprisonment and forcible subjection to medical care based on the needs of the fetus.

Necessary conclusions based on the above:

• No woman of childbearing age should be allowed, under law, to smoke cigarettes.
• No woman of childbearing age should be allowed, under law, to drink alcohol
• No woman of childbearing age should be allowed, under law, to maintain an unhealthy weight
• No woman of childbearing age should be allowed, under law, to engage in body-contact sports
• No woman of childbearing age should be allowed, under law, to engage in dangerous sports of any kind
• No woman of childbearing age should be allowed, under law, to consume any drug, whether legally prescribed or not, which has been shown to have teratogenic, mutagenic, or fetotoxic effects, even to save her life.
• All women of childbearing age should be forced to take a pregnancy test every month, with results reported to the state, so that early pregnancies may be monitored by agents of the state
• All pregnant women should be forced to follow a medically prudent schedule of prenatal care, and should be forced, under penalty of imprisonment or other punishments, to abide by any rules given to her by her state-licensed obstetrician.
If intentionally preventing a fertilized egg from implanting, via hormonal contraception, is equivalent to murder, then fertilization medication should be mandatory on all women of childbearing age (of course we can’t mandate it only on all sexually active women; we can’t mandate people’s sexuality!), in order to prevent as many babies as possible from dying before implantation. Imagine being on a boat in freezing water and people frequently try climbing aboard. you have a ladder which hangs overboard, but most of the people who get to it die before getting to the top. In this situation, hormonal contraception merely removes the ladder, but doesn’t prevent people from dying. this is OF COURSE the same thing as deliberately murdering them. Shouldn’t the ethical thing to do be to lower as many ladders as possible or make climbing the ladder as likely as possible?

Let's try a list, which might make the question clearer and simpler, of how catholics and the gop make abortion more common:

1. Opposing preventative contraception. It's getting safer, cheaper and more effective all the time.
2. Opposing post-coital contraception, e.g., the morning after pill. It can be almost 100% effective.
3. Opposing education. You wouldn't believe the crap even adults believe, but the crap that the kids believe is unimaginable to an informed person.
4. Opposing homosexuality. You can not get pregnant from a homosexual sex act. 100% birth control guaranteed except in cases of rape.
5. Opposing non-reproductive sex. Turning marital sex into a chore guarantees that recreation will be sought elsewhere.
6. Opposing masturbation. Another way you can not get pregnant or get anybody else pregnant, despite urban legends to the contrary.
7. Opposing equal rights and opportunities for women. Women who take charge of their own lives don't get into fixes as often.
8. Opposing pre-marital sex. If nothing else, it makes it more tempting and glamorous.
9. Opposing recreational sex. Ditto.
10. Opposing the legalization and regulation of prostitution. Nobody avoids pregnancy like a pro.
11. Opposing state and secular education. The kiddies are sure not going to get the real facts from a nun.
12. Opposing taxation for social welfare programs. Many of these are aimed at helping the poor not stay barefoot and pregnant. Socialists love to reduce the surplus population, thus driving up wages. Take that Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge.
13. Spreading misinformation and out right lies. Where do you think kids get their stupid misconceptions?
14. Fear-mongering. Panicky fools are worse than the stubborn kind.
15. Being hypocrites. Do as we say, not as we do is a good way to guarantee that people will ignore your BS.
16. Demanding "all or nothing".
17. Trying to fight human nature in the name of a God who clearly hasn't got a clue.
18. Knocking up the Christian virgins as fast as they can seduce or rape them. This is the hypocrite's hypocrite at work. Not only do they not carry the burdens they place on others, they jump on the load and lead from the top, possibly with a whip.
19. Selling all sort of false panaceas and quack nostrums instead of good old-fashioned prudence, justice, fortitude, self-denial, etc. You wouldn't believe the crap that Believers believe.
20. Making the cure worse than the disease.
21. Supporting political tyranny and social injustice. Abortions are either a luxury of the rich and powerful, or a hardship imposed on the poor and powerless, and very likely both. It's only the middle classes who get stuck with the unwanted babies, unless of course they are put up for adoption.
22. Turning generations of "children born in sin" into slaves in church-run workshops or pretty much trading in them as slaves for private households.
23. Abandoning their daughters in their hour of need. Yeah, booting the girl out of the house with no money is really going to prevent a back alley abortion.
24. Paying for abortions for their girlfriends, mistresses, daughters, wives, etc. This is the most obvious and direct way that religious conservatives promote abortions. See hypocrites, above

I stand to be corrected if I have missed any or named a way that conservative Religionists DON'T make abortions more common. Of course, some Unbelievers are just as bad. You don't have to erect your vices as an idol to worship in order to be a religious bastard, but it helps.
What does it look like for God to feel loved by you?
Mission Statement 1 
I am determined to become a certain type of person. Every morning, first things first, I will dedicate myself to this one resolve: to relentlessly pursue who God has created me to be. The person I am moving away from is a person filled with distractions, despair and self-destruction and the person God created me to be is a man of wholeness, hope and focus. God, I need your help. I am hopeless without you. Help me become like you. I recognize my destructive, sinful tendencies and repent of them. Today I resolve to be intentional, and I need you to give me the self control to do it. I am easily distracted. Grant me focus. You need to remind me of who I am, and the type of world I live in.

Today I resolve to be intentional, and I need you to give me the self control to do it. I am easily distracted. Grant me focus.
	Today I acknowledge my destructive tendencies and I repent of them.
	(1) Lust I am aware of my tendency to view women for their sexuality as meat to gratify myself. I am Lecherous. I stare at women’s bodies for my own satisfaction. i look at non christian girls as possible options for sex, even though I've never actually done it and i look at christian girls as options for dating. This is unfathomably destructive to myself and to them, in many, many ways. This is not part of who God wants me to be.
. Being aware, I turn from it and resolve to be intentional with my eyes, to bounce them away if they stray, and I devote myself to never think of any woman as an option for sex. The door is closed. I have chosen you. They are not meat. They are human beings like me who don’t deserve to be used.
	(2) Pride I am aware of my tendency toward conceitedness and desire for people to value me as smart. I display how smart I am as often as I can, and not only that, but how much smarter I am than they probably are. This demeans and degrades them (and they feel it!) and it feeds sickness in me. Being aware, I turn from this and resolve to be intentional about the way I display and present myself. [[insert more]]
	(3) Vanity I am aware that I am self centered and constantly think of myself at the expense of others, drawing conversation and subjects back to me, even when it's not about me. Being aware, I turn from it and resolve to be intentional about focusing on and listening to others for their sake, not mine. I will be intentional about enjoying others in order to bring them joy. I will strive to help everyone i interact with feel about themselves the way God wants them to- encouraged, important, and worthwhile.   -----And i constantly return to my interests instead of theirs.
	(4) Stirring the pot I am aware of my tendency to “stir the pot” for attention’s sake. I often do this because I want people to notice me, but I do it without regard for how they will notice me, and it ends up being negative most of the time. Sometimes I’ll say and do things just to get the biggest reaction, regardless of whether it’s one of anger, laughter, curiosity, or simply shock. Sometimes however, simply out of habit, i just do the action which will create the biggest stir. being aware of this, I repent of it. From here forward, i will strive to be conscious of and concerned with the effect that my actions AND WORDS will have on others, and to do things which will bring people happiness and health. 
(5)  Rage I am aware of an underlying aggression in me and a tendency towards outbursts of anger. I use foul language and curse up a storm when something sets me off, like driving, or sharp unexpected annoyances. i find myself fantasizing about violence sometimes. Abba, remove my anger. I resolve to keep this anger in check, and to not do these things. Instead, I commit myself toward fostering in myself peace and compassion. 
	(6) Sloth I am aware of a tendency in myself toward procrastination and distraction and idleness. I fail to start things or complete them. I have no starting power, nor endurance or perseverance. Being aware of this I resolve to turn from it, and ask that that you God would grant me determination and self-will, and I commit to actively seek out help from that which produces motivation and stamina in me: people and preaching. (1) i resolve to never play time wasting games on the Internet. (2) i resolve to eliminate facebook usage as much as possible.
	(7) Gluttony  Deeply related to my sloth, i am aware of my tendency to overindulge.
	(8) Greed I am aware of my tendency toward greed and worldly safety. I love getting money even though I hate the need for it, and I am constantly planning for worldly survival and gain at the expense of the kingdom of God. Aware of this, I resolve to ACTUALLY TRUST GOD to take care of me, and i will be intentionally generous with both my time and money.
	(9) (Worthlessness) I am aware of my tendency to regard myself as worthless and be self deprecating
(10) Despair I am aware of a tendency in me toward despair and hopelessness. By my fault, or by nature, I fall into periods of deep despondency and pain, where I only see darkness. Outside of those darker times, I still have a tendency to simply give up. Being aware of the regularity that I fall into depression, I resolve to remain prepared for the doldrums and darkness when they come, ready to reach out for help from God and my friends. I commit myself to remembering that hope wins in the end, and I will remind myself relentlessly that “everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.” And being aware of my tendency to give up normally, I commit myself to not giving up even in trivial things.
	(11) Relationships with others I am aware of my sharp need and hunger for people. Abused, this causes many problems, and unmet, it causes others. I will be conscious and intentional about seeking company, love, and friendship, and at the same time I will be aware of and resist my tendency to distort it. I am aware of my tendency to be self deprecating, but i do this to get pity, and it is not healthy. It pushes people away.
	(12) Relationship with God I am aware of my tendency to hide from you. I not only avoid communication with you but I actively ignore you and don't take you seriously. I neither check with you, nor do I listen for your input. I don't tell you what's going on, nor do I listen for your voice. Being aware of this, I repent. From here forward I resolve to keep the lines of communication open, and to intentionally pray several times per day. I will praise and thank you, God; I will depend on and ask things from you God; and I will lament to and be honest with you God. I commit myself to interceding for those I love and those who need it. I will follow a schedule of prayer throughout the day
	(13) Fear, anxiety, worry.  I am aware
	(14) Thanklessness.  I am aware (james, mom)
	(15) lack of compassion.  I am aware (james, mom)

	Positive things to strive toward
	(1) I am aware that I have a calling to be a shepherd and a teacher. It is who and what I am- it is my meaning. It conforms to all of my gifts. Because I am called to this, I will be diligent about learning, loving and teaching (in love). I must do this, because without becoming the man he wants me to be, I am sick, starving, and hopeless.
	(2) I resolve to trust you, Father, today, and I ask on the honor of your son Jesus Messiah, who died and rose again to give me life, that you help me, with the power of your Holy Spirit, to do all of these things,.
	(3) I am passionate and enthusiastic about almost anything I do, with a tremendous sense of energy and fun. Nourish this in me, for I know it is from you.
	(4) I am naturally empathetic and compassionate toward people of any sort of anguish, nourish this in me for I know it is from you.
	(5) I have a bizarre and amusing sense of humor. Nourish th... I think i'm just gonna go ahead and let that one slide...
	(6) I have an unshakable need for honesty. Nourish this in me for I know it is from you
	(7) I am creative and have great skill with analogy and metaphor; nourish this in me for I know it is from you.
	(8) I am strongly analytical with exceptional powers of reason and logic; nourish this in me for I know it is from you
	(9) I have a tendency toward me that is always looking for ways to be improved; nourish this in me for I know it is from you
	(10) I have an strong desire to help people; nourish this in me for I know it is from you
	(11) I have some patience, but not enough; nourish this in me for I know it is from you
	(12) I have an unquenchable thirst, and am incredibly curious, nourish this is in me, for I know it is from you.

	For each sin
		1. recognize it.
		2. describe it.
		3. speficic examples
		4. turn from it.
		5. describe what you’re turning toward
		6 specific examples. 
i am aware of my need for structure and schedule. 

“Beware. When you walk through this door, it will open your eyes to the things that you can’t see on this side of the door”
The man walked through the door. It is difficult to describe this man walking through the door. He was of medium build, and yet slightly wiry. The journey had brought him through many places. It had brought him through the badlands and the swamp. Through prison cell, and through icy storms. Through fire, and through salten seas where he nearly drowned. A boy suffering, arriving here to this door. This life was before him. The adventure was at hand.  But he was not the main character yet. The character as he stood was a mildly hideous figure He was complex.  There was a lechery in him, unfit for the herald fighting in the kingdom for which he sang. It sprang from addiction, and it ruined his voice. He could not stay in step.  There was a pride in him for being a herald, so when he sang it, it was less audible ass a trumpet blast.  There was in him a vanity- he cared too much about others watching his heralding, and so he would do the wrong things to make them watch. There was an anger in him for so many things.

The drug: his fellow soldiers, and the innocent bystanders had it in their blood and he could smell it. It distracted him and the addiction was maddening.

 The army marched on. It was the greatest movement of peace that all of life had ever seen. It was an army devoted to the way things ought to be, it was an army that brought peace, destroying war. The restorative movement of the king was getting its head, and the army marched on, unstoppably. Sadly, in the army, in this military campaign, many of the participants had forgotten what they were there for. They envisioned their entire mission as finding enemies and innocent bystanders to convert to the correct side. This was deeply important to the mission, but missed the point. The kingdom’s army was there to bring restoration, to restore all of the king's rightful land. To its correct state. But they had forgotten.
 Every once in a while though, a rarity among the soldiers, were raised up heralds. These were characters who were there to give voice to the movement of the kingdom. To remind and pull the troops forward. In addition to just the normal equipment of a soldier in this army, He carried a horn and a flag. When a herald finds his flag and horn, there is an alignment that occurs inside of him and he knows. He cannot deny that he has this flag and horn, and that they have been given to him as gifts, but not gifts that he can pawn off. A herald is a man only at home when he is marching with his army, flagged raised high, and horn blowing loud. The flag to guide, the horn to inspire. There were war drummers who were to help his horn, but the horn was his, and the flag was his, given to him directly by the king.
 Thomas Lionside Was a herald. He was born a herald, but didn’t know when he would receive his horn. He had his flag, and he was still stitching it together, this Gift from God. The flags were rarely given directly- they were learned and built by the herald, and they all needed the emblem, burning bright and center, of a cross. His was bigger every day, but he knew it wasn’t finished. He longed so hard to be giving his horn, his voice, to sing the song of the king for the people. His horn yet was still very small. The messages that he received from the king were always of patience, to fly the flag and follow the path that heralds walk. He would receive his horn when the time was right.
 And the time was not right. In this battle, this awful war, the battle lines are often hard to see, because the enemy infiltrates the camp and all areas where the soldiers meet. Thomas Lionside had several enemies that had hidden with and within him. They stopped him from walking the Herald’s path, but He was coming awake to them, and would kill them and incapacitate them by whatever means necessary.

 The lust is a spider living inside of his chest, needing to be fed from the blood of other soldiers and bystanders. It carves open a hole in his armor every time he feeds it.
on the reality of sexual sin, to address henry's doubts about the imorality of it. 

his objections are thus: 
1. he doesn't see negative consequences for it. 
2. he doesn't feel condemned in it, and therefore believes nothing to be wrong, going off of a passage in 1 John. 

    we will address 1, then 2, then offer further miscelaneous arguments about the subject. 
    but first, we'll need to establish that the bible is clear that we must use our minds and rationality to discern what is right, and do it no matter what the feeling (or lack thereof) is. a major point to be drawn is that in the OT, the criticism was constantly given to sinners that their main problem was no Fear of God; ie, they didn't have long term perspective in mind when making their chocies, namely, that in the end, God would take care of them and their sin. God isn't concerned with having immediate consequences for all our sin. part of being human and becoming like him is learning to recognize sin clearly and avoid it no matter what. no matter what feeling or other thoughts may be present.  

    we will adress 1 like this: a. the morality of something isn't necessarily immediately visible. b. things like theft from a giant corporation, money counterfitting, etc are wrong, even if the negative consequences aren't visible. c. furthermore, on a spiritual level, we are deliberately prevented from seeing it, but we know that our sin is, on a spiritual level, litterally treason against the kingdom of God, and working not only against his Kingdom, but on the side of the kingdom of hell. it is in a very real sense, handing weaponry over to satan's army. 
    we will adress 2 like this: he is essentially misinterpretting the passage. to prove this, I do two things. first, establish the precedent about sexual sin in the rest of the bible, and point out that it is not a simply cultural thing, being that while many of the other old testament laws were removed, sexual commandments were not only retained and reinforced, but enhanced. this part will help accomplish section 3 as well. second, I  provide a number of other possible interpretations of that passage to further weaken his position on that. once these two things have been done, it will be utterly obvious to him that using this passage as justification for having sex is not only foolish, but irrational. 

    third, we will establish general morality as applies to sexuality, and show that many instances of someone having sex are simply wrong, part of this, even without biblical precedent. points to touch on here will inlclude include the psychological effect of sex, esspecially on women; the psychological effects of breaking it off with a sexual partner; the spiritual nature of sex, as admitted by nearly anyone who believes in a soul; the physical dangers of sex that is not strictly monogamous; and the risk of pregnancy with someone to whom one is not married. 

having shown most of these arguments, many of which i'm sure he's aware, it ought to be clear to him that his "doubts" aobut the morality of sexual sin are nothing more than the result of cognitive dissonance; he finds that he is unable to remove the action from his life, so he must mentally make the action not against his moral code. 

at that point, then we'll have to talk to figure out what being consistnt is going to take. 
for now though, it's time for bed.
Section one intro: Grace? english meanings
Section 2- New Words
Section 3 Charis, Human, Joy, reciprocity
Section 4 Charizo, relational, reciprocal, (not one directional), forgiveness.
section 5 Charis, historical, mythical, cultural, 
section 6 

Set the stage: Grace, a very important word that means something, and may not mean what Christians usually think it means. (hook, implied inciting incident? craft actual one?)

!Time Categories
!!Shortest (a few seconds) 
!!Short (a few minutes)
!!Medium (several minutes up to 45 min)
!!Long (up to several hours)
!!Longer (1-7 days)
!!Long Term (longer than 7 days)

!Pleasure Type Categories
!!![[link to chart| http://docs.google.com]]
!!Creative expression
!!!Receiving (learning, discovering)
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|formatted dates plus popup menu with 'journal' link, changes and (optional) reminders|
This plugin provides a general approach to displaying formatted dates and/or links and popups that permit easy navigation and management of tiddlers based on their creation/modification dates.
>see [[DatePluginInfo]]
<<option chkDatePopupHideCreated>> omit 'created' section from date popups
<<option chkDatePopupHideChanged>> omit 'changed' section from date popups
<<option chkDatePopupHideTagged>> omit 'tagged' section from date popups
<<option chkDatePopupHideReminders>> omit 'reminders' section from date popups
<<option chkShowJulianDate>> display Julian day number (1-365) below current date

see [[DatePluginConfig]] for additional configuration settings, for use in calendar displays, including:
*date formats
*color-coded backgrounds
*annual fixed-date holidays
2011.04.23 2.7.3 added config.macros.date.tipformat for custom mouseover tooltip and config.macros.date.leadtime for custom reminder leadtime (default=90 days)
2010.12.15 2.7.2 omit date highlighting when hiding popup items (created/changed/tagged/reminders)
|please see [[DatePluginInfo]] for additional revision details|
2005.10.30 0.9.0 pre-release
version.extensions.DatePlugin= {major: 2, minor: 7, revision: 3, date: new Date(2011,4,23)};

config.macros.date = {
	format: 'YYYY.0MM.0DD', // default date display format
	linkformat: 'YYYY.0MM.0DD', // 'dated tiddler' link format
	tipformat: 'YYYY.0MM.0DD', // 'dated tiddler' link tooltip format
	leadtime: 31, // find reminders up to 31 days from now
	linkedbg: '#babb1e',
	todaybg: '#ffab1e',
	weekendbg: '#c0c0c0',
	holidaybg: '#ffaace',
	createdbg: '#bbeeff',
	modifiedsbg: '#bbeeff',
	remindersbg: '#c0ffee',
	weekend: [ 1,0,0,0,0,0,1 ], // [ day index values: sun=0, mon=1, tue=2, wed=3, thu=4, fri=5, sat=6 ],
	holidays: [ '01/01', '07/04', '07/24', '11/24' ]
		// NewYearsDay, IndependenceDay(US), Eric's Birthday (hooray!), Thanksgiving(US)

config.macros.date.handler = function(place,macroName,params)
	// default: display current date
	var now =new Date();
	var date=now;
	var mode='display';
	if (params[0]&&['display','popup','link'].contains(params[0].toLowerCase()))
		{ mode=params[0]; params.shift(); }

	if (!params[0] || params[0]=='today')
		{ params.shift(); }
	else if (params[0]=='filedate')
		{ date=new Date(document.lastModified); params.shift(); }
	else if (params[0]=='tiddler')
		{ date=store.getTiddler(story.findContainingTiddler(place).id.substr(7)).modified; params.shift(); }
	else if (params[0].substr(0,8)=='tiddler:')
		{ var t; if ((t=store.getTiddler(params[0].substr(8)))) date=t.modified; params.shift(); }
	else {
		var y = eval(params.shift().replace(/Y/ig,(now.getYear()<1900)?now.getYear()+1900:now.getYear()));
		var m = eval(params.shift().replace(/M/ig,now.getMonth()+1));
		var d = eval(params.shift().replace(/D/ig,now.getDate()+0));
		date = new Date(y,m-1,d);
	// date format with optional custom override
	var format=this.format; if (params[0]) format=params.shift();
	var linkformat=this.linkformat; if (params[0]) linkformat=params.shift();

function showDate(place,date,mode,format,linkformat,autostyle,weekend)
	mode	  =mode||'display';
	format	  =format||config.macros.date.format;

	// format the date output
	var title=date.formatString(format);
	var linkto=date.formatString(linkformat);
	var tip=date.formatString(config.macros.date.tipformat);

	// just show the formatted output
	if (mode=='display') { place.appendChild(document.createTextNode(title)); return; }

	// link to a 'dated tiddler'
	var link = createTiddlyLink(place, linkto, false);
	link.title = tip;
	link.date = date;
	link.format = format;
	link.linkformat = linkformat;

	// if using a popup menu, replace click handler for dated tiddler link
	// with handler for popup and make link text non-italic (i.e., an 'existing link' look)
	if (mode=='popup') {
		link.onclick = onClickDatePopup;
	// format the popup link to show what kind of info it contains (for use with calendar generators)
	if (autostyle) setDateStyle(place,link,weekend);
// NOTE: This function provides default logic for setting the date style when displayed in a calendar
// To customize the date style logic, please see[[DatePluginConfig]]
function setDateStyle(place,link,weekend) {
	// alias variable names for code readability
	var date=link.date;
	var fmt=link.linkformat;
	var linkto=date.formatString(fmt);
	var cmd=config.macros.date;

	var co=config.options; // abbrev

	if ((weekend!==undefined?weekend:isWeekend(date))&&(cmd.weekendbg!=''))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.weekendbg; }
	if (hasModifieds(date)||hasCreateds(date)||hasTagged(date,fmt))
		{ link.style.fontStyle='normal'; link.style.fontWeight='bold'; }
	if (hasReminders(date))
		{ link.style.textDecoration='underline'; }
	if (isToday(date))
		{ link.style.border='1px solid black'; }
	if (isHoliday(date)&&(cmd.holidaybg!=''))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.holidaybg; }
	if (hasCreateds(date)&&(cmd.createdbg!=''))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.createdbg; }
	if (hasModifieds(date)&&(cmd.modifiedsbg!=''))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.modifiedsbg; }
	if ((hasTagged(date,fmt)||store.tiddlerExists(linkto))&&(cmd.linkedbg!=''))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.linkedbg; }
	if (hasReminders(date)&&(cmd.remindersbg!=''))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.remindersbg; }
	if (isToday(date)&&(cmd.todaybg!=''))
		{ place.style.background = cmd.todaybg; }
	if (config.options.chkShowJulianDate) { // optional display of Julian date numbers
		var m=[0,31,59,90,120,151,181,212,243,273,304,334];
		var d=date.getDate()+m[date.getMonth()];
		var y=date.getFullYear();
		if (date.getMonth()>1 && (y%4==0 && y%100!=0) || y%400==0)
			d++; // after February in a leap year

function isToday(date) // returns true if date is today
	{ var now=new Date(); return ((now-date>=0) && (now-date<86400000)); }
function isWeekend(date) // returns true if date is a weekend
	{ return (config.macros.date.weekend[date.getDay()]); }
function isHoliday(date) // returns true if date is a holiday
	var longHoliday = date.formatString('0MM/0DD/YYYY');
	var shortHoliday = date.formatString('0MM/0DD');
	for(var i = 0; i < config.macros.date.holidays.length; i++) {
		var holiday=config.macros.date.holidays[i];
		if (holiday==longHoliday||holiday==shortHoliday) return true;
	return false;
// Event handler for clicking on a day popup
function onClickDatePopup(e) { e=e||window.event;
	var p=Popup.create(this); if (!p) return false;
	// always show dated tiddler link (or just date, if readOnly) at the top...
	if (!readOnly || store.tiddlerExists(this.date.formatString(this.linkformat)))
	Popup.show(); e.cancelBubble=true; if(e.stopPropagation)e.stopPropagation(); return false;
function indexCreateds() // build list of tiddlers, hash indexed by creation date
	var createds= { };
	var tiddlers = store.getTiddlers('title','excludeLists');
	for (var t = 0; t < tiddlers.length; t++) {
		var date = tiddlers[t].created.formatString('YYYY0MM0DD')
		if (!createds[date])
			createds[date]=new Array();
	return createds;
function hasCreateds(date) // returns true if date has created tiddlers
	if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideCreated) return false;
	if (!config.macros.date.createds) config.macros.date.createds=indexCreateds();
	return (config.macros.date.createds[date.formatString('YYYY0MM0DD')]!=undefined);

function addCreatedsToPopup(p,when,format)
	if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideCreated) return false;
	var force=(store.isDirty() && when.formatString('YYYY0MM0DD')==new Date().formatString('YYYY0MM0DD'));
	if (force || !config.macros.date.createds) config.macros.date.createds=indexCreateds();
	var indent=String.fromCharCode(160)+String.fromCharCode(160);
	var createds = config.macros.date.createds[when.formatString('YYYY0MM0DD')];
	if (createds) {
		var e=createTiddlyElement(p,'div',null,null,'created ('+createds.length+')');
		for(var t=0; t<createds.length; t++) {
			var link=createTiddlyLink(createTiddlyElement(p,'li'),createds[t],false);
function indexModifieds() // build list of tiddlers, hash indexed by modification date
	var modifieds= { };
	var tiddlers = store.getTiddlers('title','excludeLists');
	for (var t = 0; t < tiddlers.length; t++) {
		var date = tiddlers[t].modified.formatString('YYYY0MM0DD')
		if (!modifieds[date])
			modifieds[date]=new Array();
	return modifieds;
function hasModifieds(date) // returns true if date has modified tiddlers
	if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideChanged) return false;
	if (!config.macros.date.modifieds) config.macros.date.modifieds = indexModifieds();
	return (config.macros.date.modifieds[date.formatString('YYYY0MM0DD')]!=undefined);

function addModifiedsToPopup(p,when,format)
	if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideChanged) return false;
	var date=when.formatString('YYYY0MM0DD');
	var force=(store.isDirty() && date==new Date().formatString('YYYY0MM0DD'));
	if (force || !config.macros.date.modifieds) config.macros.date.modifieds=indexModifieds();
	var indent=String.fromCharCode(160)+String.fromCharCode(160);
	var mods = config.macros.date.modifieds[date];
	if (mods) {
		// if a tiddler was created on this date, don't list it in the 'changed' section
		if (config.macros.date.createds && config.macros.date.createds[date]) {
			var temp=[];
			for(var t=0; t<mods.length; t++)
				if (!config.macros.date.createds[date].contains(mods[t]))
		var e=createTiddlyElement(p,'div',null,null,'changed ('+mods.length+')');
		for(var t=0; t<mods.length; t++) {
			var link=createTiddlyLink(createTiddlyElement(p,'li'),mods[t],false);
function hasTagged(date,format) // returns true if date is tagging other tiddlers
	if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideTagged) return false;
	return store.getTaggedTiddlers(date.formatString(format)).length>0;

function addTaggedToPopup(p,when,format)
	if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideTagged) return false;
	var indent=String.fromCharCode(160)+String.fromCharCode(160);
	var tagged=store.getTaggedTiddlers(when.formatString(format));
	if (tagged.length) var e=createTiddlyElement(p,'div',null,null,'tagged ('+tagged.length+')');
	for(var t=0; t<tagged.length; t++) {
		var link=createTiddlyLink(createTiddlyElement(p,'li'),tagged[t].title,false);
function indexReminders(date,leadtime) // build list of tiddlers with reminders, hash indexed by reminder date
	var reminders = { };
	if(window.findTiddlersWithReminders!=undefined) { // reminder plugin is installed
		var t = findTiddlersWithReminders(date, [0,leadtime], null, null, 1);
		for(var i=0; i<t.length; i++) reminders[t[i].matchedDate]=true;
	return reminders;

function hasReminders(date) // returns true if date has reminders
	if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideReminders) return false;
	if (window.reminderCacheForCalendar)
		return window.reminderCacheForCalendar[date]; // use calendar cache
	if (!config.macros.date.reminders)
		config.macros.date.reminders = indexReminders(date,config.macros.date.leadtime); // create a reminder cache
	return (config.macros.date.reminders[date]);

function addRemindersToPopup(p,when,format)
	if (config.options.chkDatePopupHideReminders) return false;
	if(window.findTiddlersWithReminders==undefined) return; // reminder plugin not installed

	var indent = String.fromCharCode(160)+String.fromCharCode(160);
	var reminders=findTiddlersWithReminders(when, [0,config.macros.date.leadtime],null,null,1);
	createTiddlyElement(p,'div',null,null,'reminders ('+(reminders.length||'none')+')');
	for(var t=0; t<reminders.length; t++) {
		link = createTiddlyLink(createTiddlyElement(p,'li'),reminders[t].tiddler,false);
		var diff=reminders[t].diff;
		diff=(diff<1)?'Today':((diff==1)?'Tomorrow':diff+' days');
		var txt=(reminders[t].params['title'])?reminders[t].params['title']:reminders[t].tiddler;
		link.appendChild(document.createTextNode(indent+diff+' - '+txt));
	if (readOnly) return;	// readonly... omit 'new reminder...' command
	var rem='\\<\\<reminder day:%0 month:%1 year:%2 title:"Enter a reminder title here"\\>\\>';
	var cmd="<<newTiddler label:[["+indent+"new reminder...]] prompt:[[add a reminder to '%0']]"
		+" title:[[%0]] text:{{var t=store.getTiddlerText('%0','');t+(t.length?'\\n':'')+'%1'}} tag:%2>>";
32 Financial to be Addressed
|!heading column 1|!heading column 2|h
|left aligned | right aligned|
| centered ||
You said it will arrive in 11-14 business days. That is the time frame for the "Standard Shipping" FREE option. This is unacceptable.

I paid an extra 4.99 for the "Economy" shipping option. According to the "Economy" shipping time frame, I should receive my package NO LATER than 2 May. 

If I do not receive my package by May 2, then I will give you a single star feedback, because I paid the price for this shipping option. At first, I was pleased that I could receive this phone so soon because my current phone is malfunctioning. But now I am upset because you told me 11-14 business days, even though I already paid the price for faster shipping. 

If I knew I had to wait 11-15 business days for the package when i was bidding in the auction, I would not have been willing to pay as much as I did in the auction, but then, I saw that I could have much faster Economy shipping for 4.99, so I was willing to bid more on the item.  

But, if I receive the phone later than May 2, I am willing to give a 5 star feedback if, and only if, you give me a partial refund of $15.00 US via Paypal. 

[[Old Manifesto Stuff]]
[[Andrews encouragement 8-10-11]]
[[Life Reminders]]
[[Manifesto google doc link]]
[[life goals]]
[[Random Manifesto Stuff]]
[[my obstacles link]]
[[obstacles 2]]




#How do I integrate "grown-up" responsibilities that are hard and/or offer little joy, yet must nevertheless be done?
##Incorporate them into larger, more satisfying goals, and attach small satisfying joys to their completion.

*How I interact with people:
**I want to enjoy them
*** Actively Listen
***join them
*** Empathize (a whole range of emotions!)
*** Play
**I want them to enjoy me
***I need to be aware of my posture, speaking, eyes, hands. How I present myself, How I touch people, How I walk, etc. How I change it depending on whom. 
*** Play
*** Teach
*** Inspire
*** Encourage
*** Draw empathy (for a whole range of emotions!)
****join me
**trust, empathy, play, listening
**Tell people what 1) they want to hear, 2) what they need to hear, 3) what you want to say
**buy and read some books on all of this stuff. 

[[life goals]]
[[who i will be]]
[[Things To Enjoy]]
I'm writing this because I fervently want to (but do not currently) live the best life I can possibly live, both as a human being, and as myself, Leo Thomas Staley III. I am a Christian Hedonist, and now choose to live intentionally. 

As a human being I want to enjoy, and increase the joy, of God, My Neighbor, and Myself, with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Two things are obstacles to this. First there are sinful tendencies within me from which I must repent. Second, there are trials against me which I must endure. Sometimes the line between them is blurry. 

As an individual, Leo Thomas Staley III, I want specifically to intentionally employ and enjoy my individual gifts, traits, moods, desires, quirks, tastes, position in life, and personality toward the enjoyment and increased joy of God, My Neighbor, and Myself,  //in my own unique way//.  

This joint goal requires a radical transformation of my habits, tendencies, attitudes, intentions and indeed character. This transformation will only come about if I relentlessly pursue it; it will not happen if I sit idly by.   


First, I will explain what I think the best life possible is and why. Then I will explain the specifics of what I want and why. Then I will explain the obstacles to me. Then I will explain my plans for overcoming those obstacles. Then I will explain further specifcs beyond those specifics, and my plan for overcoming obstacles to those. 

For some of this, "what I want," what i want is merely at this point to overcome some specific obstacle. I expect to discover what I want beyond that when I have overcome it. 
prayer cards
evening cards:
thank you for lending me this day and for giving me the breath in my lungs. prayer for the morning

intercessory prayer cards

prayer for self cards

thankfulness prayer

When I am tempted to sin of any kind or go through suffering of any kind, it could be God trying me (ie a refining fire or a test or a task that he wants done), or the enemy attacking me. In both, and for either reason, the solution is to trust God and act on what that trust tells me, because his Joy cannot be had elsewhere. 
|''Version:''|1.2.0 (2010-10-10)|
|''Author:''|[[Tobias Beer]]|
|''Description:''|Provides a drop down listing current tags and others to be set. Based on [[x-tagger|http://tbgtd.tiddlyspot.com/#x-tagger]] which in turn was once based on [[TaggerPlugin|http://tw.lewcid.org/#TaggerPlugin]].|
|''~TiddlyWiki:''|Version 2.5.3 or better|


	tooltip:"Manage tiddler tags",
	notags:"no tags set...",
	aretags:"Current tags",
	addTag:"Add tag...",
	addTags:"Set tag...",
	txtEdit:"~ edit categories...",
	txtEditTip:"edit tiddler with GTD tag categories used by x-tagger",
	txtNew:"~ add another tag",
	txtRemove: "remove tag %0",
	txtAdd:"set tag %0",
	txtFor:"To be tagged... ",
	txtCtrl:" (hold SHIFT to just add it or CTRL to replace in category)",
	promptNew:"Enter new tag:",
	modeAsk:"Do you want to remove existing tags from category '%0'?\nCancel simply adds tag '%1'.",

	var c=this.cfg,

	var ar,curr,d1,d2,ex=[],fst=true,i,j,l,npop,nbtns,nli,m,pop,s,t,tgs=[],tids,ti,tgt,
	exp=(getParam(p,'exclude','')+' '+c.excludeTagged).readBracketedList(),

	if(src&&!store.getTiddlerText(src))return false;


	}else tgs=store.getTags();

	nli=function(p,cls){return createTiddlyElement(createTiddlyElement(p,'li',null,null),'ol',null,cls?cls:null);}
		var s,t;
		t=$(createTiddlyButton(s,text,tip.format(["'"+tag+"'"]),x.setTag,'button toggleButton', null));

			wikify('{{title{'+c.txtFor+'}}}<<tag [['+tid+']]>>',l);
		wikify('<<gotoTiddler '+gt+' >>',d2);

	else for(t=0;t<curr.length;t++)nbtns(d2,'[X]',curr[t],c.txtRemove);

			else if(!curr.contains(ti)&&!ex.contains(ti)){

	return x.noBubble(e);

	var ca,cats,nu,ok=true,t,tgs,tgt,ti,
	if(!tag){nu=prompt(c.promptNew,'');if(!nu)return false;else tag=nu;}
	findTagged:			for(ca=0;ca<cats.length;ca++){
					tgt=store.getTaggedTiddlers(ti).map(function(t){return t.title});
						break findTagged;
		}else if(!nu)store.setTiddlerTag(title,false,tag);
			c.keepModified?t.modified:new Date(),
	return x.noBubble(e);

	return p+Math.random().toString().substr(3);

	var p=$(el).closest('.tgs'),
		i=$('form input',p)[0];

	if(!store.getTiddler(title)){ //||!tid.tags
		var f=merge({}, config.defaultCustomFields);
		store.saveTiddler(title,title,'',config.options.txtUserName,new Date(),tag,f);
		return false;
	return store.getTiddler(title);

	var e=ev||window.event,el=resolveTarget(e);
	else if(e.type!='click'&&el.nodeName.toUpperCase()=='INPUT')return true;
	if(hasClass(el,'tiddlyLink'))return true;
	if (window.event) e.returnValue=false;
	if (e.preventDefault) e.preventDefault();
	if (e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation();
	return false;

var cmt=config.macros.toolbar;
		wikify('<<tagsearch toolbar '+config.macros.tagsearch.cfg.toolbar+'>>',place);
	}else cmt.createCommandTAGS.apply(this,arguments);

var gt=config.macros.gotoTiddler;
gt.processItem=function(title,here,list,showlist) {
	if (!title.length) return;
	if (title=='*')	{ story.search(here.value); return false; } // do full-text search
	if (!showlist) here.value=title;
	var n=$(here).data('notify');
	if(n)n.call(this,title,here); //notify of selection, otherwise...
	else story.displayTiddler(null,title); // show selected tiddler (default behaviour)
	return false;

var TM=store.getTiddlerText('ColorPalette::TertiaryMid'),
	'.tgs {padding:7px !important;-moz-border-radius:5px; -webkit-border-radius:5px;border-radius:5px;}\n'+
	'.tgs li a, .tgs .quickopentag .tiddlyLink {display:inline;padding:2px;clear:none;}\n'+
	'.tgs li a.toggleButton {display:inline;margin-left:5px;}\n'+
	'.tgs .title {margin:3px 0 0 5px;font-weight:bold;font-size:150%;color:'+TM+';padding:0;}\n'+
	'.tgs form{display:block;float:left;clear:both;padding-left:5px !important;}\n'+
	'.tgs .addto .quickopentag{display:block;clear:both;padding:5px;font-size:120%;}\n'+
	'.tgs .notags, .tsopt{display:block;clear:both;margin:5px;}\n'+
	'.tgs .highlight{background:'+TD+';}\n'+
	'.tgs ol{margin:0;padding:0 0 5px 0;}\n'+
	'.tgs li{display:block;float:left;padding-bottom:10px !important;}\n'+
	'.tgs li span{line-height:1em;}\n'+
	'.tgs li ol li{clear:both;min-width:120px;display:inline;border:1px solid transparent;}\n'+
	'.tgs li ol li:hover{border:1px solid '+TM+';}\n'+
	'.tgs li ol li ol li{padding:0 !important;}\n'+
	'.tgs li ol li ol li:hover{border:1px solid transparent;}\n'+
	'.tgside li ol li {min-width:150px;}'+
	'.tgs .quickopentag {display:inline;}\n'+
	'.tgs .quickopentag .tiddlyLink:hover {text-decoration:underline;}\n'+
	'.tgs .quickopentag .button {border:0;padding:2px;font-size:1.5em;}\n'+

|Author|Eric Shulman|
|License|see http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditPlugin|
|Description|quickedit - insert content from another tiddler or external file|

Usage: see  http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditToolbar

%/<html><hide linebreaks><a href="javascript:;" class="tiddlyLink" tabindex="-1" 
title="insert content from another tiddler or external file"
onclick="var p=Popup.create(this); if (!p) return false; p.className+=' sticky smallform';

	var s2=createTiddlyElement(p,'select'); s2.title='filter by tag';
	s2.options[0]=new Option('filter by tag...','');
	s2.options[s2.length]=new Option('[all tiddlers]','');
	var tags=store.getTags();
	for (var t=0; t<tags.length; t++) s2.options[s2.length]=new Option(tags[t][0],tags[t][0]);
		var tag=this.value;
		var tids=tag.length?store.reverseLookup('tags',tag,true):store.reverseLookup('tags','excludeLists');
		var list=this.nextSibling.nextSibling;
		while (list.length) list.options[0]=null;
		var prompt='select a tiddler or file...';
		if (tag.length) prompt='select a tagged tiddler ['+tids.length+' matches]...';
		list.options[0]=new Option(prompt,'');
		if (!tag.length) list.options[list.length]=new Option('[browse for file...]','_file');
		for (var t=0; t<tids.length; t++) {
			list.options[list.length]=new Option(tids[t].title,tids[t].title);
		list.selectedIndex=0; list.focus();
		if (!tag.length) this.selectedIndex=0;

	var s=createTiddlyElement(p,'select'); s.button=this;
	s.title='select a tiddler or file';
	s.options[0]=new Option('select a tiddler or file...','');
	s.options[s.length]=new Option('[browse for file...]','_file');
	var tids=store.reverseLookup('tags','excludeLists');
	for (var t=0; t<tids.length; t++) {
		s.options[s.length]=new Option(tids[t].title,tids[t].title);
	s.onclick=function(){ if (!this.value.length) return false;
		if (this.value=='_file') {
			var fn=config.quickEdit.promptForFilename(
				'Enter/select a text file',getLocalPath(document.location.href),'');
			if (!fn) return false; /* cancelled by user */
			var txt=loadFile(getLocalPath(fn));
			if (!txt) { alert('Error: unable to read contents from \0027'+fn+'\0027'); return; }
		else var txt=store.getTiddlerText(this.value);
		if (!txt) {
			displayMessage(this.value+' not found');
			this.selectedIndex=0; this.focus();
			return false;
		Popup.remove(); return false;
	return config.quickEdit.processed(event);"
The idea is for a small device with a numeric keyboard 3.5 cm wide, 4.5 cm long, similar to my lg 8350. It would connect to the android or iOS device through bluetooth or the headphone slot. You could finally do T9 with a physical keyboard on your android. It would physically connect to the handset via adhesive? IT would slide up to the back of the phone. Or maybe swivel out When sliding out it would be able to swivel, to have the directional pad on the left, for gaming. the directional pad would designed to play games. the okay button would be nearby, instead of in the middle of it. It would be able to do all the stuff the iMpulse Controller could do- media controller, key finder. 

A sweet lesson on patience. 

A NYC Taxi driver wrote:

I arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes I honked again. Since this was going to be my last ride of my shift I thought about just driving away, but instead I put the car in park and walked up to the door and knocked.. 'Just a minute', answered a frail, elderly voice. I could hear something being dragged across the floor.

After a long pause, the door opened. A small woman in her 90's stood before me. She was wearing a print dress and a pillbox hat with a veil pinned on it, like somebody out of a 1940's movie.

By her side was a small nylon suitcase. The apartment looked as if no one had lived in it for years. All the furniture was covered with sheets.

There were no clocks on the walls, no knickknacks or utensils on the counters. In the corner was a cardboard
box filled with photos and glassware.

'Would you carry my bag out to the car?' she said. I took the suitcase to the cab, then returned to assist the woman.

She took my arm and we walked slowly toward the curb.

She kept thanking me for my kindness. 'It's nothing', I told her.. 'I just try to treat my passengers the way I would want my mother to be treated.'

'Oh, you're such a good boy, she said. When we got in the cab, she gave me an address and then asked, 'Could you drive
through downtown?'

'It's not the shortest way,' I answered quickly..

'Oh, I don't mind,' she said. 'I'm in no hurry. I'm on my way to a hospice.

I looked in the rear-view mirror. Her eyes were glistening. 'I don't have any family left,' she continued in a soft voice..'The doctor says I don't have very long.' I quietly reached over and shut off the meter.

'What route would you like me to take?' I asked.

For the next two hours, we drove through the city. She showed me the building where she had once worked as an elevator operator.

We drove through the neighborhood where she and her husband had lived when they were newlyweds She had me pull up in front of a furniture warehouse that had once been a ballroom where she had gone dancing as a girl.

Sometimes she'd ask me to slow in front of a particular building or corner and would sit staring into the darkness, saying nothing.

As the first hint of sun was creasing the horizon, she suddenly said, 'I'm tired.Let's go now'.
We drove in silence to the address she had given me. It was a low building, like a small convalescent home, with a driveway that passed under a portico.

Two orderlies came out to the cab as soon as we pulled up. They were solicitous and intent, watching her every move.
They must have been expecting her.

I opened the trunk and took the small suitcase to the door. The woman was already seated in a wheelchair.

'How much do I owe you?' She asked, reaching into her purse.

'Nothing,' I said

'You have to make a living,' she answered.

'There are other passengers,' I responded.

Almost without thinking, I bent and gave her a hug.She held onto me tightly.

'You gave an old woman a little moment of joy,' she said. 'Thank you.'

I squeezed her hand, and then walked into the dim morning light.. Behind me, a door shut.It was the sound of the closing of a life..

I didn't pick up any more passengers that shift. I drove aimlessly lost in thought. For the rest of that day,I could hardly talk.What if that woman had gotten an angry driver,or one who was impatient to end his shift? What if I had refused to take the run, or had honked once, then driven away?

On a quick review, I don't think that I have done anything more important in my life.

We're conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments.

But great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.
|''Version:''|1.0.7 (2012-04-19)|
|''Summary:''|Enhance your tiddlers with structured data (such as strings, booleans, numbers, or even arrays and compound objects) that can be easily accessed and modified through named fields (in JavaScript code).|
|''Author:''|UdoBorkowski (ub [at] abego-software [dot] de)|
|''License:''|[[BSD open source license|http://www.abego-software.de/legal/apl-v10.html]]|
Enhance your tiddlers with structured data (such as strings, booleans, numbers, or even arrays and compound objects) that can be easily accessed and modified through named fields (in JavaScript code).

Such tiddler data can be used in various applications. E.g. you may create tables that collect data from various tiddlers. 

''//Example: "Table with all December Expenses"//''
        'tiddler.tags.contains("expense") && tiddler.data("month") == "Dec"'
        '"|[["+tiddler.title+"]]|"+tiddler.data("descr")+"| "+tiddler.data("amount")+"|\n"'
//(This assumes that expenses are stored in tiddlers tagged with "expense".)//
        'tiddler.tags.contains("expense") && tiddler.data("month") == "Dec"'
        '"|[["+tiddler.title+"]]|"+tiddler.data("descr")+"| "+tiddler.data("amount")+"|\n"'
For other examples see DataTiddlerExamples.

''Access and Modify Tiddler Data''

You can "attach" data to every tiddler by assigning a JavaScript value (such as a string, boolean, number, or even arrays and compound objects) to named fields. 

These values can be accessed and modified through the following Tiddler methods:
|{{{data(field)}}}|{{{t.data("age")}}}|Returns the value of the given data field of the tiddler. When no such field is defined or its value is undefined {{{undefined}}} is returned.|
|{{{data(field,defaultValue)}}}|{{{t.data("isVIP",false)}}}|Returns the value of the given data field of the tiddler. When no such field is defined or its value is undefined the defaultValue is returned.|
|{{{data()}}}|{{{t.data()}}}|Returns the data object of the tiddler, with a property for every field. The properties of the returned data object may only be read and not be modified. To modify the data use DataTiddler.setData(...) or the corresponding Tiddler method.|
|{{{setData(field,value)}}}|{{{t.setData("age",42)}}}|Sets the value of the given data field of the tiddler to the value. When the value is {{{undefined}}} the field is removed.|
|{{{setData(field,value,defaultValue)}}}|{{{t.setData("isVIP",flag,false)}}}|Sets the value of the given data field of the tiddler to the value. When the value is equal to the defaultValue no value is set (and the field is removed).|

Alternatively you may use the following functions to access and modify the data. In this case the tiddler argument is either a tiddler or the name of a tiddler.
|{{{DataTiddler.getData(tiddler,field)}}}|Returns the value of the given data field of the tiddler. When no such field is defined or its value is undefined {{{undefined}}} is returned.|
|{{{DataTiddler.getData(tiddler,field,defaultValue)}}}|Returns the value of the given data field of the tiddler. When no such field is defined or its value is undefined the defaultValue is returned.|
|{{{DataTiddler.getDataObject(tiddler)}}}|Returns the data object of the tiddler, with a property for every field. The properties of the returned data object may only be read and not be modified. To modify the data use DataTiddler.setData(...) or the corresponding Tiddler method.|
|{{{DataTiddler.setData(tiddler,field,value)}}}|Sets the value of the given data field of the tiddler to the value. When the value is {{{undefined}}} the field is removed.|
|{{{DataTiddler.setData(tiddler,field,value,defaultValue)}}}|Sets the value of the given data field of the tiddler to the value. When the value is equal to the defaultValue no value is set (and the field is removed).|
//(For details on the various functions see the detailed comments in the source code.)//

''Data Representation in a Tiddler''

The data of a tiddler is stored as plain text in the tiddler's content/text, inside a "data" section that is framed by a {{{<data>...</data>}}} block. Inside the data section the information is stored in the [[JSON format|http://www.crockford.com/JSON/index.html]]. 

//''Data Section Example:''//
<data>{"isVIP":true,"user":"John Brown","age":34}</data>

The data section is not displayed when viewing the tiddler (see also "The showData Macro").

Beside the data section a tiddler may have all kind of other content.

Typically you will not access the data section text directly but use the methods given above. Nevertheless you may retrieve the text of the data section's content through the {{{DataTiddler.getDataText(tiddler)}}} function.

''Saving Changes''

The "setData" methods respect the "ForceMinorUpdate" and "AutoSave" configuration values. I.e. when "ForceMinorUpdate" is true changing a value using setData will not affect the "modifier" and "modified" attributes. With "AutoSave" set to true every setData will directly save the changes after a setData.


No notifications are sent when a tiddler's data value is changed through the "setData" methods. 

''Escape Data Section''
In case that you want to use the text {{{<data>}}} or {{{</data>}}} in a tiddler text you must prefix the text with a tilde ('~'). Otherwise it may be wrongly considered as the data section. The tiddler text {{{~<data>}}} is displayed as {{{<data>}}}.

''The showData Macro''

By default the data of a tiddler (that is stored in the {{{<data>...</data>}}} section of the tiddler) is not displayed. If you want to display this data you may used the {{{<<showData ...>>}}} macro:

|>|{{{<<}}}''showData '' [''JSON''] [//tiddlerName//] {{{>>}}}|
|''JSON''|By default the data is rendered as a table with a "Name" and "Value" column. When defining ''JSON'' the data is rendered in JSON format|
|//tiddlerName//|Defines the tiddler holding the data to be displayed. When no tiddler is given the tiddler containing the showData macro is used. When the tiddler name contains spaces you must quote the name (or use the {{{[[...]]}}} syntax.)|
|>|~~Syntax formatting: Keywords in ''bold'', optional parts in [...]. 'or' means that exactly one of the two alternatives must exist.~~|
!Source Code
This plugin's source code is compressed (and hidden). 
Use this [[link|http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de/archive/DataTiddlerPlugin/1.0.7/DataTiddlerPlugin-1.0.7-src.js]] to get the readable source code.
if(!version.extensions.DataTiddlerPlugin){version.extensions.DataTiddlerPlugin={major:1,minor:0,revision:7,date:new Date(2012,3,19),type:"plugin",source:"http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de/#DataTiddlerPlugin"};if(!window.story){window.story=window}if(!TiddlyWiki.prototype.getTiddler){TiddlyWiki.prototype.getTiddler=function(b){var a=this.tiddlers[b];return(a!==undefined&&a instanceof Tiddler)?a:null}}function DataTiddler(){}DataTiddler={stringify:null,parse:null};window.DataTiddler=DataTiddler;DataTiddler.getData=function(c,d,a){var b=(typeof c=="string")?store.getTiddler(c):c;if(!(b instanceof Tiddler)){throw"Tiddler expected. Got "+c}return DataTiddler.getTiddlerDataValue(b,d,a)};DataTiddler.setData=function(c,e,d,a){var b=(typeof c=="string")?store.getTiddler(c):c;if(!(b instanceof Tiddler)){throw"Tiddler expected. Got "+c+"("+b+")"}DataTiddler.setTiddlerDataValue(b,e,d,a)};DataTiddler.getDataObject=function(b){var a=(typeof b=="string")?store.getTiddler(b):b;if(!(a instanceof Tiddler)){throw"Tiddler expected. Got "+b}return DataTiddler.getTiddlerDataObject(a)};DataTiddler.getDataText=function(b){var a=(typeof b=="string")?store.getTiddler(b):b;if(!(a instanceof Tiddler)){throw"Tiddler expected. Got "+b}return DataTiddler.readDataSectionText(a)};DataTiddler.extendJSONError=function(a){if(a.name=="JSONError"){a.toString=function(){return a.name+": "+a.message+" ("+a.text+")"}}return a};DataTiddler.getTiddlerDataObject=function(a){if(a.dataObject===undefined){var b=DataTiddler.readData(a);a.dataObject=(b)?b:{}}return a.dataObject};DataTiddler.getTiddlerDataValue=function(b,d,a){var c=DataTiddler.getTiddlerDataObject(b)[d];return(c===undefined)?a:c};DataTiddler.setTiddlerDataValue=function(c,f,e,a){var d=DataTiddler.getTiddlerDataObject(c);var b=d[f];if(e==a){if(b!==undefined){delete d[f];DataTiddler.save(c)}return}d[f]=e;DataTiddler.save(c)};DataTiddler.readDataSectionText=function(a){var b=DataTiddler.getDataTiddlerMatches(a);if(b===null||!b[2]){return null}return b[2]};DataTiddler.readData=function(b){var c=DataTiddler.readDataSectionText(b);try{return c?DataTiddler.parse(c):null}catch(a){throw DataTiddler.extendJSONError(a)}};DataTiddler.getDataTextOfTiddler=function(a){var b=DataTiddler.getTiddlerDataObject(a);return DataTiddler.stringify(b)};DataTiddler.indexOfNonEscapedText=function(c,a,d){var b=c.indexOf(a,d);while((b>0)&&(c[b-1]=="~")){b=c.indexOf(a,b+1)}return b};DataTiddler.getDataSectionInfo=function(e){var a="<data>{";var f="}</data>";var d=DataTiddler.indexOfNonEscapedText(e,a,0);if(d<0){return null}var c=e.indexOf(f,d);if(c<0){return null}var b;while((b=e.indexOf(f,c+1))>=0){c=b}return{prefixEnd:d,dataStart:d+(a.length)-1,dataEnd:c,suffixStart:c+(f.length)}};DataTiddler.getDataTiddlerMatches=function(a){var f=a.text;var e=DataTiddler.getDataSectionInfo(f);if(!e){return null}var c=f.substr(0,e.prefixEnd);var b=f.substr(e.dataStart,e.dataEnd-e.dataStart+1);var d=f.substr(e.suffixStart);return[f,c,b,d]};DataTiddler.save=function(a){var e=DataTiddler.getDataTiddlerMatches(a);var d;var f;if(e===null){d=a.text;f=""}else{d=e[1];f=e[3]}var b=DataTiddler.getDataTextOfTiddler(a);var c=(b!==null)?d+"<data>"+b+"</data>"+f:d+f;if(c!=a.text){a.isDataTiddlerChange=true;a.set(a.title,c,config.options.txtUserName,config.options.chkForceMinorUpdate?undefined:new Date(),a.tags);delete a.isDataTiddlerChange;store.dirty=true;if(config.options.chkAutoSave){saveChanges()}}};DataTiddler.MyTiddlerChangedFunction=function(){if(this.dataObject&&!this.isDataTiddlerChange){delete this.dataObject}DataTiddler.originalTiddlerChangedFunction.apply(this,arguments)};config.formatters.push({name:"data-escape",match:"~<\\/?data>",handler:function(a){a.outputText(a.output,a.matchStart+1,a.nextMatch)}});config.formatters.push({name:"data",match:"<data>",handler:function(a){var b=DataTiddler.getDataSectionInfo(a.source);if(b&&b.prefixEnd==a.matchStart){a.nextMatch=b.suffixStart}else{a.outputText(a.output,a.matchStart,a.nextMatch)}}});DataTiddler.originalTiddlerChangedFunction=Tiddler.prototype.changed;Tiddler.prototype.changed=DataTiddler.MyTiddlerChangedFunction;Tiddler.prototype.data=function(b,a){return(b)?DataTiddler.getTiddlerDataValue(this,b,a):DataTiddler.getTiddlerDataObject(this)};Tiddler.prototype.setData=function(c,b,a){DataTiddler.setTiddlerDataValue(this,c,b,a)};config.macros.showData={label:"showData",prompt:"Display the values stored in the data section of the tiddler"};config.macros.showData.handler=function(a,g,h){var c=0;var d=false;if((c<h.length)&&h[c]=="JSON"){c++;d=true}var b=story.findContainingTiddler(a).getAttribute("tiddler");if(c<h.length){b=h[c];c++}try{if(d){this.renderDataInJSONFormat(a,b)}else{this.renderDataAsTable(a,b)}}catch(f){this.createErrorElement(a,f)}};config.macros.showData.renderDataInJSONFormat=function(a,b){var c=DataTiddler.getDataText(b);if(c){createTiddlyElement(a,"pre",null,null,c)}};config.macros.showData.renderDataAsTable=function(a,b){var f="|!Name|!Value|\n";var e=DataTiddler.getDataObject(b);if(e){for(var c in e){var d=e[c];f+="|"+c+"|"+DataTiddler.stringify(d)+"|\n"}}wikify(f,a)};config.macros.showData.createErrorElement=function(a,b){var c=(b.description)?b.description:b.toString();return createTiddlyElement(a,"span",null,"showDataError","<<showData ...>>: "+c)};setStylesheet(".showDataError{color: #ffffff;background-color: #880000;}","showData")}var JSON={copyright:"(c)2005 JSON.org",license:"http://www.crockford.com/JSON/license.html",stringify:function(c){var b=[];function f(a){b[b.length]=a}function d(a){var j,h=undefined,e,g;switch(typeof a){case"object":if(a){if(a instanceof Array){f("[");e=b.length;for(h=0;h<a.length;h+=1){g=a[h];if(typeof g!="undefined"&&typeof g!="function"){if(e<b.length){f(",")}d(g)}}f("]");return}else{if(typeof a.toString!="undefined"){f("{");e=b.length;for(h in a){g=a[h];if(a.hasOwnProperty(h)&&typeof g!="undefined"&&typeof g!="function"){if(e<b.length){f(",")}d(h);f(":");d(g)}}return f("}")}}}f("null");return;case"number":f(isFinite(a)?+a:"null");return;case"string":e=a.length;f('"');for(h=0;h<e;h+=1){j=a.charAt(h);if(j>=" "){if(j=="\\"||j=='"'){f("\\")}f(j)}else{switch(j){case"\b":f("\\b");break;case"\f":f("\\f");break;case"\n":f("\\n");break;case"\r":f("\\r");break;case"\t":f("\\t");break;default:j=j.charCodeAt();f("\\u00"+Math.floor(j/16).toString(16)+(j%16).toString(16))}}}f('"');return;case"boolean":f(String(a));return;default:f("null");return}}d(c);return b.join("")},parse:function(text){var p=/^\s*(([,:{}\[\]])|"(\\.|[^\x00-\x1f"\\])*"|-?\d+(\.\d*)?([eE][+-]?\d+)?|true|false|null)\s*/,token=undefined,operator=undefined;function error(m,t){throw {name:"JSONError",message:m,text:t||operator||token}}function next(b){if(b&&b!=operator){error("Expected '"+b+"'")}if(text){var 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!Browser clipper/bookmarker
!Tiddlywiki style tag organizer, TagNote
!Exercise App
*Reference minute workout. Add exercises, add random order and custom order
*Scheduled exersises
*Sharing on facebook if a sheculed app isn't done 
**Pro options, 
***videos for each exercise
I got this idea when I wanted to search a thesaurus, and automatically see the thesaurus entry of the word I was looking for, as well as the dictionary entry, without having to switch back and forth.

But this could be so much more. The user could choose to have up to say 6 parallel panes with their search term in various search engines. perhaps you could even choose to have them be horizontally divided instead of vertical, or maybe both, or maybe movable? dunno. 

There will be a bar at the top of the browser window to type your search term into, with a menu to add or remove search engines. 

I like the idea of Searching IMDB and Wikipedia simultaneously and having both movie entries show up. Or Google and Wikipedia. Or Google News and WikiNews Or dictionary.com and wiktionary. 

The user could even easily bookmark specific pairs/sets of sites they'd like to parallel search on. 

The option to pass one (or more?) search result through a proxy as though the search were being made from another country. 

The best part about this would be that you could make money from it, and ethically too! Search term based ads at the bottom of search panes! (I'm imagining fixed on screen, with a button to close the ad, but there are tons of ways to do it I think)

I imagine that you could probably even make this into a browser extension. 

I don't know if, for this to be fully optimal for the user, whether you as the developer would have to manually add each search engine that could be used, or whether the user would be able to add in custom search engines, though I imagine it would be best for it to be manual.

Finally, I'm thinking of a situation where I'm looking at a definition on dictionary.com, and I click on link to another word's definition. When that happens, I imagine an awesome feature where it automatically asks if I want to sync this as a new search term on the other pane(s) if possible. 

Anyway those are my thinkings on that 

!Music idea
2 app ideas.
1) to solve the two problems of running music being different speeds, and stopping every 2 -4 minutes

1) randomized music maker 
Perhaps incorporate melodies, harmonies, etc, from old classical music, sped up, and integrated into new tempo and such.

!RememberTheMilk calendar app

!Game/Timer App

*Choice for number of players (1-12)
*Player turn duration for each turn. (resets to the same every turn)
*Player starting turn duration total (counting down during all the player's turn until the end of the game or it runs out) 
*Delay duration before next player's turn
*Delay duration after next player's turn
*Standard method 
*Fischer Delay method options 
**Time added to a player's total before a turn
**Time added to a player's total after a turn
*Bronstein delay method options (mutually exclusive with Fischer)
*Time Bonus granted at certain move numbers (2013 Chess tournament had 120 min for moves1-40, 60 min for the next 41-60, and 15 for the rest of the game, plus +30 seconds per turn starting at 61.)
*Reverse timed (You can use the delay and bonus options here too, but the idea is that each player starts at 0:00, and the total time that their turns take is recorded. This could be used in a game where there isn't a time limit, but there's a reward for quicker play)
*Hourglass method
*Overtime Penalty http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_clock#Time_controls
*Simple timer
*Sequential timer 
*On screen board 
**''Move recorder''
***Chess board displayed, the player's make their move on the screen which they have made on the board, and the move is recorded
***You can add player names with this mode, and perhaps even link it to an account
***A move on the board automatically records the move and triggers the timer switch
**Chess960 Game Generator
***Understand alternative rules for castling
***Generate different variants of randomized starting positions, including same colored bishops, and random rooks. 
**Chess With Different Armies displayed
*Show the piecestaken
*Move takebacks allowed?
**number of move takebacks
***depth of move takebacks
*Recognize move or position repetition for draw or stalemate conditions.
*Gifting time to other players manually. 
**out of your own time bank
**or other options
**more options if it's more than 2 players. 
*Pause option

*App ideas
**Visual display options:
***Show moves available for a piece selected
***Show last move
***Alternate color schemes
***Alternate piece designs
***Color selection for players.
**puzzle challenges

Copy Zillions Games! 
Also, ChessV,
also Axiom game system


Forum/Chat/Communication platform

4chan/google groups, vs reddit, vs chatroom, vs sms group messaging, vs Slashdot. 

simple threaded keeps you from keeping track of conversations

Simple tree (reddit) only allows a single tree view for a conversation.
*AssociatedRreferences, etc.

*Is this how you create a button?  {{button{[[★|star]]}}} 
    there were two points. first, one of God obviously not being anywhere in the world. the second is a perception of christianity as nonsense, by pontiing out omse of the paradoxes it embraces. the first, i could probably copypasta from a standard apologetics book or article, but the second requires quite a bit more consideration

    yes. christianity does have and embrace quite a few paradoxes. but i think the more general point of his objection was that christianity is a system of mascicism. with this, i disagree quite strongly. Christianity, at it's root and throughout, is a system- a lifestyle focused on joy, both for one's self, and for everyone around.  

    What do we make of the paradoxes given then? first of all, some of those "paradoxes" have ABSOLUTELY NO BIBLICAL BASIS, like "to find true happiness, you must be miserable" this is absolute nonsense, especially considering the actual meaning of some of the other paradoxes. the bible tells us to rejoice always. If a christian ever tells you that you ought to be miserable or sad all the time, they are misguided at best. 
     Well, what about "to live you must die," "the first shall be last" and the more general idea of "in order to gain control of one's life, one must lose all control?" well, let's take a look at them.
    Jesus tells us, "He who seeks his life must lost it "  what did he mean? well, if the life that we live now is filled, (metaphorically) with death, then, it serves to reason that whatever that is must end, or "die" that's the simpliest explanation. Jesus is speaking of two different types of life . to REALLY live, the "life of death" must die. It is all figurative, there is no contradiction in any sense about the reality of it.
    What about, "the first shall be last"? this actually is a bit more in depth, and requires context. When Jesus uttered these words, they were at the end of a parable explaining something about Israel and how they were "first", but because of the way they handled their responsibility, they would be "last." But a few verses later, Jesus does go on to mention 
**See dGSD ticklers method. kinda groovy.
**Make Realms
[[Questions for denomination comparison interviews 6-5-09]]
[[april 16.mm|april 16.mm]]
<<tiddler ContactsFormTemplate>><data>{}</data>
it's hard to know that to say about granny. she was an incredible person, soft and kind, stubborn as a mule, and one of the most loving, caring people ever to step foot on this planet. i hope you'll forgive me- i can't call her lenore, to me, and many other's she's granny. 

i remember as a child when we would go to granny's house or trailer, she always had a glass of water standing on the table next to her normal spot on the couch. granny was always had a glass of water by her side, as melissa already stated so beautifully, because she was endlessly thirsty. anyway, as a child between 7-12 we would be playing outside or all around the house or neighborhood endlessly, and all day. we would get banged up falling off bikes and playing power rangers and all the delightful nonsense that children do. while exhausting myself playing around, i would naturally become thirsty. so i remember constantly staggering up to granny, dirt stained and half exhausted, and always saying, "Hey Granny, can i have some of your water?" 
"Sure sweetie," was the constant response, said with a hug if she could pull it off before scampering off. i would drain the glass to near empty, but every time i came back, it was always full. she never made an issue of it. it was her supreme pleasure to make sure i had some water, and that it was hers. she knew that i never gave it a second thought, but she didn't care, she loved me, and loved doing everything she could for me. when my parents moved away, and i had to move out, her house was the place that i went for several months when i was nigh homeless. 

granny was so full of love, concern and care for everyone that it simply staggers me. 
Emotions, joy, excitement, sadness, fear, anger, shame, disgust, confusion, guilt, mourning, __empathy__, emotional health (boundaries, therapy), healthy positive self regard, balance, stability, hope, generosity
Full Screen
Dropdown for new types of new things. 
New Journal Macro
Long term goals:

Attract a woman to be/stay with me

Become a person of influence and bring the most amount of joy and justice into the world as i am capable.

Enjoy the world and the people in it as much as I can.  


1. Figure out what I enjoy (review The Four Loves for types of pleasure)
2. Figure out what brings more joy to the world
3. Figure out what my obstacles are
4. Set concrete goals based on these
5. Develop Daily Reminder(s) 

So, Next:

Format Obstacles
	add details to sins
	add details to trials
	make cards for sins (and backed up duplicates of everything)	
Complete Joys
	backup the stuff on the cards
	Fill them out
	put the complete stuff on cards?
Streamline Joys (perhaps)

Streamline other manifesto points
Develop slightly narrower goals than the Big one
Develop significantly narrower goals.
Write article on why Christians think they are persecuted. 
Large, Broad “Joy/Goals” (that other more specific joy/goals can be fit under)

Being a Child of God (Can never be taken from me)
Being a Social Creature (Only rarely will this be taken)
Being a Student (This can be struck and weakened) (be generous toward new )
Being a Leader (this can be taken away) Be generous (with?)
Being a Grown-up (this can be taken away) be Generous (with?)

Constant stance: Generosity toward others and questioning of self. 

Rethinking main statement:
If I say, Enjoy the love of God, my neighbor, and myself, I’m being redundant at points. My own enjoyment is included in there by default. It really gives us six categories.

If I say, Enjoy the love of God and my neighbor, I’m talking about the love of God toward me (which includes all of the joys that i can participate in here), my love toward God (which includes my moral responsibilities? or something) and then, the love of my neighbor toward me, and my love toward my neighbor. 

       	I need to repent of it and stop. James doesn’t think I can. I am unsure.
God, you know.
       	God, if I cannot be changed, fixed, I BEG you- End me.
I will believe
I choose to believe that this is not impossible.
I ask for resolve, oh God

       	Be religious.
Quoting Jonathan Edwards, the 18th century revivalist, “resolved, to endeavor to obtain for myself as much happiness in the other world as I possibly can, with all the power, might, vigor, and vehemence, yea violence, I am capable of, or can bring myself to exert, in any way that can be thought of”

For the sake of joy and health, I resolve to in every situation and every person, learn as much as possible, and to likewise teach.
       	This means that today - I resolve to be the man that I am called to be; an upright man of God. 
I want to be a man of focus, someone who isn’t addicted to useless, draining, mind-numbing distractions, especially on the internet, like Facebook, useless forums, pornography, and funny videos. I am naturally very unfocused, and I need God’s help to change.
       	I want to be someone who is emotionally healthy, stable, able to grieve properly at the right times, having neither a deflated nor inflated sense of my own worth. I want to be someone who always hopes, and fights against the despair, and suffering, with hope and love. Someone who empathizes with the suffering and who knows and lives out compassion.
       	I want to be someone who, despite my natural inclinations, takes care of my body and money.
       	I want to be as goofy as I wanna be, living a life with laughter (and passion, reason, curiosity, honesty), making laughter (and passion, reason, curiosity, honesty).

|''Version:''|2.3.10 (Jun 28, 2007)|
|''Author:''|Jeremy Sheeley(pop1280 [at] excite [dot] com)<<br>>Maintainer: simon.baird@gmail.com|
|''Licence:''|[[BSD open source license]]|
|''Macros:''|reminder, showreminders, displayTiddlersWithReminders, newReminder|
|''Browser:''|Firefox 1.0.4+; InternetExplorer 6.0|

This plugin provides macros for tagging a date with a reminder.  Use the {{{reminder}}} macro to do this.  The {{{showReminders}}} and {{{displayTiddlersWithReminder}}} macros automatically search through all available tiddlers looking for upcoming reminders.

* Create a new tiddler in your tiddlywiki titled ReminderPlugin and give it the {{{systemConfig}}} tag.  The tag is important because it tells TW that this is executable code.
* Double click this tiddler, and copy all the text from the tiddler's body.
* Paste the text into the body of the new tiddler in your TW.
* Save and reload your TW.
* You can copy some examples into your TW as well.  See [[Simple examples]], [[Holidays]], [[showReminders]] and [[Personal Reminders]]

|>|See [[ReminderSyntax]] and [[showRemindersSyntax]]|

!Revision history
* v2.3.10 (Jun 28, 2007)
** Removed window.story = window backwards compatibility hacks since they were breaking TW 2.2
* v2.3.9 (Apr 26, 2007)
** allow bracketed list format in tags param lets you use tags with spaces
* v2.3.8 (Mar 9, 2006)
**Bug fix: A global variable had snuck in, which was killing FF
**Feature: You can now use TIDDLER and TIDDLERNAME in a regular reminder format
* v2.3.6 (Mar 1, 2006)
**Bug fix: Reminders for today weren't being matched sometimes.
**Feature:  Solidified integration with DatePlugin and CalendarPlugin
**Feature:  Recurring reminders will now return multiple hits in showReminders and the calendar.
**Feature:  Added TIDDLERNAME to the replacements for showReminders format, for plugins that need the title without brackets.
* v2.3.5 (Feb 8, 2006)
**Bug fix: Sped up reminders lots.  Added a caching mechanism for reminders that have already been matched.
* v2.3.4 (Feb 7, 2006)
**Bug fix: Cleaned up code to hopefully prevent the Firefox crash that was causing lots of plugins 
to crash Firefox.  Thanks to http://www.jslint.com
* v2.3.3 (Feb 2, 2006)
**Feature: newReminder now has drop down lists instead of text boxes.
**Bug fix:  A trailing space in a title would trigger an infinite loop.
**Bug fix:  using tag:"birthday !reminder" would filter differently than tag:"!reminder birthday"
* v2.3.2 (Jan 21, 2006)
**Feature: newReminder macro, which will let you easily add a reminder to a tiddler. Thanks to Eric Shulman (http://www.elsdesign.com) for the code to do this.
** Bug fix: offsetday was not working sometimes
** Bug fix: when upgrading to 2.0, I included a bit to exclude tiddlers tagged with excludeSearch.  I've reverted back to searching through all tiddlers
* v2.3.1 (Jan 7, 2006)
**Feature: 2.0 compatibility
**Feature AlanH sent some code to make sure that showReminders prints a message if no reminders are found.
* v2.3.0 (Jan 3, 2006)
** Bug Fix:  Using "Last Sunday (-0)" as a offsetdayofweek wasn't working.
** Bug Fix:  Daylight Savings time broke offset based reminders (for example year:2005 month:8 day:23 recurdays:7 would match Monday instead of Tuesday during DST.


//           ReminderPlugin

version.extensions.ReminderPlugin = {major: 2, minor: 3, revision: 8, date: new Date(2006,3,9), source: "http://remindermacros.tiddlyspot.com/"};

// Configuration
// Modify this section to change the defaults for 
// leadtime and display strings

config.macros.reminders = {};
config.macros["reminder"] = {};
config.macros["newReminder"] = {};
config.macros["showReminders"] = {};
config.macros["displayTiddlersWithReminders"] = {};

config.macros.reminders["defaultLeadTime"] = [0,6000];
config.macros.reminders["defaultReminderMessage"] = "DIFF: TITLE on DATE ANNIVERSARY";
config.macros.reminders["defaultShowReminderMessage"] = "DIFF: TITLE on DATE ANNIVERSARY -- TIDDLER";
config.macros.reminders["defaultAnniversaryMessage"] = "(DIFF)";
config.macros.reminders["untitledReminder"] = "Untitled Reminder";
config.macros.reminders["noReminderFound"] = "Couldn't find a match for TITLE in the next LEADTIMEUPPER days."
config.macros.reminders["todayString"] = "Today";
config.macros.reminders["tomorrowString"] = "Tomorrow";
config.macros.reminders["ndaysString"] = "DIFF days";
config.macros.reminders["emtpyShowRemindersString"] = "There are no upcoming events";

//  Code
// You should not need to edit anything 
// below this.  Make sure to edit this tiddler and copy 
// the code from the text box, to make sure that 
// tiddler rendering doesn't interfere with the copy 
// and paste.

//this object will hold the cache of reminders, so that we don't
//recompute the same reminder over again.
var reminderCache = {};

config.macros.showReminders.handler = function showReminders(place,macroName,params)
   var now = new Date().getMidnight();
   var paramHash = {};
   var leadtime = [0,14];
   paramHash = getParamsForReminder(params);
   var bProvidedDate = (paramHash["year"] != null) || 
			(paramHash["month"] != null) || 
			(paramHash["day"] != null) || 
			(paramHash["dayofweek"] != null);
   if (paramHash["leadtime"] != null)
      leadtime = paramHash["leadtime"];
      if (bProvidedDate)
         //If they've entered a day, we need to make 
         //sure to find it.  We'll reset the 
         //leadtime a few lines down.
         paramHash["leadtime"] = [-10000, 10000];
   var matchedDate = now;
   if (bProvidedDate)
      var leadTimeLowerBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(paramHash["leadtime"][0]);
      var leadTimeUpperBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(paramHash["leadtime"][1]);
      matchedDate = findDateForReminder(paramHash, new Date().getMidnight(), leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound); 

   var arr = findTiddlersWithReminders(matchedDate, leadtime, paramHash["tag"], paramHash["limit"]);
   var elem = createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,null, null);
   var mess = "";
   if (arr.length == 0)
      mess += config.macros.reminders.emtpyShowRemindersString; 
   for (var j = 0; j < arr.length; j++)
      if (paramHash["format"] != null)
         arr[j]["params"]["format"] = paramHash["format"];
         arr[j]["params"]["format"] = config.macros.reminders["defaultShowReminderMessage"];
      mess += getReminderMessageForDisplay(arr[j]["diff"], arr[j]["params"], arr[j]["matchedDate"], arr[j]["tiddler"]);
      mess += "\n";
   wikify(mess, elem, null, null);

config.macros.displayTiddlersWithReminders.handler = function displayTiddlersWithReminders(place,macroName,params)
   var now = new Date().getMidnight();
   var paramHash = {};
   var leadtime = [0,14];
   paramHash = getParamsForReminder(params);
   var bProvidedDate = (paramHash["year"] != null) || 
			(paramHash["month"] != null) || 
			(paramHash["day"] != null) || 
			(paramHash["dayofweek"] != null);
   if (paramHash["leadtime"] != null)
      leadtime = paramHash["leadtime"];
      if (bProvidedDate)
         //If they've entered a day, we need to make 
         //sure to find it.  We'll reset the leadtime 
         //a few lines down.
         paramHash["leadtime"] = [-10000,10000];
   var matchedDate = now;
   if (bProvidedDate)
      var leadTimeLowerBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(paramHash["leadtime"][0]);
      var leadTimeUpperBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(paramHash["leadtime"][1]);
      matchedDate = findDateForReminder(paramHash, new Date().getMidnight(), leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound); 
   var arr = findTiddlersWithReminders(matchedDate, leadtime, paramHash["tag"], paramHash["limit"]);
   for (var j = 0; j < arr.length; j++)
      displayTiddler(null, arr[j]["tiddler"], 0, null, false, false, false);

config.macros.reminder.handler = function reminder(place,macroName,params)
   var dateHash = getParamsForReminder(params);
   if (dateHash["hidden"] != null)
   var leadTime = dateHash["leadtime"];
   if (leadTime == null)
      leadTime = config.macros.reminders["defaultLeadTime"]; 
   var leadTimeLowerBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(leadTime[0]);
   var leadTimeUpperBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(leadTime[1]);
   var matchedDate = findDateForReminder(dateHash, new Date().getMidnight(), leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound);
   if (!store.getTiddler) 
      store.getTiddler=function(title) {return this.tiddlers[title];};
   var title = window.story.findContainingTiddler(place).id.substr(7);
   if (matchedDate != null)
      var diff = matchedDate.getDifferenceInDays(new Date().getMidnight());
      var elem = createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,null, null);
      var mess = getReminderMessageForDisplay(diff, dateHash, matchedDate, title);
      wikify(mess, elem, null, null);
      createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,null, config.macros.reminders["noReminderFound"].replace("TITLE", dateHash["title"]).replace("LEADTIMEUPPER", leadTime[1]).replace("LEADTIMELOWER", leadTime[0]).replace("TIDDLERNAME", title).replace("TIDDLER", "[[" + title + "]]") );

config.macros.newReminder.handler = function newReminder(place,macroName,params)
  var today=new Date().getMidnight();
  var formstring = '<html><form>Year: <select name="year"><option value="">Every year</option>';
  for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++)
    formstring += '<option' + ((i == 0) ? ' selected' : '') + ' value="' + (today.getFullYear() +i) + '">' + (today.getFullYear() + i) + '</option>';
  formstring += '</select>&nbsp;&nbsp;Month:<select name="month"><option value="">Every month</option>';
  for (i = 0; i < 12; i++)
    formstring += '<option' + ((i == today.getMonth()) ? ' selected' : '') + ' value="' + (i+1) + '">' + config.messages.dates.months[i] + '</option>';
  formstring += '</select>&nbsp;&nbsp;Day:<select name="day"><option value="">Every day</option>';
  for (i = 1; i < 32; i++)
    formstring += '<option' + ((i == (today.getDate() )) ? ' selected' : '') + ' value="' + i + '">' + i + '</option>';

formstring += '</select>&nbsp;&nbsp;Reminder Title:<input type="text" size="40" name="title" value="please enter a title" onfocus="this.select();"><input type="button" value="ok" onclick="addReminderToTiddler(this.form)"></form></html>';

  var panel = config.macros.slider.createSlider(place,null,"New Reminder","Open a form to add a new reminder to this tiddler");
  wikify(formstring ,panel,null,store.getTiddler(params[1]));

// onclick: process input and insert reminder at 'marker'
window.addReminderToTiddler = function(form) {
   if (!store.getTiddler) 
      store.getTiddler=function(title) {return this.tiddlers[title];};
   var title = window.story.findContainingTiddler(form).id.substr(7);
   var tiddler=store.getTiddler(title);
  var txt='\n<<reminder ';
  if (form.year.value != "")
    txt += 'year:'+form.year.value + ' ';
  if (form.month.value != "")
    txt += 'month:'+form.month.value + ' ';
  if (form.day.value != "")
    txt += 'day:'+form.day.value + ' ';
  txt += 'title:"'+form.title.value+'" ';
  txt +='>>';
   tiddler.set(null,tiddler.text + txt);

function hasTag(tiddlerTags, tagFilters)
  //Make sure we respond well to empty tiddlerTaglists or tagFilterlists
  if (tagFilters.length==0 || tiddlerTags.length==0)
    return true;

  var bHasTag = false;
  /*bNoPos says: "'till now there has been no check using a positive filter"
     Imagine a filterlist consisting of 1 negative filter:
         If the filter isn't matched, we want hasTag to be true.
         Yet bHasTag is still false ('cause only positive filters cause bHasTag to change)
     If no positive filters are present bNoPos is true, and no negative filters are matched so we have not returned false
         Thus: hasTag returns true.
      If at any time a positive filter is encountered, we want at least one of the tags to match it, so we turn bNoPos to false, which
      means bHasTag must be true for hasTag to return true*/
  var bNoPos=true;
for (var t3 = 0; t3 < tagFilters.length; t3++)
      for(var t2=0; t2<tiddlerTags.length; t2++)
           if (tagFilters[t3].length > 1 && tagFilters[t3].charAt(0) == '!') 
              if (tiddlerTags[t2] == tagFilters[t3].substring(1))
                 //If at any time a negative filter is matched, we return false
                  return false;
              if (bNoPos)
                 //We encountered the first positive filter
              if (tiddlerTags[t2] == tagFilters[t3])
                  //A positive filter is matched. As long as no negative filter is matched, hasTag will return true
    return (bNoPos || bHasTag);

//This function searches all tiddlers for the reminder  //macro.  It is intended that other plugins (like //calendar) will use this function to query for 
//upcoming reminders.
//The arguments to this function filter out reminders //based on when they will fire.
//baseDate is the date that is used as "now".  
//leadtime is a two element int array, with leadtime[0] 
//         as the lower bound and leadtime[1] as the
//         upper bound.  A reasonable default is [0,14]
//tags is a space-separated list of tags to use to filter 
//         tiddlers.  If a tag name begins with an !, then 
//         only tiddlers which do not have that tag will 
//         be considered.  For example "examples holidays"  
//         will search for reminders in any tiddlers that  
//         are tagged with examples or holidays and 
//         "!examples !holidays" will search for reminders 
//         in any tiddlers that are not tagged with 
//         examples or holidays.  Pass in null to search 
//         all tiddlers.
//limit.  If limit is null, individual reminders can 
//        override the leadtime specified earlier.  
//        Pass in 1 in order to override that behavior.

window.findTiddlersWithReminders = function findTiddlersWithReminders(baseDate, leadtime, tags, limit)
//   var macroPattern = "<<([^>\\]+)(?:\\*)([^>]*)>>";
   var macroPattern = "<<(reminder)(.*)>>";
   var macroRegExp = new RegExp(macroPattern,"mg");
   var matches = store.search(macroRegExp,"title","");
   var arr = [];
   var tagsArray = null;
   if (tags != null)
      // tagsArray = tags.split(" ");
      tagsArray = tags.readBracketedList(); // allows tags with spaces. thanks Robin Summerhill, 4-Oct-06.
   for(var t=matches.length-1; t>=0; t--)
      if (tagsArray != null)
         //If they specified tags to filter on, and this tiddler doesn't 
	 //match, skip it entirely.
         if ( ! hasTag(matches[t].tags, tagsArray))

      var targetText = matches[t].text;
      do {
         // Get the next formatting match
         var formatMatch = macroRegExp.exec(targetText);
         if(formatMatch && formatMatch[1] != null && formatMatch[1].toLowerCase() == "reminder")
            //Find the matching date.
            var params = formatMatch[2] != null ? formatMatch[2].readMacroParams() : {};
            var dateHash = getParamsForReminder(params);
            if (limit != null || dateHash["leadtime"] == null)
               if (leadtime == null)
                   dateHash["leadtime"] = leadtime;
                  dateHash["leadtime"] = [];
                  dateHash["leadtime"][0] = leadtime[0];
                  dateHash["leadtime"][1] = leadtime[1];
	    if (dateHash["leadtime"] == null)
               dateHash["leadtime"] = config.macros.reminders["defaultLeadTime"]; 
            var leadTimeLowerBound = baseDate.addDays(dateHash["leadtime"][0]);
            var leadTimeUpperBound = baseDate.addDays(dateHash["leadtime"][1]);
            var matchedDate = findDateForReminder(dateHash, baseDate, leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound);
            while (matchedDate != null)
               var hash = {};
               hash["diff"] = matchedDate.getDifferenceInDays(baseDate);
               hash["matchedDate"] = new Date(matchedDate.getFullYear(), matchedDate.getMonth(), matchedDate.getDate(), 0, 0);
               hash["params"] = cloneParams(dateHash);
               hash["tiddler"] = matches[t].title;
               hash["tags"] = matches[t].tags;
	       if (dateHash["recurdays"] != null || (dateHash["year"] == null))
	         leadTimeLowerBound = leadTimeLowerBound.addDays(matchedDate.getDifferenceInDays(leadTimeLowerBound)+ 1);
                 matchedDate = findDateForReminder(dateHash, baseDate, leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound);
	       else matchedDate = null;
   if(arr.length > 1)  //Sort the array by number of days remaining.
      arr.sort(function (a,b) {if(a["diff"] == b["diff"]) {return(0);} else {return (a["diff"] < b["diff"]) ? -1 : +1; } });
   return arr;

//This function takes the reminder macro parameters and
//generates the string that is used for display.
//This function is not intended to be called by 
//other plugins.
 window.getReminderMessageForDisplay= function getReminderMessageForDisplay(diff, params, matchedDate, tiddlerTitle)
   var anniversaryString = "";
   var reminderTitle = params["title"];
   if (reminderTitle == null)
      reminderTitle = config.macros.reminders["untitledReminder"];
   if (params["firstyear"] != null)
      anniversaryString = config.macros.reminders["defaultAnniversaryMessage"].replace("DIFF", (matchedDate.getFullYear() - params["firstyear"]));
   var mess = "";
   var diffString = "";
   if (diff == 0)
      diffString = config.macros.reminders["todayString"];
   else if (diff == 1)
      diffString = config.macros.reminders["tomorrowString"];
      diffString = config.macros.reminders["ndaysString"].replace("DIFF", diff);
   var format = config.macros.reminders["defaultReminderMessage"];
   if (params["format"] != null)
      format = params["format"];
   mess = format;
//HACK!  -- Avoid replacing DD in TIDDLER with the date
   mess = mess.replace(/TIDDLER/g, "TIDELER");
   mess = matchedDate.formatStringDateOnly(mess);
   mess = mess.replace(/TIDELER/g, "TIDDLER");
   if (tiddlerTitle != null)
      mess = mess.replace(/TIDDLERNAME/g, tiddlerTitle);
      mess = mess.replace(/TIDDLER/g, "[[" + tiddlerTitle + "]]");
   mess = mess.replace("DIFF", diffString).replace("TITLE", reminderTitle).replace("DATE", matchedDate.formatString("DDD MMM DD, YYYY")).replace("ANNIVERSARY", anniversaryString);
   return mess;

// Parse out the macro parameters into a hashtable.  This
// handles the arguments for reminder, showReminders and 
// displayTiddlersWithReminders.
window.getParamsForReminder = function getParamsForReminder(params)
   var dateHash = {};
   var type = "";
   var num = 0;
   var title = "";
   for(var t=0; t<params.length; t++)
      var split = params[t].split(":");
      type = split[0].toLowerCase();
      var value = split[1];
      for (var i=2; i < split.length; i++)
         value += ":" + split[i];
      if (type == "nolinks" || type == "limit" || type == "hidden")
         num = 1;
      else if (type == "leadtime")
         var leads = value.split("...");
         if (leads.length == 1)
            leads[1]= leads[0];
            leads[0] = 0;
         leads[0] = parseInt(leads[0], 10);
         leads[1] = parseInt(leads[1], 10);
         num = leads;
      else if (type == "offsetdayofweek")
          if (value.substr(0,1) == "-")
             dateHash["negativeOffsetDayOfWeek"] = 1;
	     value = value.substr(1);
          num = parseInt(value, 10);
      else if (type != "title" && type != "tag" && type != "format")
         num = parseInt(value, 10);
         title = value;
         while (title.substr(0,1) == '"' && title.substr(title.length - 1,1) != '"' && params[t] != undefined)
            title += " " + params[t++];
         //Trim off the leading and trailing quotes
         if (title.substr(0,1) == "\"" && title.substr(title.length - 1,1)== "\"")
            title = title.substr(1, title.length - 2);
         num = title;
      dateHash[type] = num;
   //date is synonymous with day
   if (dateHash["day"] == null)
      dateHash["day"] = dateHash["date"];
   return dateHash;

//This function finds the date specified in the reminder 
//parameters.  It will return null if no match can be
//found.  This function is not intended to be used by
//other plugins.
window.findDateForReminder= function findDateForReminder( dateHash, baseDate, leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound)
   if (baseDate == null)
     baseDate = new Date().getMidnight();
   var hashKey = baseDate.convertToYYYYMMDDHHMM();
   for (var k in dateHash)
      hashKey += "," + k + "|" + dateHash[k];
   hashKey += "," + leadTimeLowerBound.convertToYYYYMMDDHHMM();
   hashKey += "," + leadTimeUpperBound.convertToYYYYMMDDHHMM();
   if (reminderCache[hashKey] == null)
      //If we don't find a match in this run, then we will
      //cache that the reminder can't be matched.
      reminderCache[hashKey] = false;
   else if (reminderCache[hashKey] == false)
      //We've already tried this date and failed
      return null;
      return reminderCache[hashKey];
   var bOffsetSpecified = dateHash["offsetyear"] != null || 
				dateHash["offsetmonth"] != null || 
				dateHash["offsetday"] != null || 
				dateHash["offsetdayofweek"] != null || 
				dateHash["recurdays"] != null;
   // If we are matching the base date for a dayofweek offset, look for the base date a 
   //little further back.
   var tmp1leadTimeLowerBound = leadTimeLowerBound;  
   if ( dateHash["offsetdayofweek"] != null)
      tmp1leadTimeLowerBound = leadTimeLowerBound.addDays(-6);  
   var matchedDate = baseDate.findMatch(dateHash, tmp1leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound);
   if (matchedDate != null)
      var newMatchedDate = matchedDate;
      if (dateHash["recurdays"] != null)
         while (newMatchedDate.getTime() < leadTimeLowerBound.getTime())
            newMatchedDate = newMatchedDate.addDays(dateHash["recurdays"]);
      else if (dateHash["offsetyear"] != null || 
		dateHash["offsetmonth"] != null || 
		dateHash["offsetday"] != null || 
		dateHash["offsetdayofweek"] != null)
         var tmpdateHash = cloneParams(dateHash);
         tmpdateHash["year"] = dateHash["offsetyear"];
         tmpdateHash["month"] = dateHash["offsetmonth"];
         tmpdateHash["day"] = dateHash["offsetday"];
         tmpdateHash["dayofweek"] = dateHash["offsetdayofweek"];
	 var tmpleadTimeLowerBound = leadTimeLowerBound;
	 var tmpleadTimeUpperBound = leadTimeUpperBound;
	 if (tmpdateHash["offsetdayofweek"] != null)
	 	if (tmpdateHash["negativeOffsetDayOfWeek"] == 1)
		   tmpleadTimeLowerBound = matchedDate.addDays(-6);
		   tmpleadTimeUpperBound = matchedDate;

		   tmpleadTimeLowerBound = matchedDate;
		   tmpleadTimeUpperBound = matchedDate.addDays(6);

	 newMatchedDate = matchedDate.findMatch(tmpdateHash, tmpleadTimeLowerBound, tmpleadTimeUpperBound);
         //The offset couldn't be matched.  return null.
         if (newMatchedDate == null)
            return null;
      if (newMatchedDate.isBetween(leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound))
         reminderCache[hashKey] = newMatchedDate;
         return newMatchedDate;
   return null;

//This does much the same job as findDateForReminder, but
//this one doesn't deal with offsets or recurring 
Date.prototype.findMatch = function findMatch(dateHash, leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound)

   var bSpecifiedYear =     (dateHash["year"] != null);
   var bSpecifiedMonth =     (dateHash["month"] != null);
   var bSpecifiedDay =     (dateHash["day"] != null);
   var bSpecifiedDayOfWeek =     (dateHash["dayofweek"] != null);
   if (bSpecifiedYear && bSpecifiedMonth && bSpecifiedDay)
      return new Date(dateHash["year"], dateHash["month"]-1, dateHash["day"], 0, 0);
   var bMatchedYear = !bSpecifiedYear;
   var bMatchedMonth = !bSpecifiedMonth;
   var bMatchedDay = !bSpecifiedDay;
   var bMatchedDayOfWeek = !bSpecifiedDayOfWeek;
   if (bSpecifiedDay && bSpecifiedMonth && !bSpecifiedYear && !bSpecifiedDayOfWeek)

      //Shortcut -- First try this year.  If it's too small, try next year.
      var tmpMidnight = this.getMidnight();
      var tmpDate = new Date(this.getFullYear(), dateHash["month"]-1, dateHash["day"], 0,0);
      if (tmpDate.getTime() < leadTimeLowerBound.getTime())
         tmpDate = new Date((this.getFullYear() + 1), dateHash["month"]-1, dateHash["day"], 0,0);
      if ( tmpDate.isBetween(leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound))
         return tmpDate;
         return null;

   var newDate = leadTimeLowerBound; 
   while (newDate.isBetween(leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound))
      var tmp = testDate(newDate, dateHash, bSpecifiedYear, bSpecifiedMonth, bSpecifiedDay, bSpecifiedDayOfWeek);
      if (tmp != null)
        return tmp;
      newDate = newDate.addDays(1);

function testDate(testMe, dateHash, bSpecifiedYear, bSpecifiedMonth, bSpecifiedDay, bSpecifiedDayOfWeek)
   var bMatchedYear = !bSpecifiedYear;
   var bMatchedMonth = !bSpecifiedMonth;
   var bMatchedDay = !bSpecifiedDay;
   var bMatchedDayOfWeek = !bSpecifiedDayOfWeek;
   if (bSpecifiedYear)
      bMatchedYear = (dateHash["year"] == testMe.getFullYear());
   if (bSpecifiedMonth)
      bMatchedMonth = ((dateHash["month"] - 1)  == testMe.getMonth() );
   if (bSpecifiedDay)
      bMatchedDay = (dateHash["day"] == testMe.getDate());
   if (bSpecifiedDayOfWeek)
      bMatchedDayOfWeek = (dateHash["dayofweek"] == testMe.getDay());

   if (bMatchedYear && bMatchedMonth && bMatchedDay && bMatchedDayOfWeek)
      return testMe;

//Returns true if the date is in between two given dates
Date.prototype.isBetween = function isBetween(lowerBound, upperBound)
  return (this.getTime() >= lowerBound.getTime() && this.getTime() <= upperBound.getTime());
//Return a new date, with the time set to midnight (0000)
Date.prototype.getMidnight = function getMidnight()
   return new Date(this.getFullYear(), this.getMonth(), this.getDate(), 0, 0);
// Add the specified number of days to a date.
Date.prototype.addDays = function addDays(numberOfDays)
   return new Date(this.getFullYear(), this.getMonth(), this.getDate() + numberOfDays, 0, 0);
//Return the number of days between two dates.
Date.prototype.getDifferenceInDays = function getDifferenceInDays(otherDate)
//I have to do it this way, because this way ignores daylight savings
   var tmpDate = this.addDays(0);
   if (this.getTime() > otherDate.getTime())
      var i = 0;
      for (i = 0; tmpDate.getTime() > otherDate.getTime(); i++)
         tmpDate = tmpDate.addDays(-1);
      return i;
      var i = 0;
      for (i = 0; tmpDate.getTime() < otherDate.getTime(); i++)
         tmpDate = tmpDate.addDays(1);
      return i * -1;
   return 0;
function cloneParams(what) {
    var tmp = {};
    for (var i in what) {
        tmp[i] = what[i];
    return tmp;
// Substitute date components into a string
Date.prototype.formatStringDateOnly = function formatStringDateOnly(template)
	template = template.replace("YYYY",this.getFullYear());
	template = template.replace("YY",String.zeroPad(this.getFullYear()-2000,2));
	template = template.replace("MMM",config.messages.dates.months[this.getMonth()]);
	template = template.replace("0MM",String.zeroPad(this.getMonth()+1,2));
	template = template.replace("MM",this.getMonth()+1);
	template = template.replace("DDD",config.messages.dates.days[this.getDay()]);
	template = template.replace("0DD",String.zeroPad(this.getDate(),2));
	template = template.replace("DD",this.getDate());
	return template;

camping list: 

grate for cooking
pots pans
sleeping bag
bed mag

fires tarter
trash bags
1st aid kit
tent spikes
can opener
pepto bismal
baby wipes
paper towels
Migrate from Evernote
Consolidate and cull Mindmaps
Google Docs and such.
See mindmap for more details.
When developing strategies, consult item 22, materials from pat middleton
Okay, I know this is a late entry, but this is important, and something that Farkers need to know:

As you probably know this isn't merely an instant of a Conservative Christian being a jackass, it is an instance of a conservative christian seeing a news event as confirmation of a central worldview narrative which they use to understand the world. 

We all have them. Most of them are damn subtle. What these worldview narratives do, (for everyone, including you), is provide an explanatory framework for phenomena encountered in the world. There are also different types of frameworks and narratives associated with those frameworks. When a person encounters "evidence" it isn't evidence of anything except a narrative that they know, (and keep in mind that a person can know narratives which they disbelieve.)   

This is why everybody, EVERYBODY, tends toward the confirmation bias, and will attempt to conform evidence they find (of any kind) to support, or at least fit with their worldview narrative. Some narratives are bigger and more over-arching than other narratives, and the smaller the narrative, the smaller a problem it is to let it be dis-proven or replaced. 

Now here's a part you may have been frustrated by: pointing out any evidence against some of the narratives they tell, especially about liberals destroying America, or evolution, or what-have-you, they will re-interpret the evidence in all sorts of ridiculous ways that you see, quite rightly, as totally bonkers. The reason this is acceptable to them, is that the argument you are making is attacking a rather large narrative which is "structurally connected" (to mix metaphors) to various other narratives and explanatory frameworks which reinforce one another. They can't accept logic which destroys one narrative without either replacing it with something else in that structure or allowing the entire "structure" to collapse and be itself replaced. 

So the reason all sorts of evidence gets reinterpreted in extraordinary ways is because it MUST be.

You do it too. I have an atheist friend, Josh, who stayed the night with a few other friends to a "haunted house." A few of us played a couple of ingenious haunting tricks on them. Everybody but Josh bought it, because his explanatory framework was insistent that there was no supernatural. Indeed, in his world, there wasn't even any such thing as "evidence" for the supernatural or ghosts; merely evidence of something already within his explanatory framework which he couldn't yet identify. He wasn't going to let this isolated incident shake his certainty in this well established framework.

And he was exactly right to do so, and not because he turned out to be "right". He made up some ridiculous explanations there on the spot, in fact, but his doubt of the evidence for the ghosts was merely a manifestation of his trust in his preexisting explanatory narrative. If we all went around accepting the slightest anomalies as evidence that our larger framework were broken, nobody would get anywhere.

Indeed, that's how science itself works, but with a twist. You have an explanatory theory which explains how things work, and you develop a hypothesis from that theory to explain what would happen if X occurs and your theory is right. The twist is that science no only explicitly says says, "Okay, if X happens, it confirms my theory," (not disproves!) but ALSO, "If -X or Y happens, it dis-confirms my theory" (not disproves!). And here's the thing: Even correct theories can encounter anomalies, and these anomalies need to be either explained or a new theory must be developed/found.   

All this to say- These conservative Christians, just like normal thinking people, think that when you attack one of their narratives, then, if you're right, it threatens their entire narrative structure and trust in the people who've told it to them. They <strike>think </strike> feel that by arguing for global warming, you're arguing against Christianity and all the people they cherish and trust. Therefore, it feels reasonable to fight tooth and nail defending the stupidest of positions for the sake of protecting that. 

This is obviously a terrible mistake on their part. So, what to do about this? Well, it seems the tack of most people here is the rather easy one of "Well, let's just show with all our vigor how wrong all of their religious and conservative narratives are!"

Tell me how that works out for you. 

My method, which worked on me, and has worked on others, is more complicated and difficult, but works:

Offer alternative smaller narratives to replace the more destructive small ones, but which can still be obviously woven into the larger, more certain(ly felt) ones. You may need to provide evidence for the larger framework, and deliberately show how a) this smaller narrative is not essential to the larger narrative, and b) show how the new narrative can be incorporated into the new one. You do this in steps until the new narratives fit together in such a way that removal of certain pieces is trivial. 

The problem is determining which narratives are held the closest by any individual. 

For this situation, it's hard. He's reciting an explanation which draws on several dysfunctionally and  unnaturally interdependent narratives.  Namely, the patriotic Christian, the American Christian, Christian America, and The Liberal menace, are the important ones I can identify. If you start questioning the main one here, "The Liberal Menace," and they accept any of your arguments, they'll instinctively start 1) subconsciously remember all the ways they've learned that "The Liberal Menace" supports their other narratives, and 2) compare in their mind your "isolated instance" a truly tiny thing, against the towering allies of their other narratives- how could your argument <i>possibly</i> win against all of this? 

Step one: Show that you're actually only fighting one narrative. Show that Global warming is compatible with conservative Christianity. Show that a government safety net and high taxes on the rich aren't in conflict (and may actually be the actual, natural conclusion of) Conservative, Bible believing Christianity.  (my favorite one for this is God himself ordering Joshua (grandson of Abraham) to tax people to create a government provided public safety net). Heck, Show that it's not even in conflict with being politically conservative. 

But the most important thing for effective mind changing is this: Be clear that you're not arguing against their entire worldview, but rather that their thinking simply needs some tweaking which is totally compatible with the existing worldview, and actually now fits better. 

On the other hand, you may find it more fun to say fuck pragmatics, and just bash them. 
I don't even know anymore fuck all this noise. 
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--Course Evaluations--
--Relpsych essay--
relpsych essay bibliography 30 minutes
take relpsych essay to mims
get rent/stuff from arden
take to bank
return phone

Review comments for WIB
Find Sources for WIB 1 hours
Get info from Sources 2 hours
Write WIB 3 hours
Research ART paper 4 hours
Write Art paper 6 hours. 
Write Job answer 1.5 hours.
Write Book paper 4 hours

manifesto project

No. That is not my point. When you set one thing up as the good and the goal, and then set something else as its opposite in every way that you mention, you can't go back in private and say, "oh well it's not all bad, and there are some good things to it. 

It is a homiletical device to tell people "Avoid this thing for all of these reasons, and pursue this thing for all of the corresponding reasons." People WILL remember to avoid religion (including their now mishmashed previous definition plus your completely misleading and incorrect definition), much more than all the specific reasons. that's what the homiletical device DOES. 

The gospel/irreligion/religion distinction was originally used by fundamentalists to simultaneously attack Catholicism and atheism. It has been most recently resurrected sloppily by Neo-reformed to provide the laity with an easy way of dividing up the world, which turns out to be both intellectually lazy and spiritually dangerous. 

Participation in religion is a part of (vital part even!) living out the Gospel. Irreligion is NOT and has utterly no place. Presenting them as equal errors in opposite directions from the gospel (which IS the effect of presenting it that way HAS, whether a preacher wants to whine about that reality or not), has the further effect of putting confused and conflicting ideas in people's heads about religion, the best way to conduct their lives, and how to reason about things critically. 

I'm okay with Gospel/irreligion/moralism as a framework (I have my quibbles with it, but hey). See, using the term  Moralism is infinitely superior because that gets rid of most of the problems which calling it religion produces. Moralism and religion are NOT synonyms. There is NOTHING redemptive about putting religion as opposite to the Gospel, not even, "Oh hey, I'm just being provocative to get people thinking about it!" No. In a position of teaching where people implicitly trust you, one has a responsibility to avoid such drastically misleading rhetorical devices. 

I'm open to correction on this. I would immensely appreciate it if someone showed me the respect to actually REFUTE my points instead of just giving me more of the same weak arguments in FAVOR of it. In fact, I'll help. In my effort to try to see it from any reasonable angle, I concluded that perhaps presenting "[this specific, any specified] religion" as the opposite is acceptable. But I can't think of any actual religious system to which even a few those criticisms of "religion" FACTUALLY apply except Islam. 
Did some Chrome Extension collecting
played some chess

My room
Living Room
Redo pictures for yardsale
[[farker easter comment]]
I am lost; find me. Help me find others who are lost.
I am sick; heal me. help me heal others who are sick
i am filthy; clean me. help me bring purity to others who are unclean
i am guilty; forgive me. help me forgive those who are guilty against me
i am SCARED; Hold me. help me hold others during their fear.
i am sad; encourage me. help me encourage others in their sadness
i am enslaved; free me. help me free others who are enslaved. 
i am poor; bless me
i am blind, without vision; open my eyes
i am cold; warm me  
i am naked; clothe me.
i am alone; give me company
i am ugly; make me beautiful
i am weak; strengthen me
i am burdened; relieve me
i am downcast; lift me up
i am hungry; feed me
i am lawless; rule me
i am a fool; make me wise
i am pitiable; have pity on me
i am choking, drowning; give me breath
i am stagnant; make me flow 
I am dumb; give me words
i am dead; resurrect me
i am bitter; calm me
i am ashamed; vindicate me
i am afar off; bring me near
i am in danger; be my fortress
i am scattered; center me
i am a rebel; bring me to your side
i am abraisive, make me smooth
i am weeping, dry my eyes and catch my tears
i am going the wrong direction; turn me around
i am dust; make me into your image
i am incomplete, complete me
i am broken; fix me
i am childish; make me a man
i am in exile; bring me home.
i am sore, soothe me
i am fatherless; adopt me
i have no more faith; be faithful to me
i am fake; make me real
i am stuck in the temporary; bring me into eternity
i am bent; make me straight
i am dark; shine on me
i am bad; make me good
i am upside down, put me upright
i am frail; sustain me
i am forgotten; remember me
i am false, make me true
i am imobile; move me
i am sleeping; wake me
i am forgetful; cause me to remember
i am barren; cause me to bear fruit
i am wretched; restore me
i am so very tired, give me rest
me: i am worthless; give me value
i am kindle set me aflame  
i am forlorn; love me
i am in despair; give me hope
i am in want of you; satisfy me.
[[/april 16.mm|/april 16.mm]]
I have words, words led out to do battle with more words. i make pictures with them. I don't want my word though, יהוה, I want __Your__ Word, living in my heart, moving my lips as loud as my words can go, i ask for that (s)word to be an extension of my own hand. 
Give it to me to do battle against the enemy, whether human or spirit
Remove all lies from within me, for you abhor lies
Remove conceit from my heart, and make me whole. 
Yet, encourage me, for I am weak,
And have a body full of need
I adore you - even when I am dry and Hungry
I know that your flavor is truly divine
Let me taste of you
Let me forget the lies i have loved my whole life
So that I may have truth that makes my life whole. 
Speak to me so that I may remember your sweet and powerful voice.
[[Atheism and Criticism]]
[[words for god]]
*--Finish training videos--
*--Sell stuff--
*Figure out how long till I wanna leave.
*Call Downing about plane ticket
*Dan Barber
*Tidy up
*Hangout alec

--*Arrange dinner tonight. hopefully joel. hopefully eli.--

*Phone Tech Support

*Ask about more Sky panel docs, equipment docs. 
*5 year battery replacements?

*6 ft cord on the cameras??

@@color(red):''I am aware of my tendency to run from you.''@@ I turn, right now, from this.

''You are always my best good. This day, i chose to run TO you, even if it hurts. 

Help me.''
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|License|see http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditPlugin|
|Description|quickedit - custom defined formats|

Usage: see  http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditToolbar


Custom formats are stored as an "HR-separated list" in [[QuickEdit_customList]], where the first line of each list item is the text 'label' to show in the droplist, followed by one or more lines of wiki content to be inserted into the tiddler source.

Substitution markers can be used to dynamically insert values into the formatted output: $1 inserts the tiddler editor's current selected text. $[[message|default value]] interactively prompts for a value to be inserted. $[[message|$1]] uses the selected text as the default value. $[[message|{{javascript}}]] calculates the default value using javascript code.
!end help

%/<html><hide linebreaks><a href="javascript:;" class="tiddlyLink" tabindex="-1" title="custom defined formats"
onclick="var p=Popup.create(this); if (!p) return false; p.className+=' sticky smallform';
	var s=createTiddlyElement(p,'select'); s.button=this;
	s.options[0]=new Option('select a custom format...','');
	var items=store.getTiddlerText('QuickEdit_customList','').split('\n----\n');
	for (var i=0; i<items.length; i++) {
		if (!items[i].length) continue; var lines=items[i].split('\n');
		var label=lines.shift(); var val=lines.join('\n');
		s.options[s.length]=new Option(label,val); s.options[s.length-1].title=val;
	s.options[s.length]=new Option('[Edit custom formats...]','_edit');
	s.options[s.length-1].title='add/change custom format definitions...';
	s.onclick=function(){ if (!this.value.length) return;
		if (this.value=='_edit') {
		} else {
		        var e=config.quickEdit.getField(this.button); if (!e) return false;
			e.focus(); var txt=config.quickEdit.getSelection(e);
			replaceSelection(e, this.value.replace(/\$\x31/g,txt)
				.replace(/\$\[\[[^\]]+\]\]/g, function(t){
					var msg=x[0]; var def=x[1]||'';
					if (def.startsWith('{{')) {
						try{def=eval(def.substr(2,def.length-4))} catch(ex){showException(ex)}
					return prompt(msg,def)||'';
		Popup.remove(); return false;
	return config.quickEdit.processed(event);"

Things we could put here:

woke up on time. 
review to-do and confirm will-do list.
record morning points
timely completion of morning routine. 
13 march 2014
What is consent? 

It's an interesting question, Carson, and there are lots of different directions to go with it. Now, keep in mind that I'm starting off with a more general idea of consent, applying in other areas aside from sexuality, and then we can apply it to sexuality. Right now, I have a specific topic in mind: 

Consent is not a binary thing. There are gradations of consent. There are various levels of willingness. There is "eagerness" all the way to "indifference" even down to "reluctant acceptance" before you actually get into nonconsent/dissent/refusal. Even then, there is "mild dissent" "moderate dissent," all the way down to total refusal. 

Additionally, a person very often has conflicting desires, meaning a part of them wants to do something, and at the same time, another part of them doesn't want to do that thing. Sometimes, a person may be roped into doing something they don't want to do, but afterwards, or even during, They're glad that they did it anyway. 

And keep in mind that each of those conflicting (or heck, sometimes synergistic) desires may have any of those various levels of willingness. 

It's a well-known fact that a person's (verbal or nonverbal) expressed willingness about something may be different from any number of their other internal wills. 

It's also quite well known (or should be) that many of a person's desires, and factors which affect willingness, are completely beyond that person's surface (or even deliberate introspective) awareness.

Finally, violation of consent means something different depending on who does it to whom. If a friend pulls a prank on me, that will mean something different than if a stranger had done it (making it perhaps more acceptable, perhaps less acceptable). If a boy's mother demands that the child eat all his vegetables, that's different than the equally innocent case of a wife demanding that her cancer-stricken husband eat his food. 

We can't talk about consent without talking about coercion though. What is coercion? What qualifies as coercion? 

I think coersion is even more complicated than consent, because not only is it not binary, but it can't even be roughly placed on a quantitative scale. There is emotional manipulation, physical forcing, psychological manipulation, and so forth. 
[[problem help request 7-29-09]]
[[problem help request 8-2-09]]
[[daily statements]]
[[reminder]] important
[[mission statement champ]]
[[written down mission statement stuff]]
[[written down mission statement editable]]
[[mission statement.doc]]
[[mission statment editable]]
[[goals for mission statement]]
[[who i will be]]
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

Associated actions ()references, etc.

|Wating for||||


|High|1PHigh|Call|Active|EasyOne|SuperQuick|(or Group)|WorkHard||[[Habits]]|||GrownUp|

|Action|ActionStatus|Activity? yes or task||
''divided into general(like everybody else) and specific to me''

|!Who am I now?|!What Do I want|!What's in my way?|!How Do I Get there?|
|Traits|Joys| Obstacles|Make a manifesto|
|Positions|Love| Sins| Make a daily commitment|
|member of community| Physical |Trials such as| carry reminders|
|child of God| Creativity | Moods, temptations, |get support from God|
|Preacher| Hope |psychological, fatigue,| get support from people|
|abilities/talents||Deep seated childhood issues||
|||I'm still and adolescent||
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Original Author|SteveRumsby|
|Description|display monthly and yearly calendars|
NOTE: For //enhanced// date popup display, optionally install:
|{{{<<calendar>>}}}|full-year calendar for the current year|
|{{{<<calendar year>>}}}|full-year calendar for the specified year|
|{{{<<calendar year month>>}}}|one month calendar for the specified month and year|
|{{{<<calendar thismonth>>}}}|one month calendar for the current month|
|{{{<<calendar lastmonth>>}}}|one month calendar for last month|
|{{{<<calendar nextmonth>>}}}|one month calendar for next month|
|{{{<<calendar +n>>}}}<br>{{{<<calendar -n>>}}}|one month calendar for a month +/- 'n' months from now|
|''First day of week:''<br>{{{config.options.txtCalFirstDay}}}|<<option txtCalFirstDay>>|(Monday = 0, Sunday = 6)|
|''First day of weekend:''<br>{{{config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend}}}|<<option txtCalStartOfWeekend>>|(Monday = 0, Sunday = 6)|

<<option chkDisplayWeekNumbers>> Display week numbers //(note: Monday will be used as the start of the week)//
|''Week number display format:''<br>{{{config.options.txtWeekNumberDisplayFormat }}}|<<option txtWeekNumberDisplayFormat >>|
|''Week number link format:''<br>{{{config.options.txtWeekNumberLinkFormat }}}|<<option txtWeekNumberLinkFormat >>|
2011.01.04 1.5.1 corrected parameter handling for {{{<<calendar year>>}}} to show entire year instead of just first month.  In createCalendarMonthHeader(), fixed next/previous month year calculation (use parseInt() to convert to numeric value).  Code reduction (setting options).
2009.04.31 1.5.0 rewrote onClickCalendarDate() (popup handler) and added config.options.txtCalendarReminderTags.  Partial code reduction/cleanup.  Assigned true version number (1.5.0)
2008.09.10 added '+n' (and '-n') param to permit display of relative months (e.g., '+6' means 'six months from now', '-3' means 'three months ago'.  Based on suggestion from Jean.
2008.06.17 added support for config.macros.calendar.todaybg
2008.02.27 in handler(), DON'T set hard-coded default date format, so that *customized* value (pre-defined in config.macros.calendar.journalDateFmt is used.
2008.02.17 in createCalendarYear(), fix next/previous year calculation (use parseInt() to convert to numeric value).  Also, use journalDateFmt for date linking when NOT using [[DatePlugin]].
2008.02.16 in createCalendarDay(), week numbers now created as TiddlyLinks, allowing quick creation/navigation to 'weekly' journals (based on request from Kashgarinn)
2008.01.08 in createCalendarMonthHeader(), 'month year' heading is now created as TiddlyLink, allowing quick creation/navigation to 'month-at-a-time' journals
2007.11.30 added 'return false' to onclick handlers (prevent IE from opening blank pages)
2006.08.23 added handling for weeknumbers (code supplied by Martin Budden (see 'wn**' comment marks).  Also, incorporated updated by Jeremy Sheeley to add caching for reminders (see [[ReminderMacros]], if installed)
2005.10.30 in config.macros.calendar.handler(), use 'tbody' element for IE compatibility.  Also, fix year calculation for IE's getYear() function (which returns '2005' instead of '105'). Also, in createCalendarDays(), use showDate() function (see [[DatePlugin]], if installed) to render autostyled date with linked popup.  Updated calendar stylesheet definition: use .calendar class-specific selectors, add text centering and margin settings
2006.05.29 added journalDateFmt handling
version.extensions.CalendarPlugin= { major: 1, minor: 5, revision: 1, date: new Date(2011,1,4)};

var opts={
	txtCalFirstDay:				0,
	txtCalStartOfWeekend:		5,
	chkDisplayWeekNumbers:		false,
	txtCalFirstDay:				0,
	txtWeekNumberDisplayFormat:	'w0WW',
	txtWeekNumberLinkFormat:	'YYYY-w0WW',
	txtCalendarReminderTags:		'reminder'
for (var id in opts) if (config.options[id]===undefined) config.options[id]=opts[id];

config.macros.calendar = {
	journalDateFmt:'DD MMM YYYY',
	holidays:[ ] // for customization see [[CalendarPluginConfig]]
function calendarIsHoliday(date)
	var longHoliday = date.formatString('0DD/0MM/YYYY');
	var shortHoliday = date.formatString('0DD/0MM');
	for(var i = 0; i < config.macros.calendar.holidays.length; i++) {
		if(   config.macros.calendar.holidays[i]==longHoliday
		   || config.macros.calendar.holidays[i]==shortHoliday)
			return true;
	return false;
config.macros.calendar.handler = function(place,macroName,params) {
	var calendar = createTiddlyElement(place, 'table', null, 'calendar', null);
	var tbody = createTiddlyElement(calendar, 'tbody');
	var today = new Date();
	var year = today.getYear();
	if (year<1900) year+=1900;

 	// get journal format from SideBarOptions (ELS 5/29/06 - suggested by MartinBudden)
	var text = store.getTiddlerText('SideBarOptions');
	var re = new RegExp('<<(?:newJournal)([^>]*)>>','mg'); var fm = re.exec(text);
	if (fm && fm[1]!=null) { var pa=fm[1].readMacroParams(); if (pa[0]) this.journalDateFmt = pa[0]; }

	var month=-1;
	if (params[0] == 'thismonth') {
		var month=today.getMonth();
	} else if (params[0] == 'lastmonth') {
		var month = today.getMonth()-1; if (month==-1) { month=11; year--; }
	} else if (params[0] == 'nextmonth') {
		var month = today.getMonth()+1; if (month>11) { month=0; year++; }
	} else if (params[0]&&'+-'.indexOf(params[0].substr(0,1))!=-1) {
		var month = today.getMonth()+parseInt(params[0]);
		if (month>11) { year+=Math.floor(month/12); month%=12; };
		if (month<0)  { year+=Math.floor(month/12); month=12+month%12; }
	} else if (params[0]) {
		year = params[0];
		if(params[1]) {
			if (month>11) month=11; if (month<0) month=0;

	if (month!=-1) {
		cacheReminders(new Date(year, month, 1, 0, 0), 31);
		createCalendarOneMonth(tbody, year, month);
	} else {
		cacheReminders(new Date(year, 0, 1, 0, 0), 366);
		createCalendarYear(tbody, year);
	window.reminderCacheForCalendar = null;
// cache used to store reminders while the calendar is being rendered
// it will be renulled after the calendar is fully rendered.
window.reminderCacheForCalendar = null;
function cacheReminders(date, leadtime)
	if (window.findTiddlersWithReminders == null) return;
	window.reminderCacheForCalendar = {};
	var leadtimeHash = [];
	leadtimeHash [0] = 0;
	leadtimeHash [1] = leadtime;
	var t = findTiddlersWithReminders(date, leadtimeHash, null, 1);
	for(var i = 0; i < t.length; i++) {
		//just tag it in the cache, so that when we're drawing days, we can bold this one.
		window.reminderCacheForCalendar[t[i]['matchedDate']] = 'reminder:' + t[i]['params']['title']; 
function createCalendarOneMonth(calendar, year, mon)
	var row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, 'tr');
	createCalendarMonthHeader(calendar, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon]+' '+year, true, year, mon);
	row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, 'tr');
	createCalendarDayHeader(row, 1);
	createCalendarDayRowsSingle(calendar, year, mon);
function createCalendarMonth(calendar, year, mon)
	var row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, 'tr');
	createCalendarMonthHeader(calendar, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon]+' '+ year, false, year, mon);
	row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, 'tr');
	createCalendarDayHeader(row, 1);
	createCalendarDayRowsSingle(calendar, year, mon);
function createCalendarYear(calendar, year)
	var row;
	row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, 'tr');
	var back = createTiddlyElement(row, 'td');
	var backHandler = function() {
		createCalendarYear(calendar, parseInt(year)-1);
		return false; // consume click
	createTiddlyButton(back, '<', 'Previous year', backHandler);
	back.align = 'center';
	var yearHeader = createTiddlyElement(row, 'td', null, 'calendarYear', year);
	yearHeader.align = 'center';
	var fwd = createTiddlyElement(row, 'td');
	var fwdHandler = function() {
		createCalendarYear(calendar, parseInt(year)+1);
		return false; // consume click
	createTiddlyButton(fwd, '>', 'Next year', fwdHandler);
	fwd.align = 'center';
	createCalendarMonthRow(calendar, year, 0);
	createCalendarMonthRow(calendar, year, 3);
	createCalendarMonthRow(calendar, year, 6);
	createCalendarMonthRow(calendar, year, 9);
function createCalendarMonthRow(cal, year, mon)
	var row = createTiddlyElement(cal, 'tr');
	createCalendarMonthHeader(cal, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon], false, year, mon);
	createCalendarMonthHeader(cal, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon+1], false, year, mon);
	createCalendarMonthHeader(cal, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon+2], false, year, mon);
	row = createTiddlyElement(cal, 'tr');
	createCalendarDayHeader(row, 3);
	createCalendarDayRows(cal, year, mon);
function createCalendarMonthHeader(cal, row, name, nav, year, mon)
	var month;
	if (nav) {
		var back = createTiddlyElement(row, 'td');
		back.align = 'center';
		back.style.background = config.macros.calendar.monthbg;

		var backMonHandler = function() {
			var newyear = year;
			var newmon = mon-1;
			if(newmon == -1) { newmon = 11; newyear = parseInt(newyear)-1;}
			cacheReminders(new Date(newyear, newmon , 1, 0, 0), 31);
			createCalendarOneMonth(cal, newyear, newmon);
			return false; // consume click
		createTiddlyButton(back, '<', 'Previous month', backMonHandler);
		month = createTiddlyElement(row, 'td', null, 'calendarMonthname')
		month.setAttribute('colSpan', config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers?6:5);//wn**
		var fwd = createTiddlyElement(row, 'td');
		fwd.align = 'center';
		fwd.style.background = config.macros.calendar.monthbg; 

		var fwdMonHandler = function() {
			var newyear = year;
			var newmon = mon+1;
			if(newmon == 12) { newmon = 0; newyear = parseInt(newyear)+1;}
			cacheReminders(new Date(newyear, newmon , 1, 0, 0), 31);
			createCalendarOneMonth(cal, newyear, newmon);
			return false; // consume click
		createTiddlyButton(fwd, '>', 'Next month', fwdMonHandler);
	} else {
		month = createTiddlyElement(row, 'td', null, 'calendarMonthname', name)
	month.align = 'center';
	month.style.background = config.macros.calendar.monthbg;
function createCalendarDayHeader(row, num)
	var cell;
	for(var i = 0; i < num; i++) {
		if (config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers) createTiddlyElement(row, 'td');//wn**
		for(var j = 0; j < 7; j++) {
			var d = j + (config.options.txtCalFirstDay - 0);
			if(d > 6) d = d - 7;
			cell = createTiddlyElement(row, 'td', null, 'button', config.macros.calendar.daynames[d]);
			if(d == (config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend-0) || d == (config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend-0+1))
				cell.style.background = config.macros.calendar.weekendbg;
function createCalendarDays(row, col, first, max, year, mon) {
	var i;
	if (config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers){
		if (first<=max) {
			var ww = new Date(year,mon,first);
			var td=createTiddlyElement(row, 'td');//wn**
			var link=createTiddlyLink(td,ww.formatString(config.options.txtWeekNumberLinkFormat),false);
		else createTiddlyElement(row, 'td');//wn**
	for(i = 0; i < col; i++)
		createTiddlyElement(row, 'td');
	var day = first;
	for(i = col; i < 7; i++) {
		var d = i + (config.options.txtCalFirstDay - 0);
		if(d > 6) d = d - 7;
		var daycell = createTiddlyElement(row, 'td');
		var isaWeekend=((d==(config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend-0)
			|| d==(config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend-0+1))?true:false);
		if(day > 0 && day <= max) {
			var celldate = new Date(year, mon, day);
			// ELS 10/30/05 - use <<date>> macro's showDate() function to create popup
			// ELS 05/29/06 - use journalDateFmt 
			if (window.showDate) showDate(daycell,celldate,'popup','DD',
				config.macros.calendar.journalDateFmt,true, isaWeekend);
			else {
				if(isaWeekend) daycell.style.background = config.macros.calendar.weekendbg;
				var title = celldate.formatString(config.macros.calendar.journalDateFmt);
					daycell.style.background = config.macros.calendar.holidaybg;
				var now=new Date();
				if ((now-celldate>=0) && (now-celldate<86400000)) // is today?
					daycell.style.background = config.macros.calendar.todaybg;
				if(window.findTiddlersWithReminders == null) {
					var link = createTiddlyLink(daycell, title, false);
				} else
					var button = createTiddlyButton(daycell, day, title, onClickCalendarDate);
// Create a pop-up containing:
// * a link to a tiddler for this date
// * a 'new tiddler' link to add a reminder for this date
// * links to current reminders for this date
// NOTE: this code is only used if [[ReminderMacros]] is installed AND [[DatePlugin]] is //not// installed.
function onClickCalendarDate(ev) { ev=ev||window.event;
	var d=new Date(this.getAttribute('title')); var date=d.formatString(config.macros.calendar.journalDateFmt);
	var p=Popup.create(this);  if (!p) return;
	var rem='\\n\\<\\<reminder day:%0 month:%1 year:%2 title: \\>\\>';
	var cmd="<<newTiddler label:[[new reminder...]] prompt:[[add a new reminder to '%0']]"
		+" title:[[%0]] text:{{store.getTiddlerText('%0','')+'%1'}} tag:%2>>";
	var t=findTiddlersWithReminders(d,[0,31],null,1);
	for(var i=0; i<t.length; i++) {
		var link=createTiddlyLink(createTiddlyElement(p,'li'), t[i].tiddler, false);
	Popup.show(); ev.cancelBubble=true; if (ev.stopPropagation) ev.stopPropagation(); return false;
function calendarMaxDays(year, mon)
	var max = config.macros.calendar.monthdays[mon];
	if(mon == 1 && (year % 4) == 0 && ((year % 100) != 0 || (year % 400) == 0)) max++;
	return max;
function createCalendarDayRows(cal, year, mon)
	var row = createTiddlyElement(cal, 'tr');
	var first1 = (new Date(year, mon, 1)).getDay() -1 - (config.options.txtCalFirstDay-0);
	if(first1 < 0) first1 = first1 + 7;
	var day1 = -first1 + 1;
	var first2 = (new Date(year, mon+1, 1)).getDay() -1 - (config.options.txtCalFirstDay-0);
	if(first2 < 0) first2 = first2 + 7;
	var day2 = -first2 + 1;
	var first3 = (new Date(year, mon+2, 1)).getDay() -1 - (config.options.txtCalFirstDay-0);
	if(first3 < 0) first3 = first3 + 7;
	var day3 = -first3 + 1;

	var max1 = calendarMaxDays(year, mon);
	var max2 = calendarMaxDays(year, mon+1);
	var max3 = calendarMaxDays(year, mon+2);

	while(day1 <= max1 || day2 <= max2 || day3 <= max3) {
		row = createTiddlyElement(cal, 'tr');
		createCalendarDays(row, 0, day1, max1, year, mon); day1 += 7;
		createCalendarDays(row, 0, day2, max2, year, mon+1); day2 += 7;
		createCalendarDays(row, 0, day3, max3, year, mon+2); day3 += 7;
function createCalendarDayRowsSingle(cal, year, mon)
	var row = createTiddlyElement(cal, 'tr');
	var first1 = (new Date(year, mon, 1)).getDay() -1 - (config.options.txtCalFirstDay-0);
	if(first1 < 0) first1 = first1+ 7;
	var day1 = -first1 + 1;
	var max1 = calendarMaxDays(year, mon);
	while(day1 <= max1) {
		row = createTiddlyElement(cal, 'tr');
		createCalendarDays(row, 0, day1, max1, year, mon); day1 += 7;
setStylesheet('.calendar, .calendar table, .calendar th, .calendar tr, .calendar td { text-align:center; } .calendar, .calendar a { margin:0px !important; padding:0px !important; }', 'calendarStyles');
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Requires|InlineJavascriptPlugin, NestedSlidersPlugin, StyleSheetShortcuts|
|Description|starting from a selected tiddler, display a list and/or tree of linked or transcluded tiddlers|
Starting from a specified tiddler (default=current tiddler), {{{<<relatedTiddlers>>}}} recursively follows the internal links[] data to find all other tiddlers that are related to it by linking (e.g., {{{[[TiddlerName]]}}}) or used as macro parameter (e.g., {{{<<tiddler TiddlerName>>}}}).

The results can be displayed as a simple flat list of related tiddler titles, or as an indented tree diagram that shows the specific connections between the related tiddlers, and can be helpful for identifying clusters of interdependent tiddlers or simply generating an on-the-fly site map for quick discovery and navigation through complex or unfamiliar document content. 
<<relatedTiddlers TiddlerName hideform "exclude list">>
*''TiddlerName'' (optional)<br>specifies the starting tiddler (and hides the 'select a tiddler' form controls).  Use keyword ''here'' to specify the current tiddler.
*''hideform'' (optional)<br>when present, suppress display of 'select tiddler' droplist and buttons.
*''"exclude list"'' (optional)<br>space-separated list of tiddlers whose links should not be followed.  Use quotes or double-square brackets to ensure list is processed as a single parameter.
The plugin also defines two functions that can be called externally (from other plugins or scripts) to generate and retrieve either a list of links or a formatted "tree view":
>{{{var list=config.macros.relatedTiddlers.getList(start,exclude,callback);}}}
>{{{var tree=config.macros.relatedTiddlers.getTree(start,exclude,callback);}}}
where ''start'' and ''exclude'' are the same as the macro parameters described above, plus an optional reference to a callback function that allows you to generate an alternative list/tree, based on application-specific data (such tiddler references contained in tags or custom fields), rather than using the default "links" list, like this:
window.myCallback=function(tiddler) {
	var list=[];
	// ... fill the list based on the specified tiddler ...
	return list;
The function takes a tiddler object as input, and returns a list of tiddler titles that are //directly// linked (or otherwise related) to that specific tiddler.  {{{getList()}}} and {{{getTree()}}} then use this information to find all the //indirect// connections between tiddlers to produce the list or tree output.
<<option chkRelatedTiddlersShowList>> show list display
<<option chkRelatedTiddlersShowTree>> show tree display
<<option chkRelatedTiddlersZoom>> enable autosizing of tree display //(aka, "zoom" or "shrink-and-grow")//
don't follow links contained in these tiddlers: <<option txtRelatedTiddlersExclude>>

Using getList()/getTree() public API from other scripts/plugins:
><script show>
	var start="About";
	var exclude=config.options.txtRelatedTiddlersExclude.readBracketedList();
	var callback=null;
	var list=config.macros.relatedTiddlers.getList(start,exclude,callback);
	var tree=config.macros.relatedTiddlers.getTree(start,exclude,callback);
	return "There are "+list.length+" tiddlers related to [["+start+"]]...\n"+tree;
2009.09.29 [1.1.8] in findRelatedTiddlers(), fixed recursion when using non-null callback
2007.11.11 [1.1.7] in findRelatedTiddlers(), refactored into separate getlinks(),<br>and added param for optional callback function that can be used to return an alternative set of links.<br>Also added API functions, getTree() and getList() for use by other scripts
2007.07.13 [1.1.6] performance optimizations, more code cleanup
2007.07.10 [1.1.5] extensive code cleanup
2007.07.08 [1.1.0] converted from inline script
2007.06.29 [1.0.0] started (as inline script)
version.extensions.RelatedTiddlersPlugin={major: 1, minor: 1, revision: 8, date: new Date(2009,9,29)};

// initialize 'autozoom' and 'exclude' tree options (defaults are not to zoom, and to follow all links)
if (config.options.chkRelatedTiddlersZoom===undefined)
if (config.options.txtRelatedTiddlersExclude===undefined)
	config.options.txtRelatedTiddlersExclude='GettingStarted DefaultTiddlers';
if (config.options.chkRelatedTiddlersShowList===undefined)
if (config.options.chkRelatedTiddlersShowTree===undefined)

	handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {

		// create form with unique DOM element ID (using current timestamp)... permits multiple form instances
		var now=new Date().getTime();
		var span=createTiddlyElement(place,"span");
		var form=span.getElementsByTagName("form")[0]; // find form that we just created
		var target=createTiddlyElement(span,"div"); // create target block in which generated output will be placed

		// initialize droplist contents (all tiddlers except hidden ones)
		var tids=store.getTiddlers('title','excludeLists');
		for (i=0; i<tids.length; i++) form.list.options[form.list.options.length]=new Option(tids[i].title,tids[i].title,false,false);

		// initialize exclude field (space-separated list)
		if (config.options.txtRelatedTiddlersExclude) form.exclude.value=config.options.txtRelatedTiddlersExclude;

		// set starting tiddler, form display, and/or exclude list from macro params (if present) and then show the results!
		var root="";
		var hide=false;
		var exclude=config.options.txtRelatedTiddlersExclude;
		if (params[0]) root=params[0]; // TiddlerName
		if (params[1]) hide=(params[1].toLowerCase()=="hideform"); // keyword: "hideform" or "showform" (default)
		if (params[2]) exclude=params[2]; // list of tiddlers whose links should not be followed
		if (root=="here") { var tid=story.findContainingTiddler(place); if (tid) root=tid.getAttribute("tiddler"); }
		if (store.tiddlerExists(root)) {
			// NOTE:  don't hide form when running IE, where putting initial focus on hidden form creates an error
			if (!config.browser.isIE) form.style.display=hide?"none":"block"; // show/hide the controls
			form.list.value=root; // set the root
			form.exclude.value=exclude; // set 'exclude' field
			form.get.click(); // DISPLAY INITIAL RESULTS (if tiddler is selected)
		"<form id='%0' action='javascript:;' style='display:inline;margin:0;padding:0;' onsubmit='return false'><!-- \
		--><span class='fine' style='float:left;vertical-align:bottom;width:39.5%;'><i>find all tiddlers related to:</i></span><!-- \
		--><span class='fine' style='float:left;vertical-align:bottom;'><i>exclude links contained in:</i></span><!-- \
		--><div style='clear:both'><!-- \
		--><select name=list size=1 style='width:39.5%' onchange='this.form.get.click()'><!-- \
		--><option value=''>select a tiddler...</option><!-- \
		--></select><!-- \
		--><input type='text' option='txtRelatedTiddlersExclude' name='exclude' value='' style='width:40%' \
			title='enter the names of tiddlers whose links should NOT be followed' \
			onkeyup='if (event.keyCode==13) { this.blur(); this.form.get.click(); }'  \
			onchange='config.options[this.getAttribute(\"option\")]=this.value;saveOptionCookie(this.getAttribute(\"option\"));'><!-- \
		--><input type=button name=get value='get related' style='width:10%'  \
			onclick='config.macros.relatedTiddlers.show(this.form,this.form.nextSibling);'><!-- \
		--><input type=button name=done value='done' disabled style='width:10%'  \
			onclick='this.form.list.selectedIndex=0; this.form.get.click();'><!-- \
		--></div><!-- \
		".relatedTiddlers blockquote \
			{ border-left:1px dotted #999; margin:0 25px; padding-left:.5em; font-size:%0%; line-height:115%; } \
		.relatedTiddlers .borderleft \
			{ margin:0; padding:0; margin-left:1em; border-left:1px dotted #999; padding-left:.5em; } \
		.relatedTiddlers .fourcolumns \
			{ display:block; -moz-column-count:4; -moz-column-gap:1em; -moz-column-width:25%} \
		.relatedTiddlers a \
			{ font-weight:normal; } \
		.relatedTiddlers .bold, .relatedTiddlers .bold a \
			{ font-weight:bold; } \
		.relatedTiddlers .floatright \
			{ float:right; } \
		.relatedTiddlers .clear \
			{ clear:both; }	",
		"{{floatright{<html><a href='javascript:;' class='button' title='show/hide tiddler selection droplist and buttons' \
		onclick='var here=story.findContainingTiddler(this); var tid=here?here.getAttribute(\"tiddler\"):\"\"; \
			var f=document.getElementById(\"%0\"); var hide=(f.style.display!=\"none\"); \
			f.style.display=hide?\"none\":\"inline\"; this.innerHTML=hide?\"show form\":\"hide form\"; return false;'>%1</a></html>}}}",
		"{{floatright{@@display:none;<<option chkRelatedTiddlersShowTree>>@@<html><a href='javascript:;' class='button' onclick='this.parentNode.previousSibling.firstChild.click(); return false;'>tree view</a></html>}}}",
		"{{clear{\n----\n}}} \
		{{floatright small{<<option chkRelatedTiddlersZoom>>autosize tree display}}} \
		{{fine{\n''tiddlers linked from or included by'' [[%0]]\n}}}%1",
		"{{floatright{@@display:none;<<option chkRelatedTiddlersShowList>>@@<html><a href='javascript:;' class='button' onclick='this.parentNode.previousSibling.firstChild.click(); return false;'>list view</a></html>}}}",
		"{{clear{\n----\n}}} \
		{{fine{\n''tiddlers containing links to'' [[%0]]\n}}} \
		{{small fourcolumns borderleft{\n%1}}} \
		{{fine{\n''tiddlers linked from or included by'' [[%0]]\n}}} \
		{{borderleft{\n \
			{{fine{\n''bold''=//direct links//, plain=//indirect links//, ''...''=//links not followed//}}} \
			{{small fourcolumns{\n%2}}} \
		"<html><span title='links from %0 have NOT been followed'>...</span></html>",
	mouseover: function(ev) {
	mouseout: function(ev) {
	findRelatedTiddlers: function(tid,tids,treeout,level,exclude,callback) { 
		// recursively build list of related tids (links and includes FROM the root tiddler) and generate treeview output
		var t=store.getTiddler(tid);
		if (!t || tids.contains(tid)) return tids; // tiddler already in results (or missing tiddler)... just return current results
		tids.push(t.title); // add tiddler to results
		var skip=exclude && exclude.contains(tid);
		if (skip) return tids; // branch is pruned... don't follow links
		var links=callback?callback(t):this.getLinks(t);
		for (var i=0; i<links.length; i++) tids=this.findRelatedTiddlers(links[i],tids,treeout,level+">",exclude,callback);
		return tids;
	getLinks: function(tiddler) {
		if (!tiddler.linksUpdated) tiddler.changed();
		return tiddler.links;
	getTree: function(start,exclude,callback) {
		// get related tiddlers and generate blockquote-indented tree output
		var list=[]; var tree={text:""}; var level="";
		return tree.text;
	getList: function(start,exclude,callback) {
		// get related tiddlers and generate blockquote-indented tree output
		var list=[]; var tree={text:""}; var level="";
		return list;
	show: function(form,target) {
		removeChildren(target); form.done.disabled=true; // clear any existing output and disable 'done' button
		var start=form.list.value; if (!start.length) return; // get selected starting tiddler.  If blank value (heading), do nothing

		// get related tiddlers and generate blockquote-indented tree output
		var rels=[]; var treeview={text:""}; var level="";
		var exclude=config.options.txtRelatedTiddlersExclude.readBracketedList();
		var rels=this.findRelatedTiddlers(start,rels,treeview,level,exclude);
		rels.shift(); // remove self from list
		rels.sort(); // sort titles alphabetically

		// generate list output
		var tid=store.getTiddler(start);
		var relsview=""; for (t=0; t<rels.length; t++) {
			if (exclude && exclude.contains(rels[t])) relsview+=this.skipped.format([rels[t]]);
		// get references TO the root tiddler, add to related tiddlers and generate refsview output
		var refs=[]; var referers=store.getReferringTiddlers(start);
		for(var r=0; r<referers.length; r++)
			if(referers[r].title!=start && !referers[r].tags.contains("excludeLists")) refs.push(referers[r].title);
		var refcount=refs.length; var relcount=rels.length; // remember individual counts
		for (var r=0; r<refs.length; r++) rels.pushUnique(refs[r]); // combine lists without duplicates
		var total=rels.length; // get combined total
		var refsview="[["+refs.sort().join("]]\n[[")+"]]\n";
		// set custom blockquote styles for treeview

		// assemble and render output
		var summary=(total?(total+" tiddler"+(total==1?" is":"s are")):"There are no tiddlers")+" related to: [["+start+"]]";
		var list=this.list.format([start,refsview.length?refsview:"//none//",relsview.length?relsview:"//none//"]);
		var tree=this.tree.format([start,treeview.text]);
		var toggle=this.toggleform.format([form.id,(form.style.display=='none'?'show form':'hide form')]);
		var sep="{{floatright{ | }}}";
		var showList=total && config.options.chkRelatedTiddlersShowList;
		var showTree=relcount && config.options.chkRelatedTiddlersShowTree;
		var out="{{relatedTiddlers{"+toggle+(relcount?sep+this.treecheck:"")+(total?sep+this.listcheck:"")+summary+(showList?list:"")+(showTree?tree:"")+"}}}";
		form.done.disabled=false; // enable 'done' button

		// add mouseover/mouseout handling to blockquotes (for autosizing)
		var blocks=target.getElementsByTagName("blockquote");
		for (var b=0; b<blocks.length; b++)
			{ blocks[b].onmouseover=this.mouseover; blocks[b].onmouseout=this.mouseout; }

		// add side-effect to checkboxes so that display is refreshed when a checkbox state is changed
		var checks=target.getElementsByTagName("input");
		for (var c=0; c<checks.length; c++) {
			if (checks[c].type.toLowerCase()!="checkbox") continue;
			checks[c].coreClick=checks[c].onclick; // save standard click handler
			checks[c].formID=form.id; // link checkbox with correponding form
			checks[c].onclick=function() { this.coreClick.apply(this,arguments); document.getElementById(this.formID).get.click(); }
  Apologetics resource ministry
  education resource ministry
	Theology, Bible awareness, Bible context, Language, history, narrative, critical thinking, wrestling, other religions, etc 
Community resource ministry
Emotions resource ministry
"Spiritual" resource ministry
	"Quiet" (prayer, mysticism, meditation)
	"Louder" (music, songs, Charismatic experience, why we sing)
Practical resource ministry 	
	education, monetary resources, community resources. 
Missions/Outreach resource ministry
Political something?

and they all NEED to be in constant communication and interplay with one another, or they'll lose their jene se qua, and goodfulness.

constant resource maintainance
	website links
		(keep constantly up to date on new scholarly books/monographs, articles relevant to Christianity, as well as keeping track of ) 

At it's core, a resource ministry- to point people in the direction of good resources already available, and new ones as they become available. at our level, it's every bit of contribution to those resources that we can. Being as broad and versatile as we are, we'll naturally make, and want to make, contributions of numerous kinds. 
[[Saturday April 12 2014]]

*Talk to Justin and Nick about Next month.
**Moving out looks best.
*Moving Out
**Find place to keep stuff
**Move stuff.
**Find place to move back to when I return
**Come by Sam's place and meet his roommate.
**Find a replacement for my room
**Finish Trainings
**Print Study materials
**Finish Paperwork
***Direct Deposit
***Licensing form
***--Tenessee employee registration--
***--Fingerprints, Monday April 14--
*Prepare to Leave for Tennessee
**Discuss August (and May) with Justin, Nick.
***Bank account, direct deposit, etc.
*"Sermon" for Easter
*tweak web stuff
***Email and post about the DatePlugin issue
***Import stuff
****previous tiddlys
***Tweak layout and look
****Add link to gospelretold as subtitle
****Add some top-bar things
****ColoredLinksPlugin or PaintrPlugin?
****Preview during edit? 
*Call customer service, Fix my phone
*Healthcare stuff
**Find someone to pick up my meds while gone
**Going away party
***Resistance game (compile supplement rules)
***Have Alec Visit. 
**Meet with people
***--James and the kids--
***David, Megan
****Bachelor Party April 19
****Wedding April 29
*Put together reading list for while I'm gone.
<<simpletree nocollapse 
li:hover > .st-bullet {
      color:#339 !important; 
template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] 
bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] 

All meaning, perception, judgement, value, and indeed morality must, by definition be subjective, for all of these things are things which must be done, experienced or... by a subject, that is, an agent, or a person. This does not mean that objective meaning, reality, value and morality cannot exist; rather, that for them to exist, there must be an objective subject.

There are two things. There is the thing itself, and there is a subject’s perception/judgement/morality/meaning of the thing itself. I define “the thing itself” as the “material” of which a thing is composed, as well as the manner in which it is composed. I also included events within “the thing itself,” and include whatever motion occurs to the material itself.  I put “material” in quotations because it can include things which are in fact, immaterial, say, for example, energy, or even soul or spirit. For the subjective experience of a thing, I will use the word, “meaning,” because perception is actually the initial meaning that a subject gives an object/event. upon sensory perception. Judgement and morality are meaning that a subject gives an object/event upon further contemplation of it. 
	To demonstrate that “perception” is in fact meaning given after, or in tandem with,  the sense perception, i will use two examples. The first is color. In different societies, people percieve color differently than other societies. ......... The second, I remember a television show that had a game where contestants had to guess what something was. because things were so often strangely shaped, people rarely guessed correctly, because they had no context for the item. They would often be given a clue and still lose. The occasion which sticks out best in my mind was a kitchen utensil that the contestants agreed was a rubber potholder, but was in fact designed to fit over the sink to hold dish washing items. Finally, there’s the example from the little mermaid.* All perception is filtered through the mind’s process of applying meaning. 

the meaning of an event or a thing includes moral judgement on that thing or event. 

what does it take for something to be “meaningful,” versus “meaningless”? the most instructive way to approach this is to analyze all the different ways in which something is rendered meaningless. impermenance. quantity of people affected, value of choice. 
|''Description''|Creates a simple expandable / collapsible tree|
|''Documentation''|http://simpletree.tiddlyspace.com and [[SimpleTreeHelp]]|
|''Version''|1.0.0 (2013-10-08)|
|''Author''|Tobias Beer|
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|License|see http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditPlugin|
|Description|quickedit - text alignment|

Usage: see  http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#QuickEditToolbar

%/<html><hide linebreaks><a href="javascript:;" class="tiddlyLink" tabindex="-1" 
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	s.options[s.length]=new Option('justify','justify');
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	s.onclick=function(){ if (!this.value.length) return;
		Popup.remove(); return false;
	return config.quickEdit.processed(event);"
Times New Roman,times,serif
This would be like an amazon link repository. I would link to all the kickstarters i like best, as well as all the wallet things I've found on pinterest. I had the idea just now because of the folding devices here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmrsdmOMqaI. I could have designs for people to make their own home-made wallets, and sell my own designs. maybe even a wallet design thing for me to then send them a custom wallet?

www.walletthings.com is available.
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|format and display references to the current tiddler|
>see [[ShowReferencesPluginInfo]]
2011.03.01 2.0.0 converted to plugin and added optional TiddlerName and message params
| Please see [[ShowReferencesPluginInfo]] for previous revision details |
2006.09.04 1.0.0 original release (transclusion)
version.extensions.ShowReferencesPlugin =
	{ major:2, minor:0, revision:0, date:new Date(2011,3,1) };
config.macros.showReferences = {
	defaultFormat: '[[%0]]\n',
	fallbackMsg: 'no references',
	init: function() {
		config.shadowTiddlers.ShowReferences =
			'<<showReferences "$1" [[$2]] "$3">>';
		config.annotations.ShowReferences =
			'created by ShowReferencesPlugin';
	handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
		var here=story.findContainingTiddler(place);
		var tid=here?here.getAttribute('tiddler'):'';
		var fmt=params[0];	if (!fmt||fmt=='$1')	 fmt	=this.defaultFormat;
		var title=params[1];	if (!title||title=='$2') title	=tid;
		var msg=params[2];	if (!msg||msg=='$3')	 msg	=this.fallbackMsg;
		var refs=store.getReferringTiddlers(title);
		var out='';
		for(var r=0; r<refs.length; r++)
			if(refs[r].title!=title && !refs[r].isTagged('excludeLists'))
[[Evangelism Problem 5-13-09]]
[[Ayn Rand Snippet]]
[[intro how i argue]]
[[an extra amount of weirdness]]
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|automatically add plugin-defined options to the [[AdvancedOptions]] shadow tiddler|
At document startup, this plugin examines each tiddler tagged with <<tag systemConfig>> and looks for a tiddler slice named "Options" whose value refers to a tiddler section (or separate tiddler) that contains an 'advanced options control panel' for configuring that plugin's features and behavior.  For each plugin that contains an "Options" slice, a tabbed entry is automatically created in the [[AdvancedOptions]] shadow tiddler to display that plugin's control panel.

As an optional fallback for backward-compatibility with plugin tiddlers that do not define the "Options" slice, this plugin will also look for a section heading named "Configuration" within those tiddlers, so that older plugins that define this section can automatically have their settings added to the [[AdvancedOptions]] tiddler without requiring the "Options" slice to be added.

This plugin also extends the standard {{{<<option>>}}} macro syntax so you can directly set the internal value of a boolean or text option, without displaying a corresponding checkbox or input field control simply by appending {{{=value}}} syntax to the end of the option ID parameter:
<<option "txtSomeOption=some text">>
<<option chkSomeOtherOption=true>> OR <<option chkSomeOtherOption=false>>
Example: {{{<<option chkAnimate=false>>}}}
<<option chkAdvancedOptions>> automatically add plugin-defined options to the [[AdvancedOptions]] shadow tiddler
<<option chkAdvancedOptionsBackstage>> automatically add plugin-defined options to Backstage menu
<<option chkAdvancedOptionsFallback>> use <<option txtAdvancedOptionsFallback>> section as a fallback for plugins that don't define an ~AdvancedOptions slice
//note: these settings only take effect after reloading the document//
2009.07.23 [1.2.0] added support for enhanced {{{<<option id=value>>}}} 'direct assignment' syntax
2008.05.09 [1.1.0] add "options" panel to backstage
2008.04.08 [1.0.0] initial release
version.extensions.AdvancedOptionsPlugin= {major: 1, minor: 2, revision: 0, date: new Date(2009,7,23)};

if (config.options.chkAdvancedOptions===undefined)
if (config.options.chkAdvancedOptionsBackstage===undefined)
if (config.options.chkAdvancedOptionsFallback===undefined)
if (config.options.txtAdvancedOptionsFallback===undefined)
if (config.optionsDesc) config.optionsDesc.chkAdvancedOptions=
	"automatically add plugin-defined options to [[AdvancedOptions]]";
var items=[];
var fmt="[[%0 ]] [[view options for %0]] [[%1]]\n";
var section=config.options.txtAdvancedOptionsFallback;
var plugins=store.getTaggedTiddlers("systemConfig");
for (var p=0; p<plugins.length; p++) {
	var tid=plugins[p].title;
	var settings=store.getTiddlerSlice(tid,"Options");
	if (!settings && config.options.chkAdvancedOptionsFallback && store.getTiddlerText(tid+"##"+section))
		settings="##"+section; // fallback handling for older plugins
	if (settings&&settings.length) {
		if (settings.substr(0,2)=="##") settings=tid+settings;
if (items.length) config.shadowTiddlers.PluginOptions=
	"!![[Plugin-defined options|PluginManager]]\n>@@text-align:left;<<tabs '' \n"+items.join(' ')+">>@@";
if (config.options.chkAdvancedOptions)
	config.shadowTiddlers.AdvancedOptions+="{{smallform{{{wrap{<<tiddler PluginOptions>>}}}}}}";
// // add "options" backstage task
if (config.tasks && config.options.chkAdvancedOptionsBackstage) { // for TW2.2b3 or above
	config.tasks.options = {
		text: "options",
		tooltip: "manage plugin-defined option settings",
		content: "{{smallform{{{groupbox{{{wrap{<<tiddler PluginOptions>>}}}}}}\n{{groupbox small {<<options>>}}}}}}"
config.macros.option.handler=function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
	var parts=params[0].split('=');
	if (parts.length==1) return this.AOPsave_handler.apply(this,arguments);
	var id=parts[0]; var val=(id.substr(0,3)=='txt')?parts[1]:(parts[1]=='true');
I want to preach bi-weekly. I want to be a part of some successful awesome projects. 

I need to be intentional about  some things. first:
1. the way i treat others
2. the way i treat myself
3. the way i treat God. 

1. I will be focused on THEM, not myself. I will ask them questions, and seek to discover them, regardless of how discovered I am. When i do this, i will remember not to react to the pain of it by treating myself like crap. I resolve myself to seek joy and health for everyone I meet. 
The way i treat others includes a subcategory for how i treat girls

The way i treat myself. 
I will treat my body well by exercising, eating well, taking my meds/vitamins, and 
	I will treat my mind well, by exercising my imagination and nurturing my urge to write, i will read often, and i will learn to read better. 

my temptation when thinking about point 1 is to envision it as a way to attack. Use it as a weapon. i will listen and make people glad they know me, and feeling good that i’ve listened, but secretly hating them and never giving anything back. 

I keep thinking about putting a gun to my head and blowing it straight off.
I want to be prepared.
I want to be prepared when I want to ask a woman out worth having (like Ali or Parmiss).
I want to be prepared to answer the questions that people have about God.
I want to be prepared to tell people all of the good news in as many ways as is possible for me.
I want to be prepared for my classes.
I want to be prepared to let anyone look anywhere on my computer.
I want to be prepared to confront demonic powers.
I want to be prepared to teach people difficult things.
I want to be prepared to learn difficult things.
"dying for our sins" doesn't mean, " 'Paying' for some debt our sins incurred." 

But we can (and should) say that he died for our sins; He died because we sinned. But it's okay- He's the author of life and no mere thing like death at our hands is going to stop him from bringing that life to us.

The "real" meaning of the cross is multifarious. I was very VERY impressed that he made the point that, to the ancient, sacrifice was not about appeasing anger or paying a penalty, but rather, sharing a meal with the God. You didn't lose something when you sacrificed (or at least not much). The animal was slaughtered on the alter and you cooked and ate it. Cooking it was part of sending the deity's portion to him or her. This was universally true of ancient sacrifice. I can't stand dipshits who continually misread technical "Christian" theology into the mindsets of ancient peoples. 

Yes, in Judaism it did happen to be much more deep and layered than that, but that was the core, and never became what "Christian" theologians projected back onto it.

In fact, the ONLY time that it is explicit that an animal was to symbolically bear the sins of the people was also the ONLY time that killing the animal was utterly forbidden: the scapegoat. 

I'm aware of roughly 30 paradigms for interpreting the death of Jesus (most of the time you only hear about no more than 7 or 8, but happily, this guy pointed out two that get very little airtime. I disagree that they are the central ones though...), but Penal Substitution is easily the sickest and most deeply bent of any of them. It is an irresponsible mishmash of metaphors that were never meant to be combined. 

And I just realized that I called MARCUS BORG, "this guy". Holy crap. Marcus Freaking Borg. 
seek always to learn about the world God has created
how God my neighbor, the universe, and myself work, being created by an ordered, reasonable, and loving Person.

Reason, self-doubt, curiosity, __science__, pragmatism (?), literacy, (and literacy of the Bible), Nuance, education, common sense, __History__, ''STORY'', discourse, Audience, culture, creativity, faith, intellectual generosity, ''Metaphor'', Apologetics, philosophy
Game where the interesting mechanic is that you both need to attack each other, and actually do serious damage to each other in order to make progress, but you don't actually want to kill your opponenet/teammate.
01/08/0910:05:18 PM
but let us pray first.

Who are you really?

These are true about you, who you really really are.

What do you want?

You want honesty at almost any cost.
You want to be noticed and enjoyed.

I see myself as someone who has incredible potential. I believe that people should be taking a punishing attitude towards me. I believe that people should simply ignore me and have no feelings about me at all.

I am compassionate and I care about people in their pain. I have a sadistic side that doesn't care one lick about people's pain except for how I can cause more. This is not a battle about which is the real me- both are part of me. It is my choice which I nurture.

I am a man full of hatred and vitriolic poison. I am a man full of love and forgiveness. Niether is fake, niether is show. They are at war within me as me.

Who am I?
Facts, untainted by fake.
I am confident and capable, as long as I have someone who believes in me.

I am passionate. I burn to preach the Word of God.

I'm an intelligent person who has a gift with word pictures.
Tuesday jan 15:

On Tuesday, they announced that they would be changing our schedule.

That night I stood up to my demons and told them to go to hell. i also made the decision to put in my two weeks notice on friday.
things I need to do today.

Go to bank and tell them my new adress so they can send me my title on my car.
Go to asu and talk to them about financial aid.
do 2 hours on one item from project list.
Do 2 hours working on website.
Air filter.

He stood alone in the room. It was quiet, but not oppressively. He knew that they were there, he could smell them if they had physical scent. They were his demons and he hated them, while willingly granting them quarter in his house. God was getting impatient with the him. Those creatures were to be unwelcome in a house such as his child's. This had to end. He took a step forward and spoke, loudly and clearly.
“Listen up! I know that you all are here. You're always watching, always waiting to scratch and pull. No more! My God has called me to be holy and I choose accept your evil unclean presence in my house. NO MORE! I have tolerated your lies and your claws for long enough. There is no time left for games and playing with things that only kill me. You will no longer hold me down and hold me back.
“Despair, you first! You are cast out of here. You and all of your sons are cast out. I bind and cast out every type of persistent fear. You have no place in my home or in my life, and you are unwelcome. Get out. I will no longer slip into despair- henceforth I shall look to my God and I shall Hope, and not despair. If you come back, I WILL fight you, and I will not be alone. Get out.”
Previously he had made stands, and had been weak. As he said them, he would pause, and they would whisper in his ear the things he feared. They would whisper that this was temporary, and he couldn't keep them away. They would whisper that he relied too much on them now, that God wasn't really going to take care of him. They would whisper back no matter how he shouted or screamed at him. They cowed in silence today.
He took a few moments to listen to see if they would whisper back so he could slam them down. They did not.
“sloth, you have been here a long time sapping my will to resist anything. ”

he is hope. Here. He is hope. I feel alone, and I hurt, and I hurt others and it is terrifying. I feel incompetent.
Last night I fell asleep at brian/patrick/matt's because I was downloading porn, but I told them it was because I was chatting w/ cacy. I was doing that too, but that's not why I stayed.
Look at me.
It's what I screem all the time.
Paterns emerge. It's not people. It's girls/women. Which turns out to be very very disappointing.

I think I have some contradictory ideas running around my head, particulalry about God, so I think I might want to clear it up.

Certainty v. uncertainty
passion versus scholarship/intellectual honesty.

There is AW Tozer/Leonard Ravenhill/Michael L. Brown/Spurgeon/EM Bounds. It is my Calvary Chapel and kinda my early Baptist and Nazarene upbringing. It is a matter of unquenchable passion and prayer and repentance and the absolute truth of the Bible, and the defense thereof. It is about the individual's heart, it is a matter of the desperation and hunger for the living God himself. It is a matter of God having standards that he says we can meet, and expects us to.
then there is CS Lewis/Rob Bell/ Philip Yancey/ all the scholars. It is a matter of being intellectually honest and free to doubt, and TEACHABLE. It is a matter of community being absolutely paramount. It is a matter of being simply caring for people. It is a matter of doing things here, now that matter, not just spiritual It is a matter of grace and forgiveness and freedom to fail.

Paradigm 1
Paradigm 2
Paradigm of self hate and hopelessness
The not my paradigm/ mediocrity/ evangelical church
They have blasphemy rooted in much of their whole religious system
I have much to learn from their spiritual traditions

My calling
God calls me to be a burning fire to bring others his passion
My calling is to bring answers about God to people
My calling is illusion, and I am a failure, and always will be
Me working at godaddy or verizon.
God demands it. It is achievable. Without repentance there is no salvation.
God allows us to fail, you cannot do it yourself,
I cannot do it, and as well better give up.

Revival looks primarily like God showing his presence and through us becoming passionate about prayer and worship and actual communion with God himself personally, on a mass level.
Revival looks primarily like God making 

Aggressively concerned with correct doctrine
Aggressively concerned with community despite differences in doctrine.

Kinda concerned about some doctrine, and over concerned about
Carmel, Megan, Cacy (moving into the other though)


Gary, Pat

Self worth
I have sinned.
I'm forgiven
I'm unforgivable

Be hungry
Be content


call IT
download Daniel's paper

1330 pm
clean room
3 pm

to sarah:

i'm sorry. You've been caught in the crossfire of one of my most intense spiritual battles of my life, and I realize now that i've hurt you. I've been tremendously out of sorts. You probably hadn't noticed. You probably don't want to talk to me, so if you'd like to know more, you can ask Cacy and Brandon.

You remember the part in Lord of the Rings, where Gollum was arguing with Smeagol? I had a similar experience, but with my own soul and dark side. I have quite a few of these, esspecially lately.

My “Gollum”
“Wow, they've got really physical relationship- look at the leg touching, and the kissing. I wonder how physical they've gotten”
My “Smeagol”
“Well, because I know Sarah, probably as far as what i'm seeing right here.”

“Are you hearing these comments from Justin? So many of these comments are EXTREMELY suggestive of implying more.”

“Yeah, but I know Sarah, and I know she wouldn't let herself get into that physical of a relationship.”

“Look at all of these signals they're throwing off about HOW physical their relationship is.”

“Yeah, I'm glad about that! I was pretty pissed at Daniel for being so platonic. I'm totally delighted for Sarah about Justin. --BUT I KNOW SARAH. She wouldn't do that.”

“How can you be so naïve? Lots of christians do it and hide it. Exactly how different is Sarah?”

“She's Sarah. I know her. She wouldn't be having sex with Justin. She's devoted to God more than anything else. She is devoted to purity and the Gospel. She wouldn't let that happen.”

“Sure. But she herself said that she's changed a LOT. Knowing what you know about other christians, and with how skilled with the ladies (and essentially everything else) Justin obviously is....”


“You're ignoring EVERY signal.”

“Every signal except for the fact that Sarah wouldn't do that!!”

“And she even said that things have changed about her.”

“But.... I ... know.... Sarah... she's a true Christian... she wouldn't....”

“I guess not so much huh? So seeing as how we're a christian too, we've got to do something about this, right?

“no. and i'm still too bothered about this to make a rational decision about anything...”

“well, we both know i'm right.” <<This is essentially as far as the inner dialogue got by Sunday night. I was hesitant and weird on the phone because I had lost, but was still fighting a little. Enter the method that I actually came up with- certainty about the sex thing, with the choice between viewing you as christian or as friend.>>

“if we do that I'll lose Sarah as friend forever. No, I won't do that. NO.”

“So you're more concerned about your friendship than your Christianity?”

“No, I just wouldn't want to hurt her if I was wrong. That would be horrible of me.”

“How could you hurt her? Losing us as a friend doens't hurt anybody. It only helps them, remember?”

“i forgot about that... I guess I have to do this then”

I realize that I hurt you, and it makes me miserable inside to think about that. It's actually been my dream since I saw you dating Daniel, to be a part of your wedding to whomever earned you, (as either usher, bridesmaid, groomsman, MC, or best, officiator). I regard Justin to have earned you, and to be tremendously good for you. And I was so taken by his personality, that I even did when I allowed my other side to convince me about bad things. I like him, and I'm glad you're together.

I wish I could go back to the way things were before this Gollum bested this Smeagol. But Gollum already won, and our friendship is destroyed, and I don't think there's way to undo his victory here.

first girl i ever had a major crush on was dating a good friend of mine in high school, then a few years later realized she liked girls more. first girl to ever like me also had a major thing for girls. my next close friendship was with someone who would never admit to anyone that she was a lesbian, because she was in a fundamentalist christian church, but nobody else i've ever met was as clearly attracted to women. next was.... etc. no girl rationally ever liked/s me. the only girls i ever could develop close relationships with ended up being the girls that i coudln't blame for not "liking" me. if they didn't have feelings for boys, well, i can't quite blame them for being like every other girl who confirms my belief that i'm not likable like that.


the me that I am

---I have a strange sense of humor, derived from my step-father, and several entertainments: tv shows like Monty Python, Family Guy, as well as a taste for puns, wordplays and stupid jokes. My sense of humor can be dark, but it isn't usually. My sense of humor can be abbraisive to people arround me, because it's not normally recognized as a normal sense of humor. One trait that I find amusing is pointing out the painfully obvious as though it were completely novel.

---i am intelligent and curious. I quicker ask a question in a conversation to discover what someone thinks than I explain to them what they should think, but I also have a tendancy to develop quickly what I think, and I constantly attempt to make it as coherent and intelligent as possible.

---i am desperate for attention, because I am terrified that I will be forgotten and unimportant. I'm convinced that all of my past friends have forgotten me, and any remembrance of me is filled with either some type of disdain, (anger, disgust, etc.) or very little emotion whatever. I am terrified of being forgotten.

---i'm terrified of being fake. I desperately don't want to be a hypocrite. I find in myself tendencies

25 things

I dislike showering. Consequently, I shower about 3-4 times a week instead of every day. Don't get upset about it. I wash my hands, all the time.
I can sometimes have a psychopathic imagination, thinkiing of cruel things, but I could never do them because of A) Jesus, my savior, and B) my ridiculously compassionate side.
I have a ridiculously compassionate side, and I feel people's pains and joys with them easily and eagerly.
I'm *ruthlessly honest*, and can hurt people's feelings, or hurt my reputation/image because I say whatever comes to mind- I believe everyone should be ruthlessly honest- to that point.
If I ever go back on something I said before, it's usually because I didn't realize then what I realize now.
I am obsessed with healing relationships i've had that have gone awry, because they're so important to me, and right now I have plans and ideas for things I can try about 5 relationships that I want restored.
Apparently I have a gene which prevents well adjusted girls from having feelings for me. This is the saddest point on this list.
My two greatest fears are being a fake/hypocrite and being forgotten. I tend to have to trade relief of one at the cost of the other.
If you knew more about number five you would know almost every important thing about me.
I have a pretty weird sense of humor which changes regularly. Sometimes it's puns and wordplays, others it's dark humor, other times it's slapstick... etc.
I have really really really bad ADHD, and can't concentr
I like starcraft, 90's cartoons like animaniacs, 90's music and Lion King.
I also enjoy nsync, backstreet boys, early Christina Aguilera, and pretty much a lot of embarrassing music.
I love writing short stories when I can concentrate on them.
Jesus loves me more than I can understand
When I discovered how much he loved me, it flipped a switch in my head/heart, and now I raise my hands in worship, I raise them like I just don't care.
I hold a lot of uncommon/unpopular view points, but I hate debating.
On the other hand, I believe that correct doctrine IS important, so I get sucked in pretty often.
I believe in having an (1)emotionally mature, (2)ruthlessly intellectually rigorous, (3)spiritually satisfying, (4) real-world-changing relationship with God,
The only one of those that I approach competence at on that is number two, but by the grace of God, i'm working on the rest.
I believe that the Bible is both a VERY human set of documents, and a VERY divine document, and ought to be viewed as scripture in light of both.
I read a lot of literature about the Bible and religion and Christianity, often times more than the Bible itself...
I dream about being a pastor/evangelist, and speaking to lots of people about the revolutionary love of God.
It is extremely hard for me to self-motivate, but when I have people or deadlines motivating me, I can be a force to reckon with.
I love and/or miss deeply and intensely everyone that i've tagged here.

Alia- you once rescued me from doing something horrible and sad with one of your randomly timed text messages to me with a prayer request. 
Cacy - you're my best friend, God put you in my life right when i needed you,  
Sarah- in purely technical terms, you have the prettiest face I have ever seen.
Daniel Deming- you're the most difficult person to understand i have ever encountered, and i've met some plain old wierdos. 
Daniel Machlowski - 
Roland Machlowski- you are stronger than you know, but you haven't yet discovered strength in weakness. when you do you will be one of the strongest people i know.
Henry- i have an appreciation for your intelect and insight almost unrivaled by any of my friends.
Carmel- well.... you made me feel more worthwhile whenever i was around you. 
David Cummings- You seem bizare. In a good way. In a Leo way. 
Roy- you are rational, straightforward, kind, and generous.
Kane Adkins- you have a keen and insightful military mind, and i eagerly await the day that God puts it to amazing and full use for the army of the Kingdom of God. 
Jay Muratore- you are incredibly deep, funny, compassionate, generous, wounded, devoted, and intelligent. you are used of God in many ways, whether you know it or not sometimes.
James Lott- 
Brian Hanson- 
Tim Melberg
Sam Turrubiartes
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myth- specially marked utterance/speech. commands, ritual words. 
Logos- ordinary speech. 

thucydides, non-religious historian

Muthologoi- they write the myths in prose, the reconcile and connect them.

Oresteia- created by aeshylus. Caught up in revenge cycle, in return for this, the furies are persuing him. he takes refuges with apollo who told him to kill his mother?. he is sent to athens. the areopogus hears him. Athena comes in and votes for orestes. 

world framing

Myth theories
Frued: myth- allegorically true, reflective of our unconscious mind.
George Frazer: Golden Bough, okay, Joseph Cambell
Cambridge School: describing myth and ritual in relationship to each other. 
Walter Burkert- Homo Necans (killing man)
Dumezil: 3 societal function- warrior, famer, ruler. 
Claude Levi-Strauss: myth theorist, linguistic ideas applied to myth. word means things only in relation to other things. this is structuralism. hot doesn’t mean anything, except it’s opposition to cold.  things are only about opposing principles. 

athena, generless, artemis, pure. hestia- hearth, what?
Ritual and myth
hippolytus devotee of artemis. odd character- only voluntary celibate male. 

where does greek religion happen?
certain places. 
sacrifice- on an alter
even in prayer, you invoke a place
temenos, is the sacred space like sanctuary. you often find it them at these places
1. centrally located (like citadel) like acropolis (athens)
2. periphery. borders of the rural and wild
3. tombs
4. dramatic landscapes (like delphi and it’s mountians)
5. interesting rocks
6. trees (oak tree at dodona)
7. springs

you need 2 things to have a sanctuary (temenos):
1. Boundary (like wall)
2. Altar

No polution:
What do you do in a temenos?
you can get asylum
if you go to aeschlibius(sp), you’re doing it to spend the night. (incubation). you do this for healing.

Altars are made of stone usually (they don’t go inside b/c of fire)
Temples: house of the god. 

(some sacred spaces don’t have both, but are not temenos
like, furies, or apolos wood, or sekos (the olive trees around the city which came from athena’s olive tree)(

Agora was sacred because heroes were buried. 

Aesop dies by going to delphi telling them that they steal from the gods by eating what people bring to the sanctuary


	Original god was Appolo
	paian, or in latin paeon 
	Son of appolo and mortal woman (similar sit w/ dionysus.) appolo won’t rase him, turns him over to the centaur kyron, (who also raised achilies), where he learns to be a physician, and he becomes so good he can raise people from the dead. Zeus kills him,  and then people worship him. so originally he’s a hero, becomes a god. 
	you’d expect him to be cthonic, raising the dead and such. and he is. confirming this, he’s also a snake. 
	he’s a panhellenic god. 
there was underground passagees to Aesculapius. 
	He totally looks like a real doctor, not a mirraculous. it is just the effects, not the means that are mirraculous. 

his temples built on standard plan, source of water, his image, w/ a snake, a dog or both. place for worshipers to sleep. also a place for priests to be on duty all night
place where they sleep is large, but not visible from outside compound. he requires daily sacrifice. 

Epidaurus - 
priests- intense purification, frequent fasting. meditate, special diet, no goats, bathing frequently in cold spring water. always getting up in the middle of the night.
patient- process you’re healed by- incubation- sleeping in a room. b4 coming you have to be pure, refrain from sex, and goats. pay a fee, put on a sacred olive leaf. b4 you go to sleep, you have to make a sacrifice of cakes tomnemosyne. (memory). then you enter the 1st antechamber, cakes to Themis (lawfulness), innerchamer (lots of other people too). take off olive wreath, lay down on scattered reeds. sleep, and god will give you directions on how to be healed. 

place where you incubate- abaton (place you cannot go) also, adyton (place you cannot descend into)

people aslo sacrifice roosters to him a lot. 

socrates: don’t forget, sacrifice a rooster to asclepius. 

katabasis- trip to the underworld. 

deilos is sacred to apolo and artemis. people dying or giving birth get evacuated.

asclepius often worshiped w/ his whole family: wife, hygeieia (health), daughter panacea, 

not a civic deity really. a pretty personal deity. 

greek calendar was lunar- first day of the month is thenew moon. 

greek calendar
carnea: 81 boys. 9 days, 9 tents. scapegoat weirdness...boys and girls dancing together at sparta

prophet named ram. (creus) 

heart of citadel: her name is Pallas (lots of little statues of her called palladion) she has the aegis, goatskin. 
Godess of civilization, weaving, carpentry, cultivated olive tree. war:ares, tactics:athena, horse:posidon, bit:athena, sea:poseidon, ship:athena.  etc. 

Panathenaea: athena festival.
ordinary and greater(est 560 bc)
ordinary: she gets a new robe
greater: every 4 years

athens was known for pots and olive oil. at the festival they would give away pots of olive oil. 

held in Hecatobaion- first month of the year
Thargelion 25 re-clothe Athena
Skirophorion 3: arrephoria (2 girls take package from acropolis to a sanctuary of aphrodite, then go into underground place and exchange it for an unknown package)
skirophorion 12: Skira --- priests of Athena and arechthias leave the city at the same time, to shrine of skiras. overturn social order, women leave home and assemble outside w/o men,
14 Bouphonia (ox festival of wierdness)
Hectobaion 7, hecatombai, 
Hectobaion 12: 
Hectobaion 16:  synoikia 
Hectobaion 28: Peplos contests, naval races, poetic contests, war dance, 
The procession starts at the “academy”
starts w/ preist, next kanephoroi (basket bearer), next metics(resident aliens) carrying bowl and water, next musicians, honored elderly people, warriors, 

daughers of cecrops

Demeter: fertility, taught us how to farm, lawbringer (thesmophoria cult, which is done by all the greeks) exclusively women, adult, free.
men must let their wives participate
image that only they could see (possibly a pig represented female genitalia, or possibly a phalic demeter )

aischrologia- shameful things

couple of days before 

heracles: either hero or god
pelops: hero

in comedy you have idiots or bad guys

the chorus in Birds was made up of birds. 
415 bce

Aristophanes was just picking low hanging fruit for comedy. 

Aristophanes clouds

you can mock the gods on stage

goes is a professional mourner, became associated with necromancy

give summary of presocratic dudes on the direction to atheism
talk about stocism, epicurianism, cynicism,

child is born, call upon artemis, or eileithuia. yell ololuge, birth is announced, mark the door with olive branch for boy, tuft of wool for girl, amphodromia ( after 5-10 days run child around the hearth to bind it to it) then after that, name it.  Birth is polution, so you need to be purified afterward. 

youth: initiation, seculsion, marginalization, reintigration.
boyd being dressed as women in crete 
agoge in sparta, 7-30, (get tueller to give synopsis)
the initiation into sparta manhood
artemis at orthia: boys try to steal cheese and get whipped if they don’t do it fast enough, often die.

fratry: boy’s name is registered in infancy, go to apolo fratria, cerimony/festival, then 2 years of military service, then they are men. 

initiation for girls: seculsion, humliation, some kind of choral dance, excersise, beauty?

brauronia: girls impersonate bears, they’d do an animal sacrifice in lieu of sacrificing the gilrs themselves 
in sparta, the girls did a similar sort of initiaion as the boys. 


pre-marriage dedication to artemis.
she dedicates toys and girdle, and she dedicates a lock of her hari to artemis
zeus and hera teleias, ?? they just do a sacrifice to them for the marriage
feast hosted by FoTB, bride wears a crown, 
amphithales: little boy whose parents are both still alive. 
bride *sleeps* with the amphithales (not in athens though)
after marriage, bride comes to live with husband. the procession is done by torchlight the greek symbol of marriage.
the woman walks around the hearth (like infants!) to be bound to the hearth
then she unveils, (key moement of wedding) anakalepteria, in the wedding chamber, or during dinner, depending. 
thalamos is wedding chamber, and the guests stand out side singing songs, often making fun of them while they do their thing. they call it the epithalimium

next day, feast at husbands place. this takes the days during winter
in sparta she has a penis!

tools of your trade are dedicated to the relevant god. and then you are retired and your kids take care of you.

prothesis laying out
ekphora carrying out
burial (includes sacrifies and feasting beyond just the burial	)

women do all the mourning, and she leads the carrying out. women are in charge. 

presocratic, on the way to athism
anaximander: came up w/ non divine causes. things change by moving from hot/cold hard/soft. when he talks about gods, he’s talking about whatever is persistent
xenophanes: anthropomorphism is silly, the gods are not anthropomorphic. one god who doesn’t move or change. he thinks it happens
Hericlitas: all about opposites. the gods are their own opposites. one mind, many names. both wiling and unwilling to be called zeus when things reconcile with their opposites, there is reason, ergo mind, ergo divine. no two steps in the same river 
Protagoras: man is the measure of all things, i can’t know, (means to say that ergo they don’t exist) goeds are created defined by humans. 
Prodicus (sophist): protagorus is right but why think there are gods? gods are originally natural phenomnon that that got personalities. we worshiped their usefulness. 
Democritus: atomic theory. atoms in motion is everything. he allows for the existence of gods, despite the incoherence. no such thing as will, realistically, but he makes room for it
critius and euripides: a great tyrant created gods as a lie to control people
diagorus: maybe was a real atheist, maybe not.

socrates, plato, aristotle
Socrates: people thought justice was corproate/communal (clan, city, family?), but socraties said that Justice is personal/individual. 
Plato: allegory of cave. escape the cave thru philosophy. the gods are really just a step or two below the forms. late plato is influenced by eudoxis, religion is given a personal quest aspect for the first time. demi urge gives universe soul
Aristotle: identifies world soul with the demi-urge. the planets move, and were thus moved by an unmoved mover. universe is translunor/sublunor (eternal, unchanging/ changing)

Stoics: (live according to nature. human’s nature is reason.) greatest good is Virtue. No good man can be harmed by anything outside of himself, except yourself doing harm to your own self. Gods don’t come into at all except that you’r esupposed to worship them to be virtueous. 
Epicurians: greatest good is happiness. fullfilling desire isn’t the way to get happiness. get rid of your desires. that produces less disturbance. pleasure is lack of disturbance: a peaceful mind. another thing causing disturbance is worrying about the gods (who are btw, happy, never caring about us), and so we shouldn’t worry about the God’s. (also adopted democritus atomic theory)

Mystery religion 
Eulusian mysteries are the oldest,
Orphic mysteries.  
Serapis and Isis 

mystery cults: afterlife promise, gods who cross boundaries, talks about destruction and regeneration. all about mystery knowledge, fertiility, often sex involved 

aristotle is eudaimonia
epicurous: is hedone

Panathenaia, present garment to athena, 
carnea at sparta, about apollo 

dionisys: anthesteria, and dionysus at thebes. 
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It's strange that when someone is feeling sad and depressed, we "encourage" them, as if the solution to sadness, melancholy, and depression is Courage, the virtue of conquering fears.

It's socially acceptable to ask for encouragement. But words that should make sense don't; "I need consolation," sounds like a demand for something entitled. "I need some comfort," seems foreign as well. We have other words that sometimes work, like building words such as "support" or travel words, like "guidance," or words to get rid of doubt, like, "reassurance," and so on.

But English seems to have no way of naturally asking for the emotional equivalent of a hand gently soothing a sore back, without conjuring the wrong metaphor or connotating a violation of deep social stigmas, as if one is asking for something that is only appropriate to give to infants. No, when grown-ups hurt, they need to defeat their fear of hurting and continue on.

I am at a loss. Fear and sadness are not the same thing. They have completely different biological roots and developmental association patterns. Now that I think about it, it's equally strange that many of our words for reacting to someone's fear happen to be words you'd expect for sadness, "calming, soothe, alleviate," and yet to "encourage," someone feeling fear sounds unnatural. 

Metaphor has always filled in the gap where language falls short.  I am not suffering from fear as if there were a danger upon me. Rather, it is more like I have carried a burden very far, wearing shoes with rocks in them, and have finally crumpled down to the dirt, admitting that i can go no further
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[[April 12-30 goals]]
{{{-> }}}[[display calendar for this month|calendar]]
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!![[Henry Dotson]]
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[[insistent fact about the universe 2-26-11]]
[[Love Hurts]]
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Not my call. but sure. 

If I'm being an idiot and stalking another person unfairly, and then they justifiably attack me, and then, because he's pretty muscular and I'm an out-of-shape idiot, and i'm suddenly scared myself that my own life is in danger, I might be an idiot and use whatever weapon is at hand without thinking about it first. 

Let's call it manslaughter. 

>"Stand your ground does not require you to be attacked. You have to be in fear for your life. We know that Martin was in fear because it was in the sworn testimony. Martin should have been legally able to defend himself from a thug attacker."

Which demonstrates why it is a stupid law: It is stupid because it nonsensically contradicts itself over who is justified to kill another in a situation. It may also be unfairly targeted at some groups, but unfair is different than stupid. 

>" obviously, you're not defering to the jurors. You're deferring to the judge's application of the law." 
Huh? I don't know enough about the case to know what you're talking about. And frankly, my opinion on this murder case doesn't matter. Neither does yours. The opinion of a set of jurors does, and their opinion has been submitted in accordance with the law. The juror who most strongly emotionally rejected the verdict also readily admitted that the evidence was not strong enough to convict him, and agreed with it on its legal grounds. Hell, maybe the same conclusion would have been reached even without the stand-your-ground law. Who knows? That's so impossible to find out and hypothetical that investigating the question is a fool's errand. 

Do I think GZ is innocent? No, of course not. Do I think he is guilty of murder? Well, turns out this is a complicated situation, and fortunately for me, it's not my call. I defer to the opinion of a jury who was asked to answer the question, who themselves had significant personal and emotional motivation to judge him guilty. Turns out that they all thought that he was guilty, but admitted that after preponderance of the evidence, they believed that there was reasonable doubt.
But here is my biggest thought about this whole thing:

I try, in everything to hear both (or more) sides out and judge their merits. This is why, at this point, I'm a Green who most of the time votes for Democrats, as the significantly lesser of two evils, against Republicans. 

For this, I discovered that neither side was presenting a trustworthy narrative. Both sides' narratives were filled with puffed up rhetoric that I couldn't find the substance. 

In every account of the situation by BOTH sides, someone was always leaving out details that you never heard about in the other side's descriptions. 

Forgive me therefore if I distrust the normally trustworthy Liberal side on this issue now.

The side that I usually find myself on, the Liberal side, was (and remains) uncharacteristically unreasonable and mouth-frothy, such that even now, when I say that "it's time to move on because a jury that we expect would have been biased against GZ found him not guilty," a normally reasonable friend, who has known me for years, suddenly has unshakable certainty that the ONLY POSSIBLE reason I could think that is that I'm a racist who supports a racist system to my own benefit. The only way to demonstrate that I'm NOT, is to agree whole-heartedly with the Narrative that says that Trayvon Martin was a completely innocent child, gunned down in cold blood, with not a trace of even bad justification, by a contemptible, racist white man, who was protected by a racist system, found innocent by racists, and that this narrative is so obviously and certainly true that anyone and everyone who doesn't accept every single part of it is as good as an accomplice to that innocent child's tragic death. No dissent, of any amount, allowed. 

Forgive me therefore if I distrust the normally trustworthy Liberal side on this issue now. It doesn't mean I've begun trusting the other side any more. I distrust them as much as usual, and for good reason.

True justice for a murderer is death. Our system doesn't allow that most of the time anymore, and for good reason. We can only get distant approximations to justice, and with any system, there will always be instances where many people can see that distance and decry it. There's nothing I can do about that. There's nothing I can do about the George Zimmerman case either. I happen to be glad of both, because I do not want that burden. 

Those who DID have to bear that burden for Zimmerman's case have made a decision. Let's move on and focus on situations and solutions to the institutionalized racism that is related to this.

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This book has no audience. Everyone will hate this book.

Not because it's written well, because i'm a good deal smarter than you, and i can write a damn good book.
If you're moral, you'll hate the things in my life that i have done, and you'll be repulsed. you shouldn't let your children read this book.
if you're just, you'll be angry that no one has caught me.
if you're an athiest, you'll hate why i think the Christians are right. 
if you're a christian, you'll hate why i hate you. 

my favorite author is edgar allen poe. my favorite story of his is William Wilson. it is the story of a man who becomes just totally depraved, and doesn't care, but his conscience, which haunted him his whole life, catches up to him. the begining of the story, he introduces himself like this: "Men usually grow base by degrees. From me, in an instant, all virtue dropped bodily, as a mantle

that line in the television stopped my heart. my attention was no longer on the tv, but on what that meant. i stood up to walk outside, but was so paused by the ideas that my legs demanded pause as well. i didn't listen to them. as i walked outside, i stunned by the chill. it was as cold outside as the chill entering my soul. (wasn't that a clever bit right there? but seriously, to get an idea of what it was like, it was fucking freezing.) i've read a study that says that cold weather helps the brain think more clearly. apparently so. i've never had as much clarity in my life. 

The Calvinists are fucking tools. The Wesleyans get it closer. The calvinists say essentially that they know more about the way god's sovereignty works than the way responsibility works, which is kinda like saying they know more about God than they do about humanity
Torah Debate Leo, Kane and Jay

October 14th, 2009
Hi everybody. This is the introduction to the discussion between myself and my good friends Kane and Jay. I would like to start by commending both of them as remarkably intelligent,
benevolent, and fiercely loyal and passionate men for whom I have the deepest respect and affection. Despite any of our differences I am grateful beyond compare to know both of them. From here on out any “you” statements are addressed essentially to both of them. When this page was first posted, there was nothing here, and we began the talking in the comments, so anybody reading this should be warned that this intro will include things already discussed in the first several comments.
In the upper right hand corner of the page, you can subscribe to the comments on this page, to make sure everyone keeps updated.
table of contents:
1. a quick explanation of the debate and the positions
2. the purpose of this page.
3. some common terms
1. As a Quick Primer for the discussion, K&J typically have similar (though not identical) views which I do not share. This page is going to end up covering most of them.
I- The largest topic for debate is this: Broadly speaking K&J believe that the “Old Testament” Torah remains in effect on all people who are a part of the People of God. Some specifics of what this means: people who claim to be christians, (followers of Christ) ought to follow all “purity laws” in the the old testament, Sabbath, cultural mores, etc. In a nutshell i don’t agree with that, and would assert that the reality is both more
II- The next largest source of disagreement can be boiled down to political, but is still largely a religious discussion, and relates to the nature of poverty, the responsibility of government to poverty, the subject of war, and the role and identity of The United States specifically.
III. I can’t think of any other major things. i think i should find someplace to list the things that we specifically DO agree on though…we’ll work that out later.
The discussions are going to end up focusing on a number of topics relating to those issues.
The topics that we’re going to look for solid conclusions on in order to find answers to those are probably going to be:
The Immutability of God, especially in regards to the idea of him changing commandments.
The purpose and identity of Israel.
The purpose of “Torah.”
The concept of purity, cleanness, and holiness.
The nature of scripture in general.
(K&J please add to this if you think it needs it, judging from previous discussions)
In a subsequent post i’m going to give my understanding of their basic argument for their position, and then begin offering my own perspective. I intend to give as strong a presentation as I can for both sides.
2. The purpose of this page
I.    For me to finally explain to K&J what my position and arguments are on these issues.
II.   To give them a chance to interact with me and correct misunderstandings I have about what they think.
III.  For both parties to come to a better understanding of the truth.
As you can see from I and II, this is largely for my own benefit- so i can explain myself, and so that i can gain a better understanding of what they think, and alter my position accordingly if i’m wrong. I do hope that K&J will modify their positions if they see truth in what i say, but i can’t control that part. what i do hope to control, for this purpose, is the format of the discussion. i’ll explain that a little later, but one (flexible) example is this, which you might not like:
when asking questions like “What is the purpose of the Torah?” explain why you’re asking it, and your own position on the subject. This is because often when these sorts of questions are asked, they’re little more than prelude to trapping you into a specific position.
Jay defended that method, saying, “I think that is how you build precept on precept.” firstly, that’s a very strange saying, considering that a precept is a commandment. i think he meant “build one reliable conclusion on another.” and i would disagree. i view arguing a point like a building where you need to set groundwork and then build many things off of many other things. You seem to view it like a road, or a ladder, where one thing logically leads to the next until you get to the truth.
Some issues are more complicated than you (or I) think they are, others are more simple, but EVERYTHING must be given it’s own due weight and own due time. We’re inevitably going to disagree on both, so we’ll have to figure out as we go how much weight some things need. this may be an awkward way of thinking and arguing for both of you, but it’s how i come to conclusions and think.
With that in mind, i don’t want K&J to be asking “guiding” questions to lead down a road, but rather clarifying questions of me to understand the bricks i’m using and to see where my “building” falls apart. does that make sense?
I understand that we need to clear this part up before going anywhere, so if you don’t mind, let’s not focus on the arguments themselves yet, until we’ve gotten this preliminary stuff out of the way.
3. Common Terms Defined
This is an incomplete area where we’ll put stuff down when words, phrases and concepts being used by either myself or K&J need to be defined and/or clarified. It’s entirely possible for both to be using the same word but meaning a completely different thing, so it’s useful to have some place to go define terms.
Let me know if you dislike any of this. Again, working through things like this is how I think, so I apologize if it’s awkward to argue/debate the way I’m asking. If you think I’m being tedious about this, it’s only because I intend to give it a lot of my energy and I want to make sure I do it well and do it right. One final note: This is going to take a long time, necessarily, so please be patient, and I’ll try to be patient too.
30 comments to Torah Debate Leo, Kane and JayKane

October 20th, 2009 at 12:58 pm
This is a pretty schnazzy little set-up you’ve got here Leo. Well Done. First, let me say that I miss you a great deal, and I was hoping we could get together soon. If you are not doing anything, I will be giving a teaching this weekend at the community. I extend an invite, to you, and to yours.
Second, when you have some time, I would like to discuss ASU in more detail. I am in need of your guidance here.
On to The Living Torah, and His written Word.
So, let me begin with a basic simple question, One that will not require much thought, or shouldn’t require much depth in response.
What is the purpose of the Torah? (Law as you might say.)Thegiantslayer
October 20th, 2009 at 1:13 pm
And go…Leo
October 20th, 2009 at 2:11 pm
i would be happy to come to the community this saturday if i have the time.
i’d be glad to discuss asu with you.
and then to your question.
um… that question is kinda like asking, “what’s the the purpose of the bible?” or “what is God like?” or “why did Jesus die?”
there are numerous answers to your question, some of which are quite simple, yet very un-thorough. truth is often pretty complex, and the purpose of Torah is one of them. as a quick aside, pretty much the only reason i would call Torah “law” is because that’s how it was translated into the septuagint that paul used, and that’s the word he used most often (greek: nomos,). i’m pretty aware that that the hebrew Torah has a different connotation, one of teaching or instruction.
So, the purpose of the Law (nomos), as paul would refer to it, is multivalent and often complicated, often simple, often subtle, and a proper response in fact does require immense amounts of thought, and certainly is one of the few things that requires an in deptth response. No offense, but i’m quite puzzled by your characterization of the question.
in light of this, unfortunatley, i’m going to have to decline the question for now. what i WILL do, is provide what i see as our main points of contention. i’d like to lay some ground work before jumping in.
class starts in less than an hour, so i have to get going.
So these are the main ponts that i predict the conversation will focus on:
The Immutability of God, esspecially in regards to the idea of him changing commandments.
The purpose and identity of Israel.
The concept of purity, cleannes, and holiness.
The nature of scripture may come into play.
Did I miss anything? I think i did, but I’m in a hurry
I’d like to partly start the discussion fresh, and get every main visible point on the table to start with. does that sound good? i know that it’s fun and eaiser to make one’s point by asking mildly loaded questions leading to the conclusion that one wants, but it’s the least neutral way to do it. how does this sound?
Also, in the upper right hand corner of the page, you can subscribe to the comments on this page, to make sure everyone keeps updated.Thegiantslayer
October 20th, 2009 at 5:20 pm
Kane: What is the Torah for?
Leo: (5 paragraphs and no answer)
I do not know how fruitful this discussion/ debate/forum will be when the basic of questions cannot/will not be answeredLeo
October 20th, 2009 at 7:52 pm
No. I don’t intend to answer the question in a simple way because it’s not even a 100th as simple as you’re assuming it is. The question is both complicated andloaded, so I’m flattening the table to prevent loaded questions, and clearing it away so that we can discuss the complicated things clearly. If you can’t agree with THAT, you’re right, it can’t be fruitful. But I’m certain you can agree that it makes sense. And I hope that you can forgive me for thinking that the question is NOT basic and simple, even if you do.
Let me restate what I said.
“I’d like to partly start the discussion fresh, and get every main visible point on the table to start with… I know that it’s fun and easier to make one’s point by asking mildly loaded questions leading to the conclusion that one wants, but it’s the least neutral way to do it. how does this sound?”
To be clear, I do intend to answer that specific, but as soon as we’ve laid other groundwork and made sure that the entire argument is in view, and when the issue has arrived in a non-loaded way.Kane
October 20th, 2009 at 9:55 pm
Loaded Questions? I just want somewhere to start. Alright. How about this. Did Jesus obey the Torah?Kane
October 20th, 2009 at 10:12 pm
The service starts at 2:00 PM - Scottsdale Bible Church.
One thought though. Why would understanding the Purpose of Torah be loaded? If you understand the purpose, you can ascertain whether it is of benefit or detriment to you. Any of the above listed topics are part of the bigger picture.
As far as ground rules. Here are a few I’d like to say.
1) Keep it civil, and respectful. Jesus said you could sum up the Torah with Loving God, and Loving Man. (Wonder if he did away with that…wink wink. Or maybe we are not under the law anymore so I don’t have to love my neighbor…lol!!)
2) Use Scripture to define Scripture, and to support your arguments. We have enough poor doctrine in the world, and we don’t need any more opinions.
3) Brevity could become an issue. If so, then break up your arguments. so that we can deal with them one point at a time.
4) May I suggest that we pray prior to our responses to give the Holy Spirit time to speak to us - if for no other reason, than to help all of us get past our pride.
May the God of Love and Truth guide us according to all that He wills.Leo
October 20th, 2009 at 10:13 pm
:) ha ha, very funny. That’s about as loaded a question as you can start with in this conversation.
I’ll toss a loaded question out there too (rhetorical of course), and then we can move on to business.
Didn’t Paul say, “Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law” or not?
It’s a simple yes or no. Doesn’t require much thought does it?
See? I just did what you did up there. We can both toss off one-liners like that and “Jesus followed torah, why?” etc. all day. Yes. I know you’ve got an answer to that question, and I’ve got some responses to both questions already asked. That’s not the point; I don’t think shooting from the hip like that is going to be helpful.
I know that both of your are going to get as frustrated with me as I will be with you but I hope that we can forgive this and move past it to understand one another, and the correct party hopefully instruct the incorrect party. I thank you both for showing up here. By Friday, I’ll have more points of discussion up, that we can both comment on, and then we can conclude where to start together instead of having just one party control the discussion by asking loaded questions to the other party. Agreed?
Please give me till the end of Friday.Leo
October 20th, 2009 at 10:21 pm
so i submitted that just a few seconds after you did yours.
agreed on all points except partly 2. i’ll explain the slight reservation i have about setting that as a ground rule, but not because i don’t want it biblically grounded. i’ll explain it later. suffice it to say, the way that’s phrased is partly why i have “The nature of Scripture” on the list of things up for contention. Trust me. What i don’t want anyone to do is just toss the other person’s whole position out just because one party thinks that it’s heretical when they don’t even understand it. this goes for both sides.
i have so precious little time lately, but this is still important to me, so i pray and hope you’ll bear with me, and not let our frustrations with one another get in the way.Thegiantslayer
October 21st, 2009 at 1:26 am
I don’t see how your “loaded question’ is loaded.
-Didn’t Paul say, “Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law” or not?-
All of us would agree that this is something paul said. What does it mean? the follow up question brings us right back to the heart of the issue…which is asking what the “law” is for.
In this context the aforementioned statement is no longer a … I dunno… quick jab if you will, but a very valid stepping stone for deeper understanding. I think that is how you build precept on precept.
It also stems out to what faith is for. What is faith? Are faith and law diametrically opposed? Is there a dichotomy of purpose in the law?
Everything comes back to that one unavoidable question.Thegiantslayer
October 21st, 2009 at 1:54 am
I’m okay with starting out with that question:
What is faith and its purpose?
What is the first example… and so on.
If the aforementioned question is too lengthy to answer, what if we asked the questions around it that whittle it down to a simplistic explanation… by defining what something is not.
just a thoughtKane
October 21st, 2009 at 5:43 am
Ok, Leo. All I am trying to say is that we got to start somewhere. I am wiling to entertain a dialogue, as long as you are someone who is willing to yield to scripture. I will wait for you to proceed. Your Move.Kane
October 21st, 2009 at 5:51 am
Leo, Do we follow Paul, or Jesus?
Paul also said “while Paul said in his own defense, “I have committed no offense either against the Law of the Jews or against the temple or against Caesar.” - Looks like Paul was inconsistent.
Your Move.Kane
October 21st, 2009 at 5:52 am
He also said, “With reguard to the Law, [I am] blameless.”Kane
October 21st, 2009 at 5:54 am
Are we Christians or Paulians? Tune in Next week for more!!Leo
October 30th, 2009 at 5:29 pm
Okay. So I think that I’ve made all my preliminary opening statements, there in the intro, and I’m ready to put out some more simple ground rules too, but after that, I think i’m ready to post my understanding of your basic arguments and positions in a bit more detail, and then you can correct anything. If all of this sounds good, then let me know, and I’ll begin work on that part next. Again. Like I said up there, I know this may seem tedious at first, but I need it to have everything in a digestible format for my brain.Kane
November 1st, 2009 at 8:42 pm
First, I think your format is well done. You are doing this in a very professional manner. I look forward to it.
Second: You did not finish your sentence in point 1)I.
I would add Two Things:
1) The relationship and definition of the Church and how THEY/It relates to Israel.
2) The definition of Sin, and the biblical prescriptions about it. - This is essential to my (our) stance.
3) The definitions of Law/Torah. - Also essential.
I would like to insist that we use, as far as possible, the “Terms” aspect of the page. It may require extensive work. More than Leo can dedicate to this page. I am willing to dedicate myself to this discussion. Not just to exploration of the Truth, but more importantly, I am willing to conform my life to the conclusions that those truths may lead to. All we can do is ask the Father to guide us, and be willing to follow His lead. So for my part, Yes Leo, I am willing to modify my part to accomodate any truth - and to obliterate error. As Shaul says:
“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh.
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds,
casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ…”
- 2nd Corinthians 10:3-5 (NASB)
I assume our desires are the same, Leo. To obey God and in so doing, to demonstrate our love for Him. May I request that we begin with definitions for the purpose of establishing position?
…Waiting for Ground Rules…
- KaneKane
November 1st, 2009 at 8:42 pm
Now that I count them, They add up to Three.Kane
November 1st, 2009 at 8:51 pm
Bear with Me. After meditation of the subject, I felt that the nature and definition of the Covenants are also vital to the discussion.
For the record, that would be a total of Four Points that I would add.Kane
November 18th, 2009 at 9:09 am
Just Checking in on this….We still doing this?Leo
November 18th, 2009 at 10:13 am
Yes sir. you have no idea how busy i’ve been. i’ll get something over thanksgiving break.Leo
December 29th, 2009 at 4:41 pm
Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve actually got more that I’ve worked on, but this part needs to come first. This is how I would argue me into the Torah movement, and how I understand the main arguments. I would apreciate it if you guys could also provide scriptural references for the arguments in favor of yoru position, as I don’t know all of them. Also, if you can think of other main points, that would be great too, as well as expanding on each of the main points.
Main arguments for Torah:
-	Jesus followed and loved Torah; ergo we should follow and love Torah, Jew and Gentile alike.
-	God gave his commandments, and they are perfect and eternal, so it makes NO sense to say that any of them are no longer in effect.
o	It is impossible. If the New Testament really said that the laws were no longer in effect, then either a) God contradicted himself, or b) scripture contradicted itself.
o	Any passages cited in the New Testament against the Torah position fall to this point, and must be reinterpreted in light of the fact that they can’t contradict what we already know- that the Torah is eternal and unchanging and perfect.
-	Paul Continued to follow torah, as evidenced by the stories of him in Acts, and we are urged to follow his example.
-	In order to correctly understand the bible, and the New Testament especially, we need to understand and place great emphasis on the Hebraic roots therein, and when we realize that they would have been aghast at the idea that Torah was abolished, we come to the conclusion that whatever the New Testament means on something, it never means that the Torah is done away or no longer in effect, because that is contrary to the Hebraic understanding of the New Testament.
o	Hebraic roots also help us inform all of the unexplained curiosities in the New Testament by giving us a way to interpret them consistently with the Old Testament, resulting in a far more Jewish looking religion than Christianity.
-	Followers of Jesus are members of Israel, as explained in Romans 11, and therefore are subject to Israel’s laws, ergo, the Laws of the Pentateuch.
o	(This point has a lot more arguments and sub points, few of which I know. If you could help out with filling in this blank, that would be great. )
Frequent responses to main scriptural objections
Beyond the general response to objections given in the second point above, these are some more common specific responses
-	Passage in acts about peter with the sheet and the unclean food wasn’t really about food, but people, and God explicitly doesn’t clean the foods, but people.
-	(From here I need more help and examples. Just the main bullet points if possible. And then expand on them. Probably responses to points made from Galatians and most of Paul)
Frequent responses to main conceptual/logical objections
-	I can’t think of many right now. If you could fill in the blanks for me, that would be great.Kane
December 30th, 2009 at 8:57 am
Leo, This so far is fairly well put together. I would rephrase a few things.
I would rephrase that to say: “If we understand the “New Testament” to say that the laws were no longer in effect, then we must reexamine our Theology, and the scriptures themselves. Perhaps it is our understanding that fails, not the scriptures themselves. When the language (Greek) clearly denotes contradiction, then I would suggest further and a more scholarly approach, with room given to consider alternate perspectives.
For example:
Galatians 3:25 “ἐλθούσης δὲ τῆς πίστεως οὐκέτι ὑπὸ παιδαγωγόν ἐσμεν” - Textus Receptus.
NASB: But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor. (Singular)
KJV: “But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster. (Singular)
VUL: at ubi venit fides iam non sumus sub pedagogo (Singular)
As you can see, each of these texts represents a fairly consistent translation.
Then You have some REAL liberal insertions into the text, where translators don’t hesitate to instill their theological bias directly into the text. Take for example:
NIV: Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law.
Now you can see why some pastors call the NIV the “NEARLY INSPIRED VERSION”. How in the world did a translator get “law” from the Word “παιδαγωγόν”. The Word “Nomos” (Gk. νόμος, Strongs G3551) is nowhere in this verse. The translator was relying on his own preconcieved theology, and support from surrounding verses to translate it, hoping he would be justified in so doing. I find it to be interesting that the NIV is the most popular translation of scripture today, and is actually outselling the KJV.
Anyway, dig a bit deeper:
YLT: Galatians 3:25 and the faith having come, no more under a child-conductor are we, (Singular)
NJB: Galatians 3:25 But now that faith has come we are no longer under a slave looking after us; (Singular)
MRD:Galatians 3:25 But the faith having come, we are not under the monitor. (Singular)
I am really interested in this Word translated in so many different ways. This is a pretty foundational verse, in a powerful book of scripture. And One of it’s key words seems to have some real ambiguity to it.
So I look at some more tranlations, and then I come across the Peshitta, which will not copy over. It PLURALIZES the word Schoolmaster/Tutor and makes it Tutors! Why Pluralized??
How many Tutors have been given?
I will not draw those conclusions out here.
My point is this: Perhaps the meanings of the original texts have been skewed on some level. It is up to us to be Berreans and to RIGHTLY divide the Word of God.
“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15Kane
December 30th, 2009 at 9:12 am
Don’t know how to use HTML, so bear with me.
For Frequent Responses:
Passage in Corinthians 9:22, “All things to All Men” - A Commonly miunderstood text.
Passage in Acts 15: The council at Jerusalem, and the Noachide Laws - A great deal of perspective needs to be weighed in on how this is commonly understood.
Passage in Acts 10/11: “Foods vs. People??”
Passage in Colossians 2:16: “No one judging you on New Moons, Sabbaths…” - The Whole chapter is relevant to the discussion of Sabbath Observance and New moons.Leo
December 30th, 2009 at 11:45 am
Thanks. You’ll be happy to know that παιδαγωγόν is derived from the very first verb that we learned in Greek.
The όν at the end signifies accusative singular, which is why ὑπὸ is tranlsated “under” instead of “by.” Please adjust any misconceptions you have in light of that.
Singular. If you’d like me to show you the declension endings to prove it, I’ve got the charts here at home. Young’s literal translation is almost always top notch as far as literal direct word for word translation, so if he is in concensus with everybody else, and then you have one VERY biased, obscure translation translating it differently, you may want to go with Young. On the other hand, literal direct word for word is often very poor at actually communicating what’s being said, due to the vast differences in the way the languages communicate.
For example, English prefers a subordinate clause over a participle 9 times out of 10, but it’s the reverse for Greek. To translate it intelligebly, if you can translate the participle into a subordinate clause instead of as a participle, it is usually to be the prefered translation, despite the fact that it’s not literal word for word; it doesn’t actually change the meaning, and makes the meaning more clear in the new language.
Other than that, your re-wording does put the Torah position in a better light, and is good, so I’ll prefer it to mine.
For your second post, THANKS! could you provide a basic 3-4 line summary of each point? I’m not familiar with those, so feel free to add a bit more than that and support the arguments a bit.
Also, I may be moving this to a Xanga website at Jay’s wishes, because this site isn’t working well for him. That won’t be happenning for a few days though, so keep posting here.Leo
January 1st, 2010 at 11:36 am
so i submitted this question to my Greek professor, and this is what he answered about that (this IS a side trail, btw, but i thought it was interesting and relevant)
παιδαγωγόν is a masc acc sg, …It does not mean tutor or schoolmaster. It means, as the best English-Greek dictionary says, a “slave who went with a boy from home to school and back again.” (The ancients loved to have slaves with particular very specialized functions–it showed that they were wealthy. It’s like our homes nowadays having a “living room” distinct from a “family room,” even though they serve the same purpose, but with a different level of formality–a waste of space that shows off our comparative wealth.)
…The problem is that medieval Greek changed the word, and the medieval interpreters of the NT did not know this. After that, theological concerns kicked in, which froze the incorrect interpretation.
You see, if the law is only a slave bringing us to school, then that implies that Christ is a school–which is not a metaphor you want to use if you think that Christ is salvation. As “a school,” he’s only the way to salvation.Kane
January 5th, 2010 at 2:01 pm
Leo, You missed the point.Kane
January 5th, 2010 at 2:08 pm
You do that often, miss the point. You are going on an example, and debating about the example. Can you re-read this, with the point in mind, and respond to the point. I am not going to delve into any of our arguments, rabbittrails, red herrings, misunderstandings, or other until you address “The point”. It is labeled, directly, as “My Point”.Kane
January 5th, 2010 at 2:26 pm
You asked me to post this, though I would rather stay on point:
If Paul was saying that we are no longer under God’s instructions, then he was a false prophet according to the scriptures that existed in His own time.
His own words: “I have committed no offense either against the Law of the Jews or against the temple or against Caesar.” - Acts 25:8
This from Acts 23:29 “I found him to be accused over questions about their Law, but under no accusation deserving death or imprisonment.”
Those around Him said: “and all will know that there is nothing to the things which they have been told about you, but that you yourself also walk orderly, keeping the Law.” - Acts 21:24
Him again: “Nor can they prove to you {the charges} of which they now accuse me. But this I admit to you, that according to the Way which they call a sect I do serve the God of our fathers, believing everything that is in accordance with the Law and that is written in the Prophets;” Acts 24:14-15
Him Again: “Brethren, though I had done nothing against our people or the customs of our fathers, yet I was delivered as a prisoner from Jerusalem into the hands of the Romans. “Kane
January 5th, 2010 at 2:34 pm
To Follow up that last point, The following verses will be valuable for Paul as a False Prophet.
Deut. 13: you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams; for the LORD your God is testing you to find out if you love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. You shall follow the LORD your God and fear Him; AND YOU SHALL KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him. “But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has counseled rebellion against the LORD your God who brought you from the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of slavery, TO SEDUCE YOU FROM THE WAY IN WHICH THE LORD COMMANDED YOU TO WALK. So you shall purge the evil from among you.
I have a dual problem with 1)getting on task and 2)focusing once on task. 

This is not a minor problem nor is it easy for me to get around. 

So here's the problem. I'm talking about a problem that happens any time I want to do practically anything I want or intend to do, from writing essays and sermons that I find to be invigorating to my mind and soul, all the way to cleaning my room or the kitchen, or writing a simple blog post. 

So here's an explanation. What happens is I prepare myself to do whatever work I intend to do, and a barely noticeable sense of distress hits me from nowhere, of completely unknown origin. It kinda feels like annoyance or figgitiness. So, what I normally end up doing to relieve myself of this phantom distress is to allow myself to become distracted, (whether it's a web comic, a YouTube video, a book on my bedroom floor, Facebook,) and this immediately calms the anxiety and distress, like taking your weight off of a sprained ankle.
I don't particularly like YouTube or web games, etc, but I do them, and all of the other things that keep me distracted from what I really want to do, because it's what keeps the weight off of the foot, to continue that analogy. I hope this makes sense. 

Something VERY important to note is that it doesn't prevent me from being productive at all. For example, I am extremely productive in a Call Center environment like at Go Daddy or Verizon, or a classroom environment, where I have a more external set of motivators and structure. Without either of those, I end up with serious productivity and performance problems- I can't get things started or finished. 

This condition of mine, may be entirely my fault, it may not, I don't know. honestly, I don't care. I want it solved. so here's the complication. My difficulty in solving it arises from a possibly related condition. Growing up, I was so gifted at anything I tried or did, I never had to put real effort into anything, especially school, and so my "muscle" for sustained effort anything that's not very easy, or really for pretty much anything, is essentially atrophied. 

So here's the rub. Apparently it seems the solution is to just put more effort, apply more willpower towards things. The thing that I'm apparently trying to attain is willpower. So to get any of what you're trying to get, you must have some of what you're trying to get. 

So here's the crappy part. Both of these have caused me a great amount of depression and despair. Depression because I feel useless and incompetent, despair because it seems and feels like I can't and won't ever be able to fix it. if you want more details, look here. This sense and reality of incompetence, inconsistency and weak-willed-ness dominoes into several other important areas including spiritual, and relational.
The inability to do anything requiring sustained effort over a long time results in spiritual problems for 2 reasons- 1) spiritual health is greatly dependent upon regular prayer, meditation, immersion in scripture and scriptural ideals, and 2) resistance against sin is also affected by this inability to keep sustained internally motivated effort, and sin causes further disconnect from God.
On the relational romantic level, I feel worthless and hopeless because quite simply, a girl worth wanting wouldn't want an incompetent fool, which is precisely what I demonstrate myself to be. I               

So here's the purpose of this- I'm posting this note as a) an explanation of the general state I've been at for years, with varying levels of intensity, and b) as a request for help or assistance in fixing it. 

If you've gotten this far, there are a few VERY points to consider

1. I'm looking for pragmatic. just telling me to change= not pragmatic. I've tried that one. doesn't work. don't know why, doesn't matter. moving on, trying to find something that does. 

2. As anyone who really knows me will tell you, I do care about this, so berating me for not following advice is counterproductive. what most people actually see is that I don't do things. They don't see my frustration with myself with not getting it done. It's easy to see me as lazy and apathetic, when in reality I care deeply about what's happening.

here's a list of things that don't help, and why

here's a list of things that seem to have some help.

Both positive AND negative reinforcement, and especially the anticipation of each. the need for negative reinforcement has proven itself powerful. Working in class or a call center, in the back of my mind, motivating me is anticipation of a negative consequence for failure to perform. It's why I was able to be on time to work, and why I'm not able to be on time to more casual 

Please offer your suggestions
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To enjoy the love of my neighbor means

|!Who is my neighbor?|!What to do|
|Girlfriend| |
|All manner of stranger||

|What to do|
|Listen to, affirm, respect, __ENJOY__, weep with(mourning), laugh with (humor), trust, heal, make peace, allow yourself to be loved by them, help them enjoy/love you, Helping them to enjoy the love of God in Jesus|

|Wating for||||
*Tidy Kitchen
*Tidy Room
*Make signs
**put them out
*Sell Sell Sell
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Thoughts for Alec

I'm going to tell you a true story, partly to make a point in our discussion, partly to tell you about me:

For a long time, my father's death left me confused, scared and alone. His death was sudden, in a car accident, carpooling on his way to work. This was in November of 1994, (and I just realized that it was about 2 months after you were born.) I was ten. The car hit some black ice on the backwoods road on the way to the prison where he was a school teacher, and hit one of those giant power lines, killing everyone in the car instantly except 1 person. I mean, come on. Those things are spaced over a football field apart. It was a freak accident. And I lost everything. For years afterward, I would have dreams that he never died, or that people thought he was dead, but he got kidnapped, or left me because he didn't love me, but eventually came back and apologized, etc. I would daydream about him coming back, fantasizing that he wasn't dead, that he wasn't really gone forever. I had to cling to this because he was the only stable thing I ever had. It took a long time, but one day I woke up and realized that he was just gone, and there were no tears, no bargains, no wishing, no efforts I could make that could ever undo the cold, unassailable reality that  he was no longer a part of this world, part of my world. on that day i learned to truly mourn him, and i was able to remember him for what he really was, a good man, but not perfect as i had been determined to believe him to be. i was able to fix myself on the present, hoping about the future, at ease with the past, instead of what i was: fixed on the past, confused in the present and terrified of the future.  

okay. now, going by the level of precision that you might demand, My story had several factual errors. 4 examples of not-quite-truths: 1) "left me ...alone", 2) "killing everyone in the car instantly" 3) "but one day I woke up and..." 4) "On that day I learned..." 

1) I wasn't technically alone- I had my family around me for most of the time; in fact, my amount of company actually increased after he died. But the sense of aloneness was more acute in me than it had ever been in my life. That time in my life defines what the meaning of "alone" is to me.
2) If the story i just told was somehow made into authoritative scripture, eventually, some scientist would come along and see it and say, "Everyone in the car wasn't killed instantly! It likely took at least several seconds, perhaps minutes, for blood-loss to kill some of them. This proves this account to be unreliable!"  I hope that you can see the massive error in that. The point of me saying, "everyone was killed instantly" was not so much about the amount of time that it took for them to die, as it was to reinforce the suddenness of the death. In fact they all did die quickly, but using a more precise term to say that does not automatically make it misleading

3) and 4) I did NOT in fact wake up one day and make that realization. It was something that I slowly became aware of over a period of years. After those years, I was able to look back and see with some level of surprise that I had almost fully grieved my father's death, and that i was able to move on, and make the decision to move on. But the point that i was making, that there is a line to be crossed, a corner to be turned, was made more clear by saying what i said. There was a time when I was nothing but a boy wrestling with grief and confusion, and then later, a time when I had essentially finished wrestling with them. I was making the point about what the difference looked like. 

You would probably be totally fine with most of the imprecision there. I hope you are, because what I told you was completely honest and meaningful. I cannot, even in principle, come up with a logic or math proof to demonstrate the reality of my father's death, and still less can I come up with a logic or math proof to speak of the meaning of it. You could have a video camera watching the whole "event" and still not possess what the real truth of the event was, because the real truth of the event was the meaning. What matters in my telling of the story is not those sort of details. In fact, the details that I MADE UP, and which were not strictly true, communicated the reality of the event (the part that matters) more efficiently (quickly and effectively) than the "actual" details would have.  

Now, we both live in a similar culture. Our standards for what sort of imprecisions are acceptable and to what degree are very similar.  Now, if someone grows up in a different culture with different emphasis on what's important and what's not, his standard for the type and degree of imprecision is going to be different.

The reason that a story is being told is also of importance. What sort of things a person is curious about will determine the sort of things that they include in (or leave out of) a story. My psychologist wanted to know how my family and my mother reacted around me. My Lawyer wants to know how much money was owed me. He shall get upset at me for not saying and not knowing, and i shall be upset for him caring about that and not about what is important to me. 

We are in much the same position when approaching the Bible. They lived in a culture whose focuses, expectations of precision, and desires were all starkly different, sometimes in ways that even scholars don't understand fully. So we shouldn't be surprised when they mention things that we don't care about, talk very shortly of things that we do care about, and are FAR less precise than we want them to be, often to the point of what WE would call inaccuracy. To them, they would not have been, and the stories come to us in the way that we would have to expect from honest, accurate storytellers.

An event must be first interpreted by the observer before it can be retold, and indeed all communication works like this, because even if I speak the same language as you, it is still coming through an interpretive grid. Even people in similar cultures and language can have widely varying interpretive grids, causing quite a lot of misunderstanding. Simply look at men and women trying to communicate at home.

What I’ve said here applies to how I approach scripture. It is not, and never meant to be, scientifically precise, and in many places it is “wrong” by many standards of judging. Often these things are numbers, geneologies, and details. Understanding this will resolve most “Bible Contradictions” because we have different standards of what is acceptable variation on “truth.” Not all “contradictions” can be resolved because not all of them NEED to be resolved.   

Your objection to the Noah Story on the grounds that the numbers for the Ark are absolutely unrealistic, TOTALLY misses the point. The Jews weren’t big number folks, and didn’t care about those sort of dimensions in architecture. What they WOULD have cared about is what the numbers symbolized. a quick look at the wikipedia article on it gives some basics of the fascinating symbolism in it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noahs_Ark#Numerology_and_Tabernacle My guess would be that the original author(s) of the Genesis Flood narrative gave it those numbers on purpose to explain the meaning, because the actual dimensions would have been utterly irrelevant to them. again, this is much the same way that I said, “i woke up one day.” The very reason things are written down is a matter of meaning, not “fact recording”. The very first written documents we have are several thousand year old receipts for purchases and accounts. They didn’t write them down because they liked numbers. They wrote them down so that nobody would get cheated. And the authors of the Bible, while trying to be true to what actually happened, also had reasons for writing down what they did, and we can’t get upset when they don’t match our reasons.  

Hopefully this will give you insight to how i approach scripture. 

[[23 April 2012]]
[[Chronological ToDo]]
Journey plan specifics sheet

Tags: Journey, ministry ideas, brainstorming, 
[[Kane and Jay debate stuff]]
[[Comments from 09 Kane Jay discussion]]
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Journalish thingy.

This is my pain and this is my heart.
and now, i'm going to bed. 


i am so low, in this world of wet.

alright. so, what now?


shame and pride are attached to dependance and independance. when a caregiver introduces shame about independance, thsi severely limits a person's ability to feel pride at independance, because any activity associated with independance also has shame attached to it, and shame is that which shuts down. my mother only encouraged me when i showed dependance on her, and her reliability for dependance was notoriously weak. so, not only did she not raise me, but she completely squelched my ability to be satisfied in and of myself with my own self, abilites, and independence. 

my affect system is only sufficently motivated in the presence of another- dependance. approval is required for my affects to sufficiently override my inherent shame program that is activated whenever i try to do something all by myself with sustained effort. i experience the shame affect when confronted with doing things myself, or with a sustained effort. i can do pretty much anything with sufficient encouragement. this is where my growth is stunted. i, of myself, am not a sufficient motivator, and will default to things that are very easy for me. this is why i am more passionate and effective and eloquent when praying corporately, and fail so miserably at it while alone. my shame affect goes off any time i try do excersise sustained independance, and at this point, it is a deeply ingrained software defect, almost at the level of firmware. medication should help with this, because the software issue has caused the firmware to interact with the hardware incorrectly. 

and the most insane of all timings: 

i have been reading a book about the basic affect/emotion system of the human body and psychology, and have become convinced that, due to a software problem (my expereince of abandonment, and being shamed for independence) my firmware (affect systems) are interacting wrongly with my hardware, (the chemicals in my brain), essentially causing a low grade sense of shame, the "shut-down everything else" affect, whenever i exercise independence or sustained self motivated effort, and no amount of software retooling (counseling) is going to correct the firmware problem (the automatic activation of shame for things which should not be attached to it), but a hardware fix (medication) should help fix the problem once and for all. 
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The date I'm going to do some project planning with Henry for these goals:
feb 26, 2009


Internet/Web Goals
Start up my blog, starting with this list. 
Select the template for the site
begin posting
setup google adwords
Make a site out of denominationcomparison.com
make a list of the denominations with which you would like the comparison to start
research the biggest

find web sites on each of them
do research on which comparisons you would like to know
build a survey to send to many different sources on the subject.
Send the survey, collect data
get someone to help build the structure of the site
do something with internetstupid.com
do something with gospelretold.com
Write an internet webcomic.
Start an apologetics website
start a video blog ministry, like nooma, but with my own flavor, if it is worth flavoring thusly.
Setup a google account to earn money from adclicks
Make teeshirt company. tallerteeshirts.com
speak to thousands of people about the gospel
make a ministry that helps people with sex addiction, pornography, and sex industry recovery
make a ministry about helping families become more whole
have a ministry at a church where the church helps people financially.
have a church where my mom and my family can find community and God himself
Be educated and able to educate on these subjects: baptism,
new testament contexts.
the atonement (sacrifice and covering and substitution),
different denominations
learn greek and hebrew
become an expert on cs lewis
Read the following books
NT Wright's Ressurection of the Son of God (eveyrthing in that series)
Dallas Willard's stuff
do something with my list of things that need preaching.
Come up with ideas to give to scholars to actually make real articles/books about
contact glen miller from christian-thinktank.com to finish some of his articles, phone number 6624286396, gmmx@bellsouth.net
memorize 5 books of the Bible. Know their contexts.
Read the Bible 6 hours a week, at least.
Read 24 books a year.
write a series of short stories
Go Back to School
research which schools to go to.
apply for scholarships
file fafsa
write a book
Become a well dressed individual. 
Learn to dance well (how well?)
learn to play chess better.
Learn to build basic websites.
Learn how to sing
learn to play the piano moderately well
be able to bench press 160 lbs
run a mile in 6.5 minute
understand basic car care
take a cpr class/have a strong grasp on first aid and health.
learn to juggle 
Learn to cook
Misc. Achievements
hang gliding
sky diving
scuba diving again.
visit these places
machu pichu
siera leone
czech republic,
sri lanka
every country in south America and central America
Relationships/Self (your relationship with yourself)
Stop believing i'm a worthless human being
successfully use the crest teeth whitener stuff I bought.
Make love in a car. And a classroom. And a closet. And a boat, and a train, and a different country. Within the span of 12 hours.
Fall in love with someone who falls in love with me. Preferably simultaneously, but I will accept her falling in love with me a bit before I fall in love with her.
have a small group where the members are interested in having prolonged intellectual discussion, or at least listening to it.
ideas for “members”: Henry, David, Brandon, Cacy, Alia, Tia, Gary, Pat, Kane, Jay, Christine,
make it a point to remember people's names. 

 7 Goals i can be focused on right NOW 
video blog/ ministry project
teeshirt website.
discuss things with mom about contacting the manufacturer i found. 
memorize <psalm 42>
go back to school
take w2s info to the site, fill out forms
gather w2-s
go to e-file
get last years agi
letter to Tia
setup blog


AI: Good afternoon, Dr. Putnam, and thanks for agreeing to talk with The American Interest. Let’s begin with your personal history, rather than your life as one of America’s preeminent social scientists. I see you were born in January 1941 in Rochester, New York. What were your folks doing up there in the snow belt?
Robert Putnam: I can’t really remember. We didn’t stay long in Rochester. My father was in the service, and World War II was about to include the United States just the December after I was born. We moved around a lot during the war, and the family ended up in Ohio after it was all over. We lived in a place called Port Clinton, a town of about 5,000 people. My father needed a place to try to get back to normal after the war, and Port Clinton provided that.
AI: What was life like in that small town? I ask because I’m wondering how a small-town kid grows up to become fascinated with political sociology.
Robert Putnam: I’ve pondered, too, what influence my early days in Ohio might have had on my interests, but at the time I never thought much about politics as a field of study. When I went off to college, to Swarthmore, I intended to study chemistry and physics, maybe become an engineer. My family was Republican and Methodist, quite active in civic life and at church, though not in politics as such. We were a middle- to lower-middle-class family. My father was a builder, my mother taught school, and Midwestern Republicanism did not seem very ideological in those days.
AI: More like something one inherited, like the family china?
Robert Putnam: Something like that. I realize now that Port Clinton was the sort of place I’d cite today as being rich in social capital. People trusted and looked out for each other. Civic groups raised fellowships for local kids to attend college, that sort of thing. I’ve never set out to idealize the place, and I don’t idealize it: There were many limits on what someone could experience there. I used to visit when my parents were still living, but not ever to live there after leaving for college. It was a terrific place to come of age, however.
AI: I know how you feel. I’m a decade younger than you, and where I grew up—in northern Virginia—wasn’t as small or isolated as Port Clinton. But my old neighborhood in the 1950s was a kind of Ozzie-and-Harrietville, too, and so was the old Philadelphia suburb my three kids grew up in, Bala Cynwyd.
Robert Putnam: Well, it was in another Philadelphia suburb, Swarthmore, that I did begin to think more seriously about politics. You know, people talk about the Sixties generation, and when they do, they mean the late 1960s and into the early 1970s, the era of protest and counterculture and all that. But there were really two Sixties generations. The earlier one that I was a part of was deeply affected by the aftereffects of World War II, the civil rights movement and the idealism of the Kennedy Administration. I met my future wife at Swarthmore, the woman I’m still married to nearly a half century later, and our first date was when she took me to a Kennedy-for-President rally in October 1960. I got caught up in all that. On January 20, 1961, when I was a junior, we took a train from Philadelphia to Washington and stood at the back of the crowd when Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Even now, as I’m talking with you, the hair on the back of my neck stands up. I’m a little embarrassed about that, frankly, because now it seems so jejune and hokey, but back then it had a huge effect on me. It’s basically why I moved away from physics and chemistry, first to psychology and then to political science.
AI: How did your thinking about social trust, and social capital as you call it, develop over the years as you moved from the Kennedy inauguration all the way to The Beliefs of Politicians in 1973, Making Democracy Work in 1993, Bowling Alone in 2000 and now your new paper on diversity, “E Pluribus Unum”?
Robert Putnam: I’m not sure it actually has changed much, to be honest. The particular details of how you measure social capital vary if you’re talking about 21st-century America or 17th-century Italy, but the core idea is very simple: Social networks have value. Social networks have value in part because when there is a dense network among the members of an organization or community, they tend to follow a rule of generalized reciprocity, doing things for one another in the expectation that down the road someone else will return the favor—just like those folks in Port Clinton raising fellowships for other people’s kids to attend college.
There is one way in which my view of social capital has evolved since I was writing Making Democracy Work, because I realized there was a mistake in it. When I was writing I picked up from James Coleman—who originally introduced the idea of social capital to me—the notion that, by definition, any consequence of social capital had to be positive for society; if it was not positive, it wasn’t social capital. After writing the book, but even before it was published, I realized this was a logical mistake: It would mean that any claims about the consequences of social networks would be tautological. So I explicitly changed my view in something published later that year to say that, of course, you could have social networks with negative consequences.
AI: Mafia gangs, for example.
Robert Putnam: Mafia gangs, sure, or al-Qaeda. I regret making the mistake in the original book because some people might still miss the correction, even though it happened 15 years ago.
AI: In the book you make a critical distinction between bonding and bridging aspects of social capital. Why is that distinction important?
Robert Putnam: Bonding and bridging aspects of social capital have different consequences. Bonding social capital links you to people just like you, same gender or age or race or what-have-you. Those sorts of links are good for some things and not for others. If you get sick, the people who bring you chicken soup probably represent your bonding social capital. Bridging social capital, on the other hand, represents your ties to people who are unlike you, who are of a different race or generation. For a modern and diverse democratic society, bridging social capital is important because, if you have a society that has tons of bonding but no bridging, you have a society that looks like Beirut or Baghdad.
AI: This is an anticipation of your more recent work on diversity, isn’t it?
Robert Putnam: It is, yes, but in that very context I think it’s important to keep clear that I’m not saying, and never have said, “bonding, bad; bridging, good.” Lots of people assume that the two are in some kind of zero-sum relationship—that if you have a lot of bonding, you can’t have bridging, and if bridging goes up, bonding must come down. That is both logically and factually false. Whites in America who have more white friends also have more black friends. So it’s not bonding or bridging—there can be both, and there can be neither.
AI: Tell me about the Saguaro seminar. I’m fascinated by it because this has been an attempt to go beyond studying American civil society to actually doing something about its frailty. And have you experienced any “ivory tower” dissent about going out into the so-called real world?
Robert Putnam: At the Kennedy School, it’s not that countercultural to go out into the world. There are a lot of people there who have used a similar technique. I got the idea from a colleague named Mark Moore, who had set up something similar to the Saguaro seminar on community policing about twenty years ago.
Besides, I feel pretty strongly that academics have an obligation to engage with subjects that are of interest to our fellow citizens. I expressed that view as president of the American Political Science Association; it was the subject of my presidential address. Academics have a very cushy life, and the quid pro quo, as I understood when I got into this job, was that we have an obligation to try to bring at least some of our insights, ideas and findings into a wider societal conversation. I don’t mean that we have “the truth”, and that we social scientists are all sublime philosophers looking down and telling a rabble of poor heathens how to fix things. That’s not my view at all. But we do gain a particular kind of insight from the work we do, and it’s useful for all concerned to engage with people who have different experiences, and see if your ideas can contribute to the conversation.
That’s essentially what the Saguaro Seminar was about. Most of the members were not academics; they were people like Stephen Goldsmith, Barack Obama, Jim Wallis, George Stephanopoulos and a bunch of other “real world” people. The academics in the Seminar tended to talk more than their fair share, but even so, there were only five or six academics in that seminar compared to about twenty practitioners. It was intended to be a very diverse group, and we didn’t reach consensus on a single “to do” list, but we got some good practical ideas out of it. For example, we worked out the idea of a “social capital impact statement” that would consider the social capital implications of governmental actions, whether it is “urban renewal” projects that destroy real communities or a wider interstate highway that encourages sprawl. Lew Feldstein, head of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and my practitioner-partner in running the Seminar, is now the national leader in a movement to spread social capital impact assessment across the country. Some things we talked about didn’t work—that’s always the way it is. But it was one model of how academic work can filter into the public domain.
AI: The world being the way it is—which is to say in need of repair here and there—it’s always struck me that social science Ph.D.s have an obligation not to lock themselves away in a library somewhere and pretend the rest of the planet doesn’t exist. Still, you work on sensitive issues that can be taken out of context, manipulated, and used in ways you don’t intend. I understand that’s why you’ve been so careful about how to release the results of the recent diversity research.
Robert Putnam: True enough. There were a lot of people on the Right who warned that I would encounter political correctness criticism from the Left, and I thought I might, too. But I’ve gotten almost no criticism from the Left. I have gotten criticism from the Right over this diversity project, oddly enough. My argument about diversity and immigration is double-edged: Learning to live with diversity is difficult, but not impossible. I thought that the Left would attack me for saying “difficult”, but they mostly haven’t. Instead, I’ve taken a lot of flack from the Right for saying “not impossible.” This is nothing new: There’s been a lot of academic criticism of my work. That’s totally normal, of course; that’s what academics do. But I have rarely taken flack that I consider unfair, including on this most recent work on diversity.
AI: I’ve been fascinated with your work’s concern that our proud and noble tradition of self-government may be turning into a spectator sport. When I first read Bowling Alone, in the form of the 1995 Journal of Democracy essay before the book came out, I thought, “Hey, this stuff is exactly right. This guy’s been reading my mind, only it sounds a lot better when he says it.”
Here’s what I mean: I’m ten years younger than you, but when I was a kid we used to just show up at the ball field and self-organize into games. My kids’ generation, on the other hand, doesn’t do that anymore. They expect their parents to organize their time. This seeming incapacity to spontaneously organize is the result of some message that’s getting to our kids at a very young age, and as you’ve observed, it’s clearly having an effect on associational life in this country. But I don’t really understand what that “bowling alone” message is and how it’s being delivered.
Robert Putnam: I don’t know exactly, either. I once quixotically went in search of what I called a “kick the can” index. Kick-the-Can was a game that was probably even around in your day—
AI: It was, but its popularity was waning.
Robert Putnam: We’d play it all the time when I was growing up. Every day we’d come home from school and play Kick-the-Can with the kids in the neighborhood. People of our age probably know the rules even now. My grandkids are wonderful kids, really special, smart and creative, really public-spirited kids, but they rarely have an opportunity to engage in that kind of self-directed, neighborhood-based activity.
AI: Yeah, we used to play Spud and designer variations of Hide-and-Seek and all kinds of games. And we all knew not just the rules, but also the special vocabularies that went with these games—even the poetic rituals for choosing up sides: One-Potato, Two-Potato, Engine, Engine No. 9 and all that. We learned from each other, as kids of different ages, older kids with younger siblings hanging around played together. Kids don’t seem to do this much anymore; they seem to be divided up more finely into age cohorts, so the transmission process has suffered.
Robert Putnam: There are two different streams that flow into the future from that past you’re talking about. You and I probably know one of them in our own social circle. My grandkids represent the upper part of the American population in class terms: They have soccer leagues (and the soccer moms and dads that go with them), and cello lessons and so on—all planned and programmed.
Even so, kids from that sort of background tend to be social and civic participants when they get older. Recent work we’ve done, but that’s not yet in the public domain, suggests that high school seniors today from upper-middle-class backgrounds are more involved in civic activities than kids like them used to be: more likely to go to church; spend more time with their parents; are more self-confident and have higher academic aspirations. White kids from lower-class backgrounds—and the data show that it’s a matter of class, not race—on those same measures are less involved in civic activities than lower-class kids used to be, less likely to go to church, spend less time with their parents. Compared to working-class kids a generation ago, they’re less self-confident, have lower aspirations, and, in general, express less trust in other people.
In other words, there’s a widening class gap among America’s kids, moving toward almost a two-tier caste system. If you look at the upper class, you might say, well, it’s kind of a shame that kids don’t devise their own Kick-the-Can games, but after all, they do have soccer leagues and so on. Working class kids don’t have anything: They go home after school and watch TV alone or play around on the Internet, or something. Or maybe get into trouble.
AI: I guess it’s reassuring that over-programming parents—“helicopter parents”, as they’re sometimes called—aren’t making loners out of all of us. I still can’t see that it’s healthy, however. Wealthier parents have the money to organize their kids so the kids don’t have to do it themselves, but it’s not clear they’re really doing their kids any favor by depriving them of the chance to become self-reliant.
Robert Putnam: Part of what’s going on, I think, has to do with changes in family structure: the two-career family and the divorce revolution. For good reasons and bad, we’ve basically outsourced a lot of our activities. We don’t cook as much and don’t work to keep the house clean so much, so upper-middle-class parents probably spend more time with their kids today—the opposite of the latch-key supposition. People who have money are using it to gain more time with their kids; they’re finding ways to compensate for perhaps busier and often longer work schedules. That’s the right trade-off; I’m not being critical of it. That choice simply is not open to poorer, have-not parents, and their kids bear that burden.
AI: Let’s turn now to the diversity research. It makes perfect sense that in a given neighborhood or community where the members are from different cultural backgrounds, people will lack reciprocal expectations of the behavior of others, so they’re naturally going to be more reluctant to trust or rush to help others. But how did you control for the possibility that low community participation was not merely because of diversity, but because of the presence of immigrants and second-generation Americans who hadn’t yet acquired the habits of participation in a mass democracy?
Robert Putnam: It’s important to understand methodologically exactly what we did. We interviewed large numbers of people—some of whom were immigrants, but most of whom were not. The tendency toward “hunkering down” in the presence of diversity was true for new and old residents alike, true for both the minority and the majority, for blacks and whites, Asians and Latinos, and in just about the same amounts. So the reason can’t be that the “hunkerers” are those who simply haven’t yet learned the right moves in our society. Even people like me, whose ancestors have been here for 300 years, are hunkering in the presence of diversity. It’s everybody: WASPs and non-WASPs; first-generation Russian Jews and their third-generation grandkids who are now doctors and lawyers; the grandchildren of both Italian and Swedish immigrants.
AI: But someone has to run our communities and govern the country. Who are the ones left standing at the end of the day with so many “hunkerers” in our midst? Might we not get lucky, and find that some of the old WASP gatekeepers who (for all of their imperfections) used to stand guard over public standards are making a comeback?
Robert Putnam: Not likely. Those left standing, I fear, are more likely to be less public-spirited people who are drawn into leadership for motives other than a sense of the commonweal. Do we want to have a politics driven solely by what an individual can get out of it, whether a WASP or a non-WASP? I don’t think so.
AI: I want to talk a little about the intersection of the “bowling alone” and the “diversity” portfolios. Clearly, when you say that even the well-off in our society are hunkering down—the more counterintuitive results you got—you’re not saying that the presence of diversity is the only reason for this, right?
Robert Putnam: Absolutely right; I’m not saying that. Many things affect civic participation—how much education you’ve had, how long you’ve lived here, and so on. So it’s clear that factors other than diversity account for some of the data. It’s just that everybody, well-educated and not well-educated, old-timers and newcomers alike, is affected negatively by increasing diversity. Holding constant socioeconomic resources, mobility, and many other things, as well, everybody is less likely to be engaged when they’re living in a more diverse town or city. That’s the research conclusion I found most startling: It’s not just that in the context of diversity people are less trusting of people who look different. It’s that in the context of diversity people are less trusting even of folks who look just like them.
AI: I can think of several explanations for declining trust even within homogeneous groups that have little to do with diversity, but maybe I’m missing something. First, I’m sure you’re aware of the late George Gerbner’s “mean world” syndrome—the idea that, thanks to watching so much television, people are more afraid than they used to be because terrible events are depicted vastly more often on television than occur in reality.11. See Joseph Turow, “Industrial Folklore: George Gerbner’s (Tele)Vision”, The American Interest (Summer 2006). Might the “mean world syndrome” explain some of the hunkering down?
Robert Putnam: It’s possible. But keep in mind that we’ve controlled for the crime rate. It is true that the higher the real crime rate in your neighborhood, the more you hunker down. But controlling for that, between two places where the crime rate is equal, you’ll see more hunkering in the more diverse of the two.
Now, that doesn’t fully answer your adaptation of the Gerbner hypothesis. Gerbner wasn’t just talking about crime, he was talking about people’s perceptions of crime. But even here I think diversity may play a role. There is something to the view that, holding constant however wealthy or safe or crime-ridden your neighborhood really is, the more diverse your neighbors, culturally and ethnically, the less likely you are to be able to read anybody. When someone from down the street looks you directly in the eye, does it mean, “Hi, I’m glad to have you in town”, or does it mean “You better watch your back”? Since we’re not as good at reading speech patterns from different cultures, the net effect is that in all the non-verbal cues we pick up there’s a lot more “noise”, a lot lower cultural signal-to-noise ratio, especially in areas of new diversity. That may lead most people to assume the worst of everybody else and hunker down. Moreover, trying to interpret those cross-cultural signals is probably stressful and tiring—what psychologists call “cognitive overload”—so that at the end of the day, you want to veg out in front of the TV, not go to some neighborhood meeting.
AI: That reminds me of Jane Jacobs’ argument in The Death and Life of Great American Cities about people being out on the streets. It’s cyclical: The more afraid people are, the less they go out; as people go out less often, the neighborhood gets worse for being abandoned to less savory characters; and people go out even less; and so forth, in a downward spiral.
Robert Putnam: That’s right, but it’s also important to note, as Jacobs did, that things can and do change both ways. I don’t think the “hunkering down” effect is a permanent, unalterable condition. Let me tell you an anecdote from one of the community studies we’re doing.
Adrian, Michigan, about 75 miles southwest of Detroit, happens to be an unusual place because it is very diverse, with lots of Latinos, but the diversity is old diversity. Latino migrant farm workers settled down there beginning in the 1940s, and the Hispanic population today is mostly second- or third-generation American. One consequence is that today’s white leadership in town and today’s Latino leadership went to school together. Someone in their fifties today went to Adrian High School in the 1960s. So when the Anglo police chief or school superintendent meets with local Hispanic leaders, they are not meeting strangers. These are people who grew up together and played high school sports together. Bridging social capital is present, in other words. And that connection means the diversity doesn’t have the same significance sociologically—the diversity is not so strange or unfamiliar as diversity in the “new immigrant destinations” in the South and Midwest. Those towns have no more diversity than Adrian, but it’s new diversity.

AI: The “mean world” syndrome is one hypothesis that might explain the “bowling alone” phenomenon without direct reliance on diversity, but of course there are others. For example, back in the 1950s and 1960s, there weren’t as many women in the full-time, away-from-home workforce or as many single parents raising kids as there are now. It was before the rise of the private child-care industry. I think that means there were more people actually in the neighborhood on any given weekday, more face-to-face interactions from more people walking around. And I do mean walking, because more cars and the far-flung suburbs seem increasingly also to be isolating factors. So there were more people interacting, more women in particular, and the PTAs and the church associations—the sinews and capillaries of social capital generally—were provided by women. If they’re literally not there anymore, that’s got to have an effect.
Robert Putnam: I think you’re right that it has an effect, and while it’s not necessarily related to the diversity thing, it could be. Remember that when we were growing up, as an historical matter, immigration was at an all-time low, since immigration had been halted in 1924 and not resumed until 1965, and we had lived with black-white ethnic diversity for longer. So we lived in a relatively more homogeneous society back then, and those women in those neighborhoods were not only interacting more with each other, they were pretty homogeneous, too.
On the issue of women working outside the home, I agree that that’s a factor in the “bowling alone” story, but it’s complicated. Lots of different things were happening at the same time, but it doesn’t mean they were causally related. One thing that happened over this recent period is that the Red Sox have gotten better and the Yankees have gotten worse—
AI: Thank God.
Robert Putnam: —but that doesn’t mean that it’s somehow linked to the diversity problem. But certainly the impact of the two-career family is a major one. We’re in the midst of a large study on the effects of workplace issues on social capital, so I have thought a lot about this. There has obviously been a huge change in the nature of the workplace over the last thirty years as women move into the paid labor force, and that’s had a side effect on families and communities. Let me illustrate with an historical comparison.
Around 150 years ago or so, the industrial revolution had a huge effect on communities. When people were working on farms, child labor meant picking beans in the back field with mom, which wasn’t so bad. Afterward, when people were working in factories, child labor meant sewing shirts in sweatshops, which was obscene. But it took a while for people to realize that the consequence of the changes in the workplace meant we had to change our understanding of how work fits into the rest of our lives. And it took even longer for us to change the labor laws (outlawing child labor, for example), which happened thirty years after the problem began to emerge.
In my view, we’re now in the aftermath of an equally large change in the workforce, and that is women going to work. The industrial revolution consisted of a third of American workers moving from fields to factories. More than a third of American workers have now moved from kitchens to offices over the last thirty or forty years, and we’ve had nothing like the conversation we need to have about the implications. Nearly everybody seems to think of this as a private problem, and the most frequently asked question in America at eight o’clock every morning must be, “Who’s going to pick up the kids?” Nearly everyone thinks of it as their own problem, just as everyone used to think sending little Suzy to work in a factory was their own problem.
Of course, with the industrial revolution people gradually came to see their private problem as a collective, public issue. We’re not there yet when it comes to grasping the consequences of this transformation. We have not yet incorporated it into our understanding of how work fits into family and community life. That’s the larger frame in which I’d answer your question: Yes, it’s true that the stay-at-home mothers in the neighborhood were doing important social work, but it doesn’t mean my wife should quit her job—and I know that’s not what you meant to imply. It does mean that we have to craft new understandings, rules and maybe even laws that make it easier for all of us to fit our family and community obligations with our professional ones.
AI: Let me raise a third hypothesis relevant to the “bowling alone” portfolio and maybe the “diversity” portfolio, too. One reason for the fact that people seem more apathetic when it comes to civic engagement is that, on the one hand, many political issues seem more complicated than they used to be, but on the other, new communications technology seems unwittingly to segment our time into smaller chunks. Maybe people seem frustrated because they sense new problems at work—the whole gamut of challenges over biotechnology comes to mind—but they can’t put together enough consecutive minutes to think seriously about them, so they give up.
We have a political system now, too, where we don’t have ward politics as we used to. Politicians don’t campaign as they used to either; instead, as Joe Klein and others have argued so persuasively, they spend their time on the phone trying to raise money to buy television ads. So our political discourse has been impoverished. The average citizen looks at all this and says: “The problems are often too complicated to understand without some kind of special expertise, and no politician is talking much sense, so I give up imagining I can do anything about them, whether I join the PTA or not.”
Robert Putnam: I agree with part of that and disagree with the other part. I don’t think there’s any evidence that most problems are more complicated now than they were a generation or two ago. I don’t know that solving the problem of day care is any more complicated than solving the problem of how to integrate schools, or that fighting terrorism is intrinsically more complicated than fighting fascism or communism. I don’t know that deciding on the right gasoline tax regime is any more technically complicated than designing and building a national highway system.
But I agree very much that we’ve changed the structure of our discourse. It’s hard to know what’s the chicken and what’s the egg in this scenario, but I think it’s true that we used to manage our problems through the context of social capital, which is just my jargon for saying that we would have discussions about them at church picnics, or on the bench at the bowling alley while waiting for our turn, or around the table over lunch at the Rotary Club, or at union halls and so forth. We were engaged in civic discourse, exchanging views on integrating the schools or constructing a highway system or the Russians or whatever the problem was. And now we don’t, because hardly anyone goes to those places anymore. We’re not at the church picnic or the bowling alley; we’re sitting at home watching TV.
Consequently, we talk to the politicians not through some big capillary system that begins with ward committees and ends in the office of a congressman; we talk to them through focus groups, and we don’t even do it collectively. They listen to us through focus groups and polls, and talk to us through television ads. Not only does it not work as a means to run a democracy; it’s way more expensive. It probably did cost a lot of money to support all those bowling leagues and so on, but it now costs a ton more to do all that polling and message management and television ads.
In this area as in so many others, we’ve substituted financial capital for social capital. You no longer have an Aunt Sadie to help you find a date, so you turn to an online dating service, paying for the services of Match.com or eHarmony. Rather than taking care of your aging parents yourself, you pay for someone else to do it. I don’t mean to sound overly critical or to be judgmental here. I’m just noting that in a score of areas in American society, we now pay for things that we used to get accomplished through social capital.
It’s fine if you have the money for it, but many people don’t have the money. The trend of substituting financial for social capital clearly does disproportionately benefit the people who can write the checks. To attain that level of social or political influence previously, people had to go to the neighborhood meetings or the church clubs. Now they can wield massive influence without ever having to listen to another human being.
AI: It seems to me, too, that bridging capital in particular is affected by technological change. You used to go to the bank and meet a teller; now you go to the ATM. You used to go to the gas station and someone would pump your gas; now it’s self-serve and you never have to encounter another living, breathing human being, even at some car washes. People from the upper and upper-middle classes simply don’t interact with people from other classes the way they used to. They don’t even see them, let alone interact with them. This makes me uncomfortable.
Robert Putnam: Last night I was in Waco, Texas, speaking to a group of Baptists. I’m now about to give a talk at Holy Family, a Catholic megachurch, and then I’m going to a reform Jewish synagogue, where I’m speaking after services tonight. So I’m trying my best to reach into various communities, and I’m learning a ton in that way. This goes back to our discussion of academics: I’ll learn a lot more from talking to the folks at the Catholic megachurch than they’ll learn from me. But you’re right: Technology does affect social interactions, and just as we have not attained a decent understanding of what women’s rapid migration into the workforce really means, we have not attained a decent understanding of the social impact of the information revolution either.
AI: Whether it’s a “bowling alone” problem or a “diversity” problem, or some mixture, there’s no denying that America has problems and that we need to think about solutions. In that regard, this issue of The American Interest presents a proposal for a National Service American Dream Account—basically the idea of a “baby bond” but one linked to voluntary, but hopefully widespread, national service. The idea combines aspects of the old Civilian Conservation Corps and the GI Bill, but in a more comprehensive way that integrates various aspects of public service, including domestic service, Peace Corps and perhaps military service. What do you think about public policy aiming toward creating a national service culture?
Robert Putnam: I’m very much in favor of fostering a service culture. I like the idea of the baby bond linked to national service. A lot of us think that national service of a formal, mandatory sort would be desirable, but we also know it’s not going to happen, if you look at the polls. The kids on whom we would be imposing this are very much against it. But a voluntary program on the scale you’ve described would be a positive step.
One thing, however, that a purely voluntary approach might not fully address is the issue of bridging social capital. One of the most important things about the military draft was that it brought younger people from all sorts of different social backgrounds into the same bases and foxholes. If you watch Ken Burns’ recent documentary The War or read memoirs from that period, it’s clear that that shared experience was a big deal for just about everyone involved. 22. ”A Conversation with Ken Burns”, The American Interest (September/October 2007). It was a big part of why the World War II generation was as public-spirited as it was. It wasn’t just because they had been in the service, but because they had served with people who were very much unlike themselves. I even think it’s hard to imagine the civil rights revolution without it having been preceded by World War II, even though I recognize that the U.S. armed forces were segregated during the war. It wasn’t a direct consequence, but the pervasive notion that “we’re all in this together” was a contributing factor in the background to the civil rights revolution. Maybe the “baby bond” national service concept can provide the right kind of incentive for national service, pulling in not just kids from the Ivy League, but also kids from the “wrong side of the tracks.”
AI: I think the same sort of motivation that attracted you to the New Frontier will continue to attract people in higher income brackets to serving the country. I think the American Dream Account idea could lead in the end to a good mix, maybe as good as that produced by the draft, producing a tremendous supply of bridging capital. I just hope we get a leader in the next administration with the courage to see that, get behind the idea, and push it through.
Robert Putnam: I want to resist getting drawn into the presidential sweepstakes, but I very much agree with what you’ve said.
AI: Knowing your work, I’m not surprised. Thank you so much for talking with The American Interest.
Robert Putnam: It’s been a pleasure.

1. See Joseph Turow, “Industrial Folklore: George Gerbner’s (Tele)Vision”, The American Interest (Summer 2006). 
2. ”A Conversation with Ken Burns”, The American Interest (September/October 2007).

Remember that I you are influential, people will imitate you. Unconsciously. And Imitating others influences them.
-play, joining others/empathy/shargin
-creative expression
-things to learn
-habits to form
[[Romantic "excerpt"]]
@@color(red):I am aware of my tendency to let my living space decay@@
I turn right now, from this.

I commit myself to cleaning up after myself, never putting off cleaning till, "later."
I was born invisible, but i made lots of noise
stayed that way as a child ...
I'm still a child...

when i finally I found my way back home 
it was a burned up dead dry hole

we're all born with cracks inside our bones
but no one tells us why
Learn Origami 
Learn Juggling
**Clean Room
**Sell Craigslist stuff
***get the table back from henry's room?
*''Organize computer stuff'' in order to smoothly and productively __''blog.''__ 
**--Chrome Bar--
**Keepass, Lastpass
**Phone put together. 
**cards, commit stuff
**what i want
**what it will take to make me worth the affections of a woman.
**''University Abbey Google doc'' and brainstorming/planning stuff
**Relationship with God stuff
**read through a bunch of articles
**his most recent message.
**other messages
*Visit Uncle Allan
*Visit Israel
*Meal plan
**frozen prepared stuff
*Henry rent shit.
*Dramatica read
*Finance stuff
*''Sermon Work''
*Buy gifts:
**Noelle, Lucas, Mom: Kindle credit. 
call dr labban, setup apt to completely remove wart

1	-I am aware of my tendency to flee from You, God. I ignore you and your voice, out of fear. I will be intentional about following you, to always seek your face and listen for your voice. So I resolve to do justly, to love mercy, and walk humbly with my God. I will trust you to take care of me.
2	- I will be intentional about the way I treat people- I will seek to enjoy people and bring them joy. I will listen to, respect, and be kind to all persons. I will laugh with those who laugh, and mourn with those who mourn.
3	- I recognize my tendency to make things about me and focus on myself, and my desire to have people see me as smart. I will be intentional about paying attention to others, and not bringing all thought back to myself, about focusing on how i value others, not how they value me.
 4	- I will remember that this is also a Declaration of WAR, and that there are powers of darkness in this world who will not agree to it one bit. I will be aware of the resistance, and cling to Jesus and his body for help. All of this may hurt, a lot, but i will follow Jesus till my legs give out. There is a war going on, and I am a herald of peace. 
5	- I will remember that darkness often overtakes me and I feel dark, hopeless and alone, but I AM NOT, no matter what it feels like. Hope wins in the end. Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s just not the end. God will take care of me, even if i can’t see it yet. He cherishes me- i am a called-out herald of good news.
 6	- I acknowledge my tendency to view women for their sexuality, and I recognize the utter destructiveness of it.  So, I will be intentional about my attitude toward women, and i repent of my viewing of them as sexual objects. I will remember they are people with aims, goals, loves, tears, wounds and fears. The door is closed, i have chosen my door.
7	- I recognize my tendency toward inaction and gluttony. So, I will be intentional about treating my body well, and not over indulging it, and this includes indulging to entertainment.
 8	- I am aware of, and will be intentional about the native violence, bitterness, and restlessness in me, and I resolve to be a man of Peace and Shalom, fostering peace in myself and everywhere I go.
 9	- I resolve to nurture my native curiosity, and learn all i can about God, my neighbor, the Bible and the world.
 10	- I will be intentional about truth, being honest at all times
 11	- I believe Jesus when he tells me that I can be like him, and that is why I choose these things. I am a called-out herald of Good News, and part of the good news itself.
 12	- Help me in all of this. I am helpless without you. Without you I have neither reason nor power to do any of this. Help me to remember throughout all of today that you cherish me and have given me purpose.
13	-This all is the Kingdom of God, to me and in me. It is my am and goal at whatever cost, because it is simply better.  
	- All of this I declare and ask in the strong and faithful name of Jesus Christ, who died and rose again so that I might have eternal life, and relying on the breath of the Holy Spirit, I say, Amen.
14	- God, I here commit my life into your hands, I will need your help today in everything. I shall be a man of intentionality, a man of Prayer, a man of Peace, a man of Focus. I acknowledge my distract-ability, and turn to you.
15	- I am aware of my weakness in motivating myself, and I will be intentional about all things.
16	- I am small and weak, and I trust that God will take care of me, on the word of Jesus, Son of God, through the power of his Holy Spirit.
17	- I will be intentional about remembering the story I live in, which I tell myself and the world. I am a useful and beloved character in this story.
18	- Today I resolve to be intentional. I commit myself resolutely to both joy and health for myself and the people I influence. I commit myself to wholeness in mind, heart, body, and spirit for myself and those I influence, and thus I commit myself to a community which does the same.
19 	- I am determined to become a certain type of person. Every morning I will dedicate myself to this one resolve: to relentlessly pursue who God has created me to be. The person I am moving away from is a person filled with distractions, despair and self-destruction. God, I need your help. I am hopeless without you. help me become like you. I recognize my destructive, sinful tendencies and repent of them.

I am endlessly cherished by God and he is taking care of me. I have a purpose. The greater the potential for Evil, the greater the potential for good when redeemed. The greater the potential for good, the greater potential for evil when bent. 

- Your future self isn’t any more likely to stop this than your present self. Do it now.
- You don’t have to live like this anymore.
- This matters.
- You have a calling. Follow it!
- She is not yours, you may not look at her like that.
- You are not yours you may not look at her like that.
- You live in a battlefield as a soldier, live accordingly.
- You are not your own, you were bought for a price.
- Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
- You knew this wasn’t going to be easy. you never wanted it to be. keep going. what else were you going to use this breath for?
- Do it anyway.
- This isn’t about you.
-Your job is the relentless pursuit of who God created you to be. anything else you do is sin, and you need to repent of it. 

I submit that the current trend/cliche/catchphrase in Evangelical christianity that you hear in pastors’ preaching and common conversation, “Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship” is one of the most misguided and harmful ____ to have beleaguered the church in america in hundreds of years. the aim of such a sentiment has noble* origins, but in the end, it does more harm than good, partly because it is totally ungrounded in fact.  we’re going to establish a couple of points. first- religion is Good*. this is the testament of the bible, church history, and the definition of the word itself. second, what preachers often do is give a new definition of Religion, set it up as something opposed to teaching in scripture, and then dismantle it, often taking the scripture itself out of context, though sometimes not. they need to do this in order to make theri point, because if they used the real, actual definition of religion, and the idea of religion that people have when they use the word, they wouldn’t be able to make their point. 

Well, lets establish what religion is, both good and bad. one very common way to define it is that religion is one’s system of beliefs if those beliefs include the supernatural. another way of understanding it is the rituals, symbols, disciplines, and ceremonies that are distinctive, and representative of said belief system, so that under this definition, not only is it the beliefs themselves, but the rituals and and disciplines associated with it. 

now, quite unfairly, you’ll often hear a sermon which sets up and defines religion in a couple of different ways, like, “all other religions besides christianity are about how i can save myself” or “Religion says, ‘i’ll do good and then God will accept me’, but the Gospel says, ‘God already accepts me, so i’ll do good.’ Sure, if you completely change the proper understanding of religion and the Gospel.

The gospel answers different questions. the primary question on the mind of of that preacher is how to be accepted by God and why to do good. I think they are related, but i don’t think they are related like that. The gospel calls us to do good neither because it will earn us anything, nor as thanks for a job well done to god already saving us, but because living that way is simply BETTER. living the type of life that the Father commanded, Jesus exemplified and the Spirit enables is to become the sort of creatures we were always supposed to be, and THAT ought to be the primary motivation. Thanks and gratefulness to God further propel in this direction but they aren’t the primary motivators. The person who believes the Gospel will be religious because they understand that these rituals, practices, and yes, disciplines are a primary vehicle for this in-breaking of the kingdom to the world. they provide a common space for people to meet in, rhythms for people to live by. 

These preachers present it in such a way as to create a mindset where, “God’s already done everything i need to go to heaven, so i don’t need to do anything. i suppose i should try to live the way he wants out of gratitude, but i better not try too hard because i don’t want to risk being religious.” Good work and spritual practicies are taught as essentially optional

Now, there is another half that needs to be addressed as well, the concept of Personal relationship, especially as opposed to religion. i have discovered, on the contrary, that if we are to call our relationship to God in anyway personal, it is through the vehicle of religion. Having a relationship with God is so different from having a relationship with other humans that it has to look different. you cannot dialogue or have a conversation with God. Some will object and claim that prayer is exactly that, but it’s emphatically NOT. at least for the vast majority of people, there is no back and forth conversation, where I say something, and my friend repsonds and says something, and that gives me an idea, and i tell him, and he listens, and offers his input, and i offer my commentary on his input, and i listen to his thoughts on my commentary, and the subject gradually shifts to another subject, and we laugh and joke together or make arguments and points and so on and so on. we enjoy one another through the exchange of ideas and feelings and do so through words, inflection, body language and often physical touch,  always important is the attention being paid to one another.. If any of these things happen during prayer, however, they are almost exclusively one sided for the pray-er. God doesn’t talk back to me, i can’t see his body language and intentions, nor does he physically touch me. 
	Many Christians share a sort of disillusionment with the presentation of Christianity as a “personal relationship.” We don’t get the warm fuzzies, the constant internal sense of God’s presence that we’ve been told repeatedly that we ought to feel. We’re left with few options, and many of us simply give up and turn away. this is what God is, and we finally take an honest look inside and realize if this is God, it’s not real. Others of us keep going, knowing that God is real, Jesus is the way, but not knowing who to trust anymore. stumbling and fumbling trying to make sense of our experience. 
	Our relationship with God is experienced on different terms than our other relationships. it is maintained through things like prayer, worship in song, eating something we call the eucharist, baptism, gathering together consciously as his people, reading scripture and, committing to living justly, mercifully, humbly. Every last one of these rituals and behaviors is distinctly and exclusively religious. To claim to be a christian,  yet do none of these things is to be false. At the same time, to DO any of these things IS TO BE RELIGIOUS. That is what the word means, especially in common usage, despite however misguided pastors might try redefining it to fit their sermon. 
	And there are other behaviors and disciplines as well that mark out a Christian who is truly devoted to God. All of these are recognized immediately as religious by anyone with anything other than the defintion offered by preachers, and they include things like deliberate solitude, silence, fasting, meditation, confession, chastity, and much more. 
	There is a profound and lasting difference between christianity and other religions, and the religion practiced in this way, for many, they will explain it as a personal relationship. doing these things, and living this sort of life gives them a sense of personal relationship and connection with God that is completely grounded in fact.
There’s the idea that we cannot commend ourselves to God. 
there’s the false idea that strictness equals morallism, and that religion equals moralism. 

The frame work which the story sets up ought to move us toward action, not details added on top of the story. 

for example: the bridge metaphor and the illness metaphor.

while i think the bridge metaphor carries useful ideas, there’s a reason it’s not presented in teh bible- the action it moves us toward, and the focus it gives us. 

you have a picture where there is this mighty chasm between us and God, earth and heaven, and Jesus comes to bridge that gap. the picture is presented like this: we’re on this side of the gap, and without crossing jesus as the bridge, we can’t get to heaven, we fall into the pit.

the illness metaphor presents Jesus as the great physician who came to heal us, and to do that, he had to take on the sickness on himself. without allowing him to take on all of our sickness, this sickness that we have (and make worse!) will only kill us and those around us. But beautifully, Jesus took on the sickness and heals whomever accepts it. it helps us live better, and prevents us from dying our eternal death. 

Notice the difference between where the story draws your attention. the illness metaphor covers everything, it covers what’s wrong, how god fixed it, what we do in response, and why. the focus is both now and permanent.

the bridge metaphor on the other hand details what’s wrong: we’re all going to hell because we’re all headed toward the chasm, Jesus bridges that chasm so we can get to the other side and reach heaven. There’s a reason this metaphor isn’t in the bible! it doesn’t tell us how we ought to live, and what to do on this side of the chasm. Jesus doesn’t have any purpose beyond being a bridge from earth to heaven accross the chasm of hell.  in the illness metaphor, Jesus is so much bigger, and our actions mean so much more in light of it.

This should demonstrate pretty well what i mean when the framework that someone presents is what motivates us. you could say that because you know that jesus bridged the gap, you should live your life on this side in a way that shows gratitude, but saying that really has nothing to do with the farmework presented, it’s something optional, extra added on top. 

The situation is identical with modern reformed sermons.

	Let’s define religion really quick, shall we?

a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose ofthe universe, esp. when considered as the creation of asuperhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotionaland ritual observances, and often containing a moral codegoverning the conduct of human affairs.
a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generallyagreed upon by a number of persons or sects: the Christianreligion; the Buddhist religion.
the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefsand practices: a world council of religions.
the life or state of a monk, nun, etc.: to enter religion.
the practice of religious beliefs; ritual observance of faith.
something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point ormatter of ethics or conscience: to make a religion of fightingprejudice.
religions, Archaic . religious rites.
Archaic . strict faithfulness; devotion: a religion to one'svow.

there are two 


the bible has always regarded religion as good
point 2
point 3

Historic Christianity has always regarded religion as good. 

you’ll also hear a close cousin of it, a framework which presents the christian worldview as putting 

they put it like this. you’ll often find a chart that goes like this: 
Irreligion | Gospel | Religion
	  | 	     |
with a list of certain things beneath it, demonstrating two wrong ways and the right way. 
When you do it like this, your rhetoric places both irreligion and religion at the same distance from the (purported) truth unless one goes to great lengths to qualify it. 

wrongheaded, irrational mindset, framework, outlook	

there are there are 4 main reasons why it’s wrong to use the word religion like this: 
1. it’s simlpy wrong, according to what the word means
2. religion IS essential to the christian faith
3. religion is good, and at worst, neutral, according to the bible. 
4. the framework that tells people they don’t need to do anything produces people who don’t do anything. The bible never sets up that kind of framework.
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but I'm testing it again, because I think it was actually the QuickOpen Plugin. on the other hand, it did *kinda* stop when I turned off GotoPlugin, so maybe it will break again now. Who knows? It's a mystery. But I'm getting closer. Just need to add a few buttons to the toolbar: Add here (add subtopic) xplore, (btw, i don't know why it hasn't autosaved yet... ) oh, there it goes. let's try saving. :)
MISREPRESENTATIONS - Sales pitch: "out here to advertise"??
To enjoy the love of myself means (looks like):
*To accept God's love for me, and to realize that it is real and valid. God thought I was worth loving - ergo, I am. 
*To likewise accept that I am worth of love/enjoyment by other people in healthy sustainable ways
*To seek for myself my best good in a Good world made by a Good God filled with people he loves/enjoys too.
Loving myself and the things I love.

What gives me joy? What do I love? How can I actively pursue these things?

The things to be enjoyed in live are not static and never will be. I need to stop waiting or looking for or hoping for that permanence here. I have to @@actively pursue@@ Joy and satisfaction, aware that it is fleeting

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I have a dual problem with 1)getting on task and 2)maintaining sustained effort once task has begun. 

This is not a minor problem nor is it easy for me to get around. 

I'm talking about a problem that happens any time I want to do practically anything I want or intend to do, from writing essays and sermons that I find to be invigorating to my mind and soul, all the way to cleaning my room or the kitchen, or writing a simple blog post. This problem applies to things you wouldn't even call work, like prayer, practicing at anything, or pretty much anything you can think of requiring concentration or (especially long term) sustained effort

So here's an explanation. When I prepare myself to do whatever work (of various kinds) I intend to do, a barely noticeable sense of distress hits me from nowhere. It kinda feels like annoyance or figgitiness. So, what I normally end up doing to relieve myself of this phantom distress is to allow myself to become distracted, by whatever is at hand, and this immediately calms the anxiety and distress, like taking your weight off of a sprained ankle. The result is that I rarely get anything started, and practically never get anything significant accomplished in the long run. 

This happens with pretty much anything I try to either do, or do long term, with a couple of exceptions. From daily meditation/prayer, to cleaning my room, to writing about things that I care about (you know, things I want to write about so much that if I don't say it, I feel like I'll burst), to taking my vitamins daily, to getting registered for classes, 

This “condition” of mine, may be entirely my fault, it may not, I don't know. Honestly, I don't care. I want it solved. But my difficulty in solving it arises from a possibly related condition. Growing up, I was so gifted at anything I tried or did, I never had to put real effort into anything, especially school, and so my "muscle" for sustained effort anything that's not very easy, or really for pretty much anything, is essentially atrophied.

So here's the crappy part. Both of these have caused me a great amount of depression and despair. Depression because I feel useless and incompetent, despair because it seems and feels like I can't and won't ever be able to fix it. If you want more details, look here. This sense and reality of incompetence, inconsistency and lack of discipline dominoes into several other important areas including spiritual, and relational.

This condition results in spiritual problems because it makes discipline is needed for spiritual discipline, which in turn is necessary for spiritual health. For a healthy spirituality, one needs regular prayer, meditation, immersion in scripture and scriptural ideals, resistance against sin, and so on. But because those require sustained effort and discipline, they don't happen in me. along these lines 

On the relational romantic level, I feel worthless and hopeless because quite simply, a girl worth wanting wouldn't want an incompetent fool, which is precisely what I demonstrate myself to be. I am not the man I want to be, and if the rare woman wants me as I am now, she's not wanting well enough.

What this is NOT is a spiritual deficiency that will just be fixed by “believing the Gospel” or “making the gospel central to my life” or whatever it is that you want me to believe. The list of solutions given,
“change what you believe about God”
“change what you believe about how God sees you”
“you're problem is that you don't see yourself the way God sees you! When you realize how precious you are to God, that'll fix everything. ”
“the gospel isn't about performance. You're being legalistic”
“this is a symptom of you doing religion instead of gospel”
it's not going to happen until you want it enough 
I have one thing to say in response to those. Those don't speak to my condition. You're not listening to me. You're listening for what you want to hear to tell me the answer that you think you have, because you have a mindset that tells you that everything needs an answer, and that answer is Jesus. 
The other thing that doesn't work 
- You need to motivate yourself
- You need to be more disciplined. 

So here's the purpose of this- I'm posting this note as a) an explanation of the general state I've been at for years, with varying levels of intensity, and b) as a request for help or assistance in fixing it. 

If you've gotten this far, there are a few VERY points to consider

1. I'm looking for pragmatic. just telling me to change= not pragmatic. I've tried that one. doesn't work. don't know why, doesn't matter. moving on, trying to find something that does. 

2. As anyone who really knows me will tell you, I do care about this, so berating me for not following advice is counterproductive. what most people actually see is that I don't do things. They don't see my frustration with myself with not getting it done. It's easy to see me as lazy and apathetic, when in reality I care deeply about what's happening.

here's a list of things that don't help, and why

- Telling me that I need to get a job. ()

here's a list of things that seem to have some help.

Being around people is very important for me to be motivated well.
Structure is very important for me as well. having set times and schedules, and due dates- A sense of urgency really helps me do things

Both positive AND negative reinforcement, and especially the anticipation of each. the need for negative reinforcement has proven itself powerful. Working in class or a call center, in the back of my mind, motivating me is anticipation of a negative consequence for failure to perform. It's why I was able to be on time to work, and why I'm not able to be on time to more casual things.

Please offer your suggestions

Something VERY important to note is that it doesn't prevent me from being productive at all. For example, I am extremely productive in a Call Center environment like at Go Daddy or Verizon, or a classroom environment, where I have a more external set of motivators and structure. Without either of those, I end up with serious productivity and performance problems- I can't get things started or finished.

So here's the rub. Apparently it seems the solution is to just put more effort, apply more willpower towards things. The thing that I'm apparently trying to attain is willpower. So to get any of what you're trying to get, you must have some of what you're trying to get. 

In short, I lack both internal motivators and discipline, and to be productive at all, i need     structure WITH consequences, 
*--fill out Tennessee employy registration.-- 
*--Take regirstration, receipt, fingerprints to steve's house.--
*Watch 6 videos
*catch up with Kevin, Henry, Joel, Alec
*1 pomodoro cleaning
*Help nick with Cleric
*Think about how to proceed. 
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

* Big Pouch: That neat, but shitty chinese leather key wallet pouch from i think ebay. 
**Notebook Slot
***reminder booklet
***Various mini miscelanous
**keys pouch
***and little key blade like thiny
***Tiny flashlight
**Side pocket
***Power bank
***Multi-color Pen
***Leatherman Micra
***Micro-usb charger, micro-sd card reader combo.
*Credit card pouch
**Credit Card
**Driver's license
**Debit Card
**Student ID
**EBT card
**Health insurance card
**Frensel Lens
**Pocket Monkey
*Grey Pouch
**Hidden pocket
***spare meds
**Left pocket
***antiseptic swabs
***elastic hair ties
**right pocket
***Breath freshener
***Tooth pic
***Ruberized twist tie
***Measuring tape
***Bobby pin
***Safety pin x2
***Paper clip
***P52 can opener
***customized kevlar threat kit
**Cross necklace

*Can't fit:
**puzzles, games
**super glue
**wtf titanium wrench

*Wishlist, Don't have
**See Amazonwishlist
**Credit card sized Mirror. 
**Leatherman Juice
**Gerber dime travel
**Earbuds organizer magnets
**key shackle
**EDC defense something? maybe pen?
**pill case
**something to keep Phone, cards, and small pouch together.
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at http://twkd.tiddlyspace.com/ the important ones are 
*[[E.A.S.E]] and 

at jtw it's easier to see. 

there are a few different types of learning, each with their advantages and disadvantaages. The style of learing which normally suits me best is one where i am offered the conclusion first, and then given the supporting arguments; where i am told what i am being told beforehand and then given explanation for why it is. I find that it helps me hold the subsequent evidence in a container to see if it fits properly. I want to be able to understand what a person is saying first, and then take a look at its veracity. This is what i'm going to do here (in the next paragraph, in fact). Sadly, one disadvantage of this method of learning is, of course, that a person may reject a thing outright simply on prejudice of the conclusion, unwilling to listen any further to any evidence. I know I have. this isn't always bad; if someone tells you that you're currently on fire when you are clearly not, it is fair to dismiss any subsequent arguments they may have for their position. The more ridicuous the proposition, the more easily you can do this. then again, this world has accomodated quite a lot of ridiculous realities, so i ask you to keep a open mind and listen to arguments and evidence i put forth.
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|Description|documentation for DatePlugin|
This plugin provides a general approach to displaying formatted dates and/or links and popups that permit easy navigation and management of tiddlers based on their creation/modification dates.
This plugin displays formatted dates, for the specified year, month, day using number values or mathematical expressions such as (Y+1) or (D+30).  Optionally, you can create a link to a 'dated tiddler' for quick blogging or create a popup menu that includes the dated tiddler link plus links to tiddlers that were created/changed on that date, or are tagged with that date and, if the [[ReminderMacros|http://remindermacros.tiddlyspot.com/]] plugin is installed, any pending reminders for next month.  There is also a public API, so other plugins can embed a variety of formatted date output, links, and/or popup menus.
<<date mode date format linkformat>>
//all parameters are optional//
*''mode''<br>is one of:
**''display'' (default)<br>shows a formatted date
**''link''<br>creates a link to a specific 'date titled' tiddler
**''popup''<br>creates a popup command containing a dated tiddler link, plus links to changes and reminders.
*''date'' (or ''tiddler'' or ''tiddler:title'' or ''today'' or ''filedate'')<br>enter ANY date (not just today) as space-separated year, month, and day parameters (e.g., 2011 4 23).  You can use pre-defined variables, Y, M, and D for the current year, month and day, repectively.  These variables can be combined with simple mathematical expressions to calculate ''relative dates'' (e.g., D+1 = tomorrow, M-1 = last month, Y+1= next year, etc.)  Alternatively, you can use special keywords in place of the year/month/day parameters to access tiddler and file dates:
**''tiddler'' displays the modification date of the current tiddler.
**''tiddler://name-of-tiddler//'' displays the modification date of a specific tiddler.
**''today'' shows the current date.
**''filedate'' shows the modification date of the entire document.  
''format'' (and ''linkformat'') (default: YYYY.0MM.0DD)<br>uses standard ~TiddlyWiki date formatting syntax to specify the title of the target tiddler.
>''DDD'' - day of week in full (eg, "Monday"), ''DD'' - day of month, ''0DD'' - adds leading zero
>''MMM'' - month in full (eg, "July"), ''MM'' - month number, ''0MM'' - adds leading zero
>''YYYY'' - full year, ''YY'' - two digit year, ''hh'' - hours, ''mm'' - minutes, ''ss'' - seconds
>//note: use of hh, mm or ss format codes is only supported with ''tiddler'', ''today'' or ''filedate'' values//
''linkformat''<br>specify an alternative date format so that the title of a 'dated tiddler' link can have a format that differs from the date's displayed format.  The default tooltip is same as the title of the linked tiddler.  You can customize the tooltip by modifying the definition in [[DatePluginConfig]]:
config.macros.date.tipformat="YYYY.0MM.0DD"; // 'dated tiddler' tooltip format
You can adjust the 'lead time' for display of [[reminders|http://remindermacros.tiddlyspot.com/]] by modifying the definition in [[DatePluginConfig]]:
config.macros.date.leadtime=30; // find reminders up to 30 days from now
In addition to the macro syntax, DatePlugin also provides a public javascript API so that other plugins that work with dates (such as calendar generators, etc.) can quickly incorporate date formatted links or popups into their output:
showDate(place, date, mode, format, linkformat, autostyle, weekend);
Note that the javascript API supports two //optional// true/false parameters, in addition those provided by the macro interface:
*''autostyle''<br>font/background styles of formatted dates are automatically adjusted to show the date's status:  'today' is boxed, 'changes' are bold, 'reminders' are underlined, weekends, holidays, changes, and reminders each have a different background color to make them more visibly distinct from one another.
*''weekend''<br>true=day is a weekend, false=day is a weekday, default=automatically determine if a given date falls on a weekend.
{{{The current date: <<date>>}}}
>The current date: <<date>>
{{{The current time: <<date today "0hh:0mm:0ss">>}}}
>The current time: <<date today "0hh:0mm:0ss">>
{{{Today's blog: <<date link today "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY">>}}}
>Today's blog: <<date link today "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY">>
{{{Recent blogs/changes/reminders: <<date popup Y M D-1 "yesterday">> <<date popup today "today">> <<date popup Y M D+1 "tomorrow">>}}}
>Recent blogs/changes/reminders: <<date popup Y M D-1 "yesterday">> <<date popup today "today">> <<date popup Y M D+1 "tomorrow">>
{{{The first day of next month will be a <<date Y M+1 1 "DDD">>}}}
>The first day of next month will be a <<date Y M+1 1 "DDD">>
{{{This tiddler (DatePlugin) was last updated on: <<date tiddler "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY">>}}}
>This tiddler (DatePlugin) was last updated on: <<date tiddler "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY">>
{{{The SiteUrl was last updated on: <<date tiddler:SiteUrl "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY">>}}}
>The SiteUrl was last updated on: <<date tiddler:SiteUrl "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY">>
{{{This document was last saved on <<date filedate "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY at 0hh:0mm:0ss">>}}}
>This document was last saved on <<date filedate "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY at 0hh:0mm:0ss">>
{{{<<date Y 07 24 "MMM DDth, YYYY">> will be a <<date Y 07 24 "DDD">>}}}
><<date Y 07 24 "MMM DDth, YYYY">> will be a <<date Y 07 24 "DDD">>
2011.04.23 2.7.3 added config.macros.date.tipformat for custom mouseover tooltip
2010.12.15 2.7.2 omit date highlighting when hiding popup items (created/changed/tagged/reminders)
2009.05.31 2.7.1 in addRemindersToPopup(), 'new reminder....' command now uses {{{<<newTiddler>>}}} macro.  Also, general code reduction/cleanup.
2008.03.08 2.7.0 in addModifiedsToPopup(), if a tiddler was created on the specified date, don't list it in the 'changed' section of the popup.  Based on a request from Kashgarinn
2008.01.31 2.6.0 refactored date style logic into separate setDateStyle() function so it can be overridden by a custom definition.  See [[DatePluginConfig]].
2008.01.11 2.5.0 added options to selectively suppress created/changes/tagged/reminders popup content 
2008.01.08 [*.*.*] plugin size reduction: documentation moved to DatePluginInfo
2007.11.21 2.4.0 added hasTagged() and addTaggedToPopup() to list any tiddlers that has been tagged using the title of the dated journal tiddler asa tag value (i.e., the tiddlers that will be listed in the standard "tagging" display when viewing the journal tiddler itself).  Based on a request from Coby.
2007.06.20 2.3.1 in onClickDatePopup(), use Popup.show() instead of deprecated ScrollToTiddlerPopup().  Fixes fatal error that prevents popups from being properly displayed
2007.05.31 2.3.0 list "created" tiddlers in date popup.  Also, force re-cache of created/modified indices when displaying current date and store.isDirty(), so that popup is kept in sync with tiddler changes.
2006.05.09 2.2.1 added "todaybg" handling to set background color of current date.  Also, honor excludeLists tag when getting lists of tiddlers.  Based on suggestions by Mark Hulme.
2006.05.05 2.2.0 added "linkedbg" handling to set background color when a 'dated tiddler' exists.  Based on a suggestion by Mark Hulme.
2006.03.08 2.1.2 add 'override leadtime' flag param in call to findTiddlersWithReminders(), and add "Enter a title" default text to new reminder handler.  Thanks to Jeremy Sheeley for these additional tweaks.
2006.03.06 2.1.0 hasReminders() nows uses window.reminderCacheForCalendar[] when present.  If calendar cache is not present, indexReminders() now uses findTiddlersWithReminders() with a 90-day look ahead to check for reminders.  Also, switched default background colors for autostyled dates: reminders are now greenish ("c0ffee") and holidays are now reddish ("ffaace").
2006.02.14 2.0.5 when readOnly is set (by TW core), omit "new reminders..." popup menu item and, if a "dated tiddler" does not already exist, display the date as simple text instead of a link.
2006.02.05 2.0.4 added var to variables that were unintentionally global.  Avoids FireFox crash bug when referencing global variables
2006.01.18 2.0.3 In 1.2.x the tiddler editor's text area control was given an element ID=("tiddlerBody"+title), so that it was easy to locate this field and programmatically modify its content.  With the addition of configuration templates in 2.x, the textarea no longer has an ID assigned.  To find this control we now look through all the child nodes of the tiddler editor to locate a "textarea" control where attribute("edit") equals "text", and then append the new reminder to the contents of that control.
2006.01.11 2.0.2 correct 'weekend' override detection logic in showDate()
2006.01.10 2.0.1 allow custom-defined weekend days (default defined in config.macros.date.weekend[] array)
added flag param to showDate() API to override internal weekend[] array
2005.12.27 2.0.0 Update for TW2.0
Added parameter handling for 'linkformat'
2005.12.21 1.2.2 FF's date.getYear() function returns 105 (for the current year, 2005).  When calculating a date value from Y M and D expressions, the plugin adds 1900 to the returned year value get the current year number.  But IE's date.getYear() already returns 2005.  As a result, plugin calculated date values on IE were incorrect (e.g., 3905 instead of 2005).  Adding +1900 is now conditional so the values will be correct on both browsers.
2005.11.07 1.2.1 added support for "tiddler" dynamic date parameter
2005.11.06 1.2.0 added support for "tiddler:title" dynamic date parameter
2005.11.03 1.1.2 when a reminder doesn't have a specified title parameter, use the title of the tiddler that contains the reminder as "fallback" text in the popup menu.  Based on a suggestion from BenjaminKudria.
2005.11.03 1.1.1 Temporarily bypass hasReminders() logic to avoid excessive overhead from generating the indexReminders() cache.  While reminders can still appear in the popup menu, they just won't be indicated by auto-styling the date number that is displayed.  This single change saves approx. 60% overhead (5 second delay reduced to under 2 seconds).
2005.11.01 1.1.0 corrected logic in hasModifieds() and hasReminders() so caching of indexed modifieds and reminders is done just once, as intended.  This should hopefully speed up calendar generators and other plugins that render multiple dates...
2005.10.31 1.0.1 documentation and code cleanup
2005.10.31 1.0.0 initial public release
2005.10.30 0.9.0 pre-release
If you actually want decent security while your luggage is checked, use a Pelican case and have a firearm in it. Starter pistols and flare guns count if you don't want to own a pistol, revolver, or long gun. Just declare that you are checking an unloaded firearm when you check in and you're allowed to use whatever lock you want. They check your bag before you lock it and it won't be randomly opened where you can't see them going through your stuff.
1. Ever since i was little, my primary way of relating to people was getting people to feel sorry for me. nobody wanted to connect to me otherwise, so doing or expressing things that would make someone feel sorry for me was the only way i could get serious human empathy. I still do it, and can’t stop. it’s not working anymore, but i can’t stop. 

cacy legnion Carson T. ClarkAli GrahamAli ConradAmy LedinAndrew DotyArden Cobb Christine CarrollDaniel Bogdan MachlowskiDavid 'Werewolf' CummingsEli BarthEric McFarlandGrishma SinghJack Davalos MitchellJack FrancisJames LottJason M DyeJoel SwanstromJoshua HornNathan HolzingerParmiss Nassiri SheijaniPatrick Patterson Patrick Middleton brian hanson ashtin

If you’re receiving this, you have been, or said, at some point or another, some of the best personal encouragement i have ever gotten. That may or may not come as a surprise to you, but right now, I could really use some encouragement right now. forgive me, this is long.

To bring you up to speed, the quick and dirty: It’s oversimplified, but shortly, it’s very difficult for me to internalize the idea that I’m a worthwhile person. At all. Correspondingly, it’s hard for me to internalize what people say when they tell me things which would assist in that process (which makes it very difficult to remember encouraging things people have said to me). I FEEL as though the world would be no worse if I were not here, and potentially better. My sensation of myself is that others must be tolerating me at best; enjoying me or my input is out of the question. I feel tremendously lonely, worthless, and hopeless about either a great deal of the time. They compound and make each other worse. I know these sensations are not in line with reality, but I often have a VERY difficult time remembering the specific realities that make them so. 

Right now, I don’t know why i feel so down, but I know I’m pretty down, and, considering how paralyzing this is, my pragmatic nature has decided, “alright, enough of this crap!” so, instead of sitting here in my pain, waiting for sleep to take me, I’m reaching out. See, whenever I am inclined to do something productive, like write an essay that I have wanted to write or people have asked me for, or even something like pray for someone in public, I find myself consumed with a sense that “i know what i am, and for everyone else’ sake, you’d best just stop” and so I get nothing done. 

My pragmatic nature is basically fed up with that at this point, and I’m reaching out to you who have encouraged me in ways that I have needed before, and I’m asking, with a pain-filled, quiet kind of desperation, for you to tell me what you find valuable or cherish-able about me. What do you enjoy about me? What would you like to see me (or think me capable to) accomplish or do, on a big scale or small (or any) scale? 

Even if you feel like you don’t know me well enough to give a good answer, I’d like you to try anyway. If you’d like to, but can’t do it right away or it would take a while, please let me know that you’ll send me something at some point. I’d like collected in one place the things i can and should remind myself when my sense of reality gets skewed. Forgive me if this seems selfish or anything. I need to do this or else i will not get it done, and i can’t let myself simply procrastinate it off to tomorrow. To everyone who received this message, thank you for the encouragement you’ve been to me, and please forgive me if asking for 
*Nature (hiking)
other.email=Alternate Email 2
business.email=Alternate Email 1
webpage=Personal Website
address=Home Address
city=Home City
state=Home State
postal=Home ZIP
country=Home Country
business.address=Work Address
business.city=Work City
business.state=Work State
business.postal=Work ZIP
business.country=Work Country
business.webpage=Business Website
unmapped=Middle,Nickname,Category,Distribution Lists,Messenger ID,Pager,Yahoo! Phone,Primary,Custom 1,Custom 2,Custom 3,Custom 4,Messenger ID1,Messenger ID2,Messenger ID3,Messenger ID4,Messenger ID5,Messenger ID6,Messenger ID7,Messenger ID8,Messenger ID9,Skype ID,IRC ID,ICQ ID,Google ID,MSN ID,AIM ID,QQ ID
<<timeline better:true sortBy:modified>>
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|generate a tabbed display for tiddlers with a specified set of tags|
<<tiddler ShowTabsForTags with: "tag tag ...">>
*''"tag tag..."''<br>is a space-separated list of tag values, ALL of which must be present on the tiddlers that are to be displayed.
{{{<<tiddler ShowTabsForTags with: package>>}}}
<<tiddler ShowTabsForTags##show with: package>>
{{left wrap{$1}}}
<<tiddler ShowTabsForTags##out with: {{
	var tags="$1".readBracketedList();
	// get matching tiddlers in date order (newest first) and add params to tabs macro output
	var out="";
	if (tags.length) {
		var tids=store.getTaggedTiddlers(tags[0],'modified').reverse();
		for (var t=0; t<tids.length; t++)
			if (tids[t].tags.containsAll(tags))
				out+='[[%0 ]] "view %0" [[%0]]'.format([tids[t].title]); 
	out.length?"<<tabs tabTabsForTags "+out+">\>"
		:"There are no tiddlers tagged with <<tag "+tags.join(">\> and <<tag ")+">\>";
%/<<tiddler {{var src='ShowTabsForTags'; src+(tiddler&&tiddler.title==src?'##info':'##show');}}
	with: [[$1]]>>
**look up 2 sample screenplays. 
**open all screenplay formatting docs
**review main points. 
**read prof's corrections.
**3 pages
**3 pages
**3 pages
**3 pages
**3 pages
*Meet W/ Prof moore about 
**The Semitic roots of the words I need.
**Baylor, Carson, University Abbey.
**Hebrew class
**The intersection of Theology and Biblical Studies. (paleo-orthodoxy vs. postfoundationalism)
*Citations for REL essay
*finish REL essay. 
*pick up meds?
*thursday foot apt.
I wanna make a kickstarter to create both some chess pieces and a good chess board. 

The Kickstarter for Pieces would be to make "Fairy" peices, and peices for [[Chess with different armies|http://www.chessvariants.org/d.betza/chessvar/cda/index.html]]  

*Index the pieces, 
**Go Through all the "Different Armies" pieces
**Go through any relevant [["Recognized" variants|http://www.chessvariants.org/rindex.html#variants]], like Shogi or its variants
*create designs 
**make visual charts to explain the pieces
**designs for pieces normally
**designs for modular pieces
**designs for pieces which tell you how they move by looking at it. 

The chess board would be expandable to 10X10? Also have a go board? 
It would record moves and entire games, and connect to a computer via usb.  
Built in timer that also includes 3-6 player timer. 
It can also remember piece type.
can offer play advice
can tell you if forced mate is possible in X number of moves. 
can save multiple unfinished games, and record who was playing them. 
remembers openings.

Maybe it's made of E-ink paper??
That way it could very quickly, easily take care of both the Go problem, and the pieces problem! 

So this e-ink chess set will have a touch screen. touch where the square it is coming from, then the square it is moving to. It will detect it, and change the peice that it is showing there. Or with a different option, simply record the move. 

it would have a repository of classic games that it can show you, or show you how to play it out.  

chess variants, open community for games that you can download onto it (community created in case they create something violating copyright.)

games: reversi, checkers, go, pente, chess variants, sudoku, Scrabble?, no stress chess, dominoes. yahtzee, chinese chess, arimaa,  Poker even (you tell it the cards that have come up. it will keep track of the dealer button, small blind, hand values (when revealed), keep track of the limits and bets (and side bets!) ), memory tiles, connect 4. tetris! Blockus 2 player. boggle, D&D board. even pong! Quarto,

If we can get color e-ink, oh man, the game possibilities go bonkers!

specially designed circular pieces for the e-ink board, so that pieces are not upside-down for one player. 

switch orientation of the board with a touch.

options for 4 player versions. (two boards can be linked for bughouse... and battle ship. and kriegspiel :) )

will randomize a chess960 setup for you, or allow you to create a custom setup. 

possiblities for handicaps? 

it's gonna be expensive, so come up with clever ways for people to put down a little money to get a discount later.
[[2010 and older Preaching]]
[[2011-2012 preaching]]
[[preaching goals]]
[[preaching ideas]]
To protect the floor of the cupboard, line it with parchment paper or rubber matting that can be replaced or cleaned as necessary.
!!Kitchen Cleaning Essentials
Baking soda
Fresh sponges and older used sponges for cleaning the oven
Glass cleaner
All-purpose household cleaner
Kitchen brushes (pot and pan scrubbers, bottlebrushes)
Microfiber cloths
Mild abrasive cleanser
Mild dishwashing liquid
Paper towels
Rubber gloves
Scouring pads: white nylon, the least abrasive (green nylon, which is more abrasive)
Soft clean white cloths
Stainless steel copper and aluminum cleaners and polish
White vinegar
Stain Cleaning Essentials
Cotton swabs
Dishwashing soap
Dull-edge knife
Enzyme detergent
Hydrogen peroxide
Isopropyl alcohol
Mineral oil (or petroleum jelly)
Oil solvent (or mineral spirits)
Powdered non-chlorinated color-safe bleach (sodium percarbonate)
Soft-bristle brush
Spray bottle
White vinegar

cleaning products
baking soda
barkeepers friend
caldrea all purpose cleaner
dish soap
dishwasher detergent
glass cleaner
murphy’s oil soap

!!· Air freshener
· Bathroom cleaner
· Bleach / Detergent
· Dish / Dishwasher soap
· Garbage bags
· Glass cleaner
· Mop head / Vacuum bags
· Sponges / Scrubbers
Metaphor (Nooma like video projects.)
Narrative (screenplay/movie project)
Language (greek, hebrew, chinese (search out stuff w/ Joel, including river/water/boat metaphors), effects of language on all the others)

Love is about Grace. The difference between types of love is the type of graces shared (or desired to be shared) by the lover and lovee. 
|--Taxes-- | --1 hour--|
|--5th ART paper--| --''3 hour''--|
|--Final Essay topic--| --20 min--|
|--1 Stanley-- | --45 min--|
|--2 Stanley--| --45 min--|
|--3 Stanley--| --45 min hour--|
|--1 Bible--|--45 min--|
|--2 Bible--|--45 min--|
|--3 Bible--|--45 min--|
|--Email the abstracts--| --10 minutes--|
|--OT online stuff--| --1 hour--|
|phone return stuff (battery, returned phone, new phone?)| 20 min|
|Total| 11 hour|
Leo Staley
Ritual Symbol and Myth
With Professor Chad Haines 

Ritual is, roughly speaking, those actions that an individual or group does habitually, and which they either hold very emotionally close or regard as very important for the group’s cohesion, or both. It has a close relationship to ceremony, which is an event which carries similar symbolic, emotional and community importance, but is performed less often, usually one-time events. 

Symbols are images, actions, musics, or even texts that point to something else, to bring to mind something bigger and more important which the symbol “looks” like. Symbols are often the focus of ritual, taken from myths. 

Myths are the stories groups tell themselves to do a number of things, from providing explanation and meaning to things in life, to (in the very telling) telling the hearers what is important. because narrative is one of the primary ways that we as people understand anything, myth is overlaid over dozens of different subjects and topics, and even within a culture, are often contradictory to one another at the surface. Myth does not mean legendary or untrue. A community can adopt a true story to function as a myth, and many do this even unconsciously. 

I’m taking this class because I love this subject. Never-mind that it is required my major- It’s my major because I love this subject! I’m interested in knowing how all of these things function, and how to understand them better, and heck, even use them better, within my own tradition. While my own tradition is that of Evangelical Christianity, being raised in about five different denominations by the time I graduated high school, including non-denominational, I currently identify with what is being called “Emergent” Christanity. it shares many common traits with typical evangelical Christianity, but is distinctively more Post-Modern, and typically more open and educated, while retaining most of Christianity’s distinctive and doctrines, even if heavily modified and understood differently. For example, in Emergent Christianity, you are likely to find an emphasis on what is called “Narrative Theology” which roughly states that the best way to understand God is not through Theology as typically done, by defining his characteristics and attributes, but understanding him, and especially ourselves, as characters in a narrative. This also strongly affects the way doctrine is approached as well. An Emergent will come to many similar conclusions as a standard Protestant, but with many profound and subtle differences. these differences, then of course will lead to vastly different conclusions on other things, like aims and methodology. That is the faith tradition which I am a part of. 
|>| !IMX Docs and Teresa's "Shape" stuff|
|Content summary | value, aesthetic, economic, individualistic, political, altruistic, regulatory, theoretical |
|Types|  |
|Categorys | |
|Project(s)| |
|Interest| |
|Topic | |
|Action required? | yes |
|do date | |
|Frequency | |
|Priority | |
|Completion status| |
|Motivator | |
|Associated Person/Relationship | Henry |
|Location | |
|Tools Required | |
|Deffered status? | Waiting on/Delayed until...? |
|Estimated time/energy | |
|To Learn/Review | |
|Valuable? | |
|Various| personal development, motivation, rewards, |


Our Father in Heaven
Hallowed be your name
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our sins
As we forgive those who sin against us
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from Evil
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me, a sinner
Almighty Father, maker of heaven and earth, set up your kingdom in our midst
Holy Spirit, Breath of the Living God, renew me, and all the world. 

Praise and thanks:
Father in Heaven, 
Holy is your name
Thank you for beginning to bring your kingdom
Thank you that your will is good
Thank you for Earth and for Heaven
Thank you for the bread you have given today
Thank you for forgiving our sins
Better than we have forgiven those who sin against us
Thank you for leading us out of temptation and trial,
And delivering us from the Evil one
For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory,
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, thank you for your love, and all love
Almighty Father, Maker of Heaven and earth, thank you for all the goodness in  heaven and earth.
Holy Spirit Breath of the Living God, Thank you for moving and acting here, in all the ways you do.

chaplet of divine mercy

"Thou didst expire, Lord Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls, and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty Thyself out upon us."
(3 times) "O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in Thee!"
Pray the Our Father.
Pray the jesus prayer
Recite the Apostles' Creed.
On the large bead before each of the five decades (set of ten prayers):
"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Thy Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world."

On each small bead:
"For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world."

After five decades, conclude by saying three times:
"Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world."

concluding prayers:
"Eternal God, in Whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Thy mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Thy holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen."

I am Lost, find me. Help me to find others who are lost. Thank you for finding me.
I am wandering, guide me, help me guide others who wander. Thank you for guiding me.
I am sick, heal me. Help me to heal others who are sick. Thank you for healing me. 
I am filthy, clean me, help me to bring purity to others who are filthy like me. thank you for cleaning me.
i am guilty, forgive me. help me forgive others who have sinned against me. thank you for forgiving me
i am scared, hold me. help me hold others who are scared. thank you for holding me.

This Tiddler will give you an idea of the various components involved in [[twab]] and how they interact.  This will allow you to tweak [[twab]] beyond the options described in [[About:twab:Tweaks]].  If you are interested in importing your contacts, please see the [[About:twab:Import]] tiddler.

The internal representation of each contact is stored in a format readable by DataTiddlerPlugin provided by [[Udo Borkowski|http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de/#DataTiddlerPlugin]] (Thanks Udo!).  So if you double-click to edit any of your contacts you'll see nothing more than a string representation of the contact's information.  I recommend avoiding direct edits to this string.

The storage, retrieval, and rendering of this string is managed by FormTiddlerPlugin.  FormTiddlerPlugin will transform the data for each contact into a tabbed interface looking like ContactsFormTemplate.  The PartTiddlerPlugin is used to consolidate the tabbed template source code into one Tiddler instead of requiring one Tiddler per tab (thanks again Udo!). 

The HTML representation of the tabs is stored in TwabTabParts.  You'll notice the name of the form elements in this Tiddler match the names of the values in the string representation of the contact's data when you double click a contact's Tiddler.  This should give you a clue as to how to customize or extend [[twab]] if you so wanted.

Once your contacts are safely tucked inside your Tiddly, you can slice and dice them using the cool ForEachTiddlerPlugin (Udo!) to do things like show EmailsOnly.

[[Websites to Build]]
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I want some habits for themselves, some skills for themselves and some "objects" for themselves (that is, for the joy gained from them, and the ability they give me to spread joy)
I want some of them because they are means to other goals.

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This was a fad back in early 2009. I decided to go super deep on it.

Leo Staley:

I'm a bizarre chap, with an intense, often irritating and (hopefully) endearing personality.

I'm a Christian, and I'm deeply concerned with being as intelligent and educated as I can, and I believe that to be a moral imperative, especially for Christians, and esspecially in the areas of religion, psychology, and biblical contexts.

I'm a Christian and I've also also experienced some pretty intense emotional pain in my life, and I believe in being emotionally responsible in ways that the church, and our society at large is not (more on that later).

I'm a Christian, and I long to know God himself ever better, to taste of his presence and lovingkindness, ever deeper, and I am grieved that this zeal is as absent in the church as it seems to be.

I'm a Christian and I seek to be morally, and in every other way, transformed by the breaking in of God's Kingdom into my life, and the whole world. I think that I, and all Christians should strive toward making his Kingdom a reality for all the neighbors and impoverished and marginalized in this world.

Because I think it accurately captures me, I think that I shall also post my "25 things about me" on my facebook. You may not want to read this because it's pretty deep. Too deep.

1. I recently found out that I am 5'11" 1/2, not 6' as I had always thought. This depressed the hell out of me.
2. I can sometimes have a psychopathic imagination, thinking up cruel, terrible things, but I could never do them because of A) Jesus, my savior, and B) my ridiculously compassionate side.
3. I have a ridiculously compassionate side, and I feel people's pains and joys with them easily and eagerly.
4. I'm *ruthlessly honest*, and can hurt people's feelings, or hurt my reputation/image because I say whatever i truly think or feel. I believe everyone should be ruthlessly honest- to that point.
5. If I ever go back on something I said before, it's usually because I didn't realize then what I realize now.
6. I am obsessed with healing relationships i've had that have gone awry, because they're so important to me.
7. Apparently I have a gene which prevents well adjusted girls from having feelings for me. This is the saddest item on this list.
8. My two greatest fears are being a fake/hypocrite and being forgotten. I tend to trade relief of one at the cost of experiencing the other.
9. If you knew more about number 8 you would know almost every important thing about me.
10. I have a pretty weird sense of humor which changes regularly. Sometimes it's puns and wordplays, others it's dark humor, other times it's slapstick, other times it's a british humor, other times it's stuff that only i get... etc.
11. I have really really really bad ADHD, and can't concentr
12. I like starcraft, 90's cartoons like Animaniacs and Freakazoid, 90's music and Lion King, party video games, out doors, children (normally, I'd rather sit at the kids table at thanksgiving/christmas dinners)
13. I also enjoy nsync, backstreet boys, early Christina Aguilera, and pretty much a lot of embarrassing music. Just like Cacy. That weirdo.
14. I love writing short stories when I can concentrate on them.
15. Jesus loves me more than I can understand
16. When I really discovered #15, it flipped a switch in my head/heart, and now I throw my hands in the air during  praise/worship singing, I throw them like I just don't care.
17. I hold a lot of uncommon/unpopular view points, but I hate debating.
18. On the other hand, I believe that correct doctrine IS important, so I get sucked in pretty often.
19. I believe in having an (1)emotionally mature, (2)ruthlessly intellectually rigorous, (3)spiritually satisfying, (4) real-world-changing relationship with God,
20. The only one of those that I even approach competence at on that is number two, but by the grace of God, i'm working on the rest.
21. I believe that the Bible is both a VERY human set of documents, and a VERY divine set of documents, and ought to be viewed as scripture in light of both.
22. I read a lot of literature about the Bible and religion and Christianity, often times more than the Bible itself...
23. I dream about being a pastor/evangelist, and speaking to lots of people about the revolutionary love of God.
24. It is extremely hard for me to self-motivate, but when I have people or deadlines motivating me, I can be a force to reckon with.
25. this is number 25
Okay, first thing I noticed was the packaging. Strange quirk that it's hard to open the card boxes. 
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Leo Staley
Final Exam, Intro to Jewish Civilization
Hava Samuelson

Questions 1 and 2. I have put the answers to both questions together because it seemed to make the most sense to me.
There were multiple sides on the question of Jewish emancipation. First, what is the Emancipation of the Jews? Put over-simply, it was the official, legal recognition by the governing state of the Jews as being equal with the general populace. It allowed (and often forced) Jews to not live in Ghettos any longer, (theoretically) allowing for Jews to interact with public life in all areas such as commerce, politics, economics, education, philosophy, military, journalism, science, medicine, entertainment, and more.  It was granted piecemeal in some places, and in stages at different points in history, spanning from the emancipation of Sephardic Jews in France in 1791 during the French revolution, to the emancipation of Jews in Russia in 1917, toward the end of the First World War The earliest Non-Jewish expression of a desire to publicly count the Jews as equal to all other citizens is probably John Toland’s tract, “Reasons for Naturalizing the Jews in Great Britain and Ireland on the Same Foot with All Nations,” printed in 1714. Over the next 80-200 years, the question of what the Western World ought to do about the Jewish situation; one of separateness and seclusion from, and oppression by, the European powers was engaged vigorously, eventually leading to “Emancipation” in every country.
It is impossible to discuss either the causes of the emancipation or the reaction of Jewry toward the emancipation without discussion of modernity because in some sense, the Emancipation WAS modernity, (as it encroached upon Jewry). The reactions of the newly modern Gentile world (birthed by the ideals of the Enlightenment) to the Jews must be discussed in tandem with the Jewish response to that modernism. To do this I will discuss each major concept of modernity in turn, how it affected the emancipation, and the Jewish reactions to it. The key ideas here were the ideals of the enlightenment, and when confronted with Jewish otherness, both from the inside and from the outside, produced a variety of responses, not simply a monolithic, ubiquitous attitude. The thinkers of the Enlightenment had as much variety, if not more, than the Jewish reactions to it, and consequently there was much disagreement, but most of the questions could be understood as centering around 4 concepts, as I understand it.  
1) Primacy of Reason in all things, specifically skepticism toward dogma and faith. The way in which 18th century thinkers focused on reason above all else led to the other 3 issues, but one of the most significant points about the primacy of reason above dogma and tradition was the question of how Jews themselves would respond to that it in regards to their stance on their own Bible. The Haskala, which was the term for the enlightenment in the religious Jewish sector, responded favorably toward the concepts of modernism, and therefore the emancipation. It adopted the same sort conclusions of scientific historical criticism of the Bible  (and more so Rabbinic authority) that the enlightenment’s skepticism toward dogma required, but still managed to regard the Bible as in some way (though far less than the Orthodox) authoritative. Only parts of the Bible could apply to modern life. Consequently, their attitudes toward prayer, kosher food, and nationalism emulated the culture at large. At the other end of the spectrum on this perspective on Scientific reasoning was the burgeoning Orthodox movement, which, like the Haskala, and the Reform Judaism which it produced, could not help but acknowledge modern scholarship, but, instead of accepting the criticism which it made, it attempted to use it in defense of the Bible and Rabbinic authority. Samson Hirsch, the founding thinker of Orthodoxy was a prime example of this simultaneous acceptance of and rejection of Historical criticism and Biblical/Rabbinic Authority. It attempted to reject as strongly as possible the trajectory that Modernism seemed to send Judaism on, and so in this sense, was against the Emancipation, which demanded that all Jews come along for the ride of progress which the Enlightenment had put the Western world on. Both Reform and Orthodox recognized the changing world provided by the Emancipation, and reacted in nearly opposite ways to it, the Orthodox voluntarily secluding themselves away from the world once again, and the Reform by accepting wholesale every Ideal therein.  
2) Individualism, based on the fundamental concept of the Enlightenment that all human beings are created equal. As regards the Emancipation itself, the discussion in this area included whether they were actual human beings, and whether they were of the same quality of human beings as the rest of society, capable of improvement from their perceived inferiority. Strangely to our sensibilities today, the question had to seriously be discussed as to whether Jews actually WERE the same kind of beings as actual humans. The Jews needed to be fully human in order to deserve the basic human rights owed to all humans. Most of the central obstacles to Emancipation were of this kind. Renowned German Author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe demonstrated genuine surprise that Jews in the ghetto that he visited in Frankfurt were actually human beings. He expected some creature resembling humans although lesser, but found hospitality and deep humanity. This idea seems painfully obvious to us today, but was truly novel, after having the Catholic insistence on the Jewish inferiority drilled into the mind of every subject for over a millennium and a half. This was compounded by several things, such as some early scientific conclusions that Jews actually were different physically, and the assertion that they couldn’t fit in even if they abandoned their Jewish distinctives because that would simply undermine their moral credibility. Eventually though, the conclusions of educated Europe were that Jews were indeed human just like everybody else, and the old religious dogmas about them needed to be abandoned in favor of reason.
Once they were recognized as human beings, the reality of their collective identity needed to be addressed, and was decisively agreed upon as unacceptable. The line from Count Stanislas de Clermont-Tonnerre spoken in the French National Assembly, “The Jews should be denied everything as a nation, but granted everything as individuals” sums the issue nicely. The power that the collective “Jews” could wield was unacceptable in light of the new state of France, and granting civil rights to all humans was the most consistent and logical path, so once kinks had been worked out with individual communities, France not only allowed the Jews to reject their community and join French society, but demanded it. Compounded by the other features of modernity, the emancipation sought to turn individual Jews into just that, individuals, instead of as the collective, “The Jew.”
The example of Spinoza is helpful here, one of the ground-layers for the Enlightenment itself. Having been a Jew who essentially willingly forewent everything about being Jewish in favor of rationalism (rejected by Jews, but embraced by the intelligentsia), I suspect (I don’t have much access to the main historical sources, so this is just my hypothesis) that he would have been touted by pro-Emancipation thinkers as the example of what would happen to the Jews en masse once the world stopped secluding them and started recognizing their individuality. Tear down the walls that keep them all together as one, and they will each individually adopt the way of life of rationally thinking Europeans, becoming indistinguishable from the rest of the world. In this way, the Emancipation of the Jews sought to eliminate Jewry, but not maliciously; rather, generously, for, to an enlightenment thinker, to help someone become rational is the greatest gift you can give him.
        	This failed on a number of counts, for both sets of reactions to the emancipation, broadly speaking, the movements which turned into Orthodoxy, and Reform Judaism, respectively, both managed to maintain a Jewish collective identity, Orthodoxy, for mostly rejecting the invitation to assimilate, and Reform Judaism, by accepting the invitation too vigorously. Orthodox Jews understood their traditions and distinctiveness from the Goyim as definitive to their identity as Jews, which they were utterly unwilling to let go of. In response to the metaphorical tearing down of the walls of the Ghettos, the Orthodox metaphorically rebuilt them, holding more closely to Rabbinic tradition and authority than ever before, institutionalizing creative ways to do so in the face of the changing world, and forming extremely tight knit communities which mirrored in some ways the actual ghettos in which they were formerly required to live. While the Orthodox may have appreciated the sentiment of equality, they were opposed to the assimilation required by aims of the emancipation. Reform Judaism, on the other hand, saw great value in becoming like the rest of the changing world, and adopted the Enlightenment’s view on progress, individual rights, reason, citizenship within the state, and so on. It adopted them so thoroughly and efficiently that they soon became targets of newly forming modern anti-Semitism, which both resented, and was suspicious of their success in the new world. Not everyone wanted the new world based on enlightenment ideals, especially the underclasses of society which were not benefiting from it very much. The Reform Jew, as a result of his embrace of the Emancipation, in Germany became more German, more nationalistic and often, more successful than the common German, but so became visible as one of the prime beneficiaries of it. Indeed, after Emancipation, Reformed Jews were at the forefront of in every area of progress, reason, individualism and nationalism, as well as most other modern innovations like newspapers, capitalism and more.

3) Progress (and the idea that people can improve). The key issue here was not simply that the Jews were distinct and other, but pitiably so. The Jew was only inferior (in whatever way was being discussed at the time, be it moral, economic, or what-have-you) because they had been treated badly, and as soon as they were treated well, the Jew would respond in kind, and peace could thereby be achieved. This part of the idea of progress was one of the key factors in the discussion of the individuality and humanity of Jews. The Jews may be inferior, but they could improve themselves.
Further adding to the discussion of progress was the, social, scientific, technological, and economic progress that was actually being made in the world at large as a result of Enlightenment Modernity. A middle class was forming, scientific inquiry was solidifying itself as an irrefutable route to knowledge, giving the world new technologies and discoveries at an increasing pace, nations were consolidating power in ways previously unimagined. The entire world was changing, and the story being told about that change was one of progress toward a more perfect world ruled by human reason. The world is moving somewhere, somewhere good, and the Jews need to get on board. The increasing presence of Reason and Individual rights was demonstrative proof of the progress that mankind was making, away from stifling religious dogma, and toward an ideal world. The Emancipation of the Jews would have been regarded, under this feature of Enlightenment thinking as an irresistible invitation to get on board with this movement. The only thing stopping them from doing so is the fact that they are not recognized as equal, so the solution is emancipation.
This picture of the world was something that the Reform Jews could indeed get on board with, and in fact managed to be at the crest of the wave in countless areas of progress and modern culture, once again, from areas as diverse as banking and commerce, to music and theatre, to politics and news media, and almost ever where in between. Reform Jews believed that they were to progress beyond the useless and backwards portions of the Bible and adopt modern morals and religious practices. Orthodox Judaism, by contrast, had a focus on the past, not the future, and any thought of change for the future was viewed Messianically, being brought about not by progressive change over time, but momentously and abruptly. There will be a clear line between this age and the age to come, and it is not achieved gradual change.
Though, even religiously, not all “progress” was avoided. The Reformed and Orthodox Jews alike, although uncharacteristically of the Orthodox, adopted new religious rituals and accoutrement's, such as new prayer books, and even taking cues from the Christians by implementing organs for music and building cathedrals to show the outside world of their status.
4) Citizenship in a modern state was a key concept in the process of the Emancipation, and was one of the most visible features of that “ride of progress” mentioned above. The very concept of citizenship was new, and based in the ideal of individualism, but I would contend was more about a retained collectivism based on new nationalism and patriotism. The key issue was that Jews were distinct and other, as a community, which could not be tolerated when loyalty to the state was now such an overwhelming ideal. Johann Gottlieb Fichte, even though he was in favor of granting human rights to Jews, understood the difficulty of the existence of a community within the state whose loyalties were not to the state first, but to the community itself, and even, probably sarcastically, suggested removing the heads of every Jew and replacing it with a normal one to solve the problem.
The problem was recognized most cognizantly by Napoleon, who convened “An Assembly of Jewish Notables” to decide once and for all what place Jews could have in France, and posed 12 questions to the most notable authorities of Jewish communities. These questions, such as, “In the eyes of Jews are Frenchmen considered brethren or strangers?”, “Does Jewish law forbid Jews taking usury from their brethren?” and “Do Jews born in France, and treated by the law as French citizens, consider France their country, and are they bound to defend it and obey its laws?” sought to address key concerns regarding the loyalty that a Jew could conceivably have toward the state. Whether or not a Jew could serve in the army (considering the Sabbath and Kosher complications of such a situation), was enormously pressing, and the goodwill of Jews toward all fellow citizens had to be unequivocally affirmed.
Although Reform Jews would have had very few problems with answering the questions agreeably, Orthodox Rabbis had to give clever answers to some of them, and this tension later gave rise to early forms of Zionism. This early Zionism embraced by more traditional Jews was emblematic of their awareness that they were a “state within a state” and prompted Jews to publicly discuss a way to make a new state, simply for the Jews, to eliminate the conflict between loyalty to the traditions of Judaism and loyalty to the governing state. Early Reform Jews rejected such Zionism, feeling that there was no need for such conflicted loyalty, since they rejected those traditions. Later Reform Jews adopted Zionism, after recognizing an increasing modern-anti-Semitism which no amount of assimilation could solve, yet later Orthodox Jews began abandoning it in favor of a messianic understanding that God himself would solve the problem, and the Jews ought not take control of Israel themselves. They saw themselves as in exile imposed by God himself, and it was their place to remain as outsiders living among the nations until God himself would send a messiah to rescue them. I think they may also have recognized that creating a “nation” for themselves was in conflict with their traditionalist goals, because the very idea of a “nation” was a result of modernism, but I may be reading too much into it.  
These four concepts at the center of Modernity, Citizenship in the State, Individualism, Reason, and Progress, help us understand not only the causes of the Emancipation of the Jews, but also give us a matrix to understand their reactions to it. It should be kept in mind however, that even so, as the reader may have noticed, many of the issues interact with each other at several points, and this is more true than the above discussion reveals. All of them are so closely interwoven to one another that to distinguish them as has been done here runs the risk of drastic over-simplification. The issues leading up to and resultant from the Emancipation of the Jews are complex and deeply inter-related, but one final salient point to be made was that the Emancipation was the result of a more secular, non-religious persuasion among the educated of Europe. No longer were Jews primarily bad because they were Christ-killers, but rather because of bad treatment and (to be anachronistic) “unpatriotic” collectivism, and these were things that a Jew could improve upon. Moreover, this social move from religious to secular was reflected in the Jewish responses to the Emancipation themselves, with the Reformed branch accepting an increasing amount of secularism’s way of seeing the world, and the Orthodox branch basically rejecting it in favor of a distinctly and deliberately religious way of being in the world.

1. Discuss and explain the policies of Napoleon toward the Jews.
        	While Napoleon’s attitude toward the Jews was pragmatic and often opportunistic, he was genuinely interested in both understanding them better, and ensuring them the same civil rights that most people enjoyed. During his conquests, he made sure to emancipate the Jews in the conquered countries, just as they had been a few years before in France. His conquests provided for the emancipation of Jews in Holland, in 1796, Italy in 1796-98, and western Germany in 1797. In keeping with the Enlightenment ideals of the revolution which he was leading, he set about to educate himself about the Jews first hand, by directly asking the leading Jewish figures to convene and answer questions about their perspective on their relation to the French. There were twelve questions asked whose answers would determine Napoleon’s political attitude toward the Jews. 15 years after their Emancipation, these questions were: 1. is it lawful for Jews to marry more than one wife? 2. Is divorce allowed by the Jewish religion? 3. Can Jews and Christians marry? 4. In the eyes of Jews are the Frenchmen considered brethren or strangers? 5. What conduct does Jewish law prescribe toward Frenchmen not of their religion? 6. Do Jews born in France and treated by the law as French citizens, consider France their country, and are thy bound to defend it and obey its laws? 7. Who names the rabbis? 8. What kind of police jurisdiction do the rabbis have among the Jews? 9. Are the forms of election of the rabbis and the police jurisdiction regulated by Jewish law, or are they only sanctioned by custom? 10. Are there professions from which Jews are excluded by their law? 11. Does Jewish law forbid Jews taking usury from their brethren? 12. Does it forbid or allow usury toward strangers?
        	Each of these questions was meant to discover how amenable the Jews were toward the policies Napoleon intended to apply unilaterally, irrespective of religious difference. Napoleon was satisfied that French Jews were Loyal Frenchmen, and for the most part afforded them more rights than they had seen before. In fact, quite shrewdly, he gave them so much that they began to see him in messianic terms, and support him with messianic fervor. The main gift he gave them which caused this was the introduction of a Grand Sanhedrin, supporting the idea that he was an instrument of God to finally liberate the Jews. Its rulings carefully crafted a Framework for Jews that would demand that they respect the French government as much as they would have been required to respect ancient Israel’s government.
        	Napoleon was, for the most part, a significant force for freedom and emancipation for the Jews, although, he did issue what later came to be known as the Infamous Decrees which, contrary to the spirit of the French Revolution and the Enlightenment which caused it, imposed unique restrictions on the Jews, limiting their residence rights and putting a hold lasting ten years on all debts owed to them.

3. What are the major stages of the Israeli-Arab Conflict?
        	In 1917, the Balfour Declaration is made by the British Government, stating its intent to help create a Jewish home in Palestine. Over the next several years, especially in the years leading up to the holocaust, several waves of emigrations to Palestine occurred, called Aliyahs, and were assisted by the British government. Every increase in Jewish population in Palestine agitated the native Arab population, who were uncomfortable with the influx of Jews. The First Aliyah was from 1881- 1904 from Russia and Romania. The Second Aliyah was from 1903-1914, also largely from Russia. The Third Aliyah was from 1919-1923. The Fourth Aliyah was from 1924-1929, and unlike those before, which were mostly poor Jews, included middle class Jews, who were fleeing the economic crisis in Poland. The Fifth Aaliyah was between 1929 and 1939, and composed primarily of German Jews fleeing pre-war Nazi Germany. The interwar period brought increased tensions, including protests and riots with dozens of deaths. Finally, in 1937, the British Peel Commission suggests what will later be known as a two state solution, partitioning the Palestine territory between the Jews and the Arabs. The Arabs rejected it wholesale, while the Jewish reaction to it was mixed. WWII put much of the dispute on hold, and then conflicts between Arabs and Jews renewed once Jewish Holocaust survivors began immigrating. On May 14, 1948, Jewish leadership in Palestine declared independence, followed by the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, also known as the War of Independence, defending and acquiring territory from surrounding Arab nations. In 1967, Israel won the Six Day War, a war of aggression against Egypt, Jordan and Syria, in which they one significant land gains, and garnered international Jewish support.  In 1973 was the Yom Kippur war, and the losses incurred destroyed Israel’s former sense of invincibility. The next major conflict was in 1982, the Lebanon war, in which Israel Attacked Lebanon to gain control of the West Bank. The next major conflicts were the Intifadas, the first going from 1987-1991, and the second being from 2000-2006, and they were both wars of rebellion by the Arab Palestinians residing in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in an effort to “shake off” (the meaning of the word Intifada) the Israeli authority.


1. Hasidism was founded by Israel ben Eliezer, also known as Ba’al Shem Tov in the early to mid 18th century, led after his death by Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezerich. It later contributed in large part to later ultra-Orthodox Jewish population, as it is characterized by very careful observation of the law typically found in Ultra-Orthodox tradition, as well as asceticism, and mystical spirituality. Later Hasidism ceased an emphasis on asceticism. Its mysticism shares many things in common with Kabala, while maintaining several distinctions. Despite its focus on adherence to the Torah, it is more of an umbrella term, and was particularly adept at allowing for a plurality of Judaisms, which accounts for its longevity. It was a rejection of modernity, and sought Identity as Jews by looking to the past and to religious experience.

5. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a document created by the Russian secret police in the late 1890’s, presenting itself as a leaked manifesto of an elite Jewish conspiracy to take over the world and promote (often contradictory) ideals of modernity such as capitalism, Marxism, and anarchism. Aside from Mien Kamph, it is probably the most defining anti-Semitic document of modern times, and in fact was used as fuel for the fire of the anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany. It enjoys modern success despite having been demonstrated conclusively to have been fabricated, having directly plagiarized other works.

7. The Balfour Declaration was the statement of intent by the British War Cabinet of World War I for the British Government to support Zionism, and specifically, support and pursue the Establishment of Palestine as the Jewish state. With Allied Victory in World War I putting Palestine under British rule, this became a realistic possibility. It was one of the decisive moments in securing the existence of a Zionist state, and its terms called for Britain to assist Jews immigrating to Palestine, even before the state existed.

8. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a revolt by the Jews living in the Warsaw Ghetto in April 1943 against the Nazis who were starving them to death and making mass deportations to death camps. It was the largest Ghetto revolt, and was even partially successful for 3 weeks, requiring the Nazis to pull in reinforcements to suppress it. It was significant in that it was an armed revolt, with Molotov cocktails and even pistols included in the Jewish arsenal. Ultimately, it was unsuccessful, and the inhabitants of the Warsaw ghetto were annihilated on May 16 1943.

9. The Law of Return was a law passed in Israel in 1950, which allowed any Jew to emigrate to Israel and become a citizen. It was created because without it, the population of Jews within the new state would not have permitted it to survive long. There were not many restrictions on whom the law applied to, and was later expanded to include not just religious Jews and ethnic Jews born to Jewish mothers, but also people whose fathers and paternal grandfathers were Jewish. It is integral to the continued Jewish population in Israel in the face of increasing Arab birthrates.
I want to enjoy and increase the joy of God, my neighbor, and myself, with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I will be intentional about seeking these joys and relentlessly pursue who God created me to be. God please help me to remember and to do.


This is the purpose of my whole life, and any obstacle to it can be overcome somehow. I will be intentional about any obstacle to these joys, whether sins or trials, whether from within me or against me. God please help me to remember and to do.
*brush teeth, be clean
* eat/ cook breakfast (cook/eat/shop better)
* Exercise
*keep hosue clean
*read Bible, Memorize,
*read devotionally
*write fiction
*intentionally spend time with people (use, remember people's names)
*intentionally remember/tell stories
|To increase the Joy|
#sometimes this means sacrificing a present joy for a better future joy/health
#sometimes this means going through pain
#sometimes this is hard
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use a custom label and tooltip: 
content automatically blockquoted: 
all options (except cookie) //(default open, heading, sized floater, transient, open on hover, class, label/tooltip/key, blockquoted, deferred)//
++++!!!^30em^*@{{big{[label=Z|click or press Alt-Z to open]}}}>...
++++!!!^30em^*@{{big{[label=Z|click or press Alt-Z to open]}}}>...
complex nesting example:
+++[get info...=I|click for information or press Alt-I]
	put some general information here,
	plus a floating panel with more specific info:
	+++^10em^[view details...|click for details]
		put some detail here, which could in turn contain a transient panel,
		perhaps with a +++^25em^*[glossary definition]explaining technical terms===
+++[get info...=I|click for information or press Alt-I]
	put some general information here,
	plus a floating panel with more specific info:
	+++^10em^[view details...|click for details]
		put some detail here, which could in turn contain a transient panel,
		perhaps with a +++^25em^*[glossary definition]explaining technical terms===
embedded image as slider button
+++[<img src=images/eric3.gif>|click me!]>
+++[<img src=images/eric3.gif>|click me!]>
<<option chkFloatingSlidersAnimate>> allow floating sliders to animate when opening/closing
>Note: This setting can cause 'clipping' problems in some versions of InternetExplorer.
>In addition, for floating slider animation to occur you must also allow animation in general (see [[AdvancedOptions]]).
2008.11.15 - 2.4.9 in adjustNestedSlider(), don't make adjustments if panel is marked as 'undocked' (CSS class).  In onClickNestedSlider(), SHIFT-CLICK docks panel (see [[MoveablePanelPlugin]])
|please see [[NestedSlidersPluginInfo]] for additional revision details|
2005.11.03 - 1.0.0 initial public release.  Thanks to RodneyGomes, GeoffSlocock, and PaulPetterson for suggestions and experiments.
version.extensions.NestedSlidersPlugin= {major: 2, minor: 4, revision: 9, date: new Date(2008,11,15)};

// options for deferred rendering of sliders that are not initially displayed
if (config.options.chkFloatingSlidersAnimate===undefined)
	config.options.chkFloatingSlidersAnimate=false; // avoid clipping problems in IE

// default styles for 'floating' class
setStylesheet(".floatingPanel { position:absolute; z-index:10; padding:0.5em; margin:0em; \
	background-color:#eee; color:#000; border:1px solid #000; text-align:left; }","floatingPanelStylesheet");

// if removeCookie() function is not defined by TW core, define it here.
if (window.removeCookie===undefined) {
	window.removeCookie=function(name) {
		document.cookie = name+'=; expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 UTC; path=/;'; 

config.formatters.push( {
	name: "nestedSliders",
	match: "\\n?\\+{3}",
	terminator: "\\s*\\={3}\\n?",
	lookahead: "\\n?\\+{3}(\\+)?(\\([^\\)]*\\))?(\\!*)?(\\^(?:[^\\^\\*\\@\\[\\>]*\\^)?)?(\\*)?(\\@)?(?:\\{\\{([\\w]+[\\s\\w]*)\\{)?(\\[[^\\]]*\\])?(\\[[^\\]]*\\])?(?:\\}{3})?(\\#[^:]*\\:)?(\\>)?(\\.\\.\\.)?\\s*",
	handler: function(w)
			lookaheadRegExp = new RegExp(this.lookahead,"mg");
			lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
			var lookaheadMatch = lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source)
			if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart)
				var defopen=lookaheadMatch[1];
				var cookiename=lookaheadMatch[2];
				var header=lookaheadMatch[3];
				var panelwidth=lookaheadMatch[4];
				var transient=lookaheadMatch[5];
				var hover=lookaheadMatch[6];
				var buttonClass=lookaheadMatch[7];
				var label=lookaheadMatch[8];
				var openlabel=lookaheadMatch[9];
				var panelID=lookaheadMatch[10];
				var blockquote=lookaheadMatch[11];
				var deferred=lookaheadMatch[12];

				// location for rendering button and panel
				var place=w.output;

				// default to closed, no cookie, no accesskey, no alternate text/tip
				var show="none"; var cookie=""; var key="";
				var closedtext=">"; var closedtip="";
				var openedtext="<"; var openedtip="";

				// extra "+", default to open
				if (defopen) show="block";

				// cookie, use saved open/closed state
				if (cookiename) {
					if (config.options[cookie]==undefined)
						{ config.options[cookie] = (show=="block") }

				// parse label/tooltip/accesskey: [label=X|tooltip]
				if (label) {
					var parts=label.trim().slice(1,-1).split("|");
					if (closedtext.substr(closedtext.length-2,1)=="=")	
						{ key=closedtext.substr(closedtext.length-1,1); closedtext=closedtext.slice(0,-2); }
					if (parts.length) closedtip=openedtip=parts.join("|");
					else { closedtip="show "+closedtext; openedtip="hide "+closedtext; }

				// parse alternate label/tooltip: [label|tooltip]
				if (openlabel) {
					var parts=openlabel.trim().slice(1,-1).split("|");
					if (parts.length) openedtip=parts.join("|");
					else openedtip="hide "+openedtext;

				var title=show=='block'?openedtext:closedtext;
				var tooltip=show=='block'?openedtip:closedtip;

				// create the button
				if (header) { // use "Hn" header format instead of button/link
					var lvl=(header.length>5)?5:header.length;
					var btn = createTiddlyElement(createTiddlyElement(place,"h"+lvl,null,null,null),"a",null,buttonClass,title);
					var btn = createTiddlyButton(place,title,tooltip,onClickNestedSlider,buttonClass);
				btn.innerHTML=title; // enables use of HTML entities in label

				// set extra button attributes
				btn.sliderCookie = cookie; // save the cookiename (if any) in the button object
				btn.defOpen=defopen!=null; // save default open/closed state (boolean)
				btn.keyparam=key; // save the access key letter ("" if none)
				if (key.length) {
					btn.setAttribute("accessKey",key); // init access key
					btn.onfocus=function(){this.setAttribute("accessKey",this.keyparam);}; // **reclaim** access key on focus
				btn.onmouseover=function(ev) {
					// optional 'open on hover' handling
					if (this.getAttribute("hover")=="true" && this.sliderPanel.style.display=='none') {
						document.onclick.call(document,ev); // close transients
						onClickNestedSlider(ev); // open this slider
					// mouseover on button aligns floater position with button
					if (window.adjustSliderPos) window.adjustSliderPos(this.parentNode,this,this.sliderPanel);

				// create slider panel
				var panelClass=panelwidth?"floatingPanel":"sliderPanel";
				if (panelID) panelID=panelID.slice(1,-1); // trim off delimiters
				var panel=createTiddlyElement(place,"div",panelID,panelClass,null);
				panel.button = btn; // so the slider panel know which button it belongs to
				btn.sliderPanel=panel; // so the button knows which slider panel it belongs to
				panel.defaultPanelWidth=(panelwidth && panelwidth.length>2)?panelwidth.slice(1,-1):"";
				panel.style.display = show;
				panel.onmouseover=function(event) // mouseover on panel aligns floater position with button
					{ if (window.adjustSliderPos) window.adjustSliderPos(this.parentNode,this.button,this); }

				// render slider (or defer until shown) 
				w.nextMatch = lookaheadMatch.index + lookaheadMatch[0].length;
				if ((show=="block")||!deferred) {
					// render now if panel is supposed to be shown or NOT deferred rendering
					// align floater position with button
					if (window.adjustSliderPos) window.adjustSliderPos(place,btn,panel);
				else {
					var src = w.source.substr(w.nextMatch);
					var endpos=findMatchingDelimiter(src,"+++","===");
					w.nextMatch += endpos+3;
					if (w.source.substr(w.nextMatch,1)=="\n") w.nextMatch++;

function findMatchingDelimiter(src,starttext,endtext) {
	var startpos = 0;
	var endpos = src.indexOf(endtext);
	// check for nested delimiters
	while (src.substring(startpos,endpos-1).indexOf(starttext)!=-1) {
		// count number of nested 'starts'
		var startcount=0;
		var temp = src.substring(startpos,endpos-1);
		var pos=temp.indexOf(starttext);
		while (pos!=-1)  { startcount++; pos=temp.indexOf(starttext,pos+starttext.length); }
		// set up to check for additional 'starts' after adjusting endpos
		// find endpos for corresponding number of matching 'ends'
		while (startcount && endpos!=-1) {
			endpos = src.indexOf(endtext,endpos+endtext.length);
	return (endpos==-1)?src.length:endpos;
	if (!e) var e = window.event;
	var theTarget = resolveTarget(e);
	while (theTarget && theTarget.sliderPanel==undefined) theTarget=theTarget.parentNode;
	if (!theTarget) return false;
	var theSlider = theTarget.sliderPanel;
	var isOpen = theSlider.style.display!="none";

	// if SHIFT-CLICK, dock panel first (see [[MoveablePanelPlugin]])
	if (e.shiftKey && config.macros.moveablePanel) config.macros.moveablePanel.dock(theSlider,e);

	// toggle label
	// toggle tooltip

	// deferred rendering (if needed)
	if (theSlider.getAttribute("rendered")=="false") {
		var place=theSlider;
		if (theSlider.getAttribute("blockquote")=="true")

	// show/hide the slider
	if(config.options.chkAnimate && (!hasClass(theSlider,'floatingPanel') || config.options.chkFloatingSlidersAnimate))
		anim.startAnimating(new Slider(theSlider,!isOpen,e.shiftKey || e.altKey,"none"));
		theSlider.style.display = isOpen ? "none" : "block";

	// reset to default width (might have been changed via plugin code)

	// align floater panel position with target button
	if (!isOpen && window.adjustSliderPos) window.adjustSliderPos(theSlider.parentNode,theTarget,theSlider);

	// if showing panel, set focus to first 'focus-able' element in panel
	if (theSlider.style.display!="none") {
		var ctrls=theSlider.getElementsByTagName("*");
		for (var c=0; c<ctrls.length; c++) {
			var t=ctrls[c].tagName.toLowerCase();
			if ((t=="input" && ctrls[c].type!="hidden") || t=="textarea" || t=="select")
				{ try{ ctrls[c].focus(); } catch(err){;} break; }
	var cookie=theTarget.sliderCookie;
	if (cookie && cookie.length) {
		if (config.options[cookie]!=theTarget.defOpen) window.saveOptionCookie(cookie);
		else window.removeCookie(cookie); // remove cookie if slider is in default display state

	// prevent SHIFT-CLICK from being processed by browser (opens blank window... yuck!)
	// prevent clicks *within* a slider button from being processed by browser
	// but allow plain click to bubble up to page background (to close transients, if any)
	if (e.shiftKey || theTarget!=resolveTarget(e))
		{ e.cancelBubble=true; if (e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation(); }
	Popup.remove(); // close open popup (if any)
	return false;
// click in document background closes transient panels 
document.onclick=function(ev) { if (!ev) var ev=window.event; var target=resolveTarget(ev);

	if (document.nestedSliders_savedOnClick)
		var retval=document.nestedSliders_savedOnClick.apply(this,arguments);
	// if click was inside a popup... leave transient panels alone
	var p=target; while (p) if (hasClass(p,"popup")) break; else p=p.parentNode;
	if (p) return retval;
	// if click was inside transient panel (or something contained by a transient panel), leave it alone
	var p=target; while (p) {
		if ((hasClass(p,"floatingPanel")||hasClass(p,"sliderPanel"))&&p.getAttribute("transient")=="true") break;
	if (p) return retval;
	// otherwise, find and close all transient panels...
	var all=document.all?document.all:document.getElementsByTagName("DIV");
	for (var i=0; i<all.length; i++) {
		 // if it is not a transient panel, or the click was on the button that opened this panel, don't close it.
		if (all[i].getAttribute("transient")!="true" || all[i].button==target) continue;
		// otherwise, if the panel is currently visible, close it by clicking it's button
		if (all[i].style.display!="none") window.onClickNestedSlider({target:all[i].button})
		if (!hasClass(all[i],"floatingPanel")&&!hasClass(all[i],"sliderPanel")) all[i].style.display="none";
	return retval;
// adjust floating panel position based on button position
if (window.adjustSliderPos==undefined) window.adjustSliderPos=function(place,btn,panel) {
	if (hasClass(panel,"floatingPanel") && !hasClass(panel,"undocked")) {
		// see [[MoveablePanelPlugin]] for use of 'undocked'
		var rightEdge=document.body.offsetWidth-1;
		var panelWidth=panel.offsetWidth;
		var left=0;
		var top=btn.offsetHeight; 
		if (place.style.position=="relative" && findPosX(btn)+panelWidth>rightEdge) {
			left-=findPosX(btn)+panelWidth-rightEdge; // shift panel relative to button
			if (findPosX(btn)+left<0) left=-findPosX(btn); // stay within left edge
		if (place.style.position!="relative") {
			var left=findPosX(btn);
			var top=findPosY(btn)+btn.offsetHeight;
			var p=place; while (p && !hasClass(p,'floatingPanel')) p=p.parentNode;
			if (p) { left-=findPosX(p); top-=findPosY(p); }
			if (left+panelWidth>rightEdge) left=rightEdge-panelWidth;
			if (left<0) left=0;
		panel.style.left=left+"px"; panel.style.top=top+"px";
// TW2.1 and earlier:
// hijack Slider stop handler so overflow is visible after animation has completed
Slider.prototype.coreStop = Slider.prototype.stop;
Slider.prototype.stop = function()
	{ this.coreStop.apply(this,arguments); this.element.style.overflow = "visible"; }

// TW2.2+
// hijack Morpher stop handler so sliderPanel/floatingPanel overflow is visible after animation has completed
if (version.major+.1*version.minor+.01*version.revision>=2.2) {
	Morpher.prototype.coreStop = Morpher.prototype.stop;
	Morpher.prototype.stop = function() {
		var e=this.element;
		if (hasClass(e,"sliderPanel")||hasClass(e,"floatingPanel")) {
			// adjust panel overflow and position after animation
			e.style.overflow = "visible";
			if (window.adjustSliderPos) window.adjustSliderPos(e.parentNode,e.button,e);
to enjoy the beloved, and more, their joy; to, from this, seek to enhance and help their joy in the highest and best ways.
I understand love to be this- to bring joy to someone by enjoying them (...or, to enjoy someone by bringing them joy.) 
12/1/07 10:53 PM
i moved up quickly behind her and my hand went through her hair. she jumped just a little in startle, and smiled widely as my lips met hers, and melded together. The room was no longer a kitchen; it wasn't anywhere; we were lost in each other. i could smell the pizza cooking, and worndered deep in the irrelevant recesses in the back of my mind what else she was cooking. she bit my lip, i pulled her closer. i put my leg behind hers, and she leaned back on it to go down to the floor. she grabbed my hair furiously and i pulled my face away to stare at her. her red camisol had started to come off of her left shoulder, but her face was beautiful, and so i almost didn't notice the additional skin. Almost. 
She was delighted to see my face, but was torn that i had pulled it away from hers. She groaned slightly with a mischeivous smile, made a bit of a playful growl, and pulled me back down to her.  My hands were strong around her head as i wrapped her up in me. Her slender, playful arms couldn't have been pulled away from me with the jaws of life, because life was exactly what we were doing with each other. 
We were together in those moments. She was what I wanted, and I was what she wanted. We reveled in it. We rolled around on the kitchen tile, and I hit my head on the corner of the cupboard next to the oven. It smarted like hell, and I sat up in a shot. You should have seen her face. She looked at me ready to giggle about my injury, and at the same time cry as though I had lost my arm. I gave a wincing grin back to her, and she caressed my stinging head as she pressed her lips against mine once again. 
That's when the clothes started coming off. 
*creative expression (fiction/philosophy)
*company of people, empathy, showing/recieving love, eye contact, 5 love languages
*physical activity, play, adrenaline
*relief, (cuddling?)
*competence, independence (good pride)
*doing what is right
*pleasure reading
*planning (control)
*prayer (silent meditation)
*worship (w/ music)
Probably to fall into obscurity- but i must write this. 

What do we know?

i don't self motivate well.
i have problems with attaching to people. 
i don't self motivate well.
i like to read. 
i like to spend time with people. 

i don't know who i am
i want to be close to God.
this is fact.
this is how i know he is real.
i don't pray enough. 

so let's reduex.

1. i want to be close to God
2. i want to pray more and become a Man of God
3. I don't self-motivate.

4. i need structure.
5. i need other's
6. i need others to help motivate me

7. i think this needs to change.

my paradox is that my greatest difficulty here is motivating myself, to do things, and if i get help from others with motivating myself, then i'm working against my goal. 
and the catch is that i can't motivate myself to do it wit
hout the help of others. i climb to the door of independence and competence and find it locked, and when i let go of the knob, i fall back down into the hall back into the door of overdependence. the i try to exert independence and compentence of myself, or even of dependence on God, (which feels far too much like independence, because it's me who has to do it, not someone outside of me helping me), and i fail, because i am bent too far away from it, and then i fall back down on over-dependence. an other's presence is all it takes to motivate me, (less the thoughts of another person) to go against whatever internalized habits i may have. The physical presense of another person powers on all of my internalized motivators. i could resist the temptation to kiss alia because she was there. the memories of people don't help. 

i give in to sleep when i am alone. but if i have company, i can stay awake for hours. i struggle with God to pray alone, but when i have even 1 other person around, i find that i can speak more bodly, and speak the things of God better. I CAN READ BETTER WHEN I HAVE FRIENDS AROUND, and i WANT to more! i am incomplete without others around. 

This is not an intrinsic value assessment, or even a permanent self assesment. i want this to change-- i am the only person who can change it, yet the only way i can change anything is through the help of someone else. 

i want to konw what you think about.

without company, there's no payoff. there's no payoff when i'm not around other's so i can't move enough to do so or such. so i default to the lowest forms that i have: sex, entertainment, sleep and eating. then comes even weaker my own motivators for want of God and thirst after him, and then weakest of all in a related vein, motivators to move one's self to do anyhing besides that i have responsbility to attend to, like finding a car, or doing homework, or doing paperwork, or making dinner, or writing (that's not completely begging to get out, like right now), or even reading sometimes. 

a week later:

This has got to stop. 
* I love being influential
* I love telling people what God is like
* I love giving people hope
* I love inspiring people
* I love healing (doing it, having it done, and the thing itself)
* I love teaching (doing it, having it done, and the thing itself)
* I love bringing people together (who are estranged, who have never met, and who have forgotten each other)
*Grocery Lists
*Household Tools
**Kitchen Tools
**Other Tools

Grocery List1, the spreadsheet on my desktop

[[TravelSmith Packing Checklist|http://www.travelsmith.com/TravelSmith/US/TravelCenter/guide-packing-checklist/landing-path?redirect=y]]
[[Vegetarian Checklist|http://www.grocerylists.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/grocerylistsDOTorg_Vegetarian_v1_2.pdf]]
!stack ideas
'Glycine (Pre-Sleep)
Lithium (5mg Orotate)
B Complex
Omega 3
CDP Choline
Vitamin D3
Theanine (I've noticed no tolerance)
Piracetam (Debatable if you want a month off after 4-6 on)
Vitamin C (taken on empty stomach to avoid iron absorption)

''Nootropics/Cognitive Enhancers/Calmatives I use Sporadically''
Some i'd use a few times a week, others less so. These are mostly little treats I save for myself.
Adderall (obviously)
L Dopa
*healing others
*myself healing
We shall see. I hope it works. I'm just gonna keep trying here. but maybe if we can get it to work, everything will be relaxed and groovy? who knows? It's all a mystery, and It's impossible to fathom. Tiddlywiki is so strange. It's so sweet too. It gives me what I need. 

perhaps lets try some more? It's not great yet. and we don't know if it's working yet. But we can see. We can always try. But maybe if it keeps working, we won't have to fiddle that much more with it? I really hope so. That would be swell. But now is the moment of truth. just a few more seconds. we shall find out if the autosave weirdness is still doing its thing screwing things up. I hope not. 
So, I met this guy, who told me that he could make me money with Bitcoin. I had recently purchased some, and he bought $300 worth of bitcoin from me for $500. It seemed strange, but I Okayed it, and bought more Bitcoin with some of those profits, paid the credit card bill on some of it, and paid off extra student loans with it.  This continued a few more stages until he asked that I give him the gold first, and he'd pay me back the extra amount afterward. Amazingly, he did!. I told myself I was only gonna do this until my student loans were paid off because it seemed kinda shady, and to my blind, stupid luck, the guy ran off with double the amount i'd ever given him, my 46k,000 in gold... and didn't come back. [Step 1 buy 300 worth of Bitcoin, just normal: Turn it into bitcoin. Step 2. buy 300 more worth of gold/bitcoin on credit. pay off a little extra student loan. pay off more and more student loan as money "magially" turns into more by "scammer", but really gets stored into thin air{gold/bitcoin} ) ]

Now, I have all of this credit card debt for buying gold/bitcoin, and it's just too much for me. 
Provides configuration for TagSearchPlugin...

|''Description:''|A bar to switch between tiddlers through tabs (like browser tabs bar).|
|''Date:''|Jan 18,2008|
|''Author:''|Pascal Collin|
|''License:''|[[BSD open source license|License]]|
|''Browser:''|Firefox 2.0; InternetExplorer 6.0, others|
This plugin contains some changings, at the end of the plugin marked with !!MP!!

On [[homepage|http://visualtw.ouvaton.org/VisualTW.html]], open several tiddlers to use the tabs bar.
#import this tiddler from [[homepage|http://visualtw.ouvaton.org/VisualTW.html]] (tagged as systemConfig)
#save and reload
#''if you're using a custom [[PageTemplate]]'', add {{{<div id='tiddlersBar' refresh='none' ondblclick='config.macros.tiddlersBar.onTiddlersBarAction(event)'></div>}}} before {{{<div id='tiddlerDisplay'></div>}}}
#optionally, adjust StyleSheetTiddlersBar
*Doubleclick on the tiddlers bar (where there is no tab) create a new tiddler.
*Tabs include a button to close {{{x}}} or save {{{!}}} their tiddler.
*By default, click on the current tab close all others tiddlers.
!Configuration options 
<<option chkDisableTabsBar>> Disable the tabs bar (to print, by example).
<<option chkHideTabsBarWhenSingleTab >> Automatically hide the tabs bar when only one tiddler is displayed. 
<<option txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton>> ''selected'' tab command button.
<<option txtPreviousTabKey>> previous tab access key.
<<option txtNextTabKey>> next tab access key.
config.options.chkDisableTabsBar = config.options.chkDisableTabsBar ? config.options.chkDisableTabsBar : false;
config.options.chkHideTabsBarWhenSingleTab  = config.options.chkHideTabsBarWhenSingleTab  ? config.options.chkHideTabsBarWhenSingleTab  : false;
config.options.txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton = config.options.txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton ? config.options.txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton : "closeOthers";
config.options.txtPreviousTabKey = config.options.txtPreviousTabKey ? config.options.txtPreviousTabKey : "";
config.options.txtNextTabKey = config.options.txtNextTabKey ? config.options.txtNextTabKey : "";
config.macros.tiddlersBar = {
	tooltip : "see ",
	tooltipClose : "click here to close this tab",
	tooltipSave : "click here to save this tab",
	promptRename : "Enter tiddler new name",
	currentTiddler : "",
	previousState : false,
	previousKey : config.options.txtPreviousTabKey,
	nextKey : config.options.txtNextTabKey,	
	tabsAnimationSource : null, //use document.getElementById("tiddlerDisplay") if you need animation on tab switching.
	handler: function(place,macroName,params) {
		var previous = null;
		if (config.macros.tiddlersBar.isShown())
				if (title==config.macros.tiddlersBar.currentTiddler){
					var d = createTiddlyElement(null,"span",null,"tab tabSelected");
					if (previous && config.macros.tiddlersBar.previousKey) previous.setAttribute("accessKey",config.macros.tiddlersBar.nextKey);
					previous = "active";
				else {
					var d = createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,"tab tabUnselected");
					var btn = createTiddlyButton(d,title,config.macros.tiddlersBar.tooltip + title,config.macros.tiddlersBar.onSelectTab);
					btn.setAttribute("tiddler", title);
					if (previous=="active" && config.macros.tiddlersBar.nextKey) btn.setAttribute("accessKey",config.macros.tiddlersBar.previousKey);
				var isDirty =story.isDirty(title);
				var c = createTiddlyButton(d,isDirty ?"!":"x",isDirty?config.macros.tiddlersBar.tooltipSave:config.macros.tiddlersBar.tooltipClose, isDirty ? config.macros.tiddlersBar.onTabSave : config.macros.tiddlersBar.onTabClose,"tabButton");
				c.setAttribute("tiddler", title);
				if (place.childNodes) {
					place.insertBefore(document.createTextNode(" "),place.firstChild); // to allow break line here when many tiddlers are open
				else place.appendChild(d);
	refresh: function(place,params){
		if (config.macros.tiddlersBar.previousState!=config.macros.tiddlersBar.isShown()) {
			if (config.macros.tiddlersBar.previousState) story.forEachTiddler(function(t,e){e.style.display="";});
			config.macros.tiddlersBar.previousState = !config.macros.tiddlersBar.previousState;
	isShown : function(){
		if (config.options.chkDisableTabsBar) return false;
		if (!config.options.chkHideTabsBarWhenSingleTab) return true;
		var cpt=0;
		return (cpt>1);
	selectNextTab : function(){  //used when the current tab is closed (to select another tab)
		var previous="";
			if (!config.macros.tiddlersBar.currentTiddler) {
			if (title==config.macros.tiddlersBar.currentTiddler) {
				if (previous) {
				else config.macros.tiddlersBar.currentTiddler=""; 	// so next tab will be selected
			else previous=title;
	onSelectTab : function(e){
		var t = this.getAttribute("tiddler");
		if (t) story.displayTiddler(null,t);
		return false;
	onTabClose : function(e){
		var t = this.getAttribute("tiddler");
		if (t) {
			if(story.hasChanges(t) && !readOnly) {
				return false;
		return false;
	onTabSave : function(e) {
		var t = this.getAttribute("tiddler");
		if (!e) e=window.event;
		if (t) config.commands.saveTiddler.handler(e,null,t);
		return false;
	onSelectedTabButtonClick : function(event,src,title) {
		var t = this.getAttribute("tiddler");
		if (!event) event=window.event;
		if (t && config.options.txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton && config.commands[config.options.txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton])
			config.commands[config.options.txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton].handler(event, src, t);
		return false;
	onTiddlersBarAction: function(event) {
		var source = event.target ? event.target.id : event.srcElement.id; // FF uses target and IE uses srcElement;
		if (source=="tiddlersBar") story.displayTiddler(null,'New Tiddler',DEFAULT_EDIT_TEMPLATE,false,null,null);
	createActiveTabButton : function(place,title) {
		if (config.options.txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton && config.commands[config.options.txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton]) {
			var btn = createTiddlyButton(place, title, config.commands[config.options.txtSelectedTiddlerTabButton].tooltip ,config.macros.tiddlersBar.onSelectedTabButtonClick);
			btn.setAttribute("tiddler", title);

story.coreCloseTiddler = story.coreCloseTiddler? story.coreCloseTiddler : story.closeTiddler;
story.coreDisplayTiddler = story.coreDisplayTiddler ? story.coreDisplayTiddler : story.displayTiddler;

story.closeTiddler = function(title,animate,unused) {
	if (title==config.macros.tiddlersBar.currentTiddler)
	story.coreCloseTiddler(title,false,unused); //disable animation to get it closed before calling tiddlersBar.refresh
	var e=document.getElementById("tiddlersBar");
	if (e) config.macros.tiddlersBar.refresh(e,null);

story.displayTiddler = function(srcElement,tiddler,template,animate,unused,customFields,toggle){
	var title = (tiddler instanceof Tiddler)? tiddler.title : tiddler;  
	if (config.macros.tiddlersBar.isShown()) {
			if (t!=title) e.style.display="none";
			else e.style.display="";
	var e=document.getElementById("tiddlersBar");
	if (e) config.macros.tiddlersBar.refresh(e,null);

var coreRefreshPageTemplate = coreRefreshPageTemplate ? coreRefreshPageTemplate : refreshPageTemplate;
refreshPageTemplate = function(title) {
	/*-- new --*/
	var e = document.getElementById("tiddlersBar");
	if (config.macros.tiddlersBar && e) config.macros.tiddlersBar.refresh(e);

// !!MP!! old prevents a theme, which has no div id=tiddlersBar from loading.
//old	if (config.macros.tiddlersBar && e) config.macros.tiddlersBar.refresh(document.getElementById("tiddlersBar"));

// !!MP!! removed this line because it causes a scroll to top if a popup opens.
// ensureVisible=function (e) {return 0}

config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetTiddlersBar = "/*{{{*/\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetTiddlersBar += "#tiddlersBar .button {border:0}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetTiddlersBar += "#tiddlersBar .tab {white-space:nowrap}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetTiddlersBar += "#tiddlersBar {padding : 1em 0.5em 2px 0.5em}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetTiddlersBar += ".tabUnselected .tabButton, .tabSelected .tabButton {padding : 0 2px 0 2px; margin: 0 0 0 4px;}\n";
// config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetTiddlersBar += ".tiddler, .tabContents {border:1px [[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]] solid;}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetTiddlersBar +="/*}}}*/";
store.addNotification("StyleSheetTiddlersBar", refreshStyles);

config.refreshers.none = function(){return true;}
config.shadowTiddlers.PageTemplate=config.shadowTiddlers.PageTemplate.replace(/<div id='tiddlerDisplay'><\/div>/m,"<div id='tiddlersBar' refresh='none' ondblclick='config.macros.tiddlersBar.onTiddlersBarAction(event)'></div>\n<div id='tiddlerDisplay'></div>");

still happening? 
*Call Bank
*Call Vivint for Forms
*--4 hours Vivint Training--
**--1 hour vivint--
**1 Break
**2 hour vivint
***--Print manual--
**3 hour vivint
**4 hour vivint
*1 pomodoro cleaning
*Look for replacement roommate
*Figure out way to get income for Justin
*--take a break and debate a bit on the internet.--
*Call Alec
*Call Joel
*Call Henry
*Call Downing Back
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

{{center{try css}}}
The bonding between individuals which occurs when love happens cannot be sought for itself. it happens only as a byproduct of the love itself. if you aim for the bonding, you will get nothing except pretense. 

The bonding between individuals which occurs when love happens cannot be sought for itself. It happens only as a byproduct of the love itself. If you aim for the bonding, you will get nothing except pretense. 

This is true on a larger scale, in community. "Community" is merely the bonding that occurs on a larger scale out of the commonality between the individuals who compose that group. Getting together like many Christians do today, in an effort to be more intentionally "community focused," is utterly ass backward, and doomed to failure from the start, because they think that they've figured out their problem and have taken a short-cut to a solution: "Our communitiy's are falling apart, so we just need to focus on being a community." No. That's the moment your community starts dying. Focus on fostering the enjoyment of one another, shared visions and interests, shared needs and crises. Only then can you become a place where a person can say, "I'm one of them. We are family." A place where a person can know that that he belongs there, and everyone else knows he belongs there too.

A strong community is one which knows who it is, what its doing, where its boundaries are, and who its members are. 
<<tabs txtMainTab "When" "Timeline" TabTimeline "All" "All tiddlers" TabAll "Tags" "All tags" TabTags "~js:config.deprecatedCount~Deprecated" "Deprecated tiddlers" "js;DeprecatedTiddlers" "~.." "More lists" TabMore>>
<part tab1form>
<<formTiddler TwabTabParts/tab1>>

<part tab1>
<span class="rolodex">
    <td align="right"><b>First Name:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="first.name" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Last Name:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="last.name" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Email:</b></td>
    <td colspan="2"><input name="email" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td id="twab.email"></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Alt Email:</b></td>
    <td colspan="2"><input name="other.email" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td id="twab.other.email"></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Business Email:</b></td>
    <td colspan="2"><input name="business.email" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td id="twab.business.email"></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Web Site:</b></td>
    <td colspan="2"><input name="webpage" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td id="twab.webpage"></td>

<part tab2form>
<<formTiddler TwabTabParts/tab2>>

<part tab2>
<span class="rolodex">
    <td align="right"><b>Phone:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="phone" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Mobile:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="mobile" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right" valign="top"><b>Address:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><textarea name="address" rows="2" cols="40" style="width:100%" ></textarea></td>
    <td align="right"><b>City:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="city" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>State/Province:</b></td>
    <td><input name="state" type="text" size="5" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>ZIP/Postal Code:</b></td>
    <td><input name="postal" type="text" size="5" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Country:</b></td>
    <td colspan="2"><input name="country" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td id="twab.home.map"></td>

<part tab3form>
<<formTiddler TwabTabParts/tab3>>

<part tab3>
<span class="rolodex">
    <td align="right"><b>Company:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="company" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Job Title:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="job.title" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Phone:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="business.phone" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Mobile:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="business.mobile" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Fax:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="business.fax" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right" valign="top"><b>Address:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><textarea name="business.address" rows="2" cols="40" style="width:100%" ></textarea></td>
    <td align="right"><b>City:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="business.city" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>State/Province:</b></td>
    <td><input name="business.state" type="text" size="5" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>ZIP/Postal Code:</b></td>
    <td><input name="business.postal" type="text" size="5" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Country:</b></td>
    <td colspan="2"><input name="business.country" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td id="twab.business.map"></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Web Site:</b></td>
    <td colspan="2"><input name="business.webpage" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td id="twab.business.webpage"></td>

<part tab4form>
<<formTiddler TwabTabParts/tab4>>

<part tab4>
<span class="rolodex">
    <td align="right"><b>SSN:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="ssn" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Birthday:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="birthday" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Anniversary:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="anniversary" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Children:</b></td>
    <td colspan="3"><input name="children" type="text" size="50" style="width:100%" /></td>
    <td align="right"><b>Notes:</b></td>
    <td><textarea name=notes rows="4" cols="40" style="width:100%" ></textarea></td>
<div class='toolbar' macro="xplore button:true toolbar:true class:'borderless'"></div>
<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::ViewToolbar]]'></div>
<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>
<div class='subtitle'>
  (<span macro="wordCount"></span> words, updated <span macro='view modified date'></span>&nbsp;(<span macro='message views.wikified.createdPrompt'></span> <span macro='view created date'></span>)&nbsp;by&nbsp;<span macro='view modifier link'></span>)
	(<span macro='message views.wikified.createdPrompt'></span>
	<span macro='view created date {{config.options.txtPrettyDates?config.options.txtPrettyDates:"YYYY-0MM-0DD-0HH:0MM"}}'></span>)
  <span macro='history'>
<div class='viewer' macro='view versions wikified'></div>
<div class='viewer' macro='view text wikified'></div>
<div class='tagging' macro='tagglyTagging'></div>
<div class='tagClear'></div>
<div class='comments' macro='comments'></div>
Okay, so dates will perform numeric game functions, and the higher the number, the higher... something of it does. Place names do something, person names do something, concept names do something. 

playing together, in teams? you'll hold cards in your hand, and there will be cards to draw. you gain points for cards you draw (possibly from your opponents... or team players? hand) that you can remember what was on the other side. but low numbers have to be as valuable as high numbers so you're just as likely to try aiming for both somehow... the rules would have to be the same for whatever history or language you're trying to learn, so it's cross platform.... I'm gonna put this on my to do list!
I have an idea for a new document creation and organization software, but first, I need to talk about the programs which are, in my mind, precurssors to it. 

The relevant ones are:
*Mindmapping software
**Principally Freeplane
**Also TheBrain
**TWC (Tiddlywiki 2.x)
**Both are useful for reasons I'll get into
***Hybrid system with both Folder-like and tagging organization and sorting. 
***Multiplatform, including smartphones
***Store everything there: webpages, pdfs, images, documents, 
***Robust searching (including handwriting recognition in search)
***Saved searches 
***REALLY stable
***Have a look at Zapier to see a bit more
***3 view modes
***Only 3 view modes
***Very difficult to make useful hierarchies.
***@@font-size:36pt;color:red;Left off here.@@
*Wiki Software
**Other Kanban software
*Calendar Software
*Google Docs
*Microsoft Windows
<<simpletree nocollapse css:" li:hover > .st-bullet { color:#339 !important; } " template:[[Simple Example Template##Large Bullets]] bullets:[[-|<img src="http://goo.gl/Fbshg" alt=">"/>|<img src='http://goo.gl/m5lcx' alt="<"/>]] collapse >>

!!Organization of Items, theory

When you have a lot of things, it's helpful to organize them. The most common way of organizing stuff is by folders. The next most common method is via tags. 

One helpful way to explain my idea is by talking about what Evernote can do and cannot do. 

Evernote has a sort of hybrid system, with "Notebooks" functioning as folders, and you can organize them heirarchically, but only one layer deep! Documents, in addition to always being in some notebook, may also be tagged. 

!!Editing of items

!!Creation of and organizing of items

!!Viewing of organized items


**--import [[cards]]--
**import remaining Google docs and add formatting
*Check the Lifehacker articles for things to add
*Finish Obstacles
**Make a tiddler for each thing on the obstacles list (some can be shared under broad rubrics), and be specific on them about intention and awareness (as part of eventual manifesto draft)
***Create cards for them appropriately
*Add to anything and complete the gaps
*arrange suitably using PlanOfAttack
*make ManifestoDraft
*re-export the card things to cards
*make everything, even small things, into a part of a larger goal i can enjoy
This is the project

My personal [[Tags Template]]


Thought of this while looking at my mod stuff in /r/waterguns. select random users, and randomly determine which authorities they have. 

The randomly selected representatives (and so could the whole population) could vote out individuals who sucked, and could vote on on a selection of up to a 1/3 of representatives to continue on after their term of 3 years for another term. Up to 7 terms max. being voted in twice doubles your vote weight. for terms 3 and 4, voted in again, doubles again, voted in again for 5th and 6th, doubles again for 7th term. 

Every voted item would have a mandatory "why" option attached, for each representative's vote, but they could give "general agreement with x representative". 

Upon being selected as a representative, all their financial details of every kind are made public, or subject to audit, in such a way as to be provisionally private. Their immediate family are subject to this as well. Auditors who violated this would face prison time, unless the financial details revealed something directly against the law. the salary of representatives would be 10X the minimum wage, by definition, with a completion bonus of 3 years pay. No other income of any kind is allowed. 

Representatives may vote on advising panels for different subjects and actual policy writing. advising panels may also put themselves together and present themselves to "congress". panel types would be, former representatives, professors, foreign diplomats, private sector/industry. 

There would be 7 levels of representatives. 1/525 (608,248) , 1/10,000 (31,933) , 1/100,000 (3,193), 1/1,000,000 (319), 1/10,000,000 (32), 1/100,000,000 (3), 1/Total (1).



something something 
The reminder macro can take the following arguments.

!!!!date syntax
* @@{{{year:NUMBER}}}@@ - The four digit representation of the year (for example {{{year:2046}}} or {{{year:1999}}}
* @@{{{month:NUMBER}}}@@ - The numerical representation of the month (for example {{{month:1}}} for January, {{{month:12}}} for December)
* @@{{{day:NUMBER}}}@@ - The numerical representation of the day of the month (for example {{{day:15}}} will match the 15th day of the month)
* @@{{{dayofweek:NUMBER}}}@@ - The numerical representation of the day of the week.  Valid values are in the range of 0-6.  {{{dayofweek:0}}} will match Sunday, and {{{dayofweek:6}}} will match Saturday.

* @@{{{offsetdayofweek:NUMBER}}}@@ - The numerical representation of a day of the week.  Valid values are in the range of 0-6.  0 will match Sunday, and 6 will match Saturday.  If offsetdayofweek is specified, the year, month, day and dayofweek will be matched as usual, and the reminder will be set to the next occurence of the day of the week specified by offsetdayofweek. For example, the first Thursday of the month can be specified as {{{day:1 offsetdayofweek:4}}} and the second Thursday can be specified as {{{day:8 offsetdayofweek4}}} If offsetdayofweek is negative, the search will be performed backward.  For example, the last Thursday in August can be found by {{{month:8 day:31 offsetdayofweek:-4}}}
* @@{{{recurdays:NUMBER}}}@@ - If recurdays is set, then the reminder will fire on the base date specified by year, month, day, and dayofweek and also every N days afterward.  For example, if the reminder is specified with {{{year:2005 month:8 day:16 recurdays:2}}} it will match August 16, 18, 20, etc.  Please make sure that you fully specify year, month and day in any recurring reminder.

* @@{{{leadtime:NUMBER}}}@@ - Use this to specify when this reminder will appear in [[showReminders]].  If a reminder has a leadtime of 2, it will only show up in showReminders if it will be matched in the next two days.  Likewise, a reminder with a leadtime of 60 will show up in showReminders even if showReminders has a lower leadtime.  showReminders can override this behavior with the limit argument.

!!!!Reminder display options
* @@{{{title:"STRING"}}}@@ - A string used to identify this reminder when it is shown in a list of reminders. For example, {{{title:"New Year's Day"}}} or {{{title:"Elvis' Birthday"}}}.  You can put standard TiddlyWiki formatting in the title.
* @@{{{format:"STRING"}}}@@ - Use this argument to override the default string used for display.  You can put standard TiddlyWiki formatting in the format.  The following substitutions will be made in the string before it is displayed.
** DIFF will be replaced with the one of the strings "Today", "Tommorrow", or "N days", where N is the number of days between now and the date of the reminder.  
** TITLE will be replaced with the title of the reminder
** DATE will be replaced with the matched date of the reminder.
** ANNIVERSARY will be replaced with the number of years since between the matched date and firstyear
The default string is "DIFF: TITLE on DATE ANNIVERSARY"
* @@{{{firstyear:NUMBER}}}@@ - The first year that a reminder occurred, in four digit format.  For example {{{firstyear:2001}}}.  This is used when calculating the number of years that a reminder has happened.
* @@{{{hidden}}}@@ - If this option is present, the reminder will not be displayed in the regular view of the tiddler.  You can use this to have reminders for [[displayTiddlersWithReminders]] to find, without having the countdown appear.  See [[Season's Greetings example]] for an example.

!Remaining class work:
1 abstract
Art of Biblical Narrative
Online stuff
*Final essay
**final essay choice
**write it
*5th essay
**review prof comments
**find sources for new.
!Non-class work

*Tiddly arrange
**--tag and sort ''3 hour''--
**--figure out how to link domain ''1 hour''--
**sidebar widget
**setup sidebars and default tiddlers
**import remaining files
***format those remaining files. ''1 hour''
**import cards ''2 hour''
**tiddlytools ''45 minute''
**autocorrect stuff
**import all old writings ''4 hours''

*record stuff for tiddly wiki video? ''1 hour''
**Scholarship search/fastweb, fellowships, mustard seed foundation
*return battery
*find chairs for apt
*find roommates for unaps
*homework for Anne
*misc writings for folks
**Carson’s page
*Videos posted by Doty
*cru leadership retreat app
*write something for everybody about the working meds. 
*Read Parmiss’ essays


*Sam's story 1 hour
**comment on it

**catch up on blogs
***Carson and the group
***Kurt Willems, Tony campolo, etc
**catch up on my books i own
|<html><a name="Top"/></html>''Name:''|PartTiddlerPlugin|
|''Version:''|1.0.9 (2007-07-14)|
|''Author:''|UdoBorkowski (ub [at] abego-software [dot] de)|
|''Licence:''|[[BSD open source license]]|
|''Browser:''|Firefox 1.0.4+; InternetExplorer 6.0|
!Table of Content<html><a name="TOC"/></html>
* <html><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('Description',null, event)">Description, Syntax</a></html>
* <html><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('Applications',null, event)">Applications</a></html>
** <html><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('LongTiddler',null, event)">Refering to Paragraphs of a Longer Tiddler</a></html>
** <html><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('Citation',null, event)">Citation Index</a></html>
** <html><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('TableCells',null, event)">Creating "multi-line" Table Cells</a></html>
** <html><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('Tabs',null, event)">Creating Tabs</a></html>
** <html><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('Sliders',null, event)">Using Sliders</a></html>
* <html><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('Revisions',null, event)">Revision History</a></html>
* <html><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('Code',null, event)">Code</a></html>
!Description<html><a name="Description"/></html>
With the {{{<part aPartName> ... </part>}}} feature you can structure your tiddler text into separate (named) parts. 
Each part can be referenced as a "normal" tiddler, using the "//tiddlerName//''/''//partName//" syntax (e.g. "About/Features").  E.g. you may create links to the parts (e.g. {{{[[Quotes/BAX95]]}}} or {{{[[Hobbies|AboutMe/Hobbies]]}}}), use it in {{{<<tiddler...>>}}} or {{{<<tabs...>>}}} macros etc.

|>|''<part'' //partName// [''hidden''] ''>'' //any tiddler content// ''</part>''|
|//partName//|The name of the part. You may reference a part tiddler with the combined tiddler name "//nameOfContainerTidder//''/''//partName//. <<br>>If you use a partName containing spaces you need to quote it (e.g. {{{"Major Overview"}}} or {{{[[Shortcut List]]}}}).|
|''hidden''|When defined the content of the part is not displayed in the container tiddler. But when the part is explicitly referenced (e.g. in a {{{<<tiddler...>>}}} macro or in a link) the part's content is displayed.|
|<html><i>any&nbsp;tiddler&nbsp;content</i></html>|<html>The content of the part.<br>A part can have any content that a "normal" tiddler may have, e.g. you may use all the formattings and macros defined.</html>|
|>|~~Syntax formatting: Keywords in ''bold'', optional parts in [...]. 'or' means that exactly one of the two alternatives must exist.~~|
<html><sub><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('Top',null, event)">[Top]</sub></a></html>

!Applications<html><a name="Applications"/></html>
!!Refering to Paragraphs of a Longer Tiddler<html><a name="LongTiddler"/></html>
Assume you have written a long description in a tiddler and now you want to refer to the content of a certain paragraph in that tiddler (e.g. some definition.) Just wrap the text with a ''part'' block, give it a nice name, create a "pretty link" (like {{{[[Discussion Groups|Introduction/DiscussionGroups]]}}}) and you are done.

Notice this complements the approach to first writing a lot of small tiddlers and combine these tiddlers to one larger tiddler in a second step (e.g. using the {{{<<tiddler...>>}}} macro). Using the ''part'' feature you can first write a "classic" (longer) text that can be read "from top to bottom" and later "reuse" parts of this text for some more "non-linear" reading.

<html><sub><a href="javascript:;" onclick="window.scrollAnchorVisible('Top',null, event)">[Top]</sub></a></html>

!!Citation Index<html><a name="Citation"/></html>
Create a tiddler "Citations" that contains your "citations". 
Wrap every citation with a part and a proper name. 

<part BAX98>Baxter, Ira D. et al: //Clone Detection Using Abstract Syntax Trees.// 
in //Proc. ICSM//, 1998.</part>

<part BEL02>Bellon, Stefan: //Vergleich von Techniken zur Erkennung duplizierten Quellcodes.// 
Thesis, Uni Stuttgart, 2002.</part>

<part DUC99>Ducasse, Stéfane et al: //A Language Independent Approach for Detecting Duplicated Code.// 
in //Proc. ICSM//, 1999.</part>

You may now "cite" them just by using a pretty link like {{{[[Citations/BAX98]]}}} or even more pretty, like this {{{[[BAX98|Citations/BAX98]]}}}.

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!!Creating "multi-line" Table Cells<html><a name="TableCells"/></html>
You may have noticed that it is hard to create table cells with "multi-line" content. E.g. if you want to create a bullet list inside a table cell you cannot just write the bullet list
* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3
into a table cell (i.e. between the | ... | bars) because every bullet item must start in a new line but all cells of a table row must be in one line.

Using the ''part'' feature this problem can be solved. Just create a hidden part that contains the cells content and use a {{{<<tiddler >>}}} macro to include its content in the table's cell.

|subject1|<<tiddler ./Cell1>>|
|subject2|<<tiddler ./Cell2>>|

<part Cell1 hidden>
* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3

Notice that inside the {{{<<tiddler ...>>}}} macro you may refer to the "current tiddler" using the ".".

BTW: The same approach can be used to create bullet lists with items that contain more than one line.

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!!Creating Tabs<html><a name="Tabs"/></html>
The build-in {{{<<tabs ...>>}}} macro requires that you defined an additional tiddler for every tab it displays. When you want to have "nested" tabs you need to define a tiddler for the "main tab" and one for every tab it contains. I.e. the definition of a set of tabs that is visually displayed at one place is distributed across multiple tiddlers.

With the ''part'' feature you can put the complete definition in one tiddler, making it easier to keep an overview and maintain the tab sets.

The standard tabs at the sidebar are defined by the following eight tiddlers:
* SideBarTabs
* TabAll
* TabMore
* TabMoreMissing
* TabMoreOrphans
* TabMoreShadowed
* TabTags
* TabTimeline

Instead of these eight tiddlers one could define the following SideBarTabs tiddler that uses the ''part'' feature:
<<tabs txtMainTab 
    Timeline Timeline SideBarTabs/Timeline 
    All 'All tiddlers' SideBarTabs/All 
    Tags 'All tags' SideBarTabs/Tags 
    More 'More lists' SideBarTabs/More>>
<part Timeline hidden><<timeline>></part>
<part All hidden><<list all>></part>
<part Tags hidden><<allTags>></part>
<part More hidden><<tabs txtMoreTab 
    Missing 'Missing tiddlers' SideBarTabs/Missing 
    Orphans 'Orphaned tiddlers' SideBarTabs/Orphans 
    Shadowed 'Shadowed tiddlers' SideBarTabs/Shadowed>></part>
<part Missing hidden><<list missing>></part>
<part Orphans hidden><<list orphans>></part>
<part Shadowed hidden><<list shadowed>></part>

Notice that you can easily "overwrite" individual parts in separate tiddlers that have the full name of the part.

E.g. if you don't like the classic timeline tab but only want to see the 100 most recent tiddlers you could create a tiddler "~SideBarTabs/Timeline" with the following content:
		sortBy 'tiddler.modified' descending 
		write '(index < 100) ? "* [["+tiddler.title+"]]\n":""'>>
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!!Using Sliders<html><a name="Sliders"/></html>
Very similar to the build-in {{{<<tabs ...>>}}} macro (see above) the {{{<<slider ...>>}}} macro requires that you defined an additional tiddler that holds the content "to be slid". You can avoid creating this extra tiddler by using the ''part'' feature

In a tiddler "About" we may use the slider to show some details that are documented in the tiddler's "Details" part.
<<slider chkAboutDetails About/Details details "Click here to see more details">>
<part Details hidden>
To give you a better overview ...

Notice that putting the content of the slider into the slider's tiddler also has an extra benefit: When you decide you need to edit the content of the slider you can just doubleclick the content, the tiddler opens for editing and you can directly start editing the content (in the part section). In the "old" approach you would doubleclick the tiddler, see that the slider is using tiddler X, have to look for the tiddler X and can finally open it for editing. So using the ''part'' approach results in a much short workflow.

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!Revision history<html><a name="Revisions"/></html>
* v1.0.9 (2007-07-14)
** Bugfix: Error when using the SideBarTabs example and switching between "More" and "Shadow". Thanks to cmari for reporting the issue.
* v1.0.8 (2007-06-16)
** Speeding up display of tiddlers containing multiple pard definitions. Thanks to Paco Rivière for reporting the issue.
** Support "./partName" syntax inside <<tabs ...>> macro
* v1.0.7 (2007-03-07)
** Bugfix: <<tiddler "./partName">> does not always render correctly after a refresh (e.g. like it happens when using the "Include" plugin). Thanks to Morris Gray for reporting the bug.
* v1.0.6 (2006-11-07)
** Bugfix: cannot edit tiddler when UploadPlugin by Bidix is installed. Thanks to José Luis González Castro for reporting the bug.
* v1.0.5 (2006-03-02)
** Bugfix: Example with multi-line table cells does not work in IE6. Thanks to Paulo Soares for reporting the bug.
* v1.0.4 (2006-02-28)
** Bugfix: Shadow tiddlers cannot be edited (in TW 2.0.6). Thanks to Torsten Vanek for reporting the bug.
* v1.0.3 (2006-02-26)
** Adapt code to newly introduced Tiddler.prototype.isReadOnly() function (in TW 2.0.6). Thanks to Paulo Soares for reporting the problem.
* v1.0.2 (2006-02-05)
** Also allow other macros than the "tiddler" macro use the "." in the part reference (to refer to "this" tiddler)
* v1.0.1 (2006-01-27)
** Added Table of Content for plugin documentation. Thanks to RichCarrillo for suggesting.
** Bugfix: newReminder plugin does not work when PartTiddler is installed. Thanks to PauloSoares for reporting.
* v1.0.0 (2006-01-25)
** initial version
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!Code<html><a name="Code"/></html>
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//                           PartTiddlerPlugin

// Ensure that the PartTiddler Plugin is only installed once.
if (!version.extensions.PartTiddlerPlugin) {

version.extensions.PartTiddlerPlugin = {
    major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 9,
    date: new Date(2007, 6, 14), 
    type: 'plugin',
    source: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de/#PartTiddlerPlugin"

if (!window.abego) window.abego = {};
if (version.major < 2) alertAndThrow("PartTiddlerPlugin requires TiddlyWiki 2.0 or newer.");

// Common Helpers

// Looks for the next newline, starting at the index-th char of text. 
// If there are only whitespaces between index and the newline 
// the index behind the newline is returned, 
// otherwise (or when no newline is found) index is returned.
var skipEmptyEndOfLine = function(text, index) {
	var re = /(\n|[^\s])/g;
	re.lastIndex = index;
	var result = re.exec(text);
	return (result && text.charAt(result.index) == '\n') 
			? result.index+1
			: index;

// Constants

var partEndOrStartTagRE = /(<\/part>)|(<part(?:\s+)((?:[^>])+)>)/mg;
var partEndTagREString = "<\\/part>";
var partEndTagString = "</part>";

// Plugin Specific Helpers

// Parse the parameters inside a <part ...> tag and return the result.
// @return [may be null] {partName: ..., isHidden: ...}
var parseStartTagParams = function(paramText) {
	var params = paramText.readMacroParams();
	if (params.length == 0 || params[0].length == 0) return null;
	var name = params[0];
	var paramsIndex = 1;
	var hidden = false;
	if (paramsIndex < params.length) {
		hidden = params[paramsIndex] == "hidden";
	return {
		partName: name, 
		isHidden: hidden

// Returns the match to the next (end or start) part tag in the text, 
// starting the search at startIndex.
// When no such tag is found null is returned, otherwise a "Match" is returned:
// [0]: full match
// [1]: matched "end" tag (or null when no end tag match)
// [2]: matched "start" tag (or null when no start tag match)
// [3]: content of start tag (or null if no start tag match)
var findNextPartEndOrStartTagMatch = function(text, startIndex) {
	var re = new RegExp(partEndOrStartTagRE);
	re.lastIndex = startIndex;
	var match = re.exec(text);
	return match;

// Formatter

// Process the <part ...> ... </part> starting at (w.source, w.matchStart) for formatting.
// @return true if a complete part section (including the end tag) could be processed, false otherwise.
var handlePartSection = function(w) {
	var tagMatch = findNextPartEndOrStartTagMatch(w.source, w.matchStart);
	if (!tagMatch) return false;
	if (tagMatch.index != w.matchStart || !tagMatch[2]) return false;

	// Parse the start tag parameters
	var arguments = parseStartTagParams(tagMatch[3]);
	if (!arguments) return false;
	// Continue processing
	var startTagEndIndex = skipEmptyEndOfLine(w.source, tagMatch.index + tagMatch[0].length);
	var endMatch = findNextPartEndOrStartTagMatch(w.source, startTagEndIndex);
	if (endMatch && endMatch[1]) {
		if (!arguments.isHidden) {
			w.nextMatch = startTagEndIndex;
		w.nextMatch = skipEmptyEndOfLine(w.source, endMatch.index + endMatch[0].length);
		return true;
	return false;

config.formatters.push( {
    name: "part",
    match: "<part\\s+[^>]+>",
	handler: function(w) {
		if (!handlePartSection(w)) {
} )

// Extend "fetchTiddler" functionality to also recognize "part"s of tiddlers 
// as tiddlers.

var currentParent = null; // used for the "." parent (e.g. in the "tiddler" macro)

// Return the match to the first <part ...> tag of the text that has the
// requrest partName.
// @return [may be null]
var findPartStartTagByName = function(text, partName) {
	var i = 0;
	while (true) {
		var tagMatch = findNextPartEndOrStartTagMatch(text, i);
		if (!tagMatch) return null;

		if (tagMatch[2]) {
			// Is start tag
			// Check the name
			var arguments = parseStartTagParams(tagMatch[3]);
			if (arguments && arguments.partName == partName) {
				return tagMatch;
		i = tagMatch.index+tagMatch[0].length;

// Return the part "partName" of the given parentTiddler as a "readOnly" Tiddler 
// object, using fullName as the Tiddler's title. 
// All remaining properties of the new Tiddler (tags etc.) are inherited from 
// the parentTiddler.
// @return [may be null]
var getPart = function(parentTiddler, partName, fullName) {
	var text = parentTiddler.text;
	var startTag = findPartStartTagByName(text, partName);
	if (!startTag) return null;
	var endIndexOfStartTag = skipEmptyEndOfLine(text, startTag.index+startTag[0].length);
	var indexOfEndTag = text.indexOf(partEndTagString, endIndexOfStartTag);

	if (indexOfEndTag >= 0) {
		var partTiddlerText = text.substring(endIndexOfStartTag,indexOfEndTag);
		var partTiddler = new Tiddler();
		partTiddler.abegoIsPartTiddler = true;
		return partTiddler;
	return null;

// Hijack the store.fetchTiddler to recognize the "part" addresses.
var hijackFetchTiddler = function() {
	var oldFetchTiddler = store.fetchTiddler ;
	store.fetchTiddler = function(title) {
		var result = oldFetchTiddler.apply(this, arguments);
		if (!result && title) {
			var i = title.lastIndexOf('/');
			if (i > 0) {
				var parentName = title.substring(0, i);
				var partName = title.substring(i+1);
				var parent = (parentName == ".") 
						? store.resolveTiddler(currentParent)
						: oldFetchTiddler.apply(this, [parentName]);
				if (parent) {
					return getPart(parent, partName, parent.title+"/"+partName);
		return result;	

// for debugging the plugin is not loaded through the systemConfig mechanism but via a script tag. 
// At that point in the "store" is not yet defined. In that case hijackFetchTiddler through the restart function.
// Otherwise hijack now.
if (!store) {
	var oldRestartFunc = restart;
	window.restart = function() {
} else

// The user must not edit a readOnly/partTiddler

config.commands.editTiddler.oldIsReadOnlyFunction = Tiddler.prototype.isReadOnly;

Tiddler.prototype.isReadOnly = function() {
	// Tiddler.isReadOnly was introduced with TW 2.0.6.
	// For older version we explicitly check the global readOnly flag
	if (config.commands.editTiddler.oldIsReadOnlyFunction) {
		if (config.commands.editTiddler.oldIsReadOnlyFunction.apply(this, arguments)) return true;
	} else {
		if (readOnly) return true;

	return this.abegoIsPartTiddler;

config.commands.editTiddler.handler = function(event,src,title)
	var t = store.getTiddler(title);
	// Edit the tiddler if it either is not a tiddler (but a shadowTiddler)
	// or the tiddler is not readOnly
	if(!t || !t.abegoIsPartTiddler)
		return false;

// To allow the "./partName" syntax in macros we need to hijack 
// the invokeMacro to define the "currentParent" while it is running.
var oldInvokeMacro = window.invokeMacro;
function myInvokeMacro(place,macro,params,wikifier,tiddler) {
	var oldCurrentParent = currentParent;
	if (tiddler) currentParent = tiddler;
	try {
		oldInvokeMacro.apply(this, arguments);
	} finally {
		currentParent = oldCurrentParent;
window.invokeMacro = myInvokeMacro;

// To correctly support the "./partName" syntax while refreshing we need to hijack 
// the config.refreshers.tiddlers to define the "currentParent" while it is running.
(function() {
	var oldTiddlerRefresher= config.refreshers.tiddler;
	config.refreshers.tiddler = function(e,